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March, 2018


n PETER'S VISION Peter Turner is the lead Optometrist at Turners Opticians

Clearing the fog WELL we cannot actually clear fog, that requires divine intervention. However if the ‘fog’ is coming from your glasses lenses needing a jolly good clean then we can help! So to our tips for cleaning your glasses, or indeed other high performance optics such as cameras and even mobile phone screens. Using a tissue, paper towel or other paper based product is really not recommended. These are not a kind or gentle way to treat your sophisticated optics. Why you may ask… but tissues are everywhere, particularly this time of year! Well, would you use a piece of wood to clean your optical devices? Paper tissues are after all made from wood pulp, which is I agree a refined, broken down and

chemically treated form of wood, but it’s still wood. Of sorts. The European Tissue Symposium has previously noted (yes they really exist, and have a fascinating website if you want to read more about paper based tissues) that each of us uses around 200 paper tissues per year for extras including wound cleaning, hand or face wiping and cleaning spectacles! At Turners Opticians our latest lenses are clearer from the inside out. Using sophisticated materials we provide you lenses with a special surface that is designed to be non stick. Particles cannot easily cling to this super slippery surface

on your glasses so they form mini spots which in turn makes them easier to wipe away. Quite clever really and something you do not often see! So having admonished the use of trees for cleaning your glasses just what can you use? Well for more years than I can remember we have given you a free high tech microfibre cleaning cloth with your new glasses. This is not just because the colour nicely matches your case, but because the technology is very effective. Your Turners microfibre cloths is, as the name suggests, made of many, many small fibres. This means that rather than using a

cotton shirt (not recommended either by the way) with large fibres your super fine cloth does much more cleaning with each wipe. The micro fibres mean that there's no escape for even the smallest particles on your glasses or optical devices. It really is many hands (fibres) making light work. Just go easy if you have medium to heavy soiling on your glasses - carefully rinse with water before wiping please! Of course to get the best from your new glasses you also need an accurate prescription. To book an extended eye exam for yourself or your family, please call 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434. You can also book an appointment via our website, or you are very welcome to pop in to our practices in Henleaze or Fishponds and say Hi! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Peter Turner is the Lead Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol and also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.

Caring for Eye Health FOR GENERATIONS A visit to Turners Opticians is so much more than just a sight test. Our extended eye exam is more in depth than a regular sight test.


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