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January, 2018


News and views from our city councillors Clare Campion-Sm ith (Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze)

UK throws away 2.5 bill ion coffee cups a year, creating approxima tely 25,000 tonnes of waste. • Only 0.25% of the 7 mil lion coffee cups thrown away every day in the UK are recycled. IN every episode of Blu • Over 6.98 million coffee e Planet 2, the BBC cups thrown away Natural History unit com each day go to landfill or es up with yet more end up in the amazing film of the colour environment. ful creatures under the sea. There are • Plastic waste is found insights into their in places far removed behaviour and adaptation from human habitation s that we never so there are few dreamt about. It is truly uncontaminated places wonderful in the for wildlife. We original sense of the wo rightly worry about hum rd. an health if plastic The BBC is also highlightin get s into g the our enorfood chain. mous risks to wildlife by our throwaway In proposing the motion , society and the presence Council should be putting I felt that the of plastic in the its own house in ocean. At the December order and setting a better Cou example on reducproposed a motion to red ncil meeting, I ing harmful waste. Many uce the prevalence customers believe of single use cardboard that their cardboard cup cups in Council s are recyclable and owned and Council con throw them in the recycli trolled venues. If you ng bin but they think we, as councillors, are misguided as there should have better are only two highly things to do with our tim specialised recycling pla e than discuss paper nts In the UK that cups, then look at this info can cope with them – hen rmation: ce the minuscule To make takeaway coffee num ber that are recycled. The cups waterproof, the card is fused good news is that there are paper/card with polyethylene. board cups that can This material cannot be be recycled in an ordina separated out again ry recycling plant. at a standard recycling plant. Council agreed five asks of the Mayor.

All cups used in Council venues should be recyclable and that a small levy be put on these cups (like the charge on plastic bags). Money raised (which would be small) would go to in-house environmental schemes. Recycla ble cups should also have non-black lids as bla ck plastic cannot be recycled. All outlets should offer reusable cups for sale. We intend to work with our local MPs on the issue. As a Council we can onl y change what happens in our venues and make small steps within our sphere of infl uence. Reusable cups should be the norm and if cardboard cups are used they must be rec yclable. I am sure my family and friends will be truly delighted with the ir presents of reusable cups this Christmas! Happy New Year. Clare Campion Smith


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