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February, 2018 Issue 40


Starting life’s adventure Come and discover the buzz for yourself.

What Charlotte did next ... We talk to Charlotte Leslie about the next chapter in her life after her ten years as MP for Bristol North West. PAGES 4 & 5

Restaurant plants stolen Pupils from Elmlea School met the Princess Royal at the All-Aboard Watersports Centre after taking part in a canoe race against Warmley Park School at the Harbourside. Report: Page 13

Street trees budget climbdown THE leafy streets of Henleaze, Westbury Park and Westburyon-Trym will be maintained once more. Bristol City Council's Cabinet meeting on January 23 revealed that despite a reduced budget, money has been found to

maintain the city's street trees. Proposals for a brutal reduction of the Tree Maintenance budget, from £240,000 to £53,000, were highly criticised by campaigners for risking the health of trees

and the public from damaged pavements and falling branches. New money has been found to cover the full cost from the parking services budget for the next year. Full story: Page 2

Giant plants have been stolen from outside the former Villager restaurant in Westbury-onTrym. PAGE 6

Don't just bag it, bin it! Pub landlord Elaine Monaghan has appealed to dog owners to take away bagged dog mess and dispose of it, not tie the bags to the railings. PAGE 8

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February, 2018


Welcome U-turn over street trees A CLIMBDOWN over the proposed reduction of the street tree budget was revealed at the Cabinet meeting on January 23. Councillor Clive Stevens asked whether there was any news on the maintenance of street trees that was stopped last year? Cabint councillor Mhairi Threlfull replied that cuts to the planned maintenance of street trees will not be taken forward and that the council has identified income within the parking services budget. She also said that officers need to engage with the Tree Forum to look at how this is managed in the future. Bristol City Council’s tree management budget had indicated a brutal reduction, pruning out three quarters of the annual cost from £240,000, down to £53,000 in 2018/19. Public dismay was expressed across Bristol after the Bristol Tree Forum's public meeting in the Council House in the late summer of 2017, when suddenly people realised the consequences of the decision to spend nothing on street trees other than for reasons of safety. There was also much anger at the decision to cut the budget without consultation,. The implications of this

decision were brought out into the open and made very clear at various public meetings at Ward and Forum level. Those living in the historic areas of Bristol, such as Westbury Park and Henleaze, where trees planted over 100 years ago need regular maintenance and

pollarding to prevent damage to the footpaths, were among many of those objecting to the council’s plans. The proposals were criticised as poorly thought out, making no economic sense and a threat to the reputation of the city as a green and pleasant place to live.

For example, an injury, due to a trip hazard or a broken branch falling on someone, could result in insurance claims against the council of up to £100,000. If two of these claims were made in a year, the council would have lost the money saved. On behalf of the trustees, Helen Furber, chair of The Henleaze Society commented: "We welcome the decision to renew the street trees budget. It will give us all an opportunity to discuss and consider actions we may need to take for next year and beyond. "Starting the pollarding again will save some big trees from becoming too large and hence dangerous." Stephanie French, who spent many years championing trees in the area before the Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Westburyon-Trym Neighbourhood Partnership was disbanded last year, warned: “This is for one year only. We need to find a number of generous corporate donors. A company - or more than one - that is proud of Bristol, has some cash and would value the advertising.” Meanwhile the Bristol Tree Forum continues to work with the Council to try to formulate a more long-term plan.


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February, 2018



Petition demands return of £70,000 'golden goodbye' A PETITION asking for Bristol's Mayor to ‘pay back’ £70,000 allegedly paid to Bristol City Council’s former chief executive has been launched by Liberal Democrat campaigner and Westbury-on-Trym resident, Graham Donald. The campaign, #Taxpayers Money, is calling for a full independent inquiry to be held into the recruitment for and departure of Anna Klonowski, the former chief executive of Bristol City Council, who left the council in September. More than 1,000 people have signed the petition so far - 3,500 signatures are required to trigger a City Council debate. Graham Donald said:“I am promoting this petition about the departure of Bristol’s former chief executive in September 2017. I believe this reflects badly on Bristol City

Council and on the reputation of our city. “As a former local government officer and civil servant, I know there are rules that apply to public servants when they are recruited and when they leave their employment. There must be a suspicion that these rules have not been followed in this case. “Also, at a time when the city council is making cuts to service provision, is it right that a £70k payment should be made to someone who has left their post on a voluntary basis and when their contract did not specify this? My petition calls for a full independent inquiry to be held into the recruitment for and departure from her post of the former chief executive.” The petition is at www.


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Anna Klonowski, the former chief executive of Bristol City Council

Cllr Geoff Gollop with the newly installed out-of-hours swipe card device

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February, 2018


Charlotte Leslie: Life after Parliament

KERI BECKINGHAM caught up with Charlotte Leslie, former MP for Bristol North West, to find out what she’s been up to since losing her seat at the 2017 general election. == What have you been working on since the general election in 2017? “Since June, it has been a whirlwind. I have moved to London and am Director of the Conservative Middle East Council, an organisation that aims to help MPs and others understand the complex Middle East region. “My interest in, and passion for The Middle East began back in 2001. I was expecting to embark on a Masters in Classics that September, but having been up the twin towers on my birthday and

Charlotte Leslie with US Secretary of State, John Kerry watched the horrors of 9/11 unfold a month later, live on a Chicago TV, I cancelled my place. An undirected - and perhaps naïve - desire to somehow ‘make a difference’ propelled me first into media then into politics. In the terrible days

that followed 9/11, I developed grave fears over America’s likely reaction to this atrocity. Later, my fervent opposition to the 2003 Iraq War drove me from my thwarted attempts to become Kate Adie, into politics. So in many ways I find I

have come full-circle. “As part of my new role I am passionate about helping tackle counter-extremism – both at home and abroad; and understanding why young people choose this destructive life-path, and providing

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February, 2018 more compelling alternatives. “I have also been struck by the extraordinary number of exceptional women who are driving (no pun intended, Saudi Arabia!) improvement in the region, from Government Ministers and business women to local community leaders. These women need our recognition and support. It is an honour to be able to work alongside these remarkable women as they work for peace, stability and opportunity in their countries.” What about the reports that you were due to appear on Celebrity Big Brother this year? “Celebrating the dawn of 2018 was especially exhilarating and a reminder that you can never tell what is going to happen in life! It was quite a bizarre few weeks leading up to Christmas: from hosting Secretary John Kerry for a foreign policy discussion for the Conservative Middle East Council, to waking up one morning to learn from Page 3 of The Sun that I had apparently agreed to a ‘six figure sum’ to appear on Celebrity

Big Brother! Needless to say, I had not agreed to a six figure sum to appear on Celebrity Big Brother…” Do you have any future plans that you’d like to tell our readers about? “I have a few resolutions for 2018. My attempts to learn Arabic faltered horrendously during the election, so I am determined to pick that up again. I anticipate a lot of mint tea on Edgeware Road with my patient Arabic-speaking friends! “I also need to get used to having weekends and the occasional free evening again! The Division Bell was not conducive to regular swimming training - but at least I had an excuse for getting unfit!” Are you still involved in any local groups or campaigns? “I have taken a real step back from my activities in Bristol North West – not only because my time is now consumed by my new job, but also out of respect to my successor. No one wants The Ex lurking about, in starting a new relationship! It

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is always a challenge as a newly elected MP, with so much to do. And every MP, regardless of whether they represent your political views or not, deserves respect as they devote their lives to endeavouring to serve their community. “I am still a supporter of the amazing Mike Pierce and “The Southmead Project” – a charity which helps put back together lives shattered by abuse – both from domestic abuse and child abuse. If any readers of The Henleaze and Westbury Voice want to support a charity in 2018, support them. I am also still a trustee of Empire Fighting Chance boxing club who do extraordinary work, using boxing to tackle mental and physical health, education, and social inclusion issues.” Reflecting on your time as MP for Bristol North West, what achievements are you particularly proud of? “I will always get a bit of a surge of emotion when I see children wearing ‘The Bristol Free School’ uniform, St. Ursula’s not converted

5 to flats, or when I pop in for a pint at The Lamplighters! “But most of all, I realise that over an amazing decade serving Bristol North West as a candidate and MP, I made so many wonderful, life-long friends. As one chapter closes and another springs energetically open, I realise that the old cliché is very true: The currency that shines out and lasts when career prestige, grand pompous titles, headlines and momentary congratulation inevitably melt away is friendship. “I am deeply humbled and thankful on a daily basis for the wealth of friendship my time serving Bristol North West has bestowed. Over this period of transition this friendship has shone out in some very practical ways, often involving storage, vans, and help carrying a hoover! I’d like to say a very special thank you to those people, who know who they are. And to everyone reading this, thank you for an amazing decade, and all my very best and warmest wishes for the future!”




February, 2018


Plants stolen from former restaurant

by Keri Beckingham ONE of the former owners of a closed restaurant in Westbury-on-Trym is appealing for information after some of her plants were stolen. Terry Harris was one of the owners of the former independent restaurant The Villager, which first opened its doors in 1983. Although the restaurant closed three years ago, Terry still lives in the premises with her family. “There used to be two huge plants by the front door,” said Terry. “They were common tropical-type plants similar to the green cordyline variety that you often see on council roundabouts. One was given to me as gift 25 years ago by someone who used to work at the restaurant, and one morning a few months ago my partner asked me if I had moved this plant in particular, as he said it had gone. “We’ve previously had smaller plants moved and taken in the forecourt, and hanging baskets were also taken when the restaurant was open, but I just don’t understand how they managed to get this one away as it is so heavy. They must have used a vehicle to take it away, and I suspect there was more than one person involved too.”

In addition to the large tropical-type plant in a grey glazed ceramic pot that was taken, a smaller plant also of a tropical variety has been stolen along with three fruit trees that were in the car port. Terry added: “There have been many incidents round here over the last few months, such as attempted burglaries and some of my neighbours have also had plants taken too. It feels like some people think it’s a free for all. Before Christmas, we also had an attempted burglary along with the cottages next door, so I’m not sure if these incidents are linked or not. “Although our restaurant closed three years ago, I have still been looking after this particular plant and I just can’t see why someone would want to take it. It had a lot of sentimental value, and I expect it will have just been sold on as I imagine it would probably fetch over £100.” Although Terry accepts it is unlikely that she will get her plants back, any readers who have information about the incident are asked to please get in touch with the Henleaze and Westbury Voice by emailing news@ and we will pass the details on to her.

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February, 2018



Events to commemorate 100 years of women’s vote in Bristol BRISTOL Women’s Voice and Bristol City Council have been successful in their bid to the Government’s ‘Centenary Cities: 100 years of votes for women’ fund, receiving a grant which will fund a series of celebratory events to mark the 2018 centenary year. The bid was spearheaded by Bristol Women’s Voice in partnership with Bristol City Council and with the support of partners across the city. Speaking of their plans for 2018, Penny Gane, Chair of Bristol Women’s Voice and Bristol Women’s Commission said: “We are thrilled to have won this grant and to be working with so many organisations in the city to make sure we learn from our past and continue to strive for women’s equality now and in the future.” Bristol Women’s Voice currently has three main projects – women’s health, maternity discrimination and volunteering. Alongside those projects, they work with the Women’s Commission to represent women when decisions are being made

Penny Gane, Chair of Bristol Women's Voice and organise women’s question time hustings during elections. A series of events to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of some women winning the vote in the UK is planned for this year. In the early 20th Century, Bristol had the highest level of suffrage activity outside of London and the aim of this new programme is to learn

from our shared history and to inspire future generations. As part of the events programme, on 6 February the organisation will be celebrating the signing of the Representation of the People Act (when women over 30 who owned property were given the right to vote) with a lantern parade. The Wills Memorial Tower

and The Victoria Rooms will also be illuminated in suffragette colours and at City Hall, a choir of 100 girls will sing ‘The March of the Women’ by Dame Ethel Smyth, who was a prominent composer and key member of the movement for Votes for Women. The city’s main International Women’s Day event in 2018 will be held at City Hall on 3 March with an exciting and packed programme including music, interactive theatre, hot topic debates and much more to celebrate the diverse talents of women from our city and around the world. In addition, M Shed will also host an exhibition, talks and guided suffragette tours during 2018, Future Brunels will hold a hands-on science event for girls on International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June and Bristol Post and Bristol Old Vic will also be holding women’s events during the year too. To find out more visit: https:// uk/100-years-of-votes-for-women/

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n NEWS A LANDLORD in Westbury-onTrym is becoming increasingly fed up after regularly finding bags of dog mess tied along the lane next to her pub, writes Keri Beckingham. Elaine Monaghan is the landlord of The Mouse pub on Waters Lane in the village. She has recently had to clear up to 16 bags of dog waste, which had been hung in bushes and on the fence which runs along the path between her pub and Holy Trinity Church on Church Road. Elaine said: “I recently noticed that someone had put up a makeshift sign in the lane, saying something along the lines of ‘bag it and bin it’, as well as tying used bags along the railings. I think someone was trying to solve the problem but it has just made it worse because the bags are still being left, and so I’ve had to put them all in the bin outside my pub instead. “Following this I decided to post on my Facebook page, asking people to stop leaving the bags of dog mess in the lane. The main problem is that there isn’t a dog bin there, and from speaking to the council they’ve said they

February, 2018

Dog mess: don't just bag it, bin it!

can’t afford to put one there either, but suggested that maybe a local business could sponsor one instead.” Elaine has also spoken to the police who told her that she should keep a record and get in touch with them if it keeps happening. “It’s a catch 22 situation as although I’ve got a bin outside my pub, you’re not meant to put dog mess bags in general waste bins, so where are put people


meant to put it? “I’m also aware of other problems with dog mess being left in Henbury Hill due to lack of dog bins, and two local residents also recently stopped to thank me for trying to raise awareness of the problem.” It is against the law for dog owners to not clean up after their dogs, and Bristol City Council can issue offenders with a fixed penalty notice fine of £100, cut to £60 if it is paid within 10 days. If

not paid, residents can be taken to court and fined up to £1,000. Speaking of Elaine’s concerns, local councillor Liz Radford said: “My understanding is that there currently is no council budget to pay for a dog bin to be installed and regularly emptied and maintained. The dog owners should be taking their filled bags home with them and disposing of them responsibly instead.” Councillor Geoff Gollop added: “Whilst I have enormous sympathy for Elaine, all of the pressures on the council budget mean that resources need to be spent in the best possible way. Therefore, I believe that owners should be taking more responsibility for the disposal of their dog’s mess.” Any residents who are also concerned about the dog mess problem in a particular road can report it to Bristol City Council on their website: https://www. report-street-cleaning#step1

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February, 2018



Filton site is an option for Bristol's arena THE location of the new Bristol Arena is being reconsidered against a background of rising costs. As well as the city centre location by Temple Meads train station, the possibility of using the Brabazon Hangar in Filton has been raised. Marvin Rees, writing his Mayor’s blog, commented: “We will deliver and build an arena for Bristol. That is a straightforward matter of fact, and it is absolutely my intention to ensure that work commences at the earliest possible opportunity. “We must know whether the prices put forward for the arena are value for money for the build itself. And this needs to be assessed against alternate locations and alternative uses of the site and the relative benefit the various combinations would have on the wider economy.” So, would moving the venue

to the airport hanger in Filton have an impact on our local area? Bristol North West MP Darren Jones certainly expects problems with the traffic - calling on the region’s metro mayor, Tim Bowles, to commit at least £50m to a new transport fund for north Bristol, to provide vital transport upgrades before any new developments open. Local councillors discussed the arena at an Overview and Scrutiny Meeting on January 22. Among them was Henleaze and Westbury Councillor, Geoff Gollop. He said: "I have a real concern that we have no proposals yet to deal with the additional traffic created by the 5000+ new homes going in at Cribbs and Patchway, so how would Westbury,Henleaze,Horfield and Southmead cope with the massive additional traffic

pressures that come from an arena in the Brabazon Hanger? The centre of town already has a traffic infrastructure - the Filton location does not. “Scrutiny was told this evening that a decision on the arena will be brought by the Mayor to a cabinet meeting in mid April. Councillors were concerned that this may not give enough opportunity for local residents to express their views. Only time will tell whether this is a realistic timeframe." Councillor Clare CampionSmith commented: “It is interesting that this idea has

surfaced again. It was considered in 2012 but George Ferguson made the delivery of an arena a key part of his election campaign and he had a different vision from one in Filton. “One of the main issues will be transport – motorway links will be much better for the Filton site but public transport will take time to deliver. Increased traffic will affect Westbury and Henleaze. “Extending The Mall causes me far more nightmares and an arena could deliver real employment benefits to north Bristol.”

We are thrilled that your community shares our enthusiasm for keeping Bristol clean and tidy. As we enter 2018, here are some tips to help you recycle more and throw away less. Download your collection calendar at bristolwastecompany. If you have a Christmas tree, your free tree collection is indicated by a yellow tree icon on the calendar. Recycle as much as possible this season. Your festive cards can live on as gift tags or when recycled they become new paper. Fairy lights that stop working can be popped into a clear bag next to your black recycling box. Need more recycling boxes? You can have as many recycling boxes as you need. Visit the Council’s website to order new or replacement boxes for your home. Larger items? If they cannot be reused, take these to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres. Don’t forget to your Bristol ID when you go. Help your community. If you would like to get involved in a litter pick, organise one yourself, or if have any questions, contact us at

Happy New Year from Bristol Waste Company! Thank you for all your do to keep Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze clean and tidy, for everyone to enjoy.

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February, 2018

Forum for older residents celebrates 25th birthday by Keri Beckingham BRISTOL Older People’s Forum is 25 years old this year, and Trustee Tony Wilson thinks that’s something to jump about! Tony, who is 81, is planning a tandem skydive, just to show what older people can do. He doing the skydive at Old Sarum in Wiltshire on Saturday April 14, and hopes to encourage other older Bristol residents to join him in this amazing challenge. Tony is also doing the skydive to draw attention to the work that Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF) does and their 25 years of service to all areas of Bristol, including Bishopston and Redland. Speaking of the organisation and their aims, Chair Judith Brown said: “BOPF is a member led charity which has worked for 25 years to promote the voices, involvement and influence of older people. Our aim is to see that every older person in

the city is an equal, valued, participating member of the community who can influence the decisions that affect our lives. We want to break down stereotypes of elders as passive, incapable and dependent, because many older people are active, capable, and independent, and with our wide life experience we can be a huge asset to the community. “With over 2800 members, BOPF makes sure older people know what is going on in the city through their newsletter and open forums. Many of us are not online, and many don’t want to be, but more and more information is being held online, so if you don’t have a computer you really miss out. As long as BOPF exists, we will make sure members are in the picture, and their voice gets heard. Long live BOPF, and good luck to Tony too!” BOPF membership is free, and residents can join the

Daredevil octogenarian Tony Wilson with his grandson Ben organisation by sending their name and contact details, and stating “I agree to receive newsletters and information” to BOPF, Canningford House , 38 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BY,

or by filling in a membership form from their library. BOPF’s grant funding from Bristol City Council is due to come to an end in April, after the council first started supporting them from their inception in 1993. At this stage the organisation says that they will still be operating until at least the end of 2018, but that they’re working hard to apply for funding that will secure their future. If you wish to get in touch with ideas or support to help BOPF’s funding, please contact them by emailing bopf@, calling 0117 927 9222 or by writing to the address mentioned above. If you’d like to skydive with Tony, email him at tony77487@ You can also sponsor him by contacting him via the same email address (all money raised goes to BOPF and other charities).

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February, 2018



'No book prepares even the most educated for motherhood' HAVING a baby can be tough on women, but a Henleaze midwife is hoping to empower new mums through personalised postnatal care at their own homes. Laura Meredith-Hobbs believes more needs to be done to help women as they come to terms with motherhood. The 42-year-old qualified midwife has launched a business, Postnatal Care, providing families with support after birth. She believes listening to the needs of new mums and building support and care around an individual’s needs is crucial to getting through what can be a difficult period for many. Laura has five years' experience as a midwife and has worked in the NHS, but believes more postnatal services and greater support should be available. She said: “Midwifery really is my calling and with increasing pressures on the NHS and workloads, I just felt I wasn’t

able to do as much as I wanted for new mums and their babies. “I want to be able to provide women with the best service they deserve. The postnatal period can be tough and there are a lot of emotional needs new families have that need to be catered for. “I am passionate about providing excellent postnatal care, understanding that the first few weeks with a newborn baby can be challenging, but with gentle support I can empower women to overcome new mothers obstacles. “It is so important that at such a crucial time in people’s lives that the women are happy, the baby is happy and that makes a happy family.” Laura wants to help new mums and families with as much support as possible - whether it be with feeding support, help with baby’s first bath, full mother and baby checks. She believes looking after the emotional well being of

Laura Meredith-Hobbs new mums is paramount and also provides an emergency call out service, up until midnight, for women having problems getting their newborn fed and

comforted. “If during what I call the ‘witching hours’ from between 8pm and midnight, you’ve had a baby constantly screaming, you can feel desperate and not know where to turn or what to do,” said Laura. “I’ve found there are so many educated women out there, who have read every book about pregnancy and newborns, but nothing prepares them for being thrown into what can sometimes be a dry dark hole. “With women having babies at an older age and more people to cities like Bristol, many are finding themselves without their mums and feeling isolated without the support and help they need.” For more information contact Laura on 07979328695 or visit her facebook page laurapostnatalcare/?view_ public_for=932689140231925

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February, 2018



Elmlea pupils meet the Princess Royal PUPILS from Elmlea Junior School in Westbury-on-Trym enjoyed a day of watersports at the Harbourside on January 9 and met a member of the royal family too. Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, President of the Royal Yachting Association, visited All-Aboard Watersports Centre at Bristol Harbourside accompanied by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Mrs Peaches Golding OBE to celebrate the charity’s fifth anniversary. Princess Anne had come to launch a new rescue boat and started a canoe race on the docks between children from Elmlea and Warmley Park schools. The children met the Princess later when they were presented with certificates for their achievements. All-Aboard provides opportunities for all members of the community, regardless of ability, age or background to

take part in a wide range of water sports on Bristol’s historic docks. Elmlea Headteacher Clare Galliers said: “It was a lovely day and a privilege to take part. The Princess Royal was surprised at the number of volunteers who give their time freely to help support a wide range of people.” Elmlea have taken small groups of children sailing to All Aboard for several years, helping to build confidence, leadership skills and take part in new experiences and at the end of the six- week course they each achieve their RYA 1. Nicola Murdoch, chief executive of All-Aboard, said:

Elmlea pupils (L to R) Ben Branston, Matilda Hall and Jessica Hollingbery are presented with their certificates by HRH The Princess Royal “We are delighted to welcome Her Royal Highness to AllAboard to see how much we have achieved in our first five years as a charity. Working with schools, groups, charities, individuals and healthcare providers we

now run over 1,500 sessions a year enabling people from all age groups and abilities to get out on the docks to take part in a wide range of water activities including sailing, rowing, kayaking and paddle boarding.”

Life changing Open Morning

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Cli on High School co-educaonal nursery school to sixth form

Spring Concert at St George’s Bristol: Tuesday 20th March 2018

Realising Individual Brilliance 0117 933 9087 The Diamond Edge Model

Realising Individual Brilliance

February, 2018




Engineering scholarship for RGS pupil REDLAND Green’s Rowan Dressel was awarded a soughtafter Arkwright Engineering Scholarship recently at a ceremony in London, at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Savoy Place. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships act as a beacon to the most talented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students in UK schools and help to ensure that high potential young people stay engaged in the engineering careers pipeline, in the critical 16 to 18 age range. The new Arkwright Engineering Scholars received their Awards at Ceremonies supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and themed around the Built Environment, supported by Principal Awards Ceremony Sponsors, Arup.

Scholars are selected for their potential as future engineering leaders by assessing their academic, practical and leadership skills in STEM. These are gauged through a rigorous selection process comprising: an assessed application form including a teacher’s reference; a two-hour, problemsolving aptitude exam; and a university-based interview. The Scholarships support students through their sixth form studies and encourage them into top universities or higher apprenticeships. The Scholarships consist of an annual financial award to each Scholar and to his/her school, and enrichment activities such as mentoring and industry visits that enhance a Scholar's experience of engineering in a real-world context.

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Part-time MSc Strategy, Change and Leadership Designed for busy managers to fit around a busy management role, this part-time programme will help you to: • enhance your impact as a leader • understand organisational complexity and issues affecting success • improve your ability to manage change and uncertainty • make better choices about growth and strategic direction Email Cheralyn Dark at: Tel: 0117 954 6694 for details Web: postgraduate/2018/ssl/mscstrategy-change-leadership/

Come along to our Open Evening on Wednesday 21 March 2018 between 6-8pm To register, please email Cheralyn Dark at

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DISCOVER BADMINTON Educating girls and fuelling their curiosity within a small, family-like community with an international outlook, for 160 years. Discover Badminton and discover where we could take you.

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February, 2018

n EDUCATION BRISTOL Free School (BFS) have notched up another success with their first pupil, James Beggs, being accepted to an Oxbridge college. 2018 will mark the first year that students take their A-levels and BTEC qualifications at the recently-built sixth form. Pupil James said: “I was quite surprised and extremely excited to receive the offer from St Hugh’s College, Oxford. “I had put so much effort into the application and it was such a relief to know that it had all paid off. However, there are still a few exams to go yet! “I am really grateful for all the support I've received, particularly from the BFS Sixth Form and Oxford University itself. I look forward to what the next few years will bring.” The Sixth Form facility at the school in Concorde Drive, Westbury-on-Trym, opened in September 2016 and welcomed its second cohort of students in 2017. Bristol Free School have a blend of academic and BTEC courses they offer to the 160


First for Free School as James gets Oxbridge offer pupils enrolled in Years 12 and 13. Head of Sixth Form, Rich Walker said: “We are all immensely proud of James and his acceptance to study Classics at Oxford. “James encapsulates all of the brilliant things that makes Bristol Free School such a wonderful school and we every confidence James will go on to be a hugely successful student at St Hugh’s College. “I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students that have started receiving successful university offers. It’s a very exciting time to be involved with BFS Sixth Form.” The deadline for applications to BFS Sixth Form 2018 is Friday 9 February.

Ambition . Respect . Creativity

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February, 2018


Badminton School science paper published

A PAPER written by three of Badminton School’s Science Outreach Team entitled ‘Demonstrating the Curie Temperature in the classroom’, was published by the Physics Education journal on January 10. Physics Education is an international academic and peer reviewed journal published by the Institute of Physics that reflects the needs and interests of secondary school teachers, teacher trainers and those involved with courses up to introductory undergraduate level. The paper, which details new, classroom friendly demonstrations of the Curie Temperature of a number of metals, is the first paper that the Badminton Science students have had published. It was coauthored by three Sixth Form students and Mr Williams, Head of Science Outreach at Badminton. An additional seven students have been acknowledged within the paper for their help in its creation. Ideas for the article came from demonstrations the Outreach team developed for their magnetism show, ‘Is a Grape Magnetic?’. The programme reaches around 1,500 Junior School aged children each year and is split between events based on low temperature physics, magnetism and exothermic chemistry, all presented and choreographed by the Badminton students themselves. Mr Williams, Head of Science Outreach

at Badminton, commented: “I am extremely proud and feel privileged to have worked alongside all of the girls involved in the creation of this paper; from undertaking the research to support the initial idea, through

to writing the paper itself. “The work of these girls will inspire young minds and they act as a role model for other girls who wish to become more involved in Physics.”

How to support your child during exam season Exam season can cause stress for students and parents. To help support your child during this challenging period, Lauenna Luddington, a local registered counsellor specialising in student mental health, has written this helpful guide. REVISING for (and dreading) exams can start to take over a student’s world. When a student starts to fear an exam, the anxiety can have negative consequences for mental health and ironically for cognitive function and exam performance. In our human evolution, when sensing a threat, the nervous system triggered our “fight or flight” response and the body prepared for the huge physical feat of fighting or running. All the energy flowed to the part of the brain responsible for these functions, sometimes referred to as the “back brain”. Analytical thinking requires the

prefrontal cortex or the “front brain”, however this goes off-line when we are in survival mode. So, how can parents help their children back into the “front brain”? Firstly, it can be useful to explain what anxiety is. Essentially, if the body is not under threat, anxiety symptoms (fight or flight mode) are a false alarm. The body starts to prepare to run away from a sabre tooth tiger and actually, we don’t need to, it’s just an exam! This in itself can be a reassuring thought, “OK, that’s why I feel like this!” Under stress, students (like the rest of us) often catastrophize, imagining a disastrous scenario. Upon sitting down for an exam, students report thoughts such as “I’m going to fail!” or “I’m going to forget everything!” Noticing and challenging these thoughts, essentially invites us back into the front brain. The rational part of the

personality that helps us to calm down and think things through is the “Adult” part of the self. Parents are the models for children’s internal “Adult” and modelling this around exam times is one of the most useful things a parent can do. Responding to your child’s fears with a calm, rational and reassuring presence, shows them not only that a calmer perspective is possible but that it’s useful because it helps us to think clearly. So, try drawing attention to the catastrophizing thought and helping your child come up with an alternative. “That’s a very stressy thought, let’s look at the facts” or “I wonder what a more helpful thought might be?” invites the student to access their own inner “Adult” resources. Adolescents can be helped into this state by asking, “What would you say to your friend or sibling in this situation?” It’s often easier to be calmer and

reassuring when we imagine helping someone else. Another frequently-identified negative thought is: “I will let my family down” or “my parents will be so disappointed in me”. Parents might be shocked at how many of these thoughts go through young people’s minds. In the stressful lead up to exams, your child may benefit from being reminded of what may seem obvious to you, that their results do not equate to their value, and that they will be loved and supported regardless. Assure students that, although their exams are important for some practical reasons, disappointing results are not the end of the world, both child and parent will survive it. As we adults know, coping well with disappointment is a valuable life skill. When it comes to exams, the less we fear them, the easier it is to stay calm and the better we are likely to perform.

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February, 2018



Cotswold Airport aviation scholarship 2018 STUDENTS from Westbury-onTrym and Henleaze are invited to apply for the hugely popular ‘Cotswold Airport Aviation Scholarship'. First launched back in 2007, the scheme is open for 2018 applications with a closing date on Friday 30 March. Twenty successful applicants will be invited to the interview stage of the application process on Saturday 21 April. Following the interviews, the 10 final scholars will be selected for the programme, which runs from Monday 6 to Friday 17 August (weekdays only). This unique industry scholarship programme has changed the lives of many young people over its ten-year history, seeing scholars embarking on fantastic careers in the world of aviation, from engineering to commercial flying. The programme was founded by Cotswold Airport owner, Ronan Harvey, an ex-RAF engineer, aviation expert and successful entrepreneur, who wanted

to open up the broad and exciting world of aviation career opportunities to young people from the local area. The scholarship programme has been significantly enhanced, with the generous addition of a sponsorship package from Gulf Aviation. 2018 marks the second consecutive year that

Gulf Aviation has supported this initiative, enabling the organisers to include additional aviation industry site visits such as Bristol International Airport; an increased number of loggable flying hours; and drone tuition with on-site UAV Academy. 2018 marks the eleventh year of the Cotswold Airport Aviation

Scholarship and has resonance and importance given 2018 also marks the 100th year of the founding of the RAF and the centenary of the end of WWI. In celebration of these two historic anniversaries, the best performer of next year's scholarship will be fully trained for their PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) at Cotswold Airport, funded by the scholarship

programme. Students from Bristol, Gloucs, Wilts, Oxon and Berks can apply. Applicants must be 14 to 18 on 6 August. Applications can be submitted online at www.

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OPENING TIMES: Mon-Fri 12-2pm 5 pm-10pm Saturday 12-10pm Sundays & Bank holidays closed

From now until Easter weekend, every week we are giving away a gourmet meal for two valued at £13.95.

For a chance to win like our Facebook page! Winner will be announced on Facebook every Sunday.

GOURMET CATCH Got News? Call 0117 9082121

Regular Fish and Chips and a Drink Eat in or take out Mon-Sat 12-2pm All our food is the best quality and sustainably sourced. We are pleased to say all our fish products are fried to order... so please be patient they will be worth the wait!

69 High St, Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 3ED Tel: 01179 59 49 49 Email:



February, 2018


Orchestra is looking for new members A NEWLY formed not-for-profit orchestra is looking for musical residents to join them for concerts and events. Westbury Park Orchestra

is a friendly, non-auditioned orchestra with a repertoire of classical and modern pieces and an emphasis on having fun. Members should be aged 12 and

Pop-up cinema features The Sound of Music DO you yodel like Julie Andrews? Is your singing voice positively Von Trapp? Either way, why not come to the St Albans Church popup cinema on Saturday 3rd February for a showing of The Sound of Music where singing along is positively encouraged. Who knows, it could become one of your favourite things! Prosecco, popcorn and lots of other yummy stuff available on the night and dressing up is positively encouraged.

Tickets £10 and available from Eventbrite (search for The Church in Westbury Park and Sound of Music). And, the next one, hopefully, will be on Saturday 3rd March - film to be announced. Look out for information on Facebook and website www.westburyparkchurch. The Sound of Music, Saturday 3rd February, St Alban's Church, 7.30pm.

above and will ideally be of a good standard (at least grade 4 or 5), with string and brass players particularly welcome. The orchestra is conducted by Ben England, who has conducted ensembles such as Bristol Cabot Choir, Bristol Opera, New Harmony Ladies Choir and currently leads the Good Afternoon Choir, Bristol, the Nailsea Orchestra and the Bristol Gilbert and Sullivan Operatic Society. He has also worked as Director of Music at Colston’s Girls’ School, and is currently Vocal and Instrumental Strategy Manager for Bristol Plays Music, the music education hub for the City of Bristol which is based at the Colston Hall. ​ The group meets at Westburyon-Trym Methodist Church, Westbury Hill on Monday evenings between 8.00 and 9.30 pm (term-time only). Free taster sessions are available for newcomers, and all musicians are welcome to come and give

Ben England, Conductor of Westbury Park Orchestra the orchestra a try. To find out more information about Westbury Park Orchestra, visit their website: www. or email

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Email:


February, 2018

n NEWS LOCAL campaigner and frequent bus user, Graham Donald, visited First Bus before Christmas. “They are doing some of the right things, but will bus services actually get any better?” asks Graham. Before Christmas, Graham met First Bus executives James Freeman (Managing Director for First West of England) and Ian Coyle (Operations Director for Bristol) to discuss bus services in our area. First Bus apologised for poor service in Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym. Sometimes fewer than half the buses had been on time, especially in wet weather when people took to their cars. Reliability was affected by heavy traffic which caused buses to bunch together First Bus are well aware that this annoys people. The 2 service was poorer than the 1, owing to its congested journey from Temple Meads to Stockwood. Road works around Temple Meads didn’t help. Even so, numbers 1 and 2 performed better than the Bristol average – which makes you wonder what


Bus services - getting better?

“average” looks like. First Bus have recruited more drivers, and said they now had enough staff to run a normal service. They have also spent £40 million on new buses since 2015. First Bus are focusing on customer service, and have been recruiting staff who will interact with passengers better. Are drivers generally more polite and

helpful than they used to be? Despite the problems, passenger numbers had increased by 6% in the past year on main routes in Bristol. At peak times 40% of passengers bought tickets with smartphones – much faster than cash. Contactless payments are also available. Updated ticket machines are quicker. There

are still passengers who wait till they’re on the bus before looking for their money, however! Bus service changes in January and April 2018 won’t affect services in Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym. If you’ve had a problem, First Bus want to hear about it. Please email or james.freeman@firstgroup. com Graham stresses that he is no apologist for First Bus. As a regular bus user, he finds local buses very frustrating. In fact, he was late for the meeting with First Bus because his bus was so delayed! But First Bus seem anxious to do better and it remains to be seen how successful they are. Graham hopes to see First Bus again in the Spring so, if readers have issues they’d like raised, they’re welcome to contact him on grahamdonald@blueyonder. or 07980 191933”.

T: 0117 950 66 55 M 0797 324 8210

Complete Landscaping Services

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Recycling collections not at risk - councillor NEWS that China and Hong Kong are no longer taking the UK’s mixed plastic waste is likely to cause a problem in some local authorities. Myths abound that collected materials get land filled but that is not been the experience in Bristol as Green Party councillor, Martin Fodor explained in a recent statement he made to the Mayor at Member Forum: “I was delighted, though not surprised, to see the Bristol Waste Company statement that confirms our recycling collections are not at risk currently and were not going directly to China. To me this shows how valuable our current kerbside, ‘sorted at source,’ methodology is. We have some of the highest quality recyclables collected and available for use again and it all has a market."


February, 2018

Rental properties sought for low-income families THE private renting team at Bristol City Council are keen to reach out to landlords and tenants in Henleaze, Westbury Park and Westbury-on-Trym to help with the increasing numbers of families in Bristol faced with homelessness. Lettings Negotiation Team Leader, Kathryn Hunter, said: “We are there to procure properties to assist people who may otherwise struggle to find accommodation due to being on low incomes and housing benefits. “We look at moving people on from supported housing when they no longer need the support and are able to run their own tenancy which then frees up a space for someone else in need. We also assist families who have been issued notice through no fault of

their own, normally because a landlord is selling the property and maybe they are struggling due to being in receipt of housing benefit many landlords will not consider them as tenants. “We offer a bond scheme covering up to two months of deposit and will provide a tenancy agreement, inventory and assistance throughout the tenancy, all for free!” A landlord who rents out a property through this scheme said: “I became aware of the team about a year ago and contacted Tony who was extremely helpful guiding me through the process. I hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of working with Bristol City Council because I had assumed it would mean a lot of 'paperwork' or endless

red tape. “The service is extremely prompt. We contacted Tony after a few weeks to review the premises and take an inventory. At this stage we were lucky and a prospective tenant came with him, liked the premises and the process for moving in began. “We’ve done this process twice now. The hardest part is having to choose who you rent to if more than one person is interested. “If we have had any queries we’ve not been 'fobbed off' by anyone. They have either dealt with the issue directly or directed us to the correct department.” To find out more contact 0117 352 6888 or email

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Providing IT and Computer support throughout the South West for over 29 years. Computer support and solutions for the domestic and business user. Telephone us today to see how we can help: 0117 2001000

Office Equipement Print Solutions Telecoms

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February, 2018



Nepal Jamboree fundraising gig Mystery airman plea A PARTY of 50 Explorer Scouts and adults from Cabot district will set off for their third Namaste Nepal Jungle Jamboree in October. It’s a camp for the local Scout groups in Meghauli and the surrounding villages where young people from Henleaze, Wesbury-on-Trym, Redland and Bishopston help to run the activities alongside children from Nepal. A massive fundraising effort is currently under way to raise funds for those taking part in the event. Jon Ashby and Tony Wood, the duo behind ‘Hip Replacements’, have kindly offered to do a gig to raise funds for the Jungle Jamboree. Dance the night away with Hip Replacements at The King’s Arms on Whiteladies Road. Friday 2nd March from 8pm, featuring a mix of Motown, Northern Soul, Funk, 70s, 80s, New Romantic, Ska

and more. Tickets only £5 from annmarie@rpca. All proceeds to Cabot District Scouts expedition to Nepal to run the 2018 Jungle Jamboree.

Henleaze choir founder set to appear on new BBC talent show GRENVILLE Jones, the man behind Bristol Good Afternoon choir who rehearse in Henleaze, is set to be a judge on the new BBC1 Saturday night talent show ‘All Together Now’. Dubbed by the BBC as ‘a singing show with a difference’, All Together Now will see ten acts perform each week for the 100 judges sat in front of them, including former Spice Girl Geri Horner. Each of the two weekly winners will then go forward to sing for a massive £50,000 prize in the final on March 3. Grenville Jones is one of a panel of invited judges and also the founder of The Bristol Good Afternoon Choir, which rehearse every Monday afternoon from 2-4pm at Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church.

Grenville’s reputation as a choir leader led to his invitation to be part of the exclusive group of 100 judges, who come from across the UK and represent all genres of music. Speaking about his role as a judge on the series, Grenville

says: “It’s a great series and certainly different from all the other TV talent and singing shows. The format of judging by a large group representing all types of music and entertainment makes for some fascinating viewing.”

HORFIELD Parish Church has received an enquiry from an elderly gentleman living in Numansdorp in Holland. It refers to a member of the RAF, a Sergeant Edwin C A Barnes, aged 20 years, whose aeroplane was shot down in July 1943. He was buried in the local cemetery and ever since the local people, and this Dutch gentleman have ensured his grave was tended, and also each Christmas Eve a lighted candle is placed at his grave stone. It is known that his parents, Charles and Violet Barnes were living in Horfield in 1943, but since that time links have faded. Does anyone know of any family descendants of Mr and Mrs Barnes? The Dutch gentleman wished to make contact before it may be too late. Anyone who has any information to pass on is requested to contact Anthony G Hopton at Horfield Parish Church so that details can be forwarded to Holland, email

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n ADVERTISING FEATURE Live-In Care by The Good Care Group Rated “Outstanding” by CQC THE Good Care Group is an award winning provider of high quality, professional 24 hour live-in care that enables older individuals and couples to stay safely and happily at home for as long as possible. We are the only dedicated live-in care provider to be awarded "Outstanding" by the CQC during our most recent inspection. "The provider was exceptional in its responsiveness to people's changing needs and prevented unnecessary hospital admissions through its flexible service delivery” What is Live-In Care? Receiving 24 hour care at home is a popular alternative to care homes for individuals with long-term health needs. Given the choice, many of us would choose to remain within our homes whilst receiving support. However when faced with the responsibility of choosing the type of care we would like our loved ones to receive, we tend to automatically assume care homes are the best or only option. However, this is not always the case. Receiving care at home makes it possible to get the professional support you require without leaving the comfort of your own home. We know that independence, choice and dignity are important for both happiness and health. Our care services enable you to continue to live your life the way you wish to in the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings. Our team of professional live in carers are trained to provide you with the highest quality of compassionate care. If you would like to find out more about live-in care, call us today for a friendly and helpful chat with someone who really understands. We will provide you with full details of costs, which will vary depending on need and can talk to you about benefit and funding options to help you make the right decision.

February, 2018

Wassailing fun HORFIELD Organic Community Orchard held their annual Wassail on Saturday 13 January, toasting the orchard for a fruitful harvest in the year ahead. Many people arrived at the orchard near Kings Drive with colourful ribbons, clouties and all things that shine to dress the trees. Pigsty Morris and the Bristol Folk Singers led the entertainment and lifted the spirits of hundreds of locals, all dreaming of boughs heavy with fruit. Shannon Smith said: “About 400 people helped wake up the fruit trees. It was a brilliant beginning to the 20th anniversary year of Horfield Organic Community Orchard.”

Photo: Jamie Carstairs

Live life well at home “It’s not just about the care, it’s about the companionship” Our live-in care service offers great peace of mind to families as it allows your loved one to stay in the home they know, while receiving professional, round the clock care. • A real alternative to residential care

• Specialist care of conditions - Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, Stroke Rehabilitation, Cancer and Palliative Care

• Personalised one-to-one care in your home, 24 hour live• We care for our carers which means you get continuity in care ongoing or respite • We take a holistic and person-centred approach by encompassing medical, emotional and social needs

• Unrivalled local management in the South West with 24/7 service support

• Professional carers who are employed, experienced and expertly trained

Call one of our expert care advisors today:

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February, 2018

n NEWS FOLLOWING a well-attended cycle from Holy Trinity to Worcester Cathedral in June, which saw riders from age 10 to 70+, a Parish Cycling Group is starting up. It will run on one Saturday a month, starting provisionally on 10 March at 9am from Holy Trinity churchyard. The plan is to cycle at an easy pace for around 20 to 25 miles with a coffee stop mid-morning and back to Westbury by lunchtime. Future rides may be longer and from starting points such as the water tower on the Downs, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Ashton Court old Stable Yard and Blaise House car park. Any route will try to keep hills and traffic to a minimum but will always be at an easy pace. Geoff Carter commented: “All you need is a reasonably reliable and well maintained bike and the confidence to do 25 miles - albeit with stops! If you are not too sure of your ability to cycle the distance go out on a few shorter rides to gradually build up your stamina.The main aim is to get


Parish Cycling Group Bristol Film


more of us cycling regularly with all the health and mobility advantages that follow. It is also a very social activity.” Children are welcome although anyone under 16 will

need a parent (or guardian) to accompany them. For further details contact Geoff Carter, Tel. 962 4926 or 07980 469 758; or email

BRISTOL Film Festival returns for 2018 with two screenings around Valentine’s Day as an antidote to rom-coms. Formula One biopic, Rush, is screened on February 15 at the Porsche Centre Bristol complete with drinks reception. Vintage Screenings in partnership with Avery’s wine experts, are showing Groundhog Day on February 16. The main festival period roars to life on March 1st at Fowlers motorcycle showroom with classic documentary On Any Sunday, featuring Steve McQueen. Expect an exciting mixture of immersive festival favourites - such as Bristol Cathedral and Redcliffe Caves - as well as new venue partnerships such as Aerospace Bristol and The Island.

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------We’ve just completed an awesome refurbishment of Equinox South in Bristol which offers 55 serviced offices up to 540 sq ft from just £99 per week. We are the home of Britain’s small businesses.


Bristol A4 - If you are reading.indd 1


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February, 2018

n NEWS WESTBURY Community Forum was held on January 9. The next one will be on Tuesday 17 April at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex. Police Update Burglary is still an issue across Westbury and Henleaze and the police would encourage all residents to review their security measures and ensure that doors and windows are secured and that security lighting is installed. Patrols have been increased as a result of an increase in robberies at shops. Four males have been charged. They are on remand in prison, awaiting trial. Some Neighbourhood Policing Teams are working from Southmead Fire Station. All of the teams will move back to North Bristol when a permanent location has been agreed. Parking Issues Cllr Gollop advised the mmeeting that he is receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding parking issues around Red Maids and St Ursula’s schools. This is in addition to the general increase in parking issues around


Westbury Community Forum central Westbury. He reported that traffic enforcement of restrictions was limited, as the council’s available resources were prioritised for the central areas of Bristol. Also, the implementation of any new Traffic Regulation Orders were considered “low priority” compared with “corporate priorities” such as MetroBus, RPS and schemes with time-restricted funding. Public Toilets Cllr Gollop confirmed that the current proposal to close all the city’s toilets was unlikely to be reversed. However, exceptions were likely to be those on The Downs (which would be taken over by the Downs Committee) and those by the Suspension Bridge (to be taken over by the Suspension Bridge Trust). Street Trees Stephanie French (local “Tree Champion”) confirmed that BCC’s recent proposal to cease

maintenance of all street trees was being reconsidered. Canford Lane Pedestrian Crossing Nicola Hawkes is still campaigning for a Pedestrian Crossing near the entrance to Canford Crematorium and is encouraging residents to sign the online petition: http://epetitions. community/petition/3877 Cllr Mhairi Threlfall (Cabinet member for Transport & Connectivity) will be visiting the site on Monday 19 February at 10am and local residents are encouraged to be there as well.

Cribbs Causeway Developments and the A4018 Any funding for traffic mitigation works on the A4018 (from Cribbs Causeway to the White Tree roundabout) will be dependent on contributions from South Gloucestershire Council (SGC), as the development is outside the cty boundary. No final proposals were yet “on the table”. The pinch point is the volume of traffic using the Old Crow Roundabout. It is feared that the whole length of Passage Road/ Falcondale Road/Westbury Road will include both in and outbound bus lanes.

Henleaze Forum THE next meeting of the Henleaze Forum will be held on Thursday 22 February at Henleaze Library, starting at 7pm. The meeting is open to all local residents - come along and share your views!

RECRUITING NOW IN REDLAND AND EASTVILLE If you are motivated, enthusiastic and compassionate then this could be the perfect role for you – You could be supporting people with learning disabilities to achieve their dreams and goals as one of our valued Support Workers. Whether you are working with people at home, getting out in the community, visiting our day centre or supporting people with cooking and life skills, you could be making a difference to someone’s life. Whilst we always value applications from experienced candidates, no previous experience is required as we think that life experience and personal values are more important. If you are successful, we will provide you with a comprehensive induction and training package, and DBS check to make sure you are ready to provide the best support you can.

For more information and to request an application pack, please contact or call us on 01275 372109 Got News? Call 0117 9082121



WHILE most of us support a number of charities in our lifetime, it is perhaps not surprising that a smaller number choose to remember a charity in their Will. Clearly the priority for most is to provide for a surviving spouse or children, or to ensure that the family wealth can be passed on to benefit the next generation. However, government policy is clearly to encourage giving to charity, and a recent development in the law is intended to promote gifts to charity being made by Will. This change may also, on occasion, serve to save Inheritance Tax, or even to create a gift which literally pays for itself.

the beneficiaries of the estate agree, it is possible to effectively amend the terms of a Will within two years of the date of death. A ‘Deed of Variation’ can be drawn up which sets out the family members’ agreed arrangements

advice on the implications for your particular circumstances is therefore essential. AMD’s team of experienced private client solicitors and practitioners includes full

to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia i Great Britain. For full details o our fundraising activities visit o website Copyright AMD Solicitors

The AMD Solicitors Private Client department presents a Spring workshop on local award winning law firm The Snakes and Ladders Aof Life Reduced rate of Inheritance Tax

July, 2014

Where somebody dies after 6 April 2012 the rate of Inheritance Tax applied to the estate can be reduced from 40 % to 36 % (in other words by 10 %), provided that at least 10 % of the estate passes to charity. Clearly it is not possible to determine in advance exactly what value the assets you leave by Will will have on your death for Inheritance Tax purposes, or what 10 % of the total value

If planning for inheritance tax is right for you our experienced specialist solicitors can help AMD Solicitors invite you to join us for a practical afternoon workshop on The Snakes and Ladders of Life. E: follow us on Twitter @bishopstonvoice This workshop will cover: Telephone 0117 9621205 or e-mail

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The gift that pays for itself

will be. We However a Will can be the workshop for the distribution of the estate, and members of theas Society of Trust will be holding in both Redland Henleaze follows:worded to provide that a gift of and the estate can then be and Estate Practitioners, the 10 % of the value of your estate divided as if the Will had been leading professional body in at that time is given to a charity made in these terms. A Deed of this field. We offer a free initial or charities of your choice. The Variation could therefore provide consultation for new clients. effect of this will be that the rate that 10 % of the estate is to pass For advice on administration of Inheritance Tax payable on the to a chosen charity or charities, of estates, trusts, wills, powers whole estate is reduced from 40 making the estate as a whole of attorney and all private client % to 36 %. eligible for the reduced rate of issues, contact Shelley Faulkner, In same circumstances, it Inheritance Tax. Florence Pearce and the other has been calculated that this members of the team on 0117 This change in the law is reduction in the tax bill can serve 9621205, email probate@ clearly very good news both to leave the estate, even after or call in for charities, and potentially for payment of the gift to charity, 15 The Mall Clifton, 100 be followed by a question some estatesFlorence as well. However The workshop will begin Pearce andat Andrew Jack, andorwill with a with value talks as highby astwo if theof our Solicitors, Henleaze Road Henleaze. the detail of the application can had not been Thus are experienced and answer session.giftFlorence andmade. Andrew specialist private client solicitors. Florence is also a full member of be complex. For example, the AMD Solicitors takes pride in the gift can in some casesand quiteEstate STEP (the Society of Trust Practitioners), the leading professional association in this field. estate is divided into different sponsoring local, Bristol based literally pay for itself. ‘components’ depending on charities and this year is very Even where a Will has not how the property will pass to pleased to be supporting the Refreshments will bebeen provided. no charge but a donation to our charity of the year, Guide Dogs For the Blind, would be prepared There in theseis terms, the beneficiaries, in order to Bristol branch of the Alzheimer’s it may be possible to take appreciated. calculate whether the 10 % test Society, the local branch of this advantage of this tax break. If has been met. Taking specialist national charity which works the beneficiaries of the estate advice on the implications for to improve the quality of life of WHILE most To of us support book a place atagree, one of our workshops please telephone: 0117 9621205, email or call in it is possible to effectively your particular circumstances is people affected by dementia in a number of charities in our amend the terms of a Will within to therefore one of our four Bristol offices: essential. Great Britain. For full details of lifetime, it is perhaps not two years of the date of death. A our fundraising activities visit our surprising that a smaller number AMD’s team of experienced ‘Deed of Variation’ can be drawn website choose to remember a charity in private client solicitors and up which setsHenleaze out the family 100 Henleaze Road, BS9 4JZ 139 Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 2PL their Will. Clearly the priority for Copyright AMD Solicitors practitioners includes full members’ agreed arrangements 15 The Mall, Clifton BS8 4DS 2 Station Road, Shirehampton BS11 9TT most is to provide for a surviving spouse or children, or to ensure that the family wealth can be passed on to benefit the next generation. However, government policy is clearly to encourage giving to charity, and a recent development in the law is intended to promote gifts to charity being made by Will. This change may also, on occasion, serve to save Inheritance Tax, or even to create a gift which literally pays for itself.

Redland – Wednesday 28TH February 2018 – 3pm to 4pm

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By Shelley Faulkner, solicitor with AMD Solicitors

Reduced rate of Inheritance Tax Where somebody dies after 6 April 2012 the rate of Inheritance Tax applied to the estate can be reduced from 40 % to 36 % (in other words by 10 %), provided that at least 10 % of the estate passes to charity. Clearly it is not possible to determine in advance exactly what value the assets you leave by Will will have on your death for Inheritance Tax purposes, or what 10 % of the total value

localaward awardwinning winninglaw lawfifirm AAlocal rm

Telephone our experts on 0117 9621205 If planning for inheritance tax is right for you our experienced specialist solicitors can help Telephone 0117 9621205 or e-mail

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February, 2018


News and views from our city councillors Liz Radford (Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze)

ity ment & Sustainabil Childcare Develop Service have a legal duty Bristol City Council ough childcare en is re the e to ensur up to 14 years of ren ild ch provision for who are working ts ren age, for those pa for employment. or studying/training duty to promote a is re the , ion In addit welfare of those d an ng the safeguardi care provision. ild ch children using the outsourced is e This current servic act ends in ntr co ir the d an to BAND e council is therefore December 2018. Th ntract going out to co s consulting on thi . ed budget of 15.5% tender, with a reduc childcare provision If you currently use e you to respond to in Bristol, I would urg link below, which the at the consultation March. has a deadline of 11 ize .cit tol ris ://b ps htt


evelo people/childcare-d sustainability/

Scheme Community Toilet de cil decision was ma un co a r, be cem In De d an ies ilit fac cil toilet to close many coun es and shops to pro instead ask business c. bli pu the to vide their facilities both the I have approached -Trym Business -on ury stb We & Henleaze of their y an if see to s, Association to join the g llin wi be members would d a local business an are u yo If e. em sch would like more or d ste ere int be would let me know. information, please s of Safety Community Place received training on tly en rec ors Councill incident within Brisjor ma y an their role in of locations within ed orm tol and were inf signated places de their ward which are nt occur nearby ide inc an uld sho , of safety acuated. ev be to ed ne nts and reside e, however rar y ibl red inc Incidents are last year of d en the at one in Bedminster acuated ev be to eded where residents ne

to their local place of safety was an example discussed. There are a good number of places of safety in our ward and if you would like to view these, they can be found on the map facility at the link below, by ‘places of safety’: selecting the layer t/ ris s.b ap http://m Schemes Resident Parking on en given guidelines be ve ha ors Councill ir wards. I the in es em sch w setting up ne ur views on whether would appreciate yo are interested in for u this is something yo your road. or cllr.liz.radford@bristo 108806. 2 39 07 ne ho telep Cllr Liz Radford Ward

& Henleaze Westbury-on-Trym

Registered Charity No.1143816 in England and Wales. Company number: 07403291

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February, 2018

News and views from our city councillors Geoff Gollop (Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze) or a Bristol Underground - pie in the sky re? futu the vision of is You may be aware that Mayor Rees Bristol. I proposing a new underground for ghts would be intrigued to hear your thou s. and view proWe know very little, other than the four jected cost might be £4.6billion (yes ds), thousand six hundred million poun come s route three osed prop the and that Ward. nowhere near Westbury or Henleaze c On the one hand, I see Bristol’s traffi ion problems need an inspirational solut local to get our City flowing and stop our cars. roads being clogged by commuters’ City This could be a dynamic vision of the by 2030. On the other hand, we cannot even cost get an arena built for 3% of that total on and our record on delivering projects to be time and within budget leaves a lot roads desired. Most significantly, our local

’ time, need a solution now, not in 12 years ent is icam pred cial finan cil’s Coun the and and ts Toile ic Publ ng closi are such that we threatening Parks and Libraries. ld Do you share my scepticism, or shou for a push and osal prop this race emb we we reconsideration of the routes so that let me can see some direct benefit? Please know what you think. Council budget budget The Mayor is due to set the Council . The at the Council meeting on 20 February Council City the on p Grou ur Labo rity majo cutting are expected to approve a budget I services whilst increasing Council Tax. scope remain of the view that there is still ency. for savings through improved effici Keeping in Touch g the All 3 local councillors are supportin raise to ce chan your is This ms”. “Foru local The s. issue local t abou us concerns with FebHenleaze Forum is on Thursday 22nd . ruary 2018 at Henleaze Library at 7pm Please email or phone me if you want future to be on the contact list for this and Forum meetings.

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February, 2018


News and views from our city councillors Clare Campion-Sm ith (Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze)

etc. A small budget wil l be available to print alistic to expect maps of where these toil ets are and an app the café on the may be developed in due course. Downs to provide There are similar schem es in some Eurofacilities for their pean cities – Bremen has been quoted as an customers and for example. Bremen Counci l works to support Public Toilet provision the general public. participating businesse s including offering On the 4th December, Bris Proper facilities financial help and therefo tol City cabinet re they can conmade the decision to clo are needed. trol quality and ensure se 18 public toilets. a good coverage of There will be a few rem I feel strongly accessible facilities. Bris aining in Bristol tol does not appear parks but all the others that we are not to be thinking in this wa will close including y. the one in Westbury. thinking holistiAt the January meeting of the Downs The closures will take pla cally and this Committee, the decisio ce at the end of n was made to keep January, i.e. they will hav decision will affect the toilets on the Down e happened by the s ope time this article is read. older people and them from the Downs bud n and to fund The mayor argues get. Some of that there is no budget young families. For goo the buildings are owned for maintenance d health, we must by the Merchant and is encouraging local encourage more walkin Venturers, which allows businesses to allow g and the possibility of the public to use their toil cise and we know that hea physical exerkeeping them open and ets. Local councillth professionals finding other ways lors have been asked to tell us to drink more and of cleaning and mainta approach busistay hydrated. ining them than the nesses in their ward, exp Older people in particu current contract. That is lain the situation lar ma excellent news. At and ask them to sign up drinking before going out y well restrict the same meeting there to the scheme. The which is not was a report from timescales are impossibly good. We know that loc the Downs education offi tight and it is difal cafes and pubs cer showing the ficult to see the advantage are gen num erally helpful but this is bers of visitors, from ver to the business. an ad hoc y young to The Council will offer sign arrangement for what rea very old, who come from age to businesses lly should be all over the city to in the scheme but there treated as public health learn about wildlife and will be no financial infrastructure. to enjoy the beauty help with the increased of this unique space. It cost of cleaning, is completely unreClare Campion Smith


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February, 2018


Clare Chapman

Sofa not so good if you have back pain WHO doesn’t kick back on the sofa to watch TV, surf the internet, or read a book? If you suffer with back pain, or want to avoid it, then this month’s posture tip is for you. It’s not just the stars of Googlebox that sit in the same position for hours, many times a week! If you are otherwise active, this downtime seems relaxed and harmless enough, but the cumulative effect of any slouching on your discs, nerves and ligaments adds up. With your back curved your sitting bones

Slumped sitting encourages a lifetime of backrounding.

can’t provide a base support for the pelvis and spine. Instead, they tuck forward and your weight is taken on the sacrum and lower back, over-stretching ligaments and potentially causing instability and pain. The whole torso is distorted into a C-shape, shoulders pushed forward and the lungs and digestive organs compressed. The culprit here is the modern sofa - softly upholstered and deep-seated, it’s a relatively recent design that unfortunately encourages postural collapse. The long front-to-back of the seat means that only the tallest of people stand any chance of being able to actually sit well back, on their bottoms, with their feet on the floor! Everyone else has to place themselves in a ‘slipped down’ position. Ideally, choose a sofa that is not so soft that you can’t sense your sitting bones – and if you have lower back problems and/or sciatica, keep your pelvis level. A seat that’s overly long frontto-back can be countered by large cushions to lean back on. If you want to semi-recline, that’s great, just arrange your cushions in such a way that your back remains somewhat straight and supported along its length. Avoid using a small

Avoid cumulative damage from hours of slouching. cushion in your lumbar area too, as this causes excessive arching in the mid back. Find out more about sitting and healthy posture - book a place online at one of my free workshops: • Sunday 11th February, 3pm, Spicer+Cole, Gloucester Rd • Sunday 18th March, 3pm, Spicer+Cole, Gloucester Rd For Courses and more information see: www.

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February, 2018



Dinner in the buff, anyone? DINERS often dress up to go out to dinner but one popular restaurant on Cheltenham Road is abandoning all wares and will be the first in Bristol to host a naked dining evening. Flour & Ash, whose other branch in Westbury-on-Trym sadly closed last year, is the host venue for Dine Naked Bristol on Tuesday February 20. Will Bryson is the man behind the event, and has also led Bristol’s naked bike ride in recent years. Will believes that being naked in a safe, friendly environment can be a very positive, life-affirming experience. “And dining naked is the perfect way to try it - with the benefit of getting to eat good food in friendly places,” he said. Steve Gale, owner of Flour & Ash said: “Will approached us to be the host venue. The event’s not trying to be weird or sexual. It’s just trying to promote a healthy body image at a time when men and women are bombarded with images of perfect specimens. We’re just out to give them a good dining experience.” Steve confirmed that a curtain will be put up at the windows and the door locked after entry to give the naked diners complete privacy. Diners will need to buy tickets in advance for the first Dine Naked Bristol event, which will cost £25. This will provide entry to the event, prosecco reception, nibbles, pizza and sides and ice-cream. Tickets and more information are available from: www.

Male Voice Choir If you would like to sing in a male voice choir, then 2018 is a great year to pursue your interests, with Bristol Male Voice Choir. John Hollyman said: “It’s our Golden Anniversary year, and we are celebrating by giving performances in Bristol and taking our music on tour to Vienna and Salzburg. “We welcome new members, including those who used to sing a long time ago, those who sing in the shower and musicians looking to find harmony and a great social scene.” Rehearsals Thursdays at SGSC, Filton Ave, see www. or call 0117 329 3192.

hot! be with

Slimming World h! ot! t o he be b with

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February, 2018


Southmead Hospital Charity buys £750,000 surgical robot to fight prostate cancer A PIONEERING £750,000 surgical robot has been purchased by Southmead Hospital Charity to treat men with prostate cancer at Southmead Hospital. And the charity is hoping to secure a further £750,000 in the coming year to purchase a second surgical robot to treat more men and expand robotic surgery into other cancers. The Charity launched the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal in 2016 to fund two urological surgical robots needed at Southmead Hospital.Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Every day more than 130 men are diagnosed with the disease in the UK. Southmead Hospital is the one of the largest urological centres in the country, treating thousands of patients with prostate cancer a year, and was one of the first centres in the UK to specialise in robotic surgery to treat the disease. But having helped save the lives of thousands of men,

Southmead Hospital’s first robot, bought in 2009, was aging and in need of replacement to enable the urology teams to be at the forefront of cancer care. Now a more advanced Intuitive Da Vinci robot will continue the pioneering work in treating men with prostate cancer from across Bristol and the South West thanks to Southmead Hospital Charity. But the fundraising is not

over yet and Southmead Hospital Charity is continuing the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal to buy a second robot and to expand robot surgery to other types of cancers like kidney and bladder, as well as gynaecological cancers. Robotic surgery is more accurate, less invasive, causes less blood loss, and reduces the length of stay in hospital by one to three days compared to open surgical methods. Men also have

much better long term prospects for a full recovery. Elizabeth Bond, head of fundraising at Southmead Hospital Charity, said: “We are thrilled to be able to fund the purchase of a new Da Vinci robot so that the urology team can continue the amazing work they do. “I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who has donated to or fundraised for the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal and made this possible – from abseils and marathons to bake sales and fancy dress up days – our fundraisers have been instrumental in reaching this goal. “We have also benefited from some very generous donations from private supporters, companies, community groups and grant giving bodies, particularly John Lewis Cribbs Causeway, Guildhall Chambers and the rotary clubs of Bristol, Bristol Breakfast and Chipping Sodbury and Yate.”

Social meet-ups for disabled people A LOCAL charity that supports disabled people is organising a series of social meet-ups in Southmead. Available to anyone living in Bristol, WECIL’s Peer Support Community encourages disabled people to get together and try

new things. All sessions are free or low cost to attend and the charity can also support people with transport or access needs. Open and friendly lunchtime meet ups for disabled people will be held at the community café in the Greenway Centre, Doncaster

Road, Southmead on the last Tuesday of the month, beginning on February 27, from 12 – 2pm. In addition, on Tuesday February 13, February 27, and fortnightly there after, a free and fun singing and music group for disabled people will also be held

at the Greenway Centre from 2 – 3pm. To find out more about WECIL and the Peer Support network, please contact the team on 0117 9479942 or email

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February, 2018

n NEWS PLANS to redevelop Redland High School have been approved, despite being recommended for refusal by planning officers. Kersfield Developments Ltd submitted plans to turn the Grade II listed Redland Court and its land into 43 flats and houses, as well as carry out an internal and external restoration project. The building on Redland Court Road was home to Redland High School for Girls until it merged with Redmaids’ in 2016 to become Redmaids’ High School. The school vacated the buildings in September 2017 when pupils moved to the site in Westbury-on-Trym. Despite opposition from officers due to the lack of affordable housing that had been included in the £25 million proposal, Kersfield was granted approval, subject to conditions being met, at the council meeting on January 10. This was following last minute amendments being made to the plans in order to include five apartments that would be sold under the shared ownership scheme. In addition to the concerns raised by the council, Historic England also lodged “considerable concerns” regarding the fragmentation of the development and the proposed density; however they did positively note that the plans included proposals to remove unsightly buildings. Alex Fielden-Cook, development manager for Kersfield, said: “We were delighted that committee members felt the scheme should be approved and they spoke very positively about the quality of our designs for this important historic site. "We listened to last minute feedback from councillors who


Former Redland High School building to be redeveloped

said they wanted affordable homes on the site. So, we changed the proposals and included five shared ownership homes in the Victorian former art building. We are very proud of our proposals and the other heritage projects Kersfield has undertaken in Bristol.” Kersfield has also said that if planning goes through as expected, work will start this summer. It expects the project to be completed approximately 18 months later. It plans to release the housing units in phases too. Commenting on the council’s decision to approve the plans, Martin Fodor, Green Party Councillor for Redland Ward said: “Thanks to the new transparency over ‘viability statements’ we know more about the disagreement between the council and the developer over what we should expect

of the project. Council officers maintained that the £7.5m Kersfield paid for the site was too much and their report also criticised the company for not taking account of the council’s planning policy and failing to include provision of adequate affordable housing in the calculations. “In the committee debate, our colleague Clive Stevens, councillor for Clifton Down, put forward a motion in the meeting for the committee (acting as the local planning authority) to support the application, subject to a section 106 agreement that the developer provides the five affordable homes on-site, plus a contribution of an additional £750,000 for affordable housing in another location.

This takes account of the benefit of restoring the site and not allowing it to become derelict, but pressures the developer to offer a better deal to the city. Planning committees are very sensitive at present to the need to get more affordable housing in as many ways as they can both on a specific development site and elsewhere. “This amendment received unanimous support. The developers, who own the site, will now have to face up to whether they will implement the planning permission which requires them to provide both the five units and the additional funds. We’ll have to wait and see if they do this, or perhaps try to come up with another fresh application instead.”

BADGES & TROPHIES . . . . where the race for qualitu has no finish line


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February, 2018


'Food busking' event raises funds for St Mungo’s

ETHICAL grocer, Farmdrop, has been holding a food busking week to raise money for St Mungo’s homelessness charity and increase awareness about food waste. The local farm-to-door delivery company used their kitchen utensils to ‘food busk’, creating breakfast and lunchtime meals for the people of Bristol, who will then pay what they think it's worth. Busking from the Spin Bar at the harbour inlet across from the SS Great Britain took place every day from Friday January 26 to Thursday February 1. Farmdrop served hot drinks and fresh juices in the morning, followed by one-pot casseroles and hot stews for lunch. All the proceeds from the Food Busk will go to local divisions of the St Mungo’s homelessness charity. And for people looking to try something new at the start of the year, there was also a series

of tasting and cookery classes: beer pairing with local brewery Moor Beer, a fermentation class with Bath Culture House and a pasta workshop with Little Hollows Pasta. To finish the week in style, Farmdrop is hosting two Zero Waste Supper Clubs in collaboration with Poco Restaurant, Elly Pear, and

Clifton’s Nutmeg. Designed by some of Bristol’s culinary elite, and continuing the food busk theme, the menu will use food waste generated during the week to create a three course menu with diners paying what they feel it's worth. These take place on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd February. Ben Pugh, founder of

Farmdrop, said: “January can be a blue time of the year. The Bristol food busk is an opportunity to put a smile on people’s faces with some delicious fresh food from some of Bristol’s best local producers. We hope to raise a lot of money for St Mungos because they do tremendous work keeping people off the streets.” Jayne Hughes, St Mungo’s fundraising coordinator, said: “We are really excited that Farmdrop have been food busking in Bristol to raise funds for St Mungo’s. It’s such a lovely and unique way to capture people’s attention. We hope the Bristol public will chelp Farmdrop raise vital funds to keep people safer off the streets and into somewhere warm.” Tickets are available from: united-kingdom--bristol/farmdr op/?q=farmdrop&mode=search

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February, 2018



Forget Brexit - how about a Space Port in Bristol NW?

Darren Jones column

CHRISTMAS and New Year are but a distant memory as we speed into 2018. As regular readers will know, I took a couple of weeks off in the run-up to Christmas for paternity leave (apart from a few vital Brexit votes) and spent the holiday season passing our new arrival around relatives, who came far and wide to welcome Ophelia to the world. We’re now back to business in the House of Commons, and at home in Bristol North West. Your Voice in Parliament January has seen the end of the EU Withdrawal Bill (the law that makes Brexit happen) in the House of Commons, as it moves to the House of Lords for the next stage in our law making process. We managed to defeat the Government before Christmas in securing an important vote on whether we think the trade deal with the

EU is sufficient or not. That will happen in the autumn. And with the passing of this Bill to the House of Lords, we now move on to other areas of Government business. You might not be surprised to hear that there isn’t much happening that isn’t Brexit, so we look forward to the Space Industry Bill (anyone fancy a Space Port in Bristol North West?) alongside some finance law and telecoms tax relief changes. In addition to Government bills, we have some important back bench business debates and private members bills too. I’m backing three of these: one to ensure that children who get free school meals don't face hunger during school holidays, another on the protection of workers from unpaid 'trial' shifts that currently allow disreputable companies to exploit free labour, and the third on a new law to make sure that landlords ensure their homes are fit for habitation for renters. The last of these has recently won Government support so has a good chance of becoming law too, which is great! Your Champion in Bristol I’ve been disappointed to hear about increases in crime and anti-social behaviour across areas of Bristol North West, including burglaries, theft from cars in areas of Westbury Park and from local shops. If you’re online, you can complete my Police and Crime survey at www., which includes a question on what you think about the Police and Crime Commissioner asking for a £1 per month increase in Council Tax to fund cuts from central Government. The Government said they’d increase funding to the police, but didn’t

say it’d come from recommended increases in Council Tax! I also visited Westbury Park School in early January to hear from governors and teachers about the challenges they’re facing due to funding cuts. And I had a great tour from two pupils in Year Six! Southmead Hospital has been coming up on my 'to do' list quite a bit too: firstly with the winter crisis that saw massive challenges in waiting times and postponed appointments, and secondly with the collapse of Carillion who run some of the services there. In both cases our NHS staff have been amazing and have worked above and beyond what should be required of them to serve patients locally. It’s clear to me that cuts to social care – as well as the NHS generally – caused the winter crisis. And contingency plans have been put in place to ensure that Carillion-run services continue to operate. Each week is busy with lots of stuff going on in Bristol and in Westminster, so if you want to keep in touch with what I’m up to please sign up to my newsletter at or check out my Facebook (www.facebook. com/darrenjonesmp) or Twitter (www.twitter. com/darrenpjones) and tune in on Wednesday nights at 19:30 for my weekly update live from Westminster. If you’d like to book an appointment at my local surgery, or want me to come to a local event, then please get in touch with my office. Darren Jones MP Member of Parliament Bristol North West "Your voice in Parliament. Your champion in Bristol."

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February, 2018


Our year as City of Sport THIS month I want to look back at 2017’s European City of Sport title, update on some current work and look forward to the year ahead. Our year as European City of Sport may be over, but now we have a great platform to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and opportunities for everyone to participate. During the summer our Are You Game? campaign saw over 80 sporting organisations offering free taster sessions for more than 200 different activities and sports. Working with Junior Parkrun we also launched our Bristol 2k challenge with children collectively running over 2,500km throughout November. We also set up new artificial cricket wickets in parks, promoted new Bristol Girls Can ambassadors and saw hundreds sign up to beginners running courses. While many of us do take part in sport and physical activity there are still many who do not and this is proven to have an effect on the health of our city. Thanks to new funding from Sport England we will be taking more steps to engage areas that we know are less likely to be active this year. The new website – – will

continue the legacy, helping to make Bristol a city where everyone can be active. During the final cabinet meeting of 2017 I committed to supporting music venues. I tasked cabinet member Cllr Nicola Beech with introducing the ‘agent of change’ principle to our Local Plan, which guides development in the city. This means that developers have to consider pre-existing businesses, like music venues, in an area before moving forward with a project. Developers would be responsible for installing soundproofing to solve potential issues like noise complaints. I am pleased that the Government will also incorporate the ‘agent of change’ principle into national legislation. I want us all to be able to watch the best performances and events around. From leading bands to world class sport events, Bristol must be a go-to city that’s “on the tour”. This brings me to the arena project. My January cabinet meeting received a progress report confirming the Brabazon hangar at Filton as a possible location. We have to know whether the proposals are value for money. These need to be assessed against alternate locations, alternative uses of the site and the benefit on the wider economy.

The Mayor’s View Each month Bristol mayor Marvin Rees shares his views with Henleaze & Westbury Voice

I am 100 per cent committed to delivering an arena for Bristol and I want to be sure we are fully informed on all the options, at a cost the city can afford. We are therefore pressing ahead with further detailed examination of the two most viable options. Cabinet will receive an update again in April.

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February, 2018


n ADVERTISING FEATURE AS we get older, we often complain that we can no longer do the things we could ‘when we were young’, but most people want to enjoy an active lifestyle well into old age. In fact, it is important to maintain activity as this not only keeps our joints healthy and in good working order, but it also keeps other parts of our bodies healthy too. Mr Evert Smith, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Spire Bristol Hospital, finds that many of us believe that you have to be ‘of a certain age’ to contemplate having a joint replacement. However, if a joint such as a hip or knee is no longer working properly, a joint replacement is sometimes the best option and putting off replacement surgery can often cause more problems. Mr Smith answers some frequently asked questions about joint health and joint replacement surgery: Question: When seeking a specialist opinion, what do patients typically complain of and what can be done? Answer: Joint pain is increasingly common as we age. It is important that patients do not to ignore joint pain that is worsened by walking. Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. However, many people ignore the warning signs and battle through the pain with the help of analgesics, or through sheer grit. Joint pain can be managed in many ways, and does not

Putting up with joint pain is not the healthy option

necessarily mean you will need a joint replacement operation. A course of physiotherapy may be all that is needed to get you back on track. The important thing is to get it checked out, first by your GP and then with a scan or x-ray investigation. Putting up with the pain is not a sensible option. Persistent or increasing pain is a warning sign and it should be investigated. Question: What might happen if joint pain is ignored and can it worsen over time such that surgery becomes a necessity? Answer: It is a fact of life that as we get older our joints are likely to become stiffer and can cause pain. However, putting off treatment will only worsen the situation and may have a detrimental effect on other joints, as they try to take the strain of the malfunctioning or painful joint. For example, If you limp due to a painful knee, you are likely to alter the way you walk, and this in turn will put a strain on other joints such as your hips, your other knee or your back as these joints try to accommodate an altered posture or style of walking. This may be acceptable in the case of a short-term injury, but

when this occurs over a prolonged period, it will affect other parts of your body. Question: Do people stop undertaking physical activity to avoid the pain of damaged joints, and can this affect general health? Answer: If carrying out your normal everyday functions, such as walking, exercising or performing ordinary tasks becomes too painful such that you avoid or stop doing things, it is important to get treatment because reducing activity can affect ones health. For example, Your heart and lungs can be adversely affected if you do not take regular exercise and you may also gain weight. Benefits of joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement operations have an excellent success rate. A new hip or knee can give you a completely new lease of life. Walking and other activities that you previously loved but could no longer do, not only become possible again but are actually enjoyable. Many people in their 50s and 60s who are suffering joint pain come to me having given up their

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favourite activity such as golf or tennis. Following successful surgery, they can return to their former favourite activities. Depending on age and general fitness, low impact activities are possible. I always advise my patients not to let painful joints dictate their lifestyle when there are so many treatment options available to resolve these issues. Spire Bristol Hospital offer a range of diagnostic scans, including x-rays, MRI and CT scans, whilst providing access to a consultant of your choice. If you or someone you know is suffering from joint pain and needs to see a specialist, a private consultation can be an option for everyone. Spire Bristol Hospital are able to provide finance options through Zebre Health Finance. So, you don’t necessarily need to have private insurance to access private healthcare. Call Spire’s patient treatment advisors today on 0117 980 4080 or email for more information on how to book an appointment or obtain information on the finance options available to you.


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February, 2018


n NEWS EVERYONE believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, and his friends talk about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on, he can only listen. But Alex soon begins to suspect that the accident that put him here wasn’t really an accident. Even worse, the perpetrator is still out there and Alex is not the only one in danger. As he goes over a series of clues from his past, Alex must use his remaining senses to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him, and try to protect those he loves, before they decide to let him go. If I Die Before I Wake is a the debut novel written by awardwinning journalist, Emily Koch, who lives in Bishopston with her husband and 10-month-old daughter. The psychological thriller is set in Bristol - the accident which Alex has is a climbing accident, in the Avon Gorge, and during the course of the novel he is in Southmead Hospital. Emily’s inspiration for writing the book came from a news report, as she explained: THE Beehive Pub on Wellington Hill hosted Cintre’s Christmas party on December 21. Cintre is a local charity that provides residential care, supported living and community based support for adults with a variety of learning disabilities and complex needs. The Beehive donated their function room for the festive fun and a very generous member of the public paid for a delicious buffet that was greatly enjoyed by all. The party goers enjoyed Christmas music, a raffle and

Emily's debut novel success "I was driving to work one day, listening to the radio, and there must have been a story about a man in a coma on the news. It got me thinking about his family, his girlfriend - how would his condition affect them? This was how the idea for the book first came about, but it changed a lot from that nugget of inspiration to the finished version of the novel." Emily, a graduate of the Bath Spa Creative Writing programme, was able to draw on her own experience of being immobilised in a serious car accident which left her with two broken legs and serious damage to ligaments in her knees. It took her three months to relearn how to walk and three years to gain enough physical strength to be able to run. "Finding out that I had an offer from a publisher was very surreal - by that point I had been working on the book for about 18 months. It is a cliche but it was a dream come true. A few days

Author Emily Koch at her book launch at Waterstones,Broadmead later, I got married, so it was a busy and very exciting week," she added. If I Die Before I Wake is

published by Harvill Secker, and available in hardcover and Kindle editions. It went straight into the bestseller charts at number 18.

Charity's gratitude for local pub tombola, but the highlight was the Great Cintre Christmas Bake Off, which had an overwhelming number of entries – which made judging very challenging for the Beehive Chefs. Cintre were enormously grateful for the true spirit of Christmas shown by the Beehive and their regulars which made this year’s Christmas party truly memorable.

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February, 2018

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Will you be able to pass on your home Inheritance Tax-free? THE current nil rate band for Inheritance Tax 2020. TrymisLodge, 1 Henbury Bristol, 3HQit will soon be possible to pass (IHT) £325,000 and hasRoad, been Westbury-on-Trym, for almost a ThisBS9 means Telephone: 966 decade. In the meantime, house 0117 prices in5699 BS9 on an estate of up to £1,000,000 without have risen by 34% on average. The increase paying IHT. The family home may be exempt in the value of their homes has brought many from IHT as a result in some cases. However, more people within the scope of IHT. there are some key points to bear in mind: In April 2017 a residence nil rate band • The residence nil rate band can only be was introduced to help cover the value of claimed if the home is passed to direct the family home when passed to direct descendants. This is therefore not an option descendants (i.e. children, grandchildren etc.) for those without children or who want to on death. This is currently £100,000 and will pass the home to someone else. increase to £175,000 by April 2020. • Estates worth more than £2,000,000 do not Married couples and civil partners can pass benefit from the residence nil rate band in any unused nil rate band to their surviving full. It is reduced by £1 for every £2 by which partner. On the second death the nil rate the value of the estate exceeds £2m. band can therefore be up to £650,000 and the Previous estate planning may need to residence nil rate band can be up to £200,000 be revised to take full advantage of the currently, rising to up to £350,000 by April new residence nil rate band, e.g. potentially

changing the distribution of assets so that the home passes to a direct descendant and/ or making gifts on or after the first death to keep the value of the estate under £2m on the second death. IHT planning is a complex area where we suggest seeking personalised financial and legal advice. Richard Higgs, Chartered Financial Planner at Wealth West Ltd, provides friendly financial advice in BS9 on a face-to-face basis in the comfort of clients’ own homes. He specialises in advising retired clients on savings, investments, Inheritance Tax and long-term care planning. He can be reached on 0117 9665699,, or alternatively through

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February, 2018

n NEWS Yoga for Health by Diana Penny

of Yogawest ( Here is the next pose in the sequence that started last September. If you have any questions, pop into Yogawest with this page and ask a teacher for some help.

Yoga Pose of the Month:

Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose)

Practice time: 20– 30 seconds. Benefits: Strengthens the legs. Helps develop poise and balance. 1. With an inhalation, jump your feet three and a half to four feet apart and

swing your arms out to your sides. Fully stretch your arms and legs. Turn your left foot in and your right foot out.




2. Exhaling, extend your torso sideways to the right and come into Triangle Pose. Take a couple of normal breaths. 3. Bend your right knee, slide your left foot in toward the right, and reach out to place your right hand on the floor about one foot ahead of your right foot. 4. On an exhalation, pressing your right shoulder-blade and right buttock forward, straighten your right leg and simultaneously raise your left to the level of your left hip. Keep both legs firm and straight. Align you head and pelvis: take your head back and press your pelvis forward. Raise your left arm. Look up. Breathe evenly and hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Practice note: If your hand does not reach the floor without your knee bending, place it on a block. You can also practice this pose with your back against the wall while you are learning to balance.*




*Practice note

Drawings and posture text reproduced by kind permission of Bobby Clennell, a senior Iyengar teacher in New York who teaches biennial workshops at Yogawest.

Wealth West was set up to deal with one type of client - the local person, couple or family that is serious about their financial future and want a local, friendly service, delivered by someone who knows them and knows their stuff. It is what we do. We help clients the old-fashioned way, on a face-to-face, one-on-one basis. We offer a truly professional, independent, Chartered Financial Planning service.

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February, 2018


Take on challenge of a lifetime for air ambulance charity GREAT Western Air Ambulance Charity is encouraging the people of Cotham, Redland and Bishopston to do something amazing in 2018 and trek the Great Wall of China to help raise funds. Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) provides the air ambulance and critical care service across Bristol, where they attended 40 per cent of all jobs in 2017. The team operates 365 days a year from its helicopter or critical care car, providing their life-saving service to 2.1 million people, and ensuring a specialist critical care doctor and paramedic are on the scene as fast as possible. The team forms part of the emergency service, and yet receives no day-to-day funding from the Government, relying on fundraising and donations to raise over £3 million which is needed each year to keep members flying. One local woman has signed

Nicole Beebee, in training to trek the Great Wall of China up to the trek after having a complete lifestyle change for 2018. Nicole Beebee, who works for GWAAC as a Community Fundraising Manager, will be joining the challenge team over eight days in September this year. The life-saving charity still has places to fill and is looking for people to join Nicole on this challenge of a lifetime.

Since the start of the New Year, Nicole has embarked on a healthy eating routine to get her ready for the trek. She’s also going on regular walks, doing ‘dry January’, and has started the ‘Couch to 5K’ challenge to improve her fitness levels. Speaking of the challenge, Nicole said: “I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s involved a complete lifestyle

change for me! Normally my weekends consist of a takeaway, box of maltesers, glass of prosecco and a film. "Now I’m up early, clear headed and out for a run – my friends are all shocked and impressed in equal measures!” “I feel very excited to take part in this amazing experience. China is a fantastic country and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the culture. We have a really friendly group going and I’d love for you to come and join us! I’d say to anyone thinking about taking the plunge – go for it! "You only live once so make it count, plus you’ll be saving lives with GWAAC too.” For more information about joining the GWAAC China Trek 2018, visit china. You can also sponsor Nicole at https://china2018.


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February, 2018


n IT HOME HELP MANY of my clients have been mystified recently as to why their new smartphones have gobbled up their monthly data allowance in frighteningly quick time. Fact is, the majority of all the apps on the phone are busy using up data all the time the phone is on. And if you’re not connected to WIFI then the phone will use your mobile data allowance - unless you tell it otherwise. Here are some easy ways to cut down on the amount of data your smart-phone uses. Track your data usage Specific settings may vary from phone to phone, but generally, if you go to Settings, > Mobile, then scroll down to Mobile Data Usage, you’ll see a track of your current usage. Some mobile operators offer their own apps which keep a track of your usage. IPhones - Turn off Wi-Fi Assist Wi-Fi Assist, automatically switches to cellular data when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. It’s a good idea to check whether this is enabled. Go to Settings > Cellular and ensure Wi-Fi Assist is disabled.

Russell Isaac runs ITHomeHelp, providing a friendly, personal, one-to-one computer coaching service in clients' home in the Westbury on Trym, Henleaze, Stoke Bishop and Clifton areas. With over 20 years' IT experience in a wealth of different areas, he helps users, particularly older people, get what they want from their PCs, tablets and smartphones. He is also a web designer/builder, photographer, father of two and keen sportsman. Change your Mobile Data settings Below the Mobile Data Usage counters in Settings > Mobile Data is a list of apps which can use mobile data. By default, they will all be enabled, but you can switch them off here so they only work when connected to Wi-Fi. Change settings within apps Some apps have their own settings which restrict particular functions to Wi-Fi only. An example is Dropbox, which can be a big data hog. It's a similar story with Twitter and Facebook too. Check your other apps for similar settings. iPhone - Disable Background App Refresh Background App Refresh is a great feature if you like your apps to

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show the latest information when you open them. However, this can needlessly burn through mobile data if you don’t regularly open those apps. Stop this happening by launching Settings > General and scrolling down to Background App Refresh. Here you can disable the feature altogether, or prevent specific apps from updating in the background. Turn off mobile data It might sound obvious, but the easiest way to cut down on mobile data use is to enable it only when you need it. Go to settings and you can switch it completely on or off as required. Russell Isaac can be contacted on 0774 775 3764 or via www.

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February, 2018

n NEWS MARIE Curie is appealing for people in Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym to ‘get behind the daffodil’, by volunteering to collect donations for the charity’s annual Great Daffodil Appeal this February and March. The charity needs volunteers to encourage people in the local community to give a donation and wear a daffodil pin. The money raised from the Great Daffodil Appeal will help Marie Curie Nurses provide care and support to people living with a terminal illness and their loved ones at home in Bristol. The appeal is now in its 32nd year and has raised more than £74 million since 1986. It’s easy to sign up, whether you have taken part before or you’re doing it for the first time - and families, friends

Charity needs daffodil volunteers and workmates can sign up to volunteer together. Helen Isbell, Community Fundraiser for Marie Curie in Bristol said: “The Great Daffodil Appeal is our biggest annual fundraising campaign, making it possible for Marie Curie Nurses to give care and support when people need it most. Every year millions of people across the UK show their support for our work by simply giving a donation to wear a daffodil pin. To volunteer to collect for Marie Curie and support the Great Daffodil Appeal call Helen on 0117 9247275 or visit www.

Step up for Parkinson’s PARKINSON’S UK invites people of all ages and abilities to sign up to a walk near them. Walks include the South West Coastal Path in East Devon on Sunday 24 June and Ashton Court in Bristol on Sunday 30 September. Walking and other types of exercise is particularly important for people with Parkinson’s as research shows that two and half hours of exercise a week can help slow progression of symptoms. All money raised will be used to help find better treatments for the 145,000 people affected by Parkinson’s across the UK. For more see

World record attempt THE British Heart Foundation (BHF) are calling on residents in Henleaze and Westbury to take part in a World Record attempt and help fund life saving research, by visiting their local BHF shop. Heart shaped messages have been filling BHF shop windows in the run up to Valentine’s Day for over a decade, but this year the public also have the chance to have their personal messages displayed in a record-breaking chain of paper hearts. For Valentine’s Day, the BHF are attempting to break the world record for

the longest chain of paper hearts, which currently stands at 8,525. To get involved, pop down to your local BHF shop, make a donation towards life saving heart research and write a message on a World Record heart to be included in the impressive final chain.


Time to retune your digital boxes MANY television viewers in the Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym area will need to retune their digital boxes at the end of the month. Work is being carried out on the Mendip transmitter, which serves the whole of Bristol, resulting in changes to some Freeview channels. Three dates have been set aside for the work, which is required by the watchdog Ofcom to allow changes in bandwidth for future mobile services. The main date for this area is February 27. The others are February 7 and March 1. Richard McKenzie, operations manager for The Aerial Man (Dan Grace) said: “We cannot predict what the fallout of this work will be but we can say most Freeview users will have to retune, some may have to re-position their aerial and an unfortunate few may have to have their aerials replaced. “Naturally we are here to help with any issues people may have and we hope to have caught up with the current backlog of work to wind-damaged aerials so should be able to respond to people’s needs very quickly.” Further changes may be made to the transmitter late next year. For information about digital changes, visit


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February, 2018

n NEWS SIGN UP today to The Bristol Sleep Out to support Big Issue vendors to take steps away from the streets. On Friday 2 March, The Big Issue Foundation (TBIF) are teaming up with homelessness organisations in Bristol for the 11th annual Sleep Out. The event is organised by The Bristol Homeless Forum and will see participants grab 40 winks in the grounds of Pip ‘n’ Jay Church on the final night of Homeless Awareness Week (24 February – 3 March). TBIF is calling out to people from around the South West to sign up to this fun Friday night challenge with friends, family and colleagues to make a difference to the lives of Big Issue vendors. Last year over 150 people participated in the event and raised over £60,000. The night will provide a small insight into what it may be like without a safe place to call home and help highlight the reality of homelessness in the city. Bristol has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country and Bristol Homelessness Awareness


Sign up to The Bristol Sleep Out to support Big Issue vendors Week will raise awareness of homelessness, those at risk of becoming homeless and the issues facing rough sleepers in Bristol. The Big Issue Foundation count many rough sleepers among their vendors in Bristol and work together in partnership with other agencies in the area to help them take steps toward attaining accommodation both in the short and longer term. Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation, said: “Big Issue vendors face the realities of poverty, exclusion and homelessness on a daily basis. The Bristol sleep out will raise vital funds to support our work to help change more lives for good. “Please do join us on the night in the knowledge that each and every participant will be playing a part in creating positive social change and hope for the future.” The Big Issue Foundation

addresses the wider needs of Big Issue vendors, beyond earning an income. They offer support to vendors in order for them to access healthcare, housing, banking and to rebuild their aspirations. Register to join The Big Issue

Foundation Team for just £10, with a fundraising target of £200 per person. The money raised will ensure positive steps forward for Big Issue vendors. Read more and sign up at: Bristol

New director for Avon Harmony MARY Williams has been appointed as the new Music Director for A Cappella group, Avon Harmony Chorus. The friendly team are encouraging adult women of all ages, from Henleaze and Westbury-on-Trym and across the city, to join their vibrant and fulfilling vocal group and double their numbers as more voices make a bigger sound! The chorus sing a fresh and varied mix of contemporary, show, retro and barbershop music to audiences across the region and nationally. Mary is on a mission to infect the established chorus (choir) that has been in existence with her personal enthusiastic passion for the Barbershop genre. Her experience is of a variety of A Cappella music which has earned her a silver International Mixed Quartet medal in Ireland in 2017 with Dave And The Divas. She knows it’s important to teach singing in a healthy, happy and safe way. She took up this particular genre when

her children were very young as she needed something outside of the house that didn’t involve changing nappies and really felt she wanted to make friends that made her feel like more than “mum”. And, she hasn’t looked back since as Mary’s explained: “I would love to be able to share the love of our hobby with

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women who haven’t discovered us yet. It has given me fabulous opportunities and it can change people’s lives. We are a non profit community group and the group was established in 1975 and I want to take them into the next 40 years!” Avon Harmony sing a variety of styles from Movies, West

End show, contemporary, retro, classic to barbershop music. From Adele to musicals to Swing, they are working towards having something for everyone. Mary said: “This is far more than a singing group with a place for every woman who can hold a tune. AH offer boundless enthusiasm, fun, friendship, room to grow, a family, escape from our normal lives and the chance to wear sequins! You don’t even need to be able to read music as we have learning tracks that you can sing along with. We are a non profit community organisation.” Come and join them as they need your voices on the risers and be part of the new 2018 Avon Harmony revolution going to Convention and beyond. Rehearsals are every Thursday evening at Fairfield High School, BS7 9NL from 7.30pm - 9.45pm. To find out more see www. or check out the facebook page.


February, 2018
















TXT PERT Melpomene

This month: Art Titan The numbers point you to the letters on a phone keypad Trojan War Minotaur

Clues Naiad Across 1Narcissus 274842 (6) 5Oceanid 28746 (5) 6Pallas 3824 (4) 8Penelope 7469 (4) 9 7638 (4) Perseus

Priam 2 is A, B or C 3 Psyche is D, E or F 4 Scylla is G, H or I 5 Sol is J, K, or L



DownTyphon Water 1 22636 (5) nymph 2 82244763 (8) 3 2872867 (7) 6 4 4266 (4) 7 767 (3)

1 4

CAN YOU BREAK THE FRUIT CODE? Which piece of fruit comes next in these four sequences? Answers above.




3 5


6 is M, N or O 7 is P, Q, R or S 8 is T, U or V 9 is W, X, Y or Z


1 3





1 Banana; 2 Pineapple; 3 Lemon; 4 Cherry.


EASY for children




Each horizontal row, each 2x2 square and each column must contain all the numbers 1-4.

Across 1. Critic, 5 Curio, 6 Etch, 8 Show, 9 Poet. Down 1 Cameo, 2 Tachisme, 3 Curator, 4 Icon, 7 Pop.

This month: Mythology

Can you find 61 mythical terms hidden vertically, horizontally or diagonally?



Amazon, Ares, Argus, Athena, Athene, Chaos, Charon, Chimera, Circe, Cronus, Cyclops, Damon and Pythias, Demeter, Doris, Electra, Erato, Erebus, Eris, Eros, Euryale, Gaea, Gaia, Ge, Harpy, Hector, Helen, Hermes, Hestia, Hyades, Hydra, Icarus, Ichor, Io, Jason, Leda, Lethe, Maenad, Medea, Medusa, Melpomene, Minotaur, Naiad, Narcissus, Oceanid, Pallas, Penelope, Perseus, Priam, Psyche, Scylla, Sol, Sterope, Stheno, Styx, Tantalus, Thalia, Theseus, Titan, Trojan War, Typhon, Water nymph








Sterope Stheno Styx

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February, 2018

n NEWS ONE OF Bristol’s oldest charities has decided on a new identity. The Bristol Dogs and Cats Home to be renamed Bristol ARC – standing for Animal Rescue Centre. The charity will remain linked to the RSPCA. Its bosses believe the move is necessary because, even though almost every Bristolian knows about “the Dogs Home”, not enough people know all that the charity does or where it is. “People talk about the Dogs Home but that’s only half the story,” Victoria Chester, the chief executive of the newly-named Bristol ARC, told the Voice. Market research showed that a surprising number of people in Bristol didn’t know where the charity was, what it did or who was responsible for running it. The Bristol ARC name is “one distinctive Bristol brand that we hope will help us speak even more clearly for the animals of our city and those who care for them,” said Victoria Chester. “We need to stand up and we need to stand out as bristol’s oldest animal welfare charity.” “Some things won’t change,


New identity for 'the Dogs Home' namely our care for the animals that come to us and our support for animal welfare.” The charity is one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1887 after a Bristol man Edward Parker found a puppy lost in a snowstorm and realised there was nobody who would care for it. The Dogs Home remained independent until 1954, when it linked up with the RSPCA. But, even after that it kept its status as a separate charity, and though it works hand in glove with the RSPCA, it still gets no automatic funding from it. The services at the ARC, which is in Albert Road, St Philips, will remain exactly as before. The home has around 20 rescued dogs and about six cats available for rehoming at any time, as well as a department dedicated to rescuing exotic animals. There’s also a small animal section which cares for assorted


rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats and budgies. The Albert Road centre also houses the country’s largest RSPCA animal clinic, where people on low incomes can get treatment for their pet. The clinic also cares for strays and for maltreated animals found by RSPCA inspectors, and also looks after sick and injured wildlife brought to its doors. • Bristol ARC will be distributing a collection of life-sized animal characters around Bristol for supporters and members of the public to visit. They will feature in prominent positions – including shopping centres and places of interest. If you’d like to find out more about where you can visit these animals, head to Take a picture with any that you spot and share it with the Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams charity using the hashtag with her rescue dog Sonny, at Bristol #sayhitobristolarc Dogs Home

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PaRt of the GReat BRitiSh SPRinG Clean


February, 2018

n WHAT’S ON IN OUR AREA February 3 n Bristol Bach Choir invites you to a performance of the Rachmaninov All Night Vigil, Saturday 3 February, 8pm at St James Priory, Bristol BS1 3NZ, conductor Christopher Finch. Tickets £20-25, £5 students and under 25s, tickets@bristolbach. February 7 n Henleaze Garden Club – Crops for Small Spaces Jane Moore ane is the head gardener at Bath Priory Hotel. She will focus on growing your own fruit and vegetables in a small garden or courtyard. Main Hall, St Monica’s Trust, Cote Lane. 7pm for 7.30 start. Visitors welcome (£5, inc refreshments) Details: www. February 16 n Motown & Soul Music Concert Evening at Westbury-on-Trym Village Hall with great local band 'Soul in Motion'. Please just take yourselves back in time, dance and enjoy the music. Bar & Doors open 7pm until 11.30pm - All welcome By Ticket only £15 - For your tickets please either email enquiries@ or Tel No. (0117)

9623399. February 17 n Coffee Morning, every 3rd Saturday, at Westbury Park Methodist Church, North View, BS6 7QB. 10.30am-12.30pm, February 17. This is raising funds for improvements to both Church buildings, including a new kitchen and boilers in the Methodist Church, improved layout and a kitchen at St Alban’s Church and our Quarterly charity. February 17 n Organ Elevenses at Westbury Parish Church. Local organist and musician Alison Howell makes a welcome return for possibly her third Organ Elevenses recital. Alison is much in demand for organ concerts, and has been organist at St. John's Keynsham for a long time. Sometime conductor of the Avon and Somerset MVC, she is now their chief accompanist. Come at 10-30 to enjoy real coffee, lovely cakes and a chat. Recital begins at 11 am. Suggested donation £5 to include refreshments. All welcome. February 17 n Horfield Theatre Company The Actress by Peter Quilter 14-17 Feb

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18 Horfield Parish Church Hall BS7 8ST Tickets £9 Call 01179695716/ This amateur production of “The Actress” is by special arrangement with Samuel French, LTD February 17 & 18 n Swift nest box workshops. The Bristol Swift Conservation Group is holding workshops on Saturday 18 Feb and Sunday 17 March from 2-5pm. Learn how to make your own nest boxes and help this threatened bird. Suitable for those aged 16+. Cost: £15 per nest box made. For more details, please contact: or look at: swift-box-making-workshoptickets-39552497585 February 18 n NOVA, Bristol’s specialist early music vocal ensemble, invite you to a St Valentine-tide evening of Love. ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ features love songs from Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Ecstatic young love from ‘The Song of Songs’ by Victoria, Senfl and de Goes. Rustic love from the 13th Century Carmina Burana. Heartbroken longing from


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Monteverdi. David’s lament for his beloved Jonathan by Josquin. What the butler did to the chamber maid by Manchicourt. And more. All Saints, Pembroke Road, Clifton on Sunday February 18th at 7.30pm. Entry by programme. £8 (£5 for students) at the door. February 19 n 2pm At St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze. Slumdog Millionaire15

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February, 2018

n WHAT'S ON CONTINUED (2008). The 2008 film that won 8 Academy Awards and 7 BAFTAs. A rags-to-riches story directed by Danny Boyle and starring Dev Patel… “The feel good film of the decade!” At St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze. Refreshments: £3.00 Easy access, carers welcome. February 21 n Friends of welsh national opera and all visitors are warmly welcomed at Redmaids High School on Wednesday Feb 21st 2018 at 7.15Pm. A talk by Andrew Borkowski will explore the compelling music & drama of : La Forza Del Destino, one of Verdi's longest and finest operas, last performed by Wno in 1982. This talk will be dedicated to the memory of the late Richard Paine. Tickets at the door: friends £5, guests £7. March 3 n A Come and Sing Workshop of Faure's Requiem will be held at Redland Hall, Redmaids' High School on Saturday 03 March. The Workshop will be followed by an informal performance with a collection for charity at the end. Matthew Bale will be the Musical Director with Nigel Davies providing organ accompaniment. For details on how to participate please contact Sarah Hunter by email : or mobile 07870 208789. March 8 n All Saints Clifton, Thursday, March 8 at 7pm, world premiere of major new choral work celebrating the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the original Victorian church. The River of Life

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n Why not join Welsh National Opera friends? We support this world class company and everyone is very Welcome to join. We offer:monthly evening meetings at redmaids high school. Monthly on wednesdays at 7.15pmthese are talks with music. Costs- £7.00 (friends £5.00) students £1.00 - There are many other benefits. For further information contact: Margaret borkowski:borkmail@gmail. com



is a new cantata by Anglican priest Julie Nicholson and John Marsh, director of music at Bristol’s Lord Mayor’s Chapel. Admission free by ticket from Parish Office at All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, open Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 2pm, or call 0117 974 1355.


n Westbury on Trym Women’s Institute meet at WOT Methodist Church, Portland Lounge on the third Monday of the Month (not Aug.) from 2.00 – 4.00pm. Visitors Welcome. For more information call Sue on 01179502826. n Canford Bowling Club, Canford Park, Westbury On Trym. All welcome on Monday’s at 5.45pm. Flat-soled shoes please. Further information call 01179 69 4532. n Redland Wind Band rehearses at the Quakers Meeting Room on Gloucester Road at 7.30pm. We sometimes have vacancies, currently mainly for bass instruments, horns and percussionists. Contact Andy Brown at redlandwindband@ or on 07594240269 or via our website www. Get in touch to be put on our mailing list or would like to book us for events or fundraisers. n Redland Green Choir meets for rehearsals every Monday 7.30pm9.30pm at Redland Green School. We sing a wide variety of music. New members welcome: no auditions. For more information, visit www.rgscommunitychoir. or phone 0117 9443042. n City Voices Bristol welcomes new members. A friendly mixed voice local choir singing a wide range of music rehearses at 7.30pm-9.30pm at Red Maids School. No previous experience and no auditions, just come along for a trial rehearsal. For more details contact the Secretary at or visit n RAFA, City of Bristol branch and club Eastfield Westbury on Trym for ex-RAF and associate members. Skittle Ally, parties and functions. Live entertainment on Saturday evenings. Open Monday to Saturday lunchtimes and evenings. Sundays noon till 5pm. All enquiries telephone 0117 3291913. n Trinity Henleaze Ladies Guild meet fortnightly on Mondays at 7.30 pm in the Leonard Hall, Waterford Road. All welcome. For more information call Jenny Rich on

01179620108 n Senior Film Club, every third Monday in the month at 2pm in St Peter's Hall, The Drive, Henleaze, BS9 4LD. All Welcome. Refreshments £3. Dial-a-ride transport possible by personal arrangement ; 0845 130 1875. n Bristol Good Afternoon Choir At Trinity-Henleaze URC. Every Monday 2-4pm (not in school holidays). 01761 472468 n Redland Green Bowls Club welcomes new members, come along to our club on Redland green any Monday after 4pm , or book a free taster session with one of our qualified coaches. Jean or Gerry :Tel 9624466 . HALF price membership for the first year (£50) n Henleaze Bowling Club welcomes new Members. Come along to our free Coaching sessions at 6pm on Monday evenings (excluding Bank Holidays) to see if the sport is for you. Phone the Secretary, Tom Logan, on 01179621669 for further details. n The Arts Society Bristol is for those who enjoy the arts and welcomes new members. Activities include monthly lectures by specialists in their field, at 8pm in University of Bristol School of Chemistry, BS8 1TS . More information on our website www. n Discussion Group: we are a small, convivial group who meet locally at 10am - 12 noon every Monday to discuss a wide range of topics of mutual interest. We are currently looking for new members - if you are interested please call Bob Broomfield on 0117 962 1061, or Alan Routledge on 0117 968 2246 for more information. n Morris dance class for Fitness and Fun. Small friendly group, live music. No performance element. No partner or experience needed. Horfield URC Muller Road 7.158.15pm £5 per session ffi Kim 07813346819 email dancword2@ n The Arts Society Bristol. Thank you, as always, for including a paragraph for us in the January issues of the Bishopston Voice and Henleaze & Westbury Voice. For the February Issues of the magazines, please could you include the paragraph below? The Arts Society Bristol is for those who enjoy the arts and welcomes new members. Activities include monthly lectures by specialists in their field, at 8pm in University of Bristol School of Chemistry, BS8 1TS . More information on our website www.

Tuesday n Bristol Brunel Lions Club – We meet at Shirehampton Golf Club on the first Tuesday of every at 7 for 7.30 on the 3rd Tuesday of each month we have a social gathering normally with food. We raise money for charity both locally and beyond through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Lots of fun and fellowship raising and spending money for good causes. For more details of how to apply for assistance with charitable activities in Bristol or to become involved in our activities see Bristol Brunel Lions Club on line or contact our Club Secretary Bill O’Neill at lion.bill@ n Westbury Walkers- Meet at Meet outside the Co-op in Westbury @ 9.20am on a Tuesday morning. New Walkers welcome! Please contact for further details: Jean Maish on 0117 3301194/07789741892, email or Mary Ford mobile 07779448090 home 0117 9824623 n Alcoholics Anonymous meet at the Methodist Church in WoT every Tuesday @ 7.30pm n Ladies badminton at Westburyon-Trym Village Hall, 9.45 to 12 noon. Tel 0117 909 1714. n Scottish Country Dancing. Get fit and have fun with Westbury Scottish Club. Classes for beginners at Leonard Hall, Trinity-Henleaze URC, Waterford Road, Henleaze, (Tel: Maggie 01934 838175). Classes for more advanced dancers at St Peter's Church Hall, Henleaze, (Tel: Cheryl 0117 4012416). 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Details at n The Mosaic Singers are a compact group but would like to grow our line-up with an additional Soprano, Alto,Tenor and Bass. One of each would be great. We rehearse in Stoke Bishop on Tuesday evenings, where a warm and friendly welcome is assured. This need not be as heavy a commitment as with some choirs. In you would like to find out more, please phone David Vicary on 0797 346 0994. n Melody Makers Baby Friendly Choir. A fun and friendly daytime choir for ladies with babies and toddlers. Tuesday 10:30-11:30am during term time at The Eastfield Inn, Henleaze Road. Membership only. Book a FREE taster - www. n St Peters of Henleaze Keep fit group would like to invite you to attend their weekly sessions every Tuesday at 9.30am. This is a men only group of 60+ year olds who enjoy regular exercise taken by fitness Professional Natasha Johnson for only £4 per session.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Email:

February, 2018

n WHAT'S ON CONTINUED Please contact Keith Bonham on 01179684972 or just turn up. We run the sessions all year round. n Dance Fit, Tuesdays 12-1pm at St Peters Church Hall, The Drive, Henleaze. A fun fitness class with dance steps from salsa, cha cha, swing etc. Variety of music, 60's-80's, Latin, Pop, Big Band, World & more! No experience needed. Wear fitness clothes/trainers. FFI tel Cressida 0117 9391672/07808 581739. n Ladies Badminton group, Tuesday afternoons, at Stoke Bishop Villiage Hall 2pm - 4pm. Friendly group all ages, and ability ( men welcome) Just turn up or contact Pat 0117 9149511 n River of Life Christian Centre, Trym Road, WoT every Tuesday from 2-4 pm we have a tea, coffee and cake with a few games thrown in for retired age people. Free of charge.

Wednesday n Henleaze Townswomen’s Guild meet at St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze on the first Wednesday of the month (except Aug) from 7.15pm. Call Shirley Phillips on 0117 962 2243 for further details. n Local Winemaking & Social Club meets at the Common Room, Studland Court Elderly peoples residents on Henleaze Road from 8pm to 10pm on the second Wednesday of each month. They are a small and friendly group looking for new members. Evening include wine making, tasting and social events. Call Paul Johnson for further details on 0117 9508370. n Zumba Gold/Light (lower impact class) at Westbury-onTrym Village Hall, 5.30pm. www. n Bristol Cabot Probus Club for retired and semi-retired professional and business men to maintain contact and fellowship with people of similar interests. Group meets third Wednesday of each month at BAWA Club in Southmead Rd. Lunch is followed by a guest speaking on a wide range of interesting subjects. In June and December ladies join us for the lunch. Extensive programme of social events including holidays, day trips, Sunday lunches and skittles to which ladies are welcomed. We are principally a social meeting place and not based on charitable activities. Contact John Howard-Cairns for more details: 0117 968 3134. n In Step Widows and Widowers Club meets weekly from 8-10pm at Stoke Bishop Village Hall. Call 9628895 orDonna on 01275 832676 for details. n Henleaze Garden Club meet on the first Wednesday of each month in the Main Hall, St. Monica’s Trust,


Cote Lane. Doors open 7pm for 7.30 start. Visitors are welcome: entry £5 (inc. refreshments). Details: www. n Knitnatterstitch. Term time, Wednesdays 9.30 -11.30@the Coffee Bar, Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church, Waterford Road, Henleaze. Please contact Paula at for details. n North West Bristol Camera Club are an enthusiastic group of amateur photographers who meet each Wednesday at 7:45pm at Westbury Fields, Greystoke Avenue. New members of any level of ability are most welcome. For details contact Pete on 07870589555. n Why not join Welsh National Opera friends? We support this world class company and everyone is very Welcome to join. We offer:monthly evening meetings at redmaids high school. Monthly on wednesdays at 7.15pm-these are talks with music. Costs- £7.00 (friends £5.00) students £1.00 - There are many other benefits. For further information contact: Margaret n Melody Makers Pop Choir. An evening choir for men and women singing popular songs. Wednesday's term time 7:30-9:00pm The Eastfield Inn, Henleaze. Book a FREE taster n Clifton Women’s Institute We meet at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month at Alma Church, Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ES. Contact by email: thecliftonwi@ or visit www.cliftonwi. Take advantage of our guest visits which are just £4 (max.three per year). Full membership details available. Lorna Tarr 07702 453827 n Tai Chi for health and happiness. Local beginners classes starting in September - Tuesdays 11-12 and Wednesdays 2-3pm. For details contact: Karen on 0117 9424167 or see n Nature Cafe for over 55s and friends First Weds of the month 2-4pm. Lawrence Weston Community Farm, Saltmarsh Drive BS11 0NJ. Gentle walk around the farm, craft activity and tea and cake! n St Peter's Ladies Guild meets in the hall, The Drive, Henleaze at 2.15 pm on the third Wednesday of the month. Speakers, refreshments, outings. n Westbury Park WI is the local WI for Westbury Park, Henleaze and Bishopston. We meet on the first

Got News? Call 0117 9082121


Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm in Redland Church Hall, Redland Green Road, BS6 7HE. Guest fees are £4 per meeting – Glass of wine £2, tea, coffee, soft drinks 50p, other refreshment options available, biscuits/cake free. January 3rd meeting will be looking at this year's resolutions shortlist, plus there will be a quiz. February meeting has Jackie Franklin coming to speak on being a Foster Carer for over 30 years, fostering over 100 children, plus was on the Adoption Panel. It’s sure to be a very interesting meeting. Email or see website www.westburyparkwi.

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Thursday n Henleaze Carers Group - A place to share experiences and make new friends. Meeting on the second and fourth Thursday morning of each month from 10am to 12 noon @ Bradbury Hall, Waterford Road, Henleaze. Call Mrs M Rudston on 0117 9426095 for further details. n Henleaze Townswoman’s Guild (Mornings) meet at The Eastfield Inn, Henleaze Road on the third Thursday of every month from 10am to 12noon. Call Elaine Anderson on 0117 9075279 for further information. n Embroidery Club at Westbury-onTrym Village Hall, 7.30pm. Tel: 0117 9501743 n Henleaze & District Flower Club meet on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at Bradbury Hall, Waterford Road, Henleaze. New members are always welcome. The second Thursdays are Flower demonstrations and the fourth are practise classes. n The Friendly Club meets every Thursday from 2-4pm (except August and major holidays) in the Methodist Church Hall, Westbury on Trym. We are a lively group of older people who meet to chat, play Scrabble and card games. Regular

trips out and entertainments are arranged plus we have delicious tea and biscuits for only £1! Do come and make some new friends. Transport can be sometimes arranged. Contact 0117 9508644. n Drop-In Healing Centre at The Friends Meeting House, 126 Hampton Road, Redland, BS6 6JE. Thursdays from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. Run by Bristol Healing Group on a donation basis and supported by members of NFSH The Healing Trust. Healing is beneficial for well-being and health, helping you to relax and feel better. Come along and try a healing session, everyone is welcome. For more information phone 0117 9466434 or 0117 9082061. n Flowers by arrangement Is a new informal supper group, meeting the first Thursday of each month, 6.159.00pm Kondi Braserrie Henleaze. Enjoy good food & company whilst creating your own floral arrangement. Contact Jane Voke for more info 0117 9622440 n Reading group at Westbury Library. Every Thursday 11am12.30pm. Contact Emma Crago for more information on 07970247410

Mind Body Studio 6 Kellaway Avenue, Westbury Park, BS6 7XR

Mondays 18:00 – 18:50 Saturdays 08:00 – 08:50 maximum of 9 persons. Detailed and individualised coaching £12 /session in a block of 6 classes

Cotham School Dance Studio

Cotham Lawn Rd, BS6 6DT


Tuesdays 18:00 -18:50 & 19:00 - 19:50 £7 pay as you go




February, 2018

n WHAT'S ON CONTINUED or email emmacrago@thereader. n Stoke Lodge Ramblers welcomes new members. Small, friendly groups walk 8-10 miles on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month; 4-7 miles on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Please look at our website www.stokelodgeramblers. or contact Secretary 0117 9684140 for more information. Please come and try a walk or two before joining. n Scottish Country Dancing (RSCDS) Singles and couples get fit and enjoy the company of experienced and not-so experienced dancers in the beautiful surroundings of the St. Monica's Trust theatre on The Downs. Expert tuition and Beginners' class on site. St. Monica's, Cote Lane, Westburyon-Trym BS9 3UN 7.30 - 10.00pm. Phone Martin (07786-609940) or visit n West Bristol Orchestra meet at the United Reformed Church, Muller Road, from 7.15 - 9.15pm and play a wide range of classical music arranged for our small friendly orchestra. String players of Grade 5 and above are particularly welcome. For further information please ring 0117 968 3998 n Henleaze Ladies Choir is a friendly welcoming group which meets in

St Peters Church Hall, Henleaze on Thursdays between September and May from 1.30 – 3.30 pm (with a short break for tea). We give 2 charity concerts a year in December and May and from time to time are invited to entertain community groups around the city. There are also occasional social events organised. We are always pleased to see new members. Please come and try a rehearsal without obligation. To find out more contact Jane English (07752 332278) or Jean Wickham (0117 9624466). n Does local history give you a buzz? West Bristol History Group have some fantastic talks coming up in the next few months: Thurs Jan 11, Helen Thomas on Bedminster tobacco women Thurs Feb 8, Abbie Edbrooke on the 148 year history of Clevedon Pier Thurs Mar 8, Garry Atterton on the causes and consequences of the Bristol Riots 1831 Where? The Friends’ Meeting House, Hampton Road, BS6 6JE at 7.30pm. Non-members £2. Membership only £10 a year. A warm welcome awaits. Contact: Pat Walker 07790 172451 or 0117 962 9582. n Ladies Keep Fit, Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 am, at St Peter's Church Hall, Henleaze. This friendly session, which has a dance element to it, is suitable for all ages, levels, and

VOLUNTEER TO HELP PREVENT SEXUAL ABUSE Circles of Support and Accountability help prevent sexual abuse by reducing the risk of further sexual offending by a known perpetrator. A Circle is a small group of Volunteers who meet regularly with a person who has sexually offended, holding them to account for their behaviour and supporting their safe reintegration into the community. They work closely with the police and probation.

abilities, including the older adult or young mum, who wants to maintain their general fitness, mobility, range of movement, and well being. New members are always welcome. £6:00 per class, pay as you go which includes refreshments. Ring 01454 618488, or email laili@, or look up the website for full information; or just turn up.

Friday n Badminton (Ladies) at Westburyon-Trym Village Hall, 10am. Tel: 0117 9681759 n Bridge at Westbury-on-Trym Village Hall, 9.30am. Tel: 0117 9687140 n Country Market - Baked goods, garden produce and crafts. 10.30 11.30am at the Westbury On Trym Methodist Church Hall Tel : 0117 9628306 n Coffee and refreshments in the coffee bar at Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church, Waterford Road. 10am-12pm. n Bristol University of the third age (u3a) scrabble group would welcome new members. We play very friendly and informal games every Friday at the Beehive, Wellington Hill West, BS9 4QY from 2 to 4pm. For further info please contact Heddy SARA on 0117 9241318 and indicate when asked to give your name that you are phoning about scrabble in order not to be blocked. also email : n The Bristol Astronomical Society host astronomical talks and activities each week. We provide free Saturday observing at our observatory in Failand and often hold Star Parties in and around Bristol. Friday evening talks are held at 7pm at Bristol Photographic Society, Montpelier, BS6 5EE. See website for details: www. February events: 2nd - Talks from members, 9th - Talk: The Herschels (the West's most famous astronomers),

16th - Telescope building and engineering, 23rd - AGM and Member talks.

Saturday n Whiteladies Farmers’ and Fair Trading Market is now held every Saturday, from 8.30am-2pm. Takes place at the junction of Whiteladies/ Apsley/Burlington Roads. Stalls cover bread, cheese, local lamb and chicken, fish, preserves, cakes, sushi, local fruit and veg, wild food larder, and recycled tools, wooden items and much more. n The Bristol and District branch of Parkinson’s UK meet every first Saturday of the month at Oatley House, St Monica Trust, Cote Lane, BS9 3UN from 10.30am -12.30. Carers, relatives, spouses, and people with Parkinson’s - all are welcome for a social and informative get-together, with a variety of speakers.

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n Why not join Welsh National Opera friends? We support this world class company and everyone is very Welcome to join. We offer:monthly evening meetings at redmaids high school. Monthly on wednesdays at 7.15pmthese are talks with music. Costs- £7.00 (friends £5.00) students £1.00 - There are many other benefits. For further information contact: Margaret borkowski:borkmail@gmail. com



Just a couple hours a week for 12-18 months can make a huge difference. Exciting volunteering opportunities in Bristol include our Young People’s Service; Prison Project and community Circles for adults with Intellectual Disabilities. We provide training, support and reimburse expenses. Appointment requires satisfactory DBS Check and references. We are particularly interested in recruiting men who are currently under-represented.

To apply contact or 07738 947988 More here and here

Sprogs Sale A NEARLY new sale of children’s items will be held at Horfield Parish Church, Wellington Hill, on Saturday 3 March, from 10am - 11.30am. Designed to appeal to parents of young children, there will be plenty of stalls selling good quality children’s clothes, toys and nursery equipment. All enquiries and to book a table call 0783 460 8780 or sprogs@ Entry £1, and all donations go to Children’s Hospice South West.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Email:


February, 2018



'Patients first' is motto as we help you stay well this winter 0117 9246579 18 Kellaway Avenue, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7XR www.kellawaypharmacy. This column by Jess Williams of Kellaway Pharmacy aims to help educate patients on a range of conditions and provide information to help maintain their well being while also easing pressure on GP surgeries by promoting self care.

THE Stay Well This Winter health campaign has taken off in earnest. With GP surgery appointments in much demand and waiting times in A & E ever longer, the role of community pharmacies like Kellaway Pharmacy to help our patients and their families stay well by managing minor ailments and diseases is now more important than ever. The Government’s message to all, is that with any ailment, think ‘‘Pharmacy first’’, we can assure you that at Kellaway Pharmacy, we always think 'Patients first' in all we do. Do remember we can also still administer your flu jab if required. The NHS continues to face massive challenges on many


fronts.We are now seeing small community pharmacies closing across the country as a result of the governments' pharmacy funding cuts. Some pharmacies are no longer able to provide free medication deliveries for housebound patients. Kellaway Pharmacy has no plans to charge for our delivery service. We believe the need for us to be a local health and wellbeing hub is now even greater. Communities need the expertise and timely access to trained NHS professionals like the Kellaway pharmacy team. The wide range of services we offer, many at no cost coupled with our dedication to patient care will remain key. Alongside our very well received and cost-effective Meningitis B

vaccination service.We are also launching : • New travel health service for advice, vaccinations and medicines • -New range of organic supplements and tea in partnership with Pukka herbs The Pukka range of teas containing sustainably sourced natural remedies is already well known.We also have their new organic supplements and will be happy to advise you on all these products. Our ambition this year is that you think of Kellaway pharmacy whatever your health needs or question. We need your support more than ever as together we can make 2018 your healthiest yet no matter how far or near your journey.

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Funerals from £1,895


Funeral Directors

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February, 2018


The Party by Elizabeth Day The novel starts with Martin Gilmour’s interview at the police station, which takes place the day after the 40th birthday party of a wealthy socialite, Ben Fitzmaurice. Initially, Martin is portrayed as a slightly pathetic, unfortunate “victim” of the story – but you soon realise there is a lot more being played out here. The narrative alternates between the protagonist, Martin and his wife, Lucy and tells their accounts of the events leading up to the fateful day of the party. These


narratives are played out over three different time periods. The party takes place in Ben’s home, a grand old manor house. It is expected to be one of the social events of the year, and there are rumours the Prime Minister will be attending. Martin has never known his father and has been raised by his widowed mother. The scholarship he wins to the elite Burtonbury School means he becomes acquainted (and infatuated) with Ben and his glamorous “socially elite” family. His life takes on a new meaning when he accepts invitations to spend exeats and holidays with the Fitzmaurice family and embroils himself with them, attempting to fill the gap of a missing brother. After school has finished, the two men are accepted into Queen’s College, Cambridge, and it is here that the strains of their relationship continue to show as Ben, every popular, is feted by all he meets and Martin begins to feel side lined. During their third year at Cambridge, a tragic incident happens that will have a long lasting implication on the relationship Martin has with Ben and his

family - things will never be the same. It is Martin’s feeling of resentment and betrayal that ultimately bears down on the conclusion of the novel, and it is not until the end that we find whether or not he will continue to honour his 25 year old “secret”. An insightful novel – with more than a passing look at the establishment and how its power can still give protection to those with privilege and wealth, the complexities of relationships – and love scorned - and how the past can continue to weigh heavily on the present day. Elizabeth Day is a journalist and author, and The Party is her fourth novel.

Opening Times Monday 11am - 5pm Tuesday 11am - 5pm Wednesday 1pm - 7pm Thursday 11am - 5pm Friday 1pm - 7pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday Closed

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DAVE TRIMBY ROOFING SERVICES l A family run business with many years experience l High Quality wide range of roofing services l Lead working | All aspects of Slating & Tiling l Flat Roofing | Loft Conversions l Re-felting & Renovations l Roof repairs and renewals l Fascia, soffit and guttering work l No Job too large or Small. All work Guaranteed l Competitive Rates | Private & Commercial 0117 904 3656 | 07899 921 338 To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Email:


February, 2018


n PETER'S VISION Peter Turner is the lead Optometrist at Turners Opticians

Looking good & feeling great SO why go see an optician? Well I can give you two good reasons - looking after your eye health & vision! Its our pleasure to help you see life as clearly as you can and also feel great in your glasses or contact lenses. From the simple remembering to blink while reading at the end of every sentence (I will try and write short to medium ones), to sophisticated 3D imagine scans of the back and front of your eyes, we have many ways to help you care for your eyes and vision. The cornerstone of your eye care with us is a through and in-depth eye exam, which will be tailored to your unique eye and vision requirements. At a recent count we got to over 100 possible

eye checks you could have. Clearly most of us could find it a little tedious to under go each of these which is why we tailoring your eye care to your unique eye and vision requirements! A patient who we have enjoyed seeing for many years encouraged me to write and share her experience of one of the many extra eye care services we provide. Every so often she has a persistent irritation to one eye, which remains unabated no matter what she tries. The problem - ingrowing eye lashes. The solution - I remove the offending lashes, which lets our

patient feel great again! As a spectacle wearer myself I understand the importance of not only seeing clearly but also looking the part in glasses - the second part to you looking good & feeling great. Our latest range of British designed Tom Davies glasses are just sublime. For both ladies & gents, you have the choice of a frame hand made ready for you to wear or we can design a unique pair just for you. You can choose from an amazing collection of natural (& ethical) horn, cotton acetate or titanium. These combinations offer great looks,

amazing comfort and will bring a smile to your face! I hope you are remembering to blink at the end of every sentence. Even the short ones. Well are you? Just keep trying! It could take four weeks to develop new habits. The second top tip for you is to ensure that you drink enough water during the day - before you rush off or a glass just finish reading this blog first! To book an extended eye exam for yourself or your family, please call 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434. You can also book an appointment via our website, or you are very welcome to pop in to our practices in Henleaze or Fishponds and say Hi! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Peter Peter Turner is the Lead Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol and also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.

Caring for Eye Health FOR GENERATIONS A visit to Turners Opticians is so much more than just a sight test.


Our extended eye exam is more in depth than a regular sight test.

1/2 price second pair


Look Great | Feel Amazing You can choose Glasses including British Designed Glasses by Tom Davies* Designer Glasses including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vanni, Coco Mint & everyday value glasses in our 1/2 price second pair offer.

Call & Book Your Appointment Today 57 Henleaze Road Bristol BS9 4JT

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*Exclusions and T&C’s apply please ask for details Turners Eye Care Ltd T/A Turners Opticians Incorporated in England & Wales Reg No. 8201460


Our local, friendly team of property experts are on-call to offer you up-to-the-minute property valuations and advice on selling your home. Developing and building professional relationships with our clients is really important to us, and we believe it’s the way we deal with people that makes us different.

Westbury on Trym £650,000

Stoke Bishop £265,000

This is an attractive 1930’s 4-bedroom semi-detached family home positioned in this highly popular Westbury on Trym road. The property is situated between Stoke Lane in one direction and Westbury on Trym village in the other direction, all offering an excellent range of shops and amenities, and is within walking distance of a number of reputable independent and state schools. EPC – D

We are very pleased to offer this two double-bedroom first floor flat in the highly sought after Stoke Bishop. The property is located to the end of a lovely cul-de-sac with stunning views over the playing fields and benefits from double glazing and electric heating. EPC – C

Bristol’s Independent Estate Agents

TEL: 0117 962 2299

125 Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS9 3RW


February, 2018


n PROPERTY OF THE MONTH (Coombe Lane) Stoke Bishop £725,000 A beautifully renovated 4/5-bedroom semi-detached home situated on the highly desirable Coombe Lane in Stoke Bishop. Set back from the road with ample parking, this stunning property blends original 1950s style with complete contemporary refurbishment. The house offers fantastic family accommodation as well as great versatility with ample space for a home-office and the potential to create a self-contained annex for an independent teenager or dependant relative. EPC - C

125 Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS9 3RW Tel: 0117 962 2299 Email:

New for 2018 Sell your house for a fixed fee ESTATE AGENTS


Sale of property

Our fixed fee*

Up to £300,000


Up to £500,000


Up to £1,000,000


Up to £2,000,000


Contact us today for your free valuation on 0117 329 4800 or * Fixed fees are available on instructions received before 31st March 2018 and are subject to VAT at 20%. Terms and conditions apply.

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New year, new start

Stoke Gifford Retirement Village An ExtraCare Charitable Trust Village

Retirement living for the not-so-retiring Opening this year, Stoke Gifford Retirement Village will provide 261 comfortable new one and two bedroom homes for people over 55, with options for rental, shared ownership and outright purchase. The Village is built around a superb range of social, leisure and well-being facilities including: Fitness Suite and Well-being Suite Bistro and Bar Shop Hair and Beauty Salon Village Hall Hobby and Games Room IT suite and Library Greenhouse and Landscaped Piazza Here you can relax in the knowledge that if you or your partner need care, now or in the future, it can be provided by a dedicated 24/7 on-site team. The Village is a vision of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, a registered charity pioneering the UK’s most innovative and exciting new retirement villages.

Stoke Gifford Retirement Village, Off Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1EJ For more information please call


0117 321 5138

or email

or online at Charges will apply. Details of any costs associated with your home, care and village services will be provided as part of your application. The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, registered charity number 327816, is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales as company number 2205136. Its registered office is at 7 Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2SN. Copyright Š 2017 - The ExtraCare Charitable Trust

February, 2018



n INSIDE OUT WHILE the year is still young I thought I’d write about the Pantone Colour of The Year, as you are soon to be seeing a lot of it. Each year the Pantone Colour Institute chooses one colour from their repertoire of 5,000 different shades that they feel encapsulates the prevailing current mood. The colour zeitgeist if you will. Pantone take into account current affairs, politics, trends in culture and the arts combined with colour psychology and history, before making their forecasting decision. ‘Ultra Violet’ follows 2017’s ‘Greenery’, a year in home interiors when plants were everywhere to be seen. So we can now expect instead to see blue toned purples creeping in to interior accessory ranges, and right across the spectrum of design; from fashion, products and technologies to branding and corporate identities. Purple or ultraviolet has long been associated with counterculture, non-conformity and creative genius, besides the mystical and spiritual. Leatrice Eiseman the Creative Director of Pantone says: “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Ultra Violet …. that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level. From exploring new technologies to a greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” Are you inspired to use the hue in your home? If so please do share your pics with us on instagram using the hashtag #mybristolhome


with interior designer Zoe Hewett



• Digital Aerials • Fully Guaranteed • Repairs • Satellites • Free Quotes • OAP Discount • Additional TV Points • Humax Recorders Affordable Prices - Reliable Service

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Kevin Gapper Roofing We cover all aspects of roofing work

• Tiled roofs • Flat roofs • Lead roofs • Installation of Velux Windows • Timber works 10 year guarantee with all new roofs


Local Bristol family run roofing business with over 20 years experience From planning to end product

T: 01179 510319 or 07872 484994 W:

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Good & Gardens Good Grounds Grounds & Gardens


Free Quotes Inspection and Testing Landlord Certificates New builds and Extensions Extra Sockets and Lights Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors

Carpet Cleaning Fabric Upholstery Cleaning CARPETS DRY IN 30 MINUTES!

Current Offer

February, 2018


1 Room £50 3 Rooms £85 House/Flat from £99 Hard Flooring from £80


1 Armchair 2 Seater Sofa 3 Seater Sofa 3 Piece Suite

£30 £40 £45 £85 Office - 0117 9322379 Mobile - 07725 058581

Nick / Alison at A Carpet Cleaning Service Ltd

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Specialists in wildlife gardens pondsgarden Regular or & one-off

maintenance Vegetation clearance and Specialists inpruning wildlife gardening & wildlife ponds Wildlife pond creation & maintenance Private & commercial work

Projects small & large

07923 447362 447362 07923


SEMI-RETIRED BUILDER Fully Qualified Fault Finding & Repairs. -Emergency Call Out Service. + Free Quotes. Domestic & Commercial Electricians Full & Part Rewires. - Security & CCTV Systems. + No Job To Small. Fully QualiÞed Domestic & Commercial Electricians

Local & Reliable Electrician Insured • Free quotations


Replacement & Additional Fuse Boards. Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installations. Additional Sockets, Lights & Switches. Electrical Condition Reports. Low Energy LED Lighting.

- Computer Network points.

+ Fully Insured.

- Audio Visual Installations. Part P Registered. • Fault Finding & Repairs++ STROMA - Emergency Lighting. Guaranteed. - Fire,Smoke & CO2 Alarms. + Flexible Hours. • Full & Part Rewires Fuse - Bathroom & • Kitchen Fans. Boards + Reliable & Friendly. + Competitive Pricing. For more information please call or email EjE Electrical. Lighting •Indoor & Outdoor Office : 01172 440 156 • Additional Sockets, Lights & Switches Mobile : 07951 863 951 Email : • Emergency Call Out Service • Security & CCTV Systems • Computer Network points • Audio Visual Installations • Emergency Lighting ELECTRICIANS Fully QualiÞed Domestic & Commercial Electricians • Fire, Smoke & Co2 Alarms - Fault Finding & Repairs. -Emergency Call Out Service. + Free Quotes. - Full & Part Rewires. • Bathroom & Kitchen - Security & CCTV Systems. + No Job ToFans Small.

Tel: 07960 185187


Replacement & Additional Fuse Boards. Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installations. Additional Sockets, Lights & Switches. Electrical Condition Reports. Low Energy LED Lighting.

atom electrical specialist domestic installers

- Computer Network points.

+ Fully Insured.

- Fire,Smoke & CO2 Alarms.

+ Flexible Hours.

Living & working in BS9 and available for:

• All types of Garden Fencing •Paths, Patios & Slabbing •Gravel, Topsoil & Turf • Patios cleaned • Artificial grass supplied & laid Materials at cost price, no VAT

Ring Declan for more details, local references and free quotes

07836 53 55 35


- Audio Visual Installations. Part P Registered. + -Free Quotes + No++ STROMA Job To Small Emergency Lighting. Guaranteed.

+ Fully Insured + Part P Registered - Bathroom & Kitchen Fans. + Reliable & Friendly. + Competitive Pricing.

+ Flexible Hours + Competitive Pricing

For more information please call or email EjE Electrical.

Office : 01172 440 156 Mobile : 07951 863 951

All types of domestic electrical workEmail undertaken, : from changing a light fitting to full rewires. For an efficient, friendly, reliable, local electrical service...

call Oliver on 07747866436 or 01179602974

FREE Quotations


EJE Electrical Office: 01172 440 156 Mobile: 07951 863 951



Call Nick on 0117 2872082

All Garden Works Undertaken All Foliage Removed – Roots Destroyed Patios Laid – Slabbing – Decking Block Paving – Graveling – Wood Chippings Fencing – All Clearance Jobs Undertaken General Building – Garden Walls etc Drives & Patios Jetwashed & Resealed


0117 303 9000

For a FREE quote call 07960 681 921


MJT DECORATING Interior & Exterior For a Friendly & Reliable Local Service

Contact Mike Toye 8 Westfield Road Westbury-on-Trym BS9 3HG

Tel: 01179 500 387 Mob: 07971 849 895 Free Estimates/References Available

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Email:





Stephen Carter

Electrical & Plumbing

Painter & Decorator

All electrical work

Professional Decorating Services

Professional Decorator with over 30 years experience

Painting & Decorating Association

• Internal & external • Domestic Commercial • Competitive, honest & reliable.

Accredited (with PDA guarantee) For a free competitive quotation:

Call: 07773 340 588

07786 513788 or 0117 907 6997 Cranside Avenue, Redland, BS6 7RA


Alan Anstey Painting & Decorating

Interior / Exterior Free No Obligation Quotation No VAT Professional & Reliable References available if required All Areas Covered

Tel : 01179 859 256 Mob : 07980 413 355


Multitrade - Fully Insured

Painting & Decorating Plumbing Carpentry Plastering Tiling Kitchens Bathrooms

Tiler • Mason • Painter Painting & Decorating Services



Call: 07899 098929 Email:

Our rating on is 9.91 out of 10 from 119 reviews! NO VAT!


RMP PLASTERING • Interior or Exterior • Rendering • Skimming No Job Too Small Call Rich for a quote

Based in Henleaze • 25 years experience

Renovation Painter Tiler Decorator

Builder & Interior Decorator

17 Years Experience Tiling Interior & Exterior Masonry E: Interior & Facade T: 0117 401 8568 / 07557 335 956 PaintingDacrisco Builder No Job Too Small Free Quote 17 Years Experience


Got News? Call 0117 9082121

Showers, undertile heating etc. City & Guilds and NVQ Part P compliant Free estimates Call to discuss your requirements

Matt Pederick 0117 9246886 or 07958 753588

From Houses, Sheds, Garages, Gardens, Lofts, etc NO JOB TOO SMALL Fully licensed, no VAT, competitive rates Please call us

on 0117 251 0126 or 07494 311 469


• Restoration of new & period properties • Stonewalling • Carving • Paint removal from stone • Bay window repair specialists

City & Guilds qualified - 25 years experience

T: 0117 986 7376 / 07866 757 543 WINDOW CLEANING

Your Local Gas, Boiler and Heating Engineers • Boiler Installation • Central Heating Installation • Gas Boiler Servicing

• Boiler Repairs • Gas Fires • Safety Certificates

Call Dan on

T: 0117 401 8568 / 07557 335 956 E:

Domestic plumbing & tiling



Tel: 0117 962 8525 07833 600263

Specialising in Italian showers Free Quote Contemporary & Provençale kitchens Bristol & Surrounding Areas Interior & Exterior Masonry PAINTING & DECORATING Interior & façade painting

from complete rewire to additional sockets



Tel: 07737 895 071 or 0117 962 2907

Tel: 07737 895 071 or 0117 962 2907 Classic & Natural stone tiles High Quality Finish


0117 214 0949

• Best quality work • Friendly & reliable Call Mark for a free quote

Tel: 07970 917696


The very best

in retirement living Westbury Fields is a unique suburban development with a village green at its heart and a great community spirit. The excellent facilities and staff provide the perfect lifestyle. To book a personal tour or to simply find out more, call 0117 919 4272. To see a video of life at Westbury Fields simply type -it/westbury-fields into your browser.

Registered Charity 202151

Henleaze & Westbury Voice February 2018  

Local newspaper filled with news, views and advertising for local people and businesses in Henleaze & Westbury-On-Trym.

Henleaze & Westbury Voice February 2018  

Local newspaper filled with news, views and advertising for local people and businesses in Henleaze & Westbury-On-Trym.