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Phase 2: (while-reading)

Ex.1 on page43 Write the names and the relationship of each family member under the picture:

B. Ex. them.. Ex.2 Underline the mistake in the following sentences and correct them 1. There are five children in Al-Mansour family. ( ) 2. The mothers name is Muna.( ) 3. The father is an engineer. ( ) 4. Osama is eight years old.( )

Phase 3:Post reading 1- Individually, create a family book. A. On the first page, draw a family tree with your family members on them. Add their ages and occupations.


Draw a picture of each member showing color of eyes and hair.

(Do not forget to make a suitable cover page for your family book.)

first Intermediate reading Quests  

(6) My House (2) My Dream House (5) My Family ( 2 ) A Family Album (7) My Room (2) An Interior Designer Content

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