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February, 2017 Issue 51

“...excellence in all it does within and beyond the classroom...” ISI Inspection Report, October 2015


I am a Dalek, I will illuminate the Winter Wonderland 2017 That's another story, says Huw Bristol-born sci-fi author Huw Powell launched The Pirate King, the latest book in his popular Spacejackers series, on a visit to Fairfield High School. PAGE 20

Traffic queues after road change Residents say that changes to a road junction in St Andrews are continuing to cause long traffic tailbacks. PAGE 2

A WEEKEND of wonder and magic is planned for Bishopston this month when the windows of local streets and shops will be illuminated with dazzling displays. Veteran fundraiser

Keith Walker, is preparing to tee off for Window Wanderland on February 4-5 with the help of his trusty caddy Carol and Dale the Dalek. A two-night charity auction of generous prizes

donated by local companies will be held at his homemade crazy golf course in Thornleigh Road on the Saturday and Sunday nights. See Page 4

Katy gets set for TV challenge Former Red Maid Katy Parrott is set to appear on BBC television in Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week. PAGE 15

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February, 2017


Congestion continues in St Andrews following road ‘improvements’ TRAFFIC woes in St Andrews are continuing following the introduction of new road markings. Long queues are building up back to Gloucester Road at rush hour since changes were made to the junction of North Road with Cromwell Road in the autumn. Despite the city council

promising last year that centre line markings would be added and the road would be widened, action is yet to be taken and many drivers are feeling frustrated. A single lane exit from North Road, which now has priority over Cromwell Road, has caused tailbacks on both roads.


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March deadline

Ashley ward councillor Mike Davies said he was in touch with the highways office to see what could be done, but that recent changes to the highways team had slowed down capacity to deal with the issue. He said: “The main problem seems to be that the highways blueprint shows this junction as having two lanes of traffic, but it doesn’t seem wide enough to hold this. “They are looking at widening it by 50cm which should allow two lanes of traffic side by side. That should be enough to stop the traffic building up. “But at the moment there’s no date for the work to be carried out.” He added that the problem was being exacerbated by cars using the central traffic island as a place to park. He said: “There was a plan to put a tree on the traffic island but this hasn’t happened and now people are actually driving onto it and leaving their cars there. “I’ve made the highways office aware of this, and am keeping an eye on it. It definitely needs something planting there, and hopefully this will happen in the

next couple of months.” Following our report on the ongoing issues in last month’s Bishopston Voice, Martin Laker from Belmont Road got in touch. He said that during the original consultation period for the changes he flagged up to the council that the new junction was only wide enough for one lane of traffic, which would cause congestion. But the official response was that the new road would be wide enough for two lanes of traffic, and there was no need for an island to split up the lanes. Mr Laker said: “In a time of big cuts at Bristol City Council, one wonders how much money was allowed to be wasted on such a scheme in the first place when it was obvious to everyone except the officers designing the scheme that it wouldn’t work. “[My] ideas were dismissed, to the extent that segregating the traffic into two lanes by an island was described as confusing to the public because it might make them look the wrong way.” A council spokesman was unable to give a date for when any further improvements would be made.

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February, 2017



Greens challenge proposed citywide budget cuts BRISTOL City Council’s attempt to produce a balanced budget continue following a three month city wide consultation process on proposals to save £101 million over the next five years. The updated Draft Corporate Strategy will be considered by the Cabinet on January 30th before the Mayor’s recommendation to Full Council on February 21st. Bristol City Council expects to produce proposals for a balanced budget next year, taking account of widespread agreement about its top priorities which include increasing the number of school places and building 2,000 new homes a year by 2020. With relatively few options available and its original draft proposals not completely closing the budget gap, the council has reviewed the feedback from the consultation and the impact of savings. However with the current financial position nearly all previously announced savings will go ahead if approved. New proposals have been

incorporated and the total value of savings has increased from £51m to £64m. The council needs to make permanent ongoing savings of over £40m from April 2017 – April 2018 with its total required savings over the next five financial years now expected to be just over £100m. The Greens are challenging these cuts – both politically and by seeking ways to protect the most vulnerable. Redland councillor, Martin Fodor said: “The proposals to cut £101m would affect every discretionary service and facility provided by the council and also put severe strains on the statutory duties safeguarding older people, families and others as well. Cuts clearly affect staff working for the council too, who are already under pressure due previous budget reductions and restructuring in the system. “Among the proposals affecting our area are threats to libraries, parks, and the

Neighbourhood Partnership that contributes to the management of the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland wards, including the small grants, streetscene work, tree planting, and locally led highway projects. “Without a new body to coordinate many issues and a mechanism to channel work to the council we are unclear how

priorities will be managed or collaboration with agencies like the police and community groups either.” A meeting to discuss the future of the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership will be held at 7pm, March 16th, at the Claremont Room, Redland Green School. See page 21 for more details.


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n NEWS WINDOW Wanderland returns to Bishopston on the weekend of February 4-5 when a dazzling display of light, colour and fun will light up the winter darkness and spread cheer among the crowds of visitors. It is the third year that the residents, local businesses and community groups will light up their windows and gardens with colourful, and often amusing, illuminations. People living in properties from Kellaway Avenue, along Bishop Road, over to Ashley Hill, up to Muller Road and many of the roads either side of Gloucester Road have all signed up to join in. The event was started by set designer Lucy Reeves Khan in 2015 who imagined the streets being alive with people looking at different displays showing snapshots of life. The seed was sown for Window Wanderland so she created one in Bristol when people were getting stir crazy from Winter. It is an event that lifts people’s spirits at a time of darkness and shows that everyone has a level of creativity to share. Keith Walker has been raising money for Children’s Hospice South West since November inviting people to play his 12 hole, homemade, crazy golf course that he’s built in his front garden. In previous years he’s hosted Dale the Dalek, the all year beach, and an impromptu garden stage at Window Wanderland. His crazy golf course will be open for the Window Wanderland weekend

Window wanderland 2016


February, 2017

Bright idea sparks creativity, joy - and a bit of craziness

when visitors can experience a 6 hole ‘half-course’ for a donation. Keith said: “I’ve had some really good donations from people who came round at Christmas and hopefully more will come and give lots of money. Last year we raised £800 and the year before £1,000, and it would be nice to get around that figure again. Thornleigh Road is closed to cars this year so it should be easier to move around here - I’m hoping for big crowds. “My favourite hole has to be the one that Dr Lenz from UWE’s

robotics department has helped me with - it’s the funny one with balls running around tubes and with buzzers flashing. I like hole number 3 which has seven tubes and nobody really knows where the ball is going to go. Keith will be auctioning off a number of prizes that have been donated to him from local businesses on both evenings of Window Wanderland, from 7.30pm. He said: “I went to the shops dressed in my funny golf outfit and all the shops I went to on the Gloucester Road said that they were only too happy to help. A meal for two at the Royal Oak with a bottle of wine and the £40 that Planet Pizza have donated for a family meal are just some of the great prizes that I have.” In all, Keith has collected up to 30 prizes, some of which will be awarded following a ‘play off’ at the end of February between the top five adult golfers and the top three children. There is a leader board outside the house and the top score goes to: “Dale has the best score as he’s done a hole in one on all the

holes and if a Dalek tells you that he’s the top scorer - believe me you accept it!” added Keith. To contact Keith to play a round, call 0117 907 8448 or drop by at 48 Thornleigh Road in Bishopston. Maps showing the venues taking part in Window Wanderland will be available to pick up from the end of January at various venues on Gloucester Road including Room 212, Boston Tea Party, Café Grounded and Totally Toys.

Keith Walker

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February, 2017




Quick! Time to send in your Art Banner designs BRISTOL artists and creative have been busy signing up to submit artwork for the Gloucester Road Art Banners installation. Thirty double-sided banners, of approximately two metres tall are planned, inspired by Gloucester Road and all that it offers, showcasing this wonderful independent High Street. The initiative is funded jointly by the Gloucester Road Traders, the Bishopston, Cotham & Redland (BCR) Neighbourhood Partnership and North Bristol Artists. However, Council spending cuts have meant that the whole road cannot be covered at this present time. The local business group have therefore decided to start with the Gloucester Road Central area with the hope of expanding up and down the road in the future. Each banner will be attached to a lamppost, and can be in place for up to five years. The plan is that the banners will be like an open air Art Gallery

up Gloucester Road creating a fantastic, visual impact to the street scene. The deadline for submitting artwork is Feb 20th. Sarah Thorp from Gloucester Road Central said: “We would love images with themes such as 'Bike' 'Love' 'Art' 'Colourful' 'Welcome' 'Eat' 'Drink' 'Relax' 'Fresh Food' 'Shop' etc. “Not only will artists have the chance to see their artwork up on banners but they could

Calling all photographers: Instagram wants your pics IF you are a photographer, love the Gloucester Road area and want to show off your images to the rest of Bristol then now’s your chance. Igers Bristol, Bristol’s official Instagrammers network, are promoting Gloucester Road throughout February. After realising that the BS7 area isn’t covered enough by their 13.5k strong community of amateur photographers/phonesnappers, they’ll be encouraging them all to get out & about around Gloucester Road, with daily features of the best shots from the #igersbristol hashtag. Contributors may also have a chance for their images to be featured further or perhaps you could get your best ones printed and sold! Window Wanderland would also love you to take photos during the trail so remember to put when you upload onto social media #windowwanderland.

be printed in different ways - on Glos Rd Central bags, postcards and even giant wheelie bin stickers!” Schools are taking part too. Bishop Road school children are being set projects by their teachers to create artwork for Gloucester Road community themes. Room 212 owner Sarah Thorp is always looking for Gloucester Road inspired images to sell in her gallery so if you want to take

part but feel your images don't work in the banner format then send them in via the Room 212 website See

News? Give Sue a call on 07976 706120

Are you concerned about your memory or thinking? Are you over 45 years old? We would like you to participate in our study! This study will investigate the effect of different interventions on memory, thinking and well-being.

The Igers team will also be featuring various Gloucester Road traders throughout the month and will be looking for specific businesses to provide prizes and giveaways to the community in return for lots of promotion on Instagram. To get involved, all you need is an Instagram account. Then make sure you’re following Igers Bristol ( igersbristol/) and tag all Bristol photos with #igersbristol. They are always looking for more Instagram fans to join their friendly community!

(This study is not for people with dementia)

For further information 0117 414 8182

ReMemBr Research Group Bristol Brain Centre Southmead Hospital BS10 5NB

DECODE V2. 02/01/2017. IRAS ID: 201727

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February, 2017




Hospice gives back Wetherspoons give to festive supporter up on third bid for Gloucester Road pub PUB chain JD Wetherspoon has withdrawn its application 16/03139/F to build a new pub on the site of the run down building at 349-353 Gloucester Road. This was the third time the giants of the pub industry had tried to convince the council that developing the site, which has long been left abandoned, would ONE Bishopston resident enjoyed a very Merry Christmas after winning £5,000 on a local charity raffle. Helen Williams, an admin assistant for a physiotherapy clinic in Bishopston, won the top prize on the St Peter’s Hospice annual Grand Christmas Raffle after buying just one £1 ticket at the charity’s Gloucester Road coffee shop Nonesuch Cup. Funds raised from the raffle go towards supporting patients with life-limiting illnesses both at the hospice and within their own homes. This year the raffle has generated a whopping £56,757 for the charity. Helen said: “I still can’t quite believe it’s true - it’s such a nice surprise to receive at Christmas time! “When I bought the ticket, I didn’t even check what the prizes were, it was a spur of the moment thing! I go into Nonesuch Cup a couple of times a week and on this occasion I was treating my friend to coffee and cake for her birthday and I thought why not! I’ve bought the St Peter’s Hospice Local Lotto tickets before but never a Christmas Raffle ticket. “As a family we like to support St Peter’s Hospice as much as possible because it’s such a great community cause. We often shop there and donate items and my daughter has also enquired about volunteering at our local shop, so hopefully we’ll be able to give something back for this lovely prize. “I have two teenagers, 18 and 15, so I will probably give each of them a little bit and treat us to a nice family holiday with my husband next year.” St Peter’s Hospice lottery

manager, Edd Smith, said: “Huge congratulations to Helen our 2016 first prize winner! We’re thrilled to have made her family’s Christmas a little bit more special. “The Grand Christmas Raffle is a great fundraiser to get involved in. There are some fab prizes up for grabs including the £5,000 grand prize, which is just lovely to give to people at Christmas time. “Thanks to the generosity of those buying tickets, this year we raised an incredible £56,757 for the hospice and these vital funds will help make the lives of our patients much more comfortable as well as helping support their family members. “If you missed out on the Grand Raffle this time, don’t worry. We run a weekly Local Lotto scheme which costs just £1 and gives a top prize of £1,000 every month as well as other cash prizes. You can buy a oneoff ticket or sign up to a monthly subscription. Again, all funds go to the hospice.” As Bristol’s only adult hospice, St Peter’s Hospice cares for more than 2,670 patients each year as well as supporting family members. All services are provided free of charge for patients and their families and this care costs around £19,000 a day. In order to continue providing vital care for the people of Bristol, St Peter’s Hospice relies on donations from fundraising and money generated by the 50 hospice charity shops in Bristol and surrounding districts. To find out more about St Peter’s Hospice please visit www.

not negatively impact residents. Despite a major consultation exercise carried out by the company in April 2016, concerns over the size of the development, noise impact, possible antisocial behavior and the amount of licensed premises in the area were all raised as objections by local councillors, residents and the Bishopston Society.

What do you want your glasses to say about you? Find your own personal style in the Lynne Fernandes 2017 collection.

LynneFernandes The Collection

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February, 2017


Spend those Pounds the Bristol way LOOK out for the Bristol Pound team in February and March as they will be up and down the Gloucester Road helping people to make the most of this special local money. The Bristol Pound is an alternative local currency – payments are made using paper notes, through online payments and by text payments. Members hold a personal or a business account and make transactions in Bristol Pounds rather than in sterling. Over 800 businesses accept the Bristol Pound and over £B2.5million Bristol Pounds have been issued so far. The first event will be a meetup with businesses at La Ruca Café on the 7th February, open to businesses from the Arches to the Rovers’ ground. There’ll be a workshop at the Amitabha Buddhist Centre on how to use Bristol Pound more, pop up stalls at local businesses to sign up and learn more, including Room 212 on the 25th

February, and it will all end in a party in the Gallimaufry on the 9th March. Bristol Pound’s Community Liaison Manager, Laurie King explained the importance of using the local currency: “This month the Bristol Pound will be celebrating the best thing about Gloucester Road – the vast amount of independent local shops and businesses. We will also be celebrating the fact that by spending Bristol Pounds on Gloucester Road you are making it thrive. “That’s because, each Bristol Pound is a commitment for you to spend locally, support the vibrant local business community and keep money in the area. But, what’s more, unlike when you spend sterling in a local business, when you pass on that Bristol Pound at the till, you are passing on that commitment to re-spend locally again and again,” she said. The team will also be


recruiting local residents and business owners who are keen to promote the Bristol Pound in their area by becoming Community Currency Champions and keeping up the good work once the campaign is over. Bristol residents and businesses can open a Bristol Pound account and make payments from their regular bank into their Bristol Pound account. Individual members then use the currency to pay council tax, energy bills, buy online and to ‘pay by text’ in local businesses. Business members pay other businesses members for supplies and services as well as pay the council business rates. Anyone can switch their Sterling notes for the beautiful Bristol Pound notes at cash points such as Harvest Natural Foods, Kudacan. Events in our area: Tuesday 7th February, 6:8pm: Business Meetup, La Ruca

Café, FREE Tuesday 21st February, 7-8pm: Our City, Our Money: Why and how to use Bristol Pounds, Amitabha Buddhist Centre, FREE Saturday 25th February, 113pm: Stall at Room 212, FREE Monday 27th February, 1012am: Gloucester Road Members Meetup, Café Grounded, FREE Thursday 9th March, 8-10pm: Bristol Pound Party, The Gallimaufry, FREE

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February, 2017

n NEWS BISHOPSTON resident Naomi Gillingham has been involved in co-housing groups in Bristol, Frome, Dorset and Somerset for over a decade. The GP and teacher is now keen to find out the level of interest in a small urban co-housing scheme in Bristol for active people aged around 50-70 years old. Naomi said: “Choose before you are chosen for - this is often a motto for co-housers. This a friendly, supportive, community based way of living which is good for the individuals, their descendents and for society as people can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by sharing space. “Usually communities eat together once or twice a week in a common larger space sharing communal tasks by offering 4-6 hours work per week. There is a democratic ethos of sharing cars, a workshop, guest rooms and laundry whilst each having a private flat of your own, so it is not a commune.” Noami would like to find a core group of 4-10 compatible active people who share this


Anyone fancy co-housing? common goal and who have some funds to pool in order to be able to buy a larger property to divide into flats, preferably with some outdoor space. Co-housing is a way of living in a shared community but keeping your own private front door. Communities are created and the house is run by all residents democratically sharing the community tasks, decisions, and giving 4-8 hours a week to communal jobs. In Holland, Scandinavia and the USA this idea was around four decades ago and has been popular especially with retirees who generally have the energy, and funds from downsizing, and wish to live out their later years without the usual isolation and loneliness many experience today. In the UK there are many successful co-housing communities such as the Threshold Centre in Dorset where about 20 individuals, aged between 40-70 years, live in

Naomi Gillingham

cottages on a shared community site. The UK Cohousing Network’s website cohousing. gives a good explanation of schemes nationwide and how to set up your own. Naomi added: “Many schemes have struggled in the early years to find suitable land or properties to develop. This often comes down to having enough pooled funds to be able to move fast when a suitable

project arises, especially in an active urban housing market. I am hoping to find out if there is significant interest in looking for such a property within urban Bristol.” If you are interested in this idea join Naomi at a meeting to find out more about co-housing on Wednesday, February 8 at 7pm. Call 0117 908 2552 or email naomi.gillingham@blueyonder. for further details.

The heart of yoga in Bristol

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s Dr Mark Haseltine, B.D.S. Dr Susan Lavington, B.D.S. Dr Laura Birch, B.D.S.

Classes at Yogawest run every day for all levels and abilities. Foundation courses start regularly. Specialist classes include children, teenagers, pregnancy, baby massage, gentle and family. Denmark Place, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NW

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February, 2017


We'll all benefit if we break down barriers in our society

Thangam Debbonaire column

AS we start a new year, I’m continuing to meet as many people and organisations in Bristol West as possible. People in a residential home for older people have told me what they like and what they want changing about their area – popular topics include buses, access to doctors, and how the NHS is coping this winter – and shown me lovely photos of their families. Teenagers in central and east Bristol have told me they like the variety of our city but don’t like feeling there are some parts of the city better looked after than others; and they want to see more help for homeless people. Some of you have let me know how upset you feel about some of the big things happening in the world, like climate change, or the refugee crisis, or the rise in fear and hatred between people.

Animal Health Centre

In Bristol I meet people every day who are treating each other with kindness, trying to fix problems locally, or work out ways to make life better for people beyond their own family and friends. This inspires me. Trying our best to help each other will get us through times of great difficulty. Those instincts help us to get beyond just surviving and towards finding out more about how to live together and with the world around us. We need to hang on to beliefs that we do this better when we give every person a solid chance of being healthy, educated and able to fulfil their potential and contribute their skills and knowledge. In times of stress there’s self-preservation as well as self-interest in deciding to value ‘me and mine only’ over everyone and everything else. But we all lose

out when someone else’s potential is denied by lack of opportunity, illhealth or discrimination. Building higher walls just keeps people from sharing what they know, have and can do, to everyone’s benefit. So I urge us all, no matter what our strategies might be for coping with the world around us, whether we avoid or immerse ourselves in the news, to treasure this sense of how we are contributing to making Bishopston, Bristol and the world a better place. Thank you for everything you do. Happy New Year! If you have a problem you need Thangam’s help with, or a question, you can contact her by email on, search her website, or call the office on 0117 379 0980.


There’s no place like it

Gloucester Road’s Independent Veterinary Practice

• A small expert team providing individual care for your pet • Free preventative healthcare clinics with qualified veterinary nurses • Modern surgical and x-ray facilities

• In-house laboratory and dentistry equipment Nicky Bromhall BVSc MRCVS Principal Veterinary Surgeon since 2002

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A flexible and friendly home based care service from a few hours to full time. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide: • Companionship • Personal care • Light housekeeping

Contact us on

• Local transportation • Meal preparation • Specialist dementia care

0117 989 8210

“We seek ways to bring joy and fun to our clients, whilst also helping with practical tasks. An unrushed approach, combined with consistency of CAREGivers, leads to respectful and supportive relationships”

Home Instead Senior Care Henleaze House, 13 Harbury Road, Bristol, BS9 4PN

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February, 2017




MP Thangam pays a visit to Abbeyfield Redland RESIDENTS and team members at Abbeyfield on Redland Road, Bristol, were delighted to receive a visit from Thangam Debonnaire MP in January. Taking time out of her busy schedule, Thangam enjoyed coffee and cakes and talked about how she became an MP and some of her experiences in the role. Only two days before, the Bristol West MP had given a speech on loneliness in older people, talking about subsequent health consequences and the impact of this on the healthcare system. She focused on an Age UK report that cited results from a survey of 1,000 GP's, which suggested that 90% of older people visit their surgery because they are lonely. The report also provides evidence to suggest that loneliness can lead to serious illnesses such as depression, diabetes, stroke and dementia; which in turn, often prevent people from living healthily, with balanced diets and exercise.

In her speech Thangam said: "I pay tribute today to all the people across the country who give their time as volunteers, staff and fundraisers for charities such as Age UK nationally and locally, and in Bristol, for Bristol Ageing Better, which does so much to combat loneliness in older people." Bristol Ageing Better provides

support for older people in Bristol, as do other groups and charities such as Bristol Older People's Forum, LinkAge Bristol; Age UK Bristol; and WellAware. The Abbeyfield Society itself was set up in the 1950's to alleviate loneliness among older people, and establish communities to provide support and companionship.

Frances Stretton, Abbeyfield Bristol & Keynsham’s Chief Executive, said: “It's a subject very close to our hearts and we are excited that such a prominent Bristol MP is taking this cause under her wing. We are looking forward to following Ms Debonnaire's campaign and wish her every success.”

European City of Sport is Bristol's new title SPORTING organisations across Bristol have come together to find the best way to mark being a European City of Sport this year. Bristol is one of 12 cities across Europe selected to hold the title in 2017, to celebrate the part that sport and active recreation plays in local communities. The title was awarded by ACES Europe, a Brussels-based group which promotes sport across the continent, based on the city’s sporting facilities, residents’ participation, and the success of local sports teams. It follows on from Bristol’s

year as European Green Capital in 2015, which focussed on citywide environmental issues and has been described as a success by an independent review published last month. Redland ward councillor Fi Hance, who is Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing on the city council, said: “Exercise and physical activity play a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle, and we want to encourage everyone to get out there and be more active. “We hope that being European City of Sport will help to showcase all the different classes, sports and activities available across the city, and inspire more people to take up a new active hobby.” Community sports teams, sports organizations and representatives from professional sports clubs met last month to discuss how to improve participation in sport across the city. Sporting events will take place in the city throughout the year, with the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup already confirmed.

The county ground in Bishopston will be one of five venues to host the global competition. Outgoing mayor George Ferguson also committed £5,000 towards black and ethnic minority sports groups in the city to support the 2017 programme. The city is in a good position to organise the year’s events, because its time as European Green Capital 2015 greatly enhanced Bristol’s reputation according to an independent review commissioned by Bristol city council. Steve Bundred, the former chief executive of the Audit Commission who carried out the review, said that despite some controversies being a Green Capital had been an undoubted success. He said: “The year was hugely successful, popular and rewarding, with positive outcomes that are likely to last for many years. “Bristol has made a huge contribution to advancing understanding and concern about environmental matters within the UK and beyond.”

Highlights of the year included a trebling of the number of Wildlife Trust volunteers, which has been maintained; the highest ever number of applications for Bristol University’s Environmental Sciences course; and a schools’ programme involving more than 14,000 children across the city which has since been rolled out to schools nationally. Redland ward councillor Martin Fodor, part of the council’s Green Capital working group, said: “I am delighted that this independent review has highlighted the many creative and economically valuable projects which captured the imagination of people throughout the city. “Bristol’s year as European Green Capital led to many Bristolians being involved in green issues for the first time. Many of the partnerships developed over the year are continuing to flourish and deliver benefits to both the people of Bristol and the wider environment.”

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February, 2017


Cafe Grounded opens a new branch GROUNDED, well known in the area for their busy cafe bar on the Gloucester Road, opened a new branch on Northumbria Drive on January 24. Grounded Henleaze, sited next to the Orpheus Cinema and Waitrose, is the 9th addition in the portfolio of this independent Bristol company which already has six premises in Bristol and two in Wiltshire. Marketing Manager, Katie Taylor, is looking forward to welcoming all the new customers to Grounded Henleaze. Katie said: “The conversion of the building that many refer to as

‘the old sweet shop’ has gone really well. “Our small team of skilled local craftsmen have converted the two former shops into our trademark welcoming interior. We have used recycled materials where possible, including reclaimed floorboards and vintage tables and chairs. “The industrial style light fittings add a contemporary edge to the interior, which is offset by the comforting deep red and mustard yellow walls. Leather wingback chairs add to the intimate living room feel, despite the cafe bar having room for over seventy customers.” The founder of Grounded, property developer Tobie Holbrook, has been on site for a number of weeks project managing the conversion into the more intimate vibe of a living room for the cafe bar and creating an outdoor seating area. Tobie said: “We’ve had our eye on the Henleaze area for a while - it has the perfect mix of

an engaged local community and a dynamic food scene that we’re excited to be part of. Being next to the cinema, Grounded will be the perfect place for a pre-movie meal or post-movie drink.” Grounded Henleaze will be open from dawn until dusk every day of the week, serving coffee and food from 8am right through until 10pm. Their menu will feature a frequently changing selection of freshly-made chef’s specials, alongside a selection of small plates, burgers, pasta,

and stone-baked pizzas in the evening. The cafe bar aims to sit alongside the existing businesses, offering something unique to the Henleaze and Westbury Park area. They plan to exhibit the work of local artists on their walls and will be inviting local musicians to play at their monthly acoustic music nights. Grounded also host fundraising events for charities, and sponsors community arts and music festivals.

A Retirement to Look Forward to

“Dad was living on his own and we’d started to worry. Now he has a much better social life than us!”

APARTMENTS AVAILABLE TO RENT Gorgeous one-bedroom and studio apartments available in Abbeyfield House, Redland Road, BS6 6YR

Telephone: 0117 973 6997

It’s true. Renting an apartment in one of our lovely Abbeyfield houses gives you the perfect blend of independence, support, privacy and companionship. It’s a wonderful alternative when you want to move nearer your family, or are just struggling to cope on your own, but don’t want a ‘care home’ or ‘residential care’ Our all-inclusive fees cover delicious home-cooked meals, utility bills, Council Tax and TV licence, leaving you free to enjoy the community inside, and out

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February, 2017




Appeal for volunteers to help local families PARENTS and grandparents are needed for a new training course run by family-support charity Home Start Bristol, writes Jackie Novels. It supports struggling families by assigning them a weekly visit from a volunteer, and is looking to train a new group of volunteers from April thanks to a £373,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund awarded in December. The nine-week course runs

from 10am-2pm at Ilminster Avenue children’s centre in Knowle on Thursdays from April 27 2017, is free to attend, and leads to a qualification. After completing the course, attendees will be added to the charity’s existing bank of more than 80 volunteers matched with families across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to provide practical and emotional support. Since the Southmead-based charity launched 30 years ago,

Home Start Bristol trustees receive a cheque from Hollis Morgan.

it has helped thousands of local families where a parent or child has a physical or mental health aissue, those facing bereavement or relationship breakdown, and families dealing with multiple births. Parents are usually referred to Home Start by health visitors, GPs, and other health and social care professionals. Once trained, volunteers commit to a two- to three-hour visit to a family each week, plus volunteer support meetings, for at least a year. The charity covers the cost of travel. Volunteer work can include support on outings such as to the supermarket or park, helping around the house, looking after children or simply being someone to listen. Bristol mother Charlotte said support from Home Start Bristol was invaluable to her family. She said: “My world crashed when I fell pregnant with twins just two months after giving birth to my baby son, who was born with disabilities. “From the moment I met my

volunteer, I knew she was perfect for us. I had someone to talk to and my son bonded with her right away.She gave me chance to relax and focus on the twins.” Former volunteer Rachel found that the experience led to other opportunities including a job as a family support worker and being accepted on to a foundation degree course. She said: “After seeing a close friend go through postnatal depression I felt I wanted to help other mums.The course exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t always easy but the support was, and still is, fantastic.” Home Start’s spokesperson said that all their volunteers are parents so they understand the demands of family life. She said: “When you volunteer for Home Start Bristol, you’ll be a lifeline for a family, helping them get back on their feet and develop the skills they need to cope in the future.” To apply for the course visit or call 0117 950 1170.

Boost for Home Start Bristol

HOME Start Bristol received a wonderful start to the New Year when they were presented with a cheque for £4,000 from Bristol estate agent and auctioneer, Hollis Morgan. During 2016 Home Start Bristol was the company’s ‘Charity of the Year’ and the cheque was the result of staff fundraising activities. Beverley Symonds, Home Start Bristol scheme manager, said: “We are so grateful to Hollis Morgan for all their support over the year. It’s a fantastic amount that will help us to continue supporting struggling families during 2017.”

Children enjoy night skies on a woodland walk YEAR 5 children from Glenfrome Primary School went on an exciting night walk to the woods on Purdown on a clear and frosty night in January. They had to navigate some slippery slopes, deep ditches and a lot of branches. The skies were clear so they got to view Venus as well as many stars which link in with their current topic which is to learn and understand the solar system.

They also tried their best to be still and listen for any nocturnal animals. Head teacher Inger O’Callaghan said: "Glenfrome Primary School sits opposite the entrance to South Purdown and our staff plan a range of exciting activities using our extensive school grounds and unique location to ensure the children have a really rich learning experience."

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February, 2017


Kate's dream of creating a world without slavery puts her in line for national award KATE Garbers, managing director and co-founder of anti-trafficking charity Unseen has been recognised by the Directory of Social Change and shortlisted for a national award, for the success she has had in influencing the UK’s agenda on tackling slavery. Not only is Kate responsible for opening the first safe-house for female victims of trafficking in the South West of England in 2011, she was also heavily involved in working with government to introduce the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is now working to ensure it is implemented on the ground. Kate has developed processes to assist Police on operations to apprehend traffickers and ensure survivors are well looked after following their rescue. She has since gone on to manage the opening of the South West’s first 24-hour safe-house for

Free cycle stands THE Take A Stand free cycle parking scheme funded by Bristol City Council is coming to an end in Bristol. This means small businesses, charities and not-for-profits in the area have only a few months to take advantage of up to 4 free Sheffield bike stands. They will be delivered and have to be sited off the highway by the organization requesting them. Contact Lifecycle for details on 0117 3534580.

male victims of slavery. In 2015, Kate presented a paper to the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy to help shape the Pope’s contribution to the world leaders’ 2015 Sustainability Development Goals – one of which is to end human trafficking. Closer to home, Kate played a major role in bringing together Avon & Somerset Police and Bristol City Council to form an Anti-Slavery Partnership. The aim of this group is to ensure information and intelligence is shared so that slavery is at the heart of statutory decisionmaking. This partnership has now grown to include the five police regions across the South West (Devon & Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire), and there are plans to share the model further afield. As with all Kate’s work, her aim to create real and lasting change for survivors. Kate said: “I believe strongly in a world without slavery and that it can be achieved. I’m motivated by a huge sense of injustice and inequality in the world around me, and a desire to challenge this wherever I find it. I’m really chuffed to have been shortlisted along with two other fantastic women in this category, and even more delighted that all three nominees are women!” In just five years, Unseen has grown from a charity with an income of £250k to one with a turnover of over £1m. In REDLAND councillors have long been pressing for safety work to be done where Zetland Rd meets Elton Road and Gloucester Rd, as this is a known dangerous junction. The promised remodelling work a couple of years ago to reduce hazards never took place but now, due to a new, externally funded, cycle link to Southmead Hospital under development - the ‘Southmead Quietway’' - there are funds to make some safety changes. Cllr Martin Fodor said: “This is welcome and we hope suitable plans can be drawn up and delivered. It's a complex junction with many pedestrian, cycle, and motor vehicle flows in various

October 2016, Unseen launched a national Modern Slavery Helpline. In its first four weeks had received over 200 calls, 25% of which related directly to victims – others were from members of the public, frontline staff or businesses seeking advice. The women’s safe-house has now welcomed nearly 140 women through its doors from 34 different countries, which helps demonstrate the nature and scale of trafficking not only in the UK but worldwide. It is the only safe-house in the South West of England and is one of only three services in the country offering 24/7 support to female victims of human trafficking.

Unseen also offers a resettlement service to help survivors continue their journey of recovery within their chosen community. The men’s safe-house has only been operating for six months, but already is seeing positive results – with four of the 12 survivors already securing jobs and living independently in the community. Kate was awarded a Citizenship Award by the McWhirter Foundation in 2012 and Unseen was given the Charity Times Award for Best Charity under £1million in 2015. Voting closes in the final week of January and the result of the public vote will be announced in early February.

Southmead Quietway directions and not all have been catered for safely up to now.” A new cycle and pedestrian ‘tiger’ design of dual crossing is also planned at Coldharbour Road with a cycle contraflow from Cairns Rd to reach the hospital more readily by cycle and reduce traffic and pollution with active travel.

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February, 2017




TV's Ultimate Hell Week challenge is all in a day's work for former Red Maid Katy FORMER Redmaids’ High School Deputy Head Girl, Katy Parrott shows the world what she’s made of when she appears on our television screens in Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week. The six-part BBC2 series is aimed at pushing “some of the UK's fittest men and women beyond their mental and physical limits.” Personal fitness, exploration and adventure have always played a part in Katy’s life. Having left Redmaids’ High School in 2010, she achieved a first class honours degree in Biology from Bath University, before travelling the world – covering 17 countries in 11 months. Her interest in film-making and the natural world then led her to an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University

of the West of England, part of which involved making a short film. Never one to take the easy option, Katy and two fellow student scientists set out to be the first to trek the entire length of the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains. Their completed film was shown at the Everyman Theatre, Bristol to friends, family and professionals from the TV industry. Katy has since secured a job working alongside Monty Halls, Steve Backshall and Helen Glover, developing wildlife and expedition film ideas for Seadog Productions. She is also part of the Army Reserves and is currently training as a Combat Medic for an infantry unit. Speaking of her adventurous career choices, Katy said: “My filmmaking and Army careers

complement each other perfectly. I find it difficult to sit still so it’s great that I’m often off on filming adventures or military training. “I barely know where I’m going to be from month to month, so can’t wait to see where the next few years take me. "It may be a television presenting career, or operations with the Army? "The world is my oyster!’’ Headmistress Isabel Tobias said: “Drive, determination and an inquiring mind are qualities we value highly. Katy embodies all of these and more. "I can’t wait to see how she will tacklethis gruelling challenge.” The first episode of “Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week” airs on BBC2 on Sunday January 29 at 9pm.








What are you doing today?


am t

For more information or to arrange a visit, call 0117 930 3068 or visit

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February, 2017


Sefton Park’s new library weaves its magic SEFTON Park School have opened a new School Library which has been part funded by PTA fundraising and provides a magical environment for children to learn and study. Deputy Headteacher Dan Simson said: “The theme of the library was decided by the children - it is 'Potter and Magic'. The library is adorned with broomsticks, wizards and fairies and the creative design using astroturf makes it feel like a magical outdoors world. “The children are thrilled to be using it. One excited Year 6 pupil declared: “It's the most amazing library ever.” The Year 6's have formed a committee and the library will be used for borrowing books and hosting book club events. “We are very grateful to our school PTA for funding it and for the wonderful Stephen Fowey for his creative design and expert carpentry.” Stephen Forrey provides bespoke carpentry through his

company, Forrey Woodworks, He explained the process: “We developed a design which has different levels for the kids to work at as well as areas for group and solo reading. The brief was for plenty of storage but with something a little extra. They showed me some of the classrooms which have different themes to suit parts of the curriculum such as an air raid shelter, and I was encouraged to think out of the box. “The design will lend itself to different themes throughout its life. Initially the theme that the kids suggested was ‘magic and potter’ so some of the inspiration has come from that, such as the story pod which the kids call the hamster wheel which could be a quiddich goal. However the school were also keen to make sure it wasn’t something that would go out of fashion over time so we didn’t zero in on the theme too much.” Stephen was keen to make

Lost in the wonderful world of books at Sefton Park school library sure the shelves and furniture would be strong enough to last up to the rigours of school lifethere is no chipboard used in the construction and the shelves are all melamine faced plywood which is far stronger than mdf and will be much better at holding the weight of all those

books. “I’m really pleased with the end result and I hope it will be a fun environment for the kids to learn in. I have also worked with Hillcrest School on their library and have enjoyed both projects immensely,” he added.

Cli on High School co-educaonal nursery school to sixth form

Realising Individual Brilliance

“The curriculum fulfils the school’s aim of providing an inspiring and challenging environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and confidence” ISI Inspection 2016

0117 933 9087 | The Diamond Edge Model

Realising Individual Brilliance

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February, 2017

n EDUCATION CLYDE House Day Nursery in Nevil Road was inspected by Ofsted just before Christmas. The family-run business which caters for families living in the Bishopston, Horfield and Ashley Down has been awarded a Good rating with Outstanding in the area of child development, welfare and behaviour. Owner Lisa Mann took over the business last year from her father-in-law, who had run it for the last 20 years. Both Clyde House, run by general manager Sue Bennett and its sister nursery, Ashgrove Park Day Nursery, have unusually long staff tenure with some of staff members working there for more than 25 years! Lisa said: “I'm delighted with the result of the recent inspection and thank all the team for their efforts both on the day in question and in their day-today practice. I am particularly pleased to achieve Outstanding in the children's development and welfare category. We pride ourselves on our staff longevity and close relationships with the children's parents and carers and look forward to building on this


Ofsted praises child behaviour and welfare at Clyde House Day Nursery

great result in the future.” Ofsted stated that "Staff provide excellent support for children's physical and emotional well-being. They successfully help children to understand their feelings and value each other's differences. They are exemplary role models, so children behave extremely well. Staff...know the

Clyde House Day Nursery Clyde House, 1 Nevil Road, Bristol, BS7 9EG t: 01179 247488 e:

Warm & Welcoming Childcare in Ashley Down & Bishopston

children well and meet their individual care and learning needs effectively" The report said: "Children at Clyde House are extremely enthusiastic learners, and are happy and very confident, which underpins their learning. The excellent key-person system provides highly successful

support to help children settle and move to their next room. Children know where to find the extremely well-organised resources to extend their play." The staff at the nursery were praised by Ofsted: "Staff are highly effective at helping children develop a safe and healthy lifestyle. For example, older children help themselves to fresh drinking water from a dispenser and babies know to turn around and go feet-first down steps." Clyde House’s sister nursery cited on Ashgrove Road was inspected in March 2016 and was also rated Good. To read the Ofsted report in full see.https://reports.ofsted. CARE/106936 To find out more about the nurseries see http://www.


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From Birth to Five Years

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✓ Proven Methods ✓ Qualified Teachers ✓ Personalised Learning Programmes ✓ Primary-Secondary ✓ English and Maths

Ashgrove Park Day Nursery Ashgrove Park, Ashgrove Road, Bristol, BS7 9LQ t: 01179 513123 e:

Kip McGrath Bristol Central

3 Portwall Lane, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6NB

0117 370 4525

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February, 2017



Students invited to Get into Medicine THE Medic Portal, in official partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine, is running a series of national Get into Medicine ‘Aspire’ Events, relevant to all students in years 9-11 who have an interest in pursuing a careers in Medicine. Coming to Badminton School, Bristol on Monday 13th February, this one day event is a unique opportunity for students to learn all about the Medical Profession, and how to maximise their chances of getting into the top UK Medical Schools. Attendees will hear from Get into Medicine experts, practising doctors, Medical School Students and a Medical School Admissions Tutor. At the cost of £10 per ticket, or £15 for Student + Parent, this is a unique chance for all students to attend, and

Concerned about your child’s performance in English or Maths?

subsequently leave the event inspired to become the next generation of doctors, and informed on how to reach their goal. Tickets can be booked online: www.themedicportal. com/event/the-medic-portalaspire

TAKE the first step towards tackling gaps in your child’s learning with a free English or Maths Assessment here at Kip McGrath Bristol Central. If your child is taking important exams this year, you may be concerned about how he or she will perform in the exam and how you can support your child to get the best results possible. For parents with children taking GCSEs this year, it is a particularly testing time. The GCSE curriculum for English and maths has changed for 2017 summer exams and a new grading system means that many parents are not clear what to aim for. At Kip McGrath Bristol Central, we provide specialist support for children aged 5-16 in English and maths. All our tutors are fully qualified and DBS checked and the centre is Ofsted registered. Kip McGrath uses exclusive resources and educational methods which have been proven to work over 40 years. We provide regular feedback

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ADVERTISEMENT and individual attention in small group sessions. An additional weekly session in English or maths with dedicated support from a qualified and experienced tutor could make all the difference to your child’s grades in the summer. To help get you started, Kip McGrath Bristol Central provides a FREE and confidential, no obligation assessment, which will help you to understand your child's starting point. Should you decide to go ahead with tuition, this will be used to create an individual learning programme to enable your child to reach his or her learning goal. Seonaid Birkett is Centre Director at Kip McGrath Bristol Central.  Call 0117 370 4525 or email bristolcentral@kip-mcgrath. com for more information or to book your free assessment.   www.kipmcgrathbristolcentral.

Part-time MSc Strategy, Change and Leadership Scholarships now available* Designed for busy managers to fit around a busy management role, this part-time programme will help you to: • enhance your impact as a leader • understand organisational complexity and issues affecting success • improve your ability to manage change and uncertainty • make better choices about growth and strategic direction Email Cheralyn Dark at: Tel: 0117 954 6694 for details postgraduate/programmes/stratchange-leadership.html

Come along to our Open Evening on Wednesday 22 March 2017 between 6-8pm To register, please email Cheralyn Dark at *Selection criteria will apply. Contact Cheralyn Dark for details.

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February, 2017


Sci-fi adventure author visits Fairfield PRIMARY school pupils were invited into Fairfield High School to meet a visitor from the world of children’s fiction. On the official launch of his new book, part of the Spacejackers series ‘The Pirate King’, Bristol-born author Huw Powell wowed his audience with an interactive talk to an audience of young people which included students from FHS’s Year 7, as well as signing copies of his new book.

Angelica Ramos-Gamazo, Senior Librarian said: “We were delighted to welcome to Fairfield such a fun and quirky sci-fi author. Huw Powell is an inspiring writer who touches the hearts and imaginations of children and teenagers all across the nation. "We were very lucky that Huw decided to spend the launch date of his new book at our school where he left a lasting impact on those he met.”

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February, 2017



Neighbourhood Mayor Marvin meets Partnership - the future Gloucester Road traders invaluable community work can continue and wish to create a temporary steering group probably to be known as BCR Community Partnership. A spokesperson from BCRNP said: “We can then negotiate with the council for any resources or money available and attract starter funds to sustain a developing network of voluntary groups and social enterprises in our area. This group would also be in a good position to ensure the the new Bishopston Library on Gloucester Road actually happens, or at least becomes a social asset for our community, and help the Redland library in developing its future. “We cannot do this on our own. We want to draw in as many people as we can so we are holding a Public Forum on March 16, 7pm, at the Claremont Room, Redland Green School.

THE Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees met traders from along Gloucester Road in January. The well attended meeting saw the Mayor, traders, councillors, members of the Neighbourhood Partnership and the Council’s economic development team discuss matters important to our famous high street. Among other things, the meeting discussed the parking and transport situation, including how to best manage traffic on the road whilst facilitating customers being able to access the shops. The meeting also discussed the punitive levels of business rates that traders are having to pay, how to better promote Gloucester Road as a destination for tourists and visitors to the city, and the maintenance of the


Give Sue a call on 07976 706120

Fri en

Starting life’s adventure Come and discover for yourself what makes BGS such an exciting and enjoyable place to learn, make friends and begin life’s adventure.

street environment. Tom Brook, Councillor for Bishopston & Ashley Down, said: “Gloucester Road is such an important asset, not only to our local area but to the whole of Bristol. It was great to have this meeting with Marvin, and going forward we agreed to bring together multiple stakeholders to improve the road. “We want to increase the resilience of Gloucester Road, maintaining its success now and into the future. To do this we will need to ensure that the Council, traders groups, Destination Bristol, business groups and other interested parties buy into what Gloucester Road does, and can, have to offer. The Mayor has committed to making this happen, and I look forward to the results going forward.”


BRISTOL City Council is implementing massive cuts across the city and one of the consequences is that the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership (BCRNP) will not be able to continue beyond March 31 this year. The Neighbourhood Partnership's role has been to devolve council power back to residents for very local issues like street scene, parks, trees and road safety. Small funds were granted to enable local groups to start up community projects such as Window Wanderland and the Living Room Project and the creation of the planters at Glos Rd Central and public forums were held to discuss local issues and inform residents. Councillors and representatives of the Neighbourhood Partnership have been discussing how this

ure ent v d

s hip s d

Open Morning Wednesday 15 March 10.00am–12.00 noon For further information, please contact Hollie Matthews on 0117 933 9885 or at

ing arn Le

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February, 2017


A Valentine's treat for your tastebuds

VALENTINE’S Day is just around the corner and is the perfect excuse for a meal out whether you are a romantic or not! From contemporary eateries to established favourites you don’t need to look far to find fantastic cafés, restaurants and gourmet pubs right here on your doorstep. The local area food scene is thriving with a great choice of light bites and meals to suit all taste buds and budgets. So whether it’s a candlelit meal for two or a lunchtime bite with the one you love, there is something to suit everyone. Pass the Arches onto the Gloucester Road and you will start to be tempted by an array of food from around the world. Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Spanish are all on the menu, but don’t forget that just a stone’s throw away is Zetland Road with it’s foodie delights. There you will find the well established Casa Mexicana with a menu that caters well for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. What with zesty lemon pie and churros and chocolate both on the dessert menu, it’s well worth leaving a bit of space for pudding. A few doors away you will find the award winning Greens Restaurant, with a modern menu that adapts traditional British recipes, with influences from classic French and European cuisines. Their focus is on creating a seasonal menu served in a relaxed atmosphere - top quality food

every time. Back on the Gloucester Road you will find Soul Fish, one of the latest additions to the street. Soul Fish prides itself on being an independent and ethical ‘fish and chip shop and soul fish café’. Their menu obviously includes fish and chips but with a fresh twist. So if you fancy a spiced crab chowder or a ‘soul fish platter’ in a relaxed and informal setting this is the place to come. Soul Food will be offering a Soul Food plater for two and two cans of Quello sparkling wine for £20 as a special offer for Valentines.. Along the promenade, amongst others, you will be find The Blue Lagoon which has a set menu package running from February 11-14 inclusively, offering two courses for £20.00 or three courses for £26.95. Both packages include a complimentary glass of prosecco or a special house cocktail, 'The love-berry Martini'. A few doors along The Gallimaufry is a bar, restaurant, live music venue and art gallery, all in one. The restaurant has a full menu including ‘Galli Plates’ a tapas style selection of foods perfect for sharing. Heading further up Gloucester Road you are then spoilt for choice with an array of cafes, pubs and restaurant including The Grace

and Zazu’s Kitchen, which are well worth booking ahead due to their popularity and delicious menus. If you don’t have time for a meal out, there is still ample opportunity to share a special moment . Cheltenham Road’s Cox & Baloney will be offering a special afternoon tea for the day with a ‘berry and prosecco teapot, special

‘Love’ tea and a promise of lots of strawberries and chocolate! Alternatively, there is the mouthwatering option of brunch at Bakers & Co, a delicious chimichanga at La Ruca, a bagel at Bagel Boy or an ice cream at The Parlour. Whatever you choose you won’t go hungry!

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February, 2017


n NEWS In Bishopston this month... AT the moment, we are very occupied with thought of the council budget, and the cuts it contains. As you can imagine, between the people who are facing redundancy, and the people who are having to sit down with valued colleagues and tell them they are being made redundant, and the people who know they will be left to do the work with less resources, the mood in City Hall can at times be grim. We would urge anyone who has dealings with council officers over the next few weeks to be as patient and as understanding as they can. Amazingly though, there is still a real spirit of determination to provide the best service possible despite the cuts. And sometimes, it is possible to both save money and improve the service you offer by working in


Give Sue a call on 07976 706120

a different way. One example of this is the changes that are taking place in adult social care, under the heading of "The Three Tier Model". This involves giving more professional trust to social workers and asking that instead of starting from a list of what the council offers, and working out eligibility, they start from the individual, and what they need and want, with the clear aim to keep them independent as long as possible, or to help them regain independence. This approach has been trialled in parts of the city, and no user receiving the new service gave the experience a negative rating. It is now being rolled out across the city, and is expected to save over a million pounds from the adult social care budget. The cuts are going to affect us locally too, with cuts to library spending meaning that it is uncertain whether the planned Bishopston library at Bristol North Baths will open as a council-run library. The plans for libraries are not yet finalised

and there's a strong case to be made (and that we will make) for the Bishopston library to open as planned. But we should start to prepare for all likelihoods and consider what we as a community want to do about it for ourselves. At the same time Council support will no longer be provided for the Neighbourhood Partnership. Since becoming councillors we have both been so impressed by the achievements of the partnership, and proud to take an active role in it. We are determined to support our communities across Bishopston, Ashley Down, Cotham and Redland to develop a new network and a new relationship with the council so that the amazing work across our area can continue.

(the residents’ group) and of course the Club itself. The aim was to discuss and coordinate various match day-related issues in advance of the coming season. We covered traffic, parking, litter, noise, stewarding and anti-social behaviour, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. A public residents’ meeting is being organised for mid-late March and we’ll let residents know when a date and time is set.

Cricket Club Stakeholders’ Meeting In January we attended a very productive meeting at the Cricket Club that included the Police, the security provider, Howzat?

Please do get in touch! Tom Brook – Cllr.Tom. Eleanor Combley – Cllr. uk

Wetherspoon’s The planning application to turn 349-353 Gloucester Road into a Wetherspoon's has been withdrawn. We don’t know at this time whether a renewed application will be made, but we will monitor the situation and let residents know if a new application is submitted.

The Home Care Specialists

Award winning Home Care from 30 minutes per week to full-time Live-in Care If you are looking for extra support at home or an alternative to residential care homes, then we’re here to help in Bristol. Helping Hands has been providing award winning quality help at home since 1989. A family run company we apply our local knowledge and over 27 years of experience to offer you one to one home care that enables you or your loved one to remain at home with compassion and dignity. If you or a loved one could do with extra help around the home, shopping, support with personal care, a hospital discharge or even providing a break for an existing Carer, then our local Carers are right on your doorstep.

To find out how we can help you, call:

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n NEWS In Cotham this month... THE last few weeks have been less about outcomes to report to you than serious changes to all our lives that are under discussion. Principal among these is the corporate strategy and the painful budget. The fallout for everyone will be very serious and i have been scouring the documentation to understand and to suggest alternatives to service reductions and unforeseen consequences. I chair the neighbourhoods scrutiny commission and have confronted some of the heavier savings. So i’ve also attended many meetings of osmb, the principal scrutiny commission with five hours of savings debate recently broken only by a coffee and a comfort break. I engaged in this as an informed individual – for while there are choices to be made this is not the time for politics, but city-wide cooperation. In addition to neighbourhood scrutiny, i serve on a working group on severe savings to our parks and libraries. I believe


these will cripple our community base into the future. If these are to be operated by volunteers then the dismemberment of the neighbourhood partnerships, (more meetings on saving our local one which is very effective) will clobber our ability to mobilise. Finally this week has also opened up the consultation about two rpzs (cm+zn) for councillors’ comments. The response has been smaller than on previous occasions (maybe because of the lack of publicity locally. The general response supports their continuation, with some local suggestions and some general points. High amongst the challenges are capacity outside operating hours and balance between residents and other users. This judgement, in more meetings, is due to be completed by 31st january and sadly cannot satisfy everyone! Cllr Anthony Negus Cllr.Anthony.Negus@bristol. Gov.Uk

February, 2017

Unity in diversity for challenging times The Council's latest budget and strategic plan has been released following consultation. The overwhelming reason that the council must change the way it operates is because of cuts to our budget from central government. There are particular concerns regarding social care especially when combined with the Sustainability and Transformation Plan which aims to streamline health provision with the Government requiring savings of at least £2.5bn nationally this year, and £22bn within the next five years. All these factors along with a change of leadership in the US and uncertainty over Brexit, can make for a sense helplessness. We are in uncertain times here in Bristol regarding our service delivery and it is in challenging times that may give rise to tensions and divisions. What is important is to work

together in our city of Bristol, named as a City of Sanctuary to where possible overcome our differences to work towards a cohesive society together. In all cultures and societies unity is a virtue vital for progress. For example, Ghanaians have a symbol “unity in diversity” Ghana, like Britain, has diversity in many areas of life. These areas include ethnicity, religion and politics. But should they constitute sources of division? Not at all! They should rather provide us with the platform to bring our different ideas and resources together and, in unison, build a better future. We need to find unity in our diversity. We must not lose our humanity or our hope Cllr Cleo Lake 07584 480531

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February, 2017


n NEWS In Redland this month... Proposed demise of Neighbourhood Partnerships Budget proposals have been published on the council website and will be discussed at the Council’s February budget meeting. The Greens are challenging these cuts – both politically and by seeking ways to protect the most vulnerable but the proposals to cut £101m would affect every discretionary service and facility provided by the council. We’re very concerned about all of this, and support the proposed new Community Partnership for the area which is now forming a steering group that will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting on March 16th. Look out for details of this on the uk website and please come, take part and help discuss what approach can be taken to create a new organisation that will support local facilities, services and groups. This means the proposed NP decisions are currently in limbo. We’ll work hard to retain local input into road safety projects like the one requested at

Cranbrook Road (which now has evidence of rush hour traffic flows and even a preliminary crossing proposal received from officers), and to ensure some funds or support for local initiatives that create so much benefit. Bristol North Baths redevelopment This redevelopment project has progressed, with scaffolding and hoardings due to come down in February. The sale of the existing local library site at Cheltenham Rd is progressing, and redevelopment of this site is essential. We’re working hard to establish the steps being taken to fit out the long awaited new library now the structure is ready and we believe it can be one of the most viable libraries in the city with excellent bus links, and in a modern building with much other community potential.. Parking issues Work is progressing towards the long delayed RPZ extension schemes in north Redland. We’re aware this has caused some issues for some residents within the new scheme areas (as many asked for a different approach) and also

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for those outside who will be affected. We’ve been liaising with officers to address concerns and clarify options and decisions. Meanwhile we’re liaising with councillors in Ashley so that our support for residents on both sides of Gloucester Road is coordinated. This includes plans to trial questions that can be used for surveys by residents which will establish views for or against a scheme and issues that any scheme would need to resolve. We’re working on the basis that any proposal needs to have clear support from residents and local councillors, in line with the Mayor’s statement. Looking after our street scene Our unsung streetscene volunteers do a brilliant job reporting fly-tipping and dealing with tagging and flyposting. Without them the area would rapidly decline. They have been kept busy recently by an epidemic of fly-tipping and tagging along Gloucester Rd and nearby. A lot of incidents have been recorded and we understand enforcement action is underway where the culprits have been identified.

This sadly includes some local traders who, despite educational visits from enforcement officers who explain their legal duties to secure their waste and use reputable contractors, continue to carry out flytipping. Such persistent behaviour needs to be followed by legal action and we do think this step is necessary to follow through where prevention and education have not worked. One trader carried out flytipping while a radio news item was being recorded by journalism students nearby and there is photographic evidence of their business waste. Every day except Christmas day there were volunteers out looking after our area. You can help, which can take as little as ten minutes to do some litter picking in your street. To get involved do contact the Street Scene group via: Martin Fodor cllrmartin.fodor@bristol. 07884736101 Fi Hance 0117 3534720

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February, 2017

n NEWS In St Andrews this month... WE have met with the Council’s Highways team to discuss the feedback received during the consultation for the review of Residents’ Parking Schemes. They informed us that a number of submissions were received from the St Andrews area, and we were keen to emphasise the concern that we’ve picked up ourselves from residents who have contacted us. We cannot say at this early stage if there will be any significant changes made or what those might look like, but we will be having further discussions with neighbouring councillors and the Highways team about how the parking issues in the area might be able to be addressed. The Gloucester Road conservation area has recently been reviewed. Conservation areas are designated so that special regard is paid when planning applications in those areas are submitted or other types of changes are proposed, in order to preserve their architectural or historic interest. The conservation area currently

extends from the Arches up to 83 Gloucester Road, however it is now proposed to extend it up to the junction with Berkeley Road and Somerville Road, as the character of this section of the road is deemed consistent with the lower section. A meeting was recently held between the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees; Gloucester Road traders; and councillors from Ashley, Redland and Bishopston & Ashley Down wards. The traders raised concerns about business rates, parking, the effect of the bus lane, and made some suggestions about how Gloucester Road could be promoted to visitors to the city. The Mayor agreed to look into what he could do to address these concerns. It is clear to all the importance of preserving and enhancing the vitality of Gloucester Road and we hope that the issues raised can be given due regard. Finally, you may be hearing this month about Bristol City Council’s annual budget. One of the changes proposed

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concerns the Neighbourhood Partnerships, and these changes may have a significant impact on how residents are engaged in local decision-making. If you are interested in this conversation and want to share your views, please do come to the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 6 March, which will be held at the Trinity Centre (Trinity Road, BS2 0NW) at 6.30pm.

Cllr Mike Davies, Labour Party uk 07584 370 413 Cllr Jude English, Green Party uk 07584 151 099 Cllr Carole Johnson, Labour Party cllr.carole.johnson@bristol. 07584 370 414

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February, 2017




hope that you are having a good 2017 so far. This time of year is the Chinese New Year and 2017 will be the year of the Rooster. Bristol Museum will be marking the event with some fantastic Chinese New Year Celebrations on the weekend of 4th and 5th February with fun for all of the family. Activities include traditional lion dancing performances, Chinese dancing, music, martial arts demos, dressingup and arts and crafts such as paper folding and mask making. The event is free (donations welcome) and no booking is required. Since Christmas time my family and I have been enjoying some wonderful Winter walks, both in Bristol and beyond. One of the new places we have explored, not far from Bishopston, is Stoke Park Estate. This offers amazing views, rolling green hills, fresh air and nature in abundance so I highly recommend visiting. What's more, there is a new Stoke Park Sculpture Trail comprising of carved creatures

which have all been created from dead fallen wood so that no living trees have been damaged in the process. Sculptures waiting to be discovered include a snake, owls, mouse, a fox, a snail and more! My children and I recently did a little history walk around Horfield with the intention of learning a little about our local history. We weren't disappointed as there is history aplenty in the local area. We looked at the old tram lines

at the doctors surgery on Church Road, discussed street names and their origins and we also popped in to Horfield Parish Church and lit candles. We intend to do more little local history walks throughout 2017. If you are, like me, interested in local history then do pop along to one or more of the Bishopston, Horfield and Ashley Down Local History Society meetings in 2017. The group meets at 7.30pm on

the third Tuesday of the month (except January, August and December) at the Quaker Meeting House on Gloucester Road. There is a £3 visitors fee which includes refreshments. It's a friendly group and no pre-booking is required. To find out more visit www.bishopstonhistorysociety. This month I wanted to write about Emmanuel Bishopston Toddlers, a toddler group for 0 – 4s and their parents/carers which meets 10 – 11.30am every Wednesday in term-time at Horfield Baptist Church. There is a short waiting list; to add your name phone Claire on 077833 458 985. The group offers great activities including singing and story time, musical instruments, a parachute, play dough, colouring, stickers, the Hokey Cokey, plus delicious home-made cake. Now you can't get better than that!

Bishopston Mum

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February, 2017




Horfield orchard ‘wakes up’ with wassailing MORE than 200 people crowded into a Horfield orchard to wake up the trees ready for the new year in a traditional wassail celebration. The Horfield Organic Community Orchard, situated at the edge of the allotments off Kings Drive, was filled with crowds gathering around the old apple tree to celebrate last year’s crop and make a huge amount of noise to wake up the trees for the year to come. Wassailing is a West Country tradition to scare off evil spirits and ensure a good crop to make cider. Visitors were entertained by Bishopston’s Pigsty Morris dancers and Bristol Folk Singers while they enjoyed mulled orchard juice and cakes made from the orchard’s fruit. A second tree was also decorated with ribbons and traditional strips of cloth known as clouties as part of the ceremony. The annual ceremony is one of the few times the community orchard opens its gates to the public so they can see the more than 100 different types of fruit trees, bushes and vines that have been added to the orchard since it was first established 19 years ago. The newest part of the orchard is the Home Orchard Plot, which has been partfunded by a Well Being grant from Bishopston, Cotham

and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership. Volunteers were busy in the run up to Christmas to weed, dig and plant trees and fruit bushes in the home orchard. It aims to show people ways to grow fruit even in small spaces. Orchard coordinator Shannon Smith said: “The plot is taking shape and so are we! Such active and muddy work is an excellent tonic to winter blues. “We’re adding this new

project to the orchard because we want to inspire more people to grow fruit in gardens, allotments and small community spaces.” In the summer months members of Horfield Organic Community Orchard enjoy fruits ranging from plums and cherries to apples and pears. They’re now looking for new members to join to help care for the orchard and share the fruit grown there. Shannon said: “Membership of HOCO is open to anyone and new members are welcome to join this year. “Harvest-share members enjoy a ‘dividend’ of fresh fruits, learn specialist fruit-growing

skills, and have the pleasure of working and socialising in a pioneering community orchard. “Getting involved in 2017 is an opportunity to make the most of hands-on learning while caring for fruit trees in their crucial early years. People are also invited to join HCCO as a supporting friend of the orchard and its activities.” The orchard will hold its next open day in June, and will also open to the public on Apple Day on October 22. More details are on its website at Photos: Jamie Carstairs

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February, 2017


Dessert café for Gloucester Road A NEW dessert café is due to open its doors on Gloucester Road in March. Lebanese restaurant Lona is taking on the premises left empty by the closure of Lashings coffee house. The new café will offer desserts, cakes, Italian ice cream, as well as the range of juices already made popular in Lona’s main restaurant. The café will be just a few doors away from the existing restaurant, which has occupied the former Co-op site for the past three years. It isn’t decided yet whether the new venture will also carry the Lona name, but a new manager and staff will be taken on to run it. Lona manager Milan Faab said: “We’ve already started refurbishing it, which will take six to eight weeks. There’s a lot we haven’t decided yet, but it

should be opening in March. People will also be able to hire it out as a birthday party venue.” Lona’s existing offering is authentic Lebanese cuisine accompanied by fresh juice cocktails, as the restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol. Its distinctive style includes a red and orange tented ceiling and a large open kitchen so guests can watch their food being cooked. Whether the new dessert café matches this décor or adopts its own style is yet to be decided.


We are looking for


required to deliver our in the to deliver our monthly newspapers monthly newspapers following areas: in the following areas:

WESTBURY ON TRYMON TRYM ST ANDREWS, WESTBURY If you are reliable and fit then this is a role suitable for all age groups (minimum If you are 13 years or over, reliableage andoffit13). then this is a role The newspapers will be suitable for all age groups. delivered to your home ready The newspapers will be delivered to your home ready for distributing. for distributing. Routes range from 300 to 500 Routes range from 300 to 550 newspapers. newspapers. Please email Tel: 01179 082your 121 details or email: (address, name and contact telephone number) to: along with your address and contact telephone number

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February, 2017


n BOOKS OF THE MONTH 'Books of the Month with staff at Cheltenham Road Library' Adult Fiction: Book of the Month for December

The Humans By Matt Haig A wryly humorous look at the human condition as seen by an alien. The narrator comes from the planet Vonnadoria, where life is based around maths, logic and rationality, with no messy emotions to clutter up the immortal existence REVIEW BY LIBRARY STAFF: I loved this book! In this book we follow an alien as he attempts to disguise himself within a murdered human body. This book

enables the reader to view all the mundane aspects of our existence with fresh eyes and realise the somewhat absurdity of being human. Haig uses humour as he takes a magnifying glass to society and what it means to be human. “ This was, I would later realise, a planet of things wrapped inside things. Food inside wrappers. Bodies inside clothes. Contempt inside smiles. Everything was hidden away.” Children’s Fiction - Read and enjoyed by Lily Dyke

Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson Frequently berated for breaking his hyper-fussy house rules, as well as for her lack of looks, confidence and friends, Beauty

lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad’s home. Her pretty, sweet mum is equally afraid of him. Eventually, after an unbearable birthday party, amidst fears that Dad’s temper is out of control, Mum and Beauty run away. They find themselves in an idyllic seaside resort where their new-found freedom and a moment of culinary inspiration give them a hobby, an income and even a new nickname for Beauty whose dreams all come true — and she deserves it! LILY’S REVIEW: This book is called Cookie and is written by Jacqueline Wilson. It has emotions such as anger sadness joyand peace. It is about a girl called Beauty her best friend Rhona and Beauty's worst enemy Skye. Beauty's mum and dad are organising a party for her and are asking her to invite Skye. But something incredibly funny happens - Skye pees her pants all thanks to Beauty's sister Lily who is disabled. Lily makes Skye jump by making a gargling

noise. But one thing that is even better than Skye peeing her pants is that Rhona gets Beauty the thing she has wanted for years, a bunny. I like this book because it is funny and emotional at the same time. I also like it because it has a really happy ending. I have no dislikes. I like this book give it 9/10 and recommend it to girls who are aged 9-12 and who don't cry easily. By Lily Dyke For these books an d many more, visit us at Cheltenham Road Library. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, there are ove r 2 milli on items from which you can reserve for free across LibrariesWest and collect from any library of your choice.

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February, 2017

n NEWS SMALL employers in Bristol are to get a helping hand from Bishopston Voice, a city MP and the Pensions Regulator as they prepare for major pension reforms that will see most workers enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. Charlotte Leslie, MP for Bristol North West, will be hosting an event - sponsored by the Bishopston Voice parent company Local Voice Network - for small employers in the area on April 10, 2017 to get the message out that automatic enrolment into workplace pensions applies to them and to help them get to grips with what they need to do. An expert from The Pensions Regulator will be attending to provide specialist guidance for local employers. Whether you're a shopkeeper, a plumber or employ someone in the home, if you employ at least one person you are an employer and you have certain legal duties. Employers are invited to come along to Orchard School Bristol in Horfield, BS7 0XZ at 1pm on Monday, April 10th to learn more about preparing for automatic enrolment and to pose questions to pensions experts. The event is FREE and there will be refreshments provided. A CARER is anyone who helps look after someone in their family or a friend. They could be ill, disabled, have mental health problems or be misusing drugs or alcohol. Bristol and South Gloucestershire charity, Carers Support Centre, provides specialist support to carers, including children aged eight to 18. This includes one-to-one and family support, carers’ groups, respite activities, short breaks and training. Carers Support Centre works with 32 local schools through its Young Carers in Education programme. To mark the national Young Carers Awareness Day on January 26, Carers Support Centre has worked with young carers to make a short film, available on YouTube which is being sent to local primary and secondary schools in the area, including those in Bishopston and Redland. The film aims to raise awareness amongst teachers and pupils, and has been part funded by Carers Trust. In the film, young carer Ellie



Voice magazines helping small firms to get to grips with pensions rules Failing to comply with the new duties could lead to a fine, so it’s important that each employer understands what they have to do and when. This event will help small employers understand what’s required of them and get automatic enrolment right for their workers. There will also be information on what to consider when choosing a pension scheme, making the most of payroll software and how to tell your staff about workplace pensions. Charlotte Leslie said: “The law on workplace pensions has changed. Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties, which includes putting certain staff into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it. Six million workers have already been put into a scheme by the UK’s large and medium employers. And it is now the turn of small employers, who have to date enrolled half a million workers – giving them

the opportunity to save for their retirement through a workplace pension. “Over the next year, small businesses in Bristol will need to enrol their staff into a workplace pension and make contributions to it. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a shopkeeper, a plumber or if you employ somebody in your home – if you employ at least one person then you’re an employer and will have new duties. Failing to get it right could lead to a fine, so it’s important that every small business understands that automatic enrolment applies to them, what they need to do and by when. “I’m keen to help small businesses get automatic enrolment right, so I will be holding this event for local employers on April 10 where you’ll have the chance to find out what you need to do, and by when. I’ll be joined by experts from The Pensions, so this is a great opportunity to get specialist guidance and support

on how to enrol your workers into workplace pensions with ease and ask questions about how this important reform applies to you.” Register for the event at workplace-pensions-whatbosses-in-bristol-need-to-knowfree-event-tickets-30884560552

Time to support young carers

says: “Even though we spend a lot of our time in our caring roles and doing something a lot of people don’t do, we still have ambitions. We still have dreams we want to accomplish in the next couple of years or in the future.” Clayton, from Southmead, is 14 years old and he cares for his brother who has a developmental delay and learning difficulties. In the film he says: “I want to be a doctor and a street dancer! “My mum is always helping people. She’s a nurse and at the moment my mum has injured

her back and her leg. I want to be able to be one of those people that can stop that from happening and then maybe one day actually maybe be able to heal her.” There are likely to be young carers in every school and college, but many remain unidentified. In a Carers Trust survey, 39 per cent said that nobody in their school was aware of their caring role. Keith Sinclair, Chief Executive of Carers Support Centre, said:“Young carers miss

out on their childhood. They can often become isolated due to caring duties, missing out on playing, seeing friends and other leisure activities. They can often miss lessons and as a result, can struggle to keep up with school work and not achieve their potential. They can also suffer from bullying at school.” “Many young carers have no choice but to look after parents and other family members, and many take on this responsibility without a second thought. It is crucial that young carers get the support and help they so desperately need.” Peer support from other people who understand can help many carers feel less alone. Carers Support Centre provides opportunities for carers in Bristol to get together. To find out more contact CarersLine 0117 965 2200 or see www. Picture courtesy of Carers Trust

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February, 2017

n NEWS BRISTOL Museum are searching for local people who went to school in Bristol during the 60s or 70s, and in particular, those who studied art. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery are planning a special exhibition based around the pottery collection that was lent out to local schools during the 60s and 70s. The collection featured



Bristolians! Did you study art at school in the 60s or 70s? ground-breaking pieces from some of the leading potters of the time, including curious shapes by Hans Coper and Lucy Rie as well as enormous thrown vases and jars by Janet Leach and others. The collection was rich in texture and animal decoration. The collection was used in secondary schools, particularly by students studying ‘O’ and ‘A’ level pottery, as well as in primary schools. It was provided by the Schools Art Service, based at Bower Ashton. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery wants to hear from anyone who has memories of the pots and of making pottery in Bristol schools during this time, including anyone who remembers teaching using the pottery loan service. Memories of the collection from Bishopston, Cotham and Redland residents may end up

in the exhibition interpretation, through quotes or short recorded interviews. Contact bristolmuseums@ if you have any information that could help Bristol Museum and Art Gallery with this exciting new project.

Embroiderers' Guild exhibition THE Bristol Branch Embroiderers Guild Exhibition is being held on February 17-18 at Stoke Lodge Adult Education Centre, Shirehampton Road BS9 1BN. The Embroiderers Guild meet regularly at All Saints’ Church Hall in Alma Vale Road for evening meetings and lectures and hold meet and stitch events at the Guide HQ on Westmoreland Road in Redland on the first Wednesday of each

month. The Bristol branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild started 35 years ago in 1981 and has seen many changes to the art during that time. Alexia Gardner, Vice Chair of Bristol Embroiderers Guild explained: “There is a lot of textile art going on in the world that is different to the more intricate and fine embroidery work of previous years. When I was at school we were doing cross stitch

and things like that whereas now, there are so many more fabrics available, with sparkles and threads, and all sorts of people do different things." The exhibition will be pen on Friday from 10am-4.30pm and Saturday from 10am - 4pm. There will be light refreshments and a sales table. Admission costs £3.00. For further details contact EmbroiderersGuildBristol@

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February, 2017

n NEWS DAYS are still grey and drizzly, dark and cold… but soon spring will be with us and that’s the perfect time to introduce Playing Out on your street, according to the group that promotes it. The organisation says lots of streets in Bishopston and Redland already participate,

Funding on offer for Playing Out closing to traffic so that children can play safely. Neighbourhood Partnership funding is available to support new streets to play out in Bishopston, Cotham and Redland until July, so now is the time to start the ball rolling, as it takes at least a couple of months to organise things. After July residents will still be able to get advice from the Playing Out website and phoneline, but there will be less one to one support available in this area. Gaby Solly, from Playing Out, said: "Please get in touch to find out how you can encourage children to get out and active where you live. It’s a fabulous way for them to make new friends, develop their confidence and have healthy fun right on their doorstep. It's also a great opportunity for neighbours of all ages to be able to use their street as a social space; to get to know

Prego Valentine Evening Menu 2017 £29.95 for 3 courses Starters

Pan-fried Scallops with shellfish risotto and gremolata (£2 supp) Bruschetta with roasted beets and fresh goats curd cheese with chicory walnuts & honey Fritto Misto with anchovy aioli & fennel salad roast beef carpaccio with rocket & hazelnuts


pan-fried hake with roasted peppers, chickpeas, ndula & fennel Local Beef fillet wrapped in wild mushrooms & Parma Ham, with roast pink firs, Italian greens (£3 supp) Pork shank osso bucco with marsala, Parmesan polenta & Italian greens Handmade wild mushroom Ravioli, finished with Burro marrone, Parmesan & pangratatto


Selection of Handmade Desserts available We are now open every Sunday lunchtime (12:00 to 15:00)

each other better and to develop a stronger sense of community. " Contact gabyisplayingout@ to get started and seethe Playing Out website for information, videos and ‘how-to’ advice:


Give Sue a call on 07976 706120

mesa Bar and Tapas

Coming Mid Feb North View Westbury Park

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February, 2017



More sport, less sugar is a smart idea By now many Voice readers will have had the chance to review the Council’s new budget proposals and updates to the draft corporate strategy launched in January. These documents outline how we propose funding top priorities for the city including my seven key commitments and vital services. I’m grateful for all the thoughts and ideas that were given to us during the initial consultation at the end of last year and I understand that some of the savings ideas aren’t popular. Many other places made these hard decisions a long time ago. Bristol is being forced to catch up and if we don’t do it now we will lose any chance of making savings in a planned, controlled way which can take into account of the needs of local people. A new round of detailed consultation is planned from late January looking at how the Council will implement some of the latest savings proposals, if they are approved. You can also submit questions to be answered at next month’s special budget-focused full Council

The Mayor’s View Each month Bristol mayor Marvin Rees shares his views with Bishopston Voice

meeting on Tuesday February 21. In order to be considered, please get your questions to us by 5pm on February 15 by emailing democratic. Elsewhere, we are also working hard to support those in Bristol aiming to improve their own health and fitness during 2017. Not only has Bristol got a wealth of active health groups

which aim to make sport and health more accessible, but this is also the city’s year as a European City of Sport. In January I met 150 key individuals from sporting organisations across the city to discuss the vision for the year ahead and how to develop sporting opportunities for Bristol. • Staying fit and healthy is not just about exercise. What we eat and drink also has a big impact. Last month was the launch of Bristol’s bid to become a Sugar Smart City. Alongside the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, Bristol Sport Foundation and UWE, we want to raise awareness of where sugar is hidden in food so that we can all make more informed choices. Current data shows that 57% of adults and over a third of 10-11 year olds are now overweight in the city – and a quarter of fiveyear-olds in Bristol have tooth decay. Not only this, but the number of cases of life threatening diseases related to a poor diet, such as Type 2 diabetes, is increasing. Many of these conditions can be traced to eating too much sugar. While it can be easy to point out some foods to avoid, some are much harder to spot. If you would like to take action for yourself and your family I would encourage you to head to the website below to discover how we can all eat smarter in the year ahead.



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SOLUTION FOCUSED HYPNOTHERAPY is the most effective therapy for achieving change. The brain is by far the most complex system yet known to science - it has trillions more electrochemical configurations possible than there are estimated cubic metres in the universe (J. Ratey). It’s our INNER SPACE and everyone’s is different - I have learned about navigating inner space and discovered that hypnotherapy / trance is the quickest and best way to access the inner resources which all of us possess to restore balance and change the way we think, react, feel and behave.




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February, 2017


with Hamish Mills, Sustainable Redland ALL of us strive towards a better standard of living. We want our lives to be easier to live and richer in terms of money, culture and experience. Thanks to medicine we expect to live longer, and with improved technology and infrastructure we expect amenities that sometimes our parents and certainly our grandparents could only dream of. Our financial system and standard of living are closely bound. The more the former expands, the more the latter improves. At least that's the theory, but whatever the case, none of us want lives that are poorer and more difficult to live and most of us want to be better off. Here's the conundrum. The way things are at the moment, a higher standard of living nearly always means a more energy intense

Halt - conserve that energy one, with new cars, bigger TV sets, electronic gadgetry, foreign holidays and food from around the world. Who doesn't like the choice, price and convenience of supermarkets? But when we shop in them do we factor in the damage of motorways, juggernauts and aircraft that cart our food around the world, and the loss of small independent suppliers? Most of us are concerned about climate change and know that the way we live is unsustainable. The trouble is we are not clear in our heads about the role of energy in our standard of living. We're afraid that with less of it the latter would tumble, and that makes us afraid to

consider other possibilities. But there are others that improve, not detract, from our standard of living. For example instead of flying somewhere, we should rediscover Britain. It's got everything - wild beauty, a limitless choice of seaside destinations, sun, solitude, busy or historical places and nature reserves galore. It's all there. Or we could take a fast train to somewhere in Europe where the choice of places to go is limitless. We could put our hard earned wages into making our house's energy needs as near to zero as possible and consider what long car drives to work to pay for our energy intensive lifestyles does to our health. Cycling to somewhere local is miles cheaper, makes us

Valentine fundraiser for cat charity The Moggery LONGMEAD Avenue cat rescue and rehoming centre, The Moggery, is holding a Valentine themed fundraiser - Girly Guilty Pleasures - on Saturday February 11. A selection of handbags, toiletries and Yankee candles will be available to buy plus a variety of other girly pleasures such as hair braiding, neck massage and dry trims. It will be an event to get ladies in the mood for love with gooey chocolate cakes and tasty hot chocolate served by handsome hunks! Christine Bayka, from The Moggery, said: “Everybody who comes along will enjoy the treats on offer. Every penny is going towards the care of the cats and kittens.” The Valentines' Fair will be held at St Michael’s and All Angels Church Hall, Pigsty Hill, Gloucester Road from 1pm-4pm. The one-of-a-kind Bishopston cat shelter is appealing for donations of any unwanted Christmas presents such as gift sets, jewellery, handbags and scarves, etc, to resell at the

event. Christine has asked that if you have anything you could donate to bring it to the Moggery at 65 Longmead Avenue, ring the doorbell but if no one is in please leave your items in the large green donation bin outside the front door. The Moggery was opened in 1997 by Christine and the charity is run out of her former home and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Christine and her dedicated team work tirelessly to rehome approximately 250 cats per year, and also provide neutering services. The Moggery aims to provide an all-round solution for local cat problems. This may involve actions as diverse as finding a new home for the loved pet of an elderly local resident entering a nursing home, trapping and neutering a feral colony, bottle feeding abandoned kittens, or caring for the many cats left behind by tenants each year in the Bristol area.

fitter, decongests the roads and does not pollute the air. It might be convenient getting all our food from supermarkets, but I mentioned above how unsustainable that is. Instead we could try growing our own and buying as much locally grown as we can manage. It'll be better quality and we'll know what's gone into it. So I would argue that if we stop using the narrow economic tool we use at the moment to measure our standard of living and broadened it to include health, environmental quality and sustainability we would find a higher standard also means a lower energy one. Hamish Wills Sustainable Redland

Turfing over the playground HORFIELD CE Primary School are fundraising to buy artificial turf to lay over two areas of the school playground, making these areas accessible throughout the year for safe, fun learning and active play. The school are trying a few different funding avenues to reach the £30,000 needed but with budgets being tight the money is largely coming from fundraising efforts led by the School Association. Karen White, chair of the Horfield School Association, said: “One of our ideas is opening up the space for sponsorship, selling 1m2 sections to individuals for £5 each, or 10m2 for £50 to local businesses. Each square sold can be dedicated to a particular person or group. Some have been named after the buyer's family, some as gifts for the person who has everything and some businesses have purchased them in their company name.”

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February, 2017




How to protect garden birds from your cat IT’S heading into spring and there is soon to be the delightful sound of birds tweeting to their young in nests in the trees and hedges. Cats in the UK are estimated to catch up to 55 million birds each year. During the breeding season, how can you prevent your cat from doing what’s natural and stalking

these defenseless baby birds and bringing them back as presents just for you? The first thing you can do is give birds advance warning that your cat is on the way. Attaching a small bell to your cat’s collar is thought to reduce birds caught by more than 40%. Any cat collars should be quick release in case they become caught; they should be fitted firmly enough not to fall off, but you should also be able to easily fit two fingers between your cat’s collar and neck to ensure that the collar is not too tight. Keeping your cat indoors around dawn and dusk can help as birds are most vulnerable during this time particularly between March and July and also between December and January. Offering them their meals at these times can encourage them to stay indoors, although they will still catch birds even when they are not hungry. Any bird feeders in your garden should be placed high up off the ground and not close to a surface

that a cat could jump from. Placing a spiky plant underneath the bird feeder or an uncomfortable or difficult surface to sit on can be useful to prevent cats sitting and waiting below the feeder. Any nesting boxes for birds should also follow similar precautions. Playing more with cats indoors can help keep them entertained, chasing and pouncing games particularly. Laser light toys for them to chase or toys attached to long strings for them to pounce on can burn off some of their energy and prey drive. The populations of some species of birds in the UK have been seriously declining; much of this is thought to be due to the loss of habitat rather than predation

Sophie McGill. Veterinary Surgeon by pet cats. However helping to reduce the number of birds your cat catches seems like a worthwhile endeavour even if only to reduce the numbers of presents you receive.

Animal Health Centre Gloucester Road’s Independent Veterinary Practice 358 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TP 0117 9247832

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February, 2017


Clare Chapman

Flexibility will come naturally if we let it NEW training, sport or fitness class? Chances are you will be doing some stretches! Stretching forms a part of most sports and fitness workouts. People often ask why hamstrings in particular are so resistant to change. Despite even well-taught and regular stretching, hamstring tightness will be an ongoing issue if your everyday posture puts your pelvis and tail in a tucked under position. This shortens the distance and therefore the length of the muscles all the way down to their insertions around the knee. You then regularly stretch in a vain effort to correct this imbalance, without ever addressing its underlying cause. If stretching really was a solution, should we have to keep repeating it?

The woman in the picture shows how stretching with a tucked and fixed pelvis results in over-stretching her back and compressing the back of her neck. Better posture would allow her pelvis to rotate forward around her hip joints and straighten her spine. She would develop better hip mobility (and healthy,

spacious joints), and also regain hamstring length. She would then also achieve this just by healthier everyday sitting and bending! Notice too how this way of rounding forward bypasses the deep abdominal activation you get with good alignment, hunches the upper back and compresses the back of the neck.

Stretching should never mean poor positioning, straining and pulling. We can learn how best to release our muscles from watching animals, babies and young children – they stretch, but in an organic, natural way that helps to awaken muscles and deepen the breath, perhaps dispelling tension with a delicious yawn, too! When we do what is right for our bodies, muscle length and flexibility will start to come naturally. Next Free Workshop, Weds 1st March 4-5.30pm Spicer+Cole, Glos. Rd, Sign-up: Foundation Course: Saturday 18th and 25th February Yoga class: Thursdays, 9.30am Further info: 07982 231317

At Animal House we understand that registering your pet with a new vet is a big decision. So to make it a little easier we are making this offer to you. Make a ‘Meet the vet’ appointment at any of our surgeries and we will give you the first consultation absolutely free. The only cost to you would be if your pet needed any treatment agreed with The Animal House Vet. We hope that this appointment will give you the opportunity to experience the Animal House personal approach to veterinary care. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the form on our website to receive your voucher. Chalks Road St George Bristol. BS5 7AA

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February, 2017



with Ingrid Bates


S I mentioned last month, winter is the time for pruning and I’m still slowly working my way through my 38 rows of vines – currently at row 12! I always find the first few rows go very slowly and that I seem to double in speed as the weeks progress. Quite why this is I’ve never worked out. I think it has something to do with the pruning becoming an unconscious process through constant repetition. I have quite a short attention span so find that listening to the radio helps

keep me motivated as I inch my way along each row. Like most gardeners I love the reward of a good bonfire at the end of a task and you can make a big bonfire when you have a vineyard! I am careful to check my pruning pile for wildlife before I start and am always astonished at the extreme heat even a small bonfire can produce - I have to make sure that I don’t start the fire too close to the hedges or the vines. Bonfires are great fun, hypnotic to watch and amazingly efficient at reducing a huge pile of twigs to practically nothing. Happily they also help in disease control as burning the prunings kills the fungal spores they harbor which in turn reduces the risk of mildew appearing next summer. You may remember from last year that the Children’s Laureate and award winning Illustrator, Chris Riddell, drew a lovely Pinot noir dryad illustration for our wine label. For this year we have decided to work together again but have not yet decided what we will create so watch this space for more

information when we have it! Our latest Pinot rosé is still with the winemaker and won’t be bottled for another couple of months but we’re very keen to find out what it’ll be like. As we are only a small producer our wine is subtly different each year, reflecting the weather conditions and the size of the crop produced that summer. It’s hard to imagine it will ever

be summer again in the murk of January but it’ll be here before we know it and I’ll soon be rushing about with a million jobs to do in the vineyard. Twitter: @DYvineyards FB & Instagram: dunleavy vineyards

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n NEWS Yoga for Health by Diana Penny

of Yogawest (

Yoga Pose of the Month:


Practice time: 30 – 60 seconds.

This is the 6th pose in the sequence begun last September. If you’ve missed any poses in the sequence, contact 1.Begin in Tadasana. Stand upright with your feet, toes, ankles touching. Rotate the inner thighs back. Spread the backs of the thighs and knees from the inner back legs to the outer. Bring the weight back to the heels. Lengthen the soles of the feet from the centre of the arch to the toes, and from the centre of the arch to the heels. Lift your chest. Roll your shoulders back and down and press the tips of your shoulder-blades forward. Stretch your arms down by your

sides. Look straight ahead. 2. Uttitha Hasta Padasana: With an inhalation jump your feet 4 to 4½ feet apart. As you jump, swing your arms out to the sides. Make sure that when you land, your feet point straight forward. Fully stretch your arms and legs and raise your chest. Take a couple of breaths. Roll your shoulders down and press the points of your shoulder blades into your back. Lengthen up through the crown of your head. Lift the skin of the inner thighs evenly up through the inner groins, and beyond to reach the sternum bone. 3. Parsva Hasta Padasana: Turn your left foot in slightly and your right foot, shin, knee and thigh 90 degrees to the right. Check that the middle of the thigh, knee and ankle are in line. Take a few breaths. Turn the abdomen and chest away from the right leg, and face straight ahead. Lift both sides of the waist and side ribs. 4. Uttitha Trikonasana: Exhale and bend sideways over your right leg. Take hold of your right shin. As your hand grips your shin, firm both legs by pulling up your kneecaps. The knees have to be level, otherwise the front leg becomes too long. Keep widening

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February, 2017

the distance between the legs until the knees become level with each other. 5. Press your pelvis forward and roll your left hip, torso and shoulder back. Breathing normally, raise your left arm and look up beyond your right hand. Extend arms away from each other and from the sternum bone. Change sides. To come up, swing back up to Parsva Hastasasana. Turn your feet to face forward. Jump back to Tadasana. Drawings and posture text reproduced by kind permission of Bobby Clennell, a senior Iyengar teacher in New York.






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February, 2017



Parking on pavements puts people with prams or disabilities in peril WITH more cars, but increasing limitations on parking spaces, parking on pavements is becoming a familiar sight in Bishopston and Redland but it is not just a local problem. The RNIB and Guide Dogs have long campaigned on this issue and in December 2015 a Pavement Parking Private Members’ Bill was debated in Parliament, but withdrawn following the government’s commitment to undertake a policy review. Bristol Walking Alliance (BWA) have set up a sub-group to look into this as it has become clear that this is a priority issue for pedestrians particularly for parents with young children or those who are disabled. Former Henleaze councillor, Glenise Morgan, a member of the BWA sub-group, said: “There is little that can be done

by the council or police without legislation being in place, as it is in London, so one of our first actions is to write to our MPs and request that they find out why – one year later - nothing further has been heard about the government’s proposed review.” Many drivers park on pavements to help traffic flow, oblivious of the safety risk to

the disabled and parents with pushchairs, so the BWA will also be working with the RNIB, Guide Dogs and Living Streets on raising awareness. If you would like to get involved, or have local examples where pavement parking is a problem, get in touch at www. – free membership is open to organisations and individuals.


Get hip for The Grand Appeal FAB 208, the West’s longest running 70s tribute band are performing live at Bristol St Andrews Bowling Club on behalf of The Grand Appeal for Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. Doors open at the venue in Derby Road at 7pm on Saturday, February 11th. There will be an auction for The Grand Appeal during the evening featuring items including a family ticket to Wookey Hole, unlimited weekend rides for 4 people at the Grand Pier, WestonSuper-Mare and a family ticket to a one day match at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Call Brian for tickets, £5, on 07765 796560 or via

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February, 2017

n DENTAL with Catherine Spalding

Snoring is no laughing matter - ask your dentist for advice SNORING is caused by a partial closure of your airway during sleep due to a relaxation of the muscles in your neck. The soft tissue then vibrates to cause the sound of snoring. Certain factors increase the chance of being a snorer: • Gender – Men tend to put on upper body weight and therefore have more soft tissue around the neck. This makes men more prone to snoring. • Weight – If you are overweight then you will have more soft tissue around the neck which increases the chance of snoring. • Age – As we age our muscles become weaker and this can lead to weaker throat muscles. • Physiology – Some of us are more likely to snore due to our physiology. • Lifestyle – Some people snore

after drinking alcohol or taking sleeping tablets. This causes additional relaxation of muscles in the neck and throat. Some snorers “stop snoring” and also “stop breathing” only to “start snoring and breathing” again a few seconds later often accompanied by a choke or gasp or snort. This is an indication that the snorer has Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Every time we stop breathing, known as apnoea, our bodies are starved of oxygen. Our brain instructs our body to partially waken by producing adrenalin. Most OSA victims have no memory of this all night life-anddeath struggle for oxygen. OSA robs its sufferers of restful sleep, leaving them tired, sleepy and exhausted during the day as well as contributing to many other health problems. Snoring has an immense impact

on the health and quality of life for the snorer, their partner and family. The lack of sleep caused by snoring has wide reaching effects such as daytime sleepiness, poor motivation, higher stress levels, a lack of energy, driving whilst tired and less effectiveness at work. In addition, snoring and especially OSA, contribute to other serious health and lifestyle issues including increased blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a poor relationship with partner. One thing that can help is called Sleepwell. It is a device that can be placed in your mouth during the night - it fits over your teeth and helps keep your airway open. Sleepwell costs £325. Catherine is a trained Sleepwell dentist and can help with any questions about it.

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February, 2017


BRISTOL Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM) have put out an appeal for women under the age of 35 to come forward to donate their eggs. Over 75 couples are on the waiting list at BCRM, based in Southmead Hospital, hoping to have fertility treatment using donor eggs. For these couples, having a donor egg is the only way they will ever be able to conceive a child of their own. Very few women come forward in any given year to offer to donate their eggs and so all these couples have to wait up to 18 months before they get to the top of the list and usually they have already been trying naturally for two years - or they have been through numerous fertility treatments before finally having to give up having a baby with their own eggs. Wendy Martin from BCRM said: “The degree of heartache these couples experience is immeasurable, especially as all their friends, colleagues and family are having babies all around them while all they can do is wait and hope someone will come forward one day to help them.” In order to donate eggs you would need to: • Be under 35 years of age • Have a BMI of between 19 and 30 • Have your eggs harvested during a simple medical procedure (carried out under general anaesthetic) so they can be shared between two couples. You also need to possess certain qualities and characteristics: • Empathy for those who are struggling to conceive a child


Could you be an egg donor?

and an understanding of the emotional anguish that such a situation brings them • The sense that an egg is just an egg, a cell, and not a ‘potential child of yours’ • The ability to fit the appointments, scans and an operative procedure into your busy schedule • The willingness to be registered as a donor with identifiable details so that any child conceived from your donation


Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00 Last Wash 18.30 Sat & Sun 08.00-20.00 Last Wash 18.30 Counter Hrs Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00 Sat till 18.00

307 Gloucester Road, Horfield, BS7 8PE

Tel: 01179248697

could have access to it once they reach the age of 18. Donors will be compensated to the sum of £750 for their time, inconvenience and any expenses incurred. From the time you first make contact with the clinic to the time when you will finally donate your eggs is approximately 6 months – and so if you contact the clinic in the New Year you could be undergoing the actual egg donation process during late

spring/early summer of 2017. If you feel you are someone who could help a woman to have a baby and help a couple to have a family together, then you can find more information by going to the BCRM website treatments-services/becoming-adonor Or you could call Gemma or Anne, the nurses from the BCRM egg donation programme, on 0117 414 6880.

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n WHAT’S ON IN OUR AREA February 1 n Westbury Park WI - A talk about the charity we support - One25. The WI meet every month at the Redland Church Halls, Redland Green Road, BS6 7HE. If you want to walk as a group across the park, please meet at the Metford Road entrance to the park by 7.15am. February 4 n The Bandstand is a Sacred Space perform at St Alban’s Church Hall. An evening of jazz and swing with some of the South West’s best jazz musicians. Two youth bands: Backwell School Swing Band and the Joe Bradford Quartet. Adults £5, Under 18s £3. Tickets on the door. February 14 n Aiki Jutsu self-defence course. Aiki Jutsu is martial art and spiritual path, using the practical skills of the Samurai warrior to develop interactive harmony and effectiveness in the world today. The centre and balance you feel with practice affects your whole being, a more peaceful mind and heart. Beginner's course starts on Tuesday 14th February@ the Scout Hut, Hurle Road, (off Whiteladies Road), Clifton, BS8 2SY. Check "" and call Steve on 07712 077621 for more information. February 15 & 23 n New Year - New Interests! Science or Scrabble, Gardens or German, Current Affairs or Cinema, Latin or Lawn Bowls? If you have retired from full-time work, Bristol U3A offers over 100 different activities. Please, come to one of our social groups, for details phone Jenny 0117 904 3697 - or just drop-in to Browns Restaurant, by the Museum, 10.15am every third Wednesday and fourth Thursday of the month. Visit our website: www.bristolu3a. For friendship - come and join us - Bristol U3A! February 19 n New Year - New interests! Democracy or Politics, History or Jazz, Literature or Lunch out? If you have retired from full-time work, and want to take part in enjoyable learning with friendship and fun, Bristol U3A has over 100 different activities. Find out more at the Horfield social group w ​ hich meets at 10.30am on the third Monday of every month. For details, please phone Maureen 0117 909 0281 or visit our website: www.bristolu3a. All alone? - come and join us - Bristol U3A! February 20 n Senior Film Club - St Peter's Hall, The Drive, Henleaze. Home Instead Bring Joy Foundation is

pleased to support the Henleaze Senior Film Club and bring you the following fun Monday afternoons, each starting at 2pm :- February 20th the film is 'Golden Years' - a contemporary comedy about a senior couple who decide to rob a bank ! Refreshments (Tea & Cake) £3. Transport offered by Dial-A-Ride, Tel 0845 139 875 For further details, please ring 0117 989 8210

WHAT’S ON A REGULAR BASIS Monday n Toddler group at Ardagh Pavilion, Kellaway Avenue, Horfield Common. Ages 03, cost £2.50 per family includes refreshments and biscuits. All welcome. Friendly vibrant group just drop in. Contact Kay on 01179426580 for further details. n FitSteps, Ashley Down Primary School, Olveston Road, 7-8pm. FitSteps® the new craze in dance fitness classes from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’s’ very own Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite and Mark Foster. This really is the most fun, graceful way to get in shape. n Kick Start Fat Loss Club, Ashley Down Primary School, Olveston Road, 8-9pm. Kick Start Fat Loss is a revolutionary new diet and exercise club currently running in Bristol. There is no calorie counting, daily points, fad foods or complicated workouts. *Weekly weigh in, measure and body stat recording. n Morris for fitness and fun, 7.15pm – 8.15pm at Horfield URC, Muller Road, Horfield, BS7 9RE during term time only, no performance element, small groups. Sticks and hankies provided. Tel/text: 07813 346819 / 0117 9401566, www.thegreatcaper. n Redland Wind Band rehearses at the Quakers Meeting Room on Gloucester Road at 7.30pm. We sometimes have vacancies, currently mainly for bass instruments, horns and percussionists. Contact Andy Brown at redlandwindband@googlemail. com or on 07594240269 or via our website www.redlandwindband. . Get in touch if you would like to be put on our mailing list or would like to book us for events or fundraisers. n Redland Green Choir meets for rehearsals every Monday 7.30pm9.30pm at Redland Green School. We sing a wide variety of music. New members welcome: no auditions. For more information,

visit www.rgscommunitychoir. or phone 0117 9443042. n Beaufort Junior Badminton Club. Venue: Cotham School Sports Hall, Cotham Lawn Road, BS6 6DT. Date/Time: Mondays from 6-7pm, term time only. Age Group: 11 18 years. All standards. Coaching and club play but also progression to Avon County Teams and senior clubs. Coaches CRB checked and Badminton England qualified. Contact: Penny Shears 0794 101 3514. Email: pennyshears@ n RAFA, City of Bristol branch and club Eastfield Westbury on Trym for ex-RAF and associate members. Skittle Alley, parties and functions. Live entertainment on Saturday evenings. Open Monday to Saturday lunchtimes and evenings. Sundays noon till 5pm. All enquiries telephone 0117 3291913. n New Fitness League (Exercise Movement and Dance class) for ladies. Low impact classes offer a fusion of dance, exercise and core strengthening, choreographed to music and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Strengthen muscles, raise energy levels, improve balance and mobilise joints. 6.15-7.25pm at St Barts Church Hall, St Andrew’s, Maurice Road, BS6 5BZ. Contact Rachael on 07966 418 714 / rachaelwilliams@ . £7 per class (1st Class Free). n Mondays 10:00am, 11:15am, 18:00pm. Yoga for everyone and all stages of life. Move, breathe, strengthen, calm at our beautiful YogaSpace Bishopston studio. Find out more at www.bristolyogaspace. or contact Clara hello@ / 07530 053 543. Tuesday n The Golden Buds is a group aimed at 18 months to 4yearolds and is a fabulous opportunity to be outside with your little ones, digging, playing, finding newts and frogs, watering, singing and making things all in the heart of urban Bristol! Sessions run from 9.30-11am and 11.30-1pm in school terms. We take booking on a term by term basis. Each session costs £5, a second sibling is £2 and under 12 months can come along free. There’s squash and biscuits and a snack from the garden as well as a hot drink for parents. For more info, visit: thegoldenhillcommunitygarden. com

February, 2017

We would love to publicise your event Send details of your events and activities in the following format:

WHAT IT IS WHERE IT IS WHEN IT IS in no more than 40 words: email us at:

n Scottish Country Dancing Get fit with Westbury Scottish Club. Classes for beginners at Leonard Hall, Trinity-Henleaze URC, Waterford Road, Henleaze, (Tel: Tina 0117 9075462). Classes for more advanced dancers at St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze, (Tel: Cheryl 0117 9590970). 7.30pm to 9.30pm n Friendly club based at Orchard School, Filton Road. Training on Tuesday 7.30 – 9pm, play on Saturdays. All ages welcome. If you would like to join us contact Michelle on 07980 598761 or: . n MOVE INTO FITNESS. Suitable exercise for the more mature ladies ran by a qualified teacher. Held at Horfield Baptist Church, 10.15am 11.15am. Tel: 01454 614886. n Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes at Horfield Leisure Centre, 7.309.30pm. Each session we have time for discussion and learning around different aspects of pregnancy, birth or parenting, getting to know other women in the group, yoga postures, positions and movements for labour, breathing, and simple relaxation and meditation techniques that are useful for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy until birth. With Relaxed Birth and Parenting Childbirth Educator and Doula Ly Malnick. Cost: £10 per session. Contact: Ly Malnick on 07843 377 718 (Booking essential) n Use the power of nutrition to improve your health, your mood and your figure. Eight week courses on Tuesdays at 2pm and 7pm, led by a BANT qualified nutritional therapist. Classes held at Lady Active, 180 Henleaze road, BS6 4NE. Tel: 07511 647 569 or email alex@ for more details.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715 770448 or email Got news? Email:

February, 2017 n After school French Club for primary children at Gloucester Rd Quaker Meeting House. KS1 class: 4.10-4.50pm. £4.50. Playful practical classes full of games, songs and general silliness to inspire interest and confidence in French. Like French Club Bristol on Facebook or email: n Women’s Reading Group looking for new members. Meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the Month at 7:30pm. An informal group that reads a wide range of fiction. Contact Kay Snowdon for further details. n A weekly Music Appreciation class is running throughout the winter. Come and join us as we listen to and talk about a selection of mainly classical music. No prior knowledge needed. Tuesdays 11-1 at St Mary Magdalene Church Rooms, Stoke Bishop. Music in Britain 18901939 including Elgar Delius and Vaughan Williams. Cost £15 for a single taster session or £100 for the whole 8week term. To book email matthewhm@, or phone 0117 214 0418. For more info visit: n Bingo On Tuesday’s At 2pm St Gregory’s Church Community Hall Filton Road Horfield All proceeds to Church funds. n Melody Makers Baby Friendly Choir A fun and friendly daytime choir for ladies running Tuesdays during term time.9:30-11:00am, The Beehive Pub, BS9 4QY. £5 per session, discounts for members. Contact Natalie www.facebook. com/melodymakerschoir 07890393175. n Bingo Every Tuesday 2pm St Gregory’s Church Community hall, Filton Road Horfield. All welcome, proceeds to Church funds n Bingo St Gregory’s Church hall Filton Road Horfield Every Tuesday at 2-00pm Everyone welcome all proceeds to church funds Wednesday n Golden Hill Community Garden. 10.00am – 4.00pm. Come and get involved in your local community garden! No experience necessary and kids welcome. Learn about growing and relax in our beautiful space with a cup of tea. No need to come every week or stay all day. Our site is wheelchair accessible including our toilet. For more information contact Lucy ghcgarden@gmail. com or 07506 905 394. We’re just through the gates at the end of Monk Rd BS7 8NE www. thegoldenhillcommunitygarden.

bishopstonvoice com n Bristol Voices Community Choir are welcoming new members, £5 a week (£3 concs) payable at the start of each term. We meet during the school term from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in St Werburgh’s Primary School, James St, BS2 9US. The school is fully accessible and has free parking. No experience is necessary and there are no auditions. You don’t have to read music either as all the songs are taught by ear. Our repertoire includes pop, folk, gospel, jazz, show tunes and world music. Find out more about the choir, at n New Harmony Ladies’ Choir Bristol. Established choir since 1994, we offer a chance for ladies to get together and have a good old sing! No auditions are necessary apart from placing you into the correct voice group soprano, mezzo soprano or alto. We are a very socially minded group and often enjoy activities outside the singing role. We perform several concerts a year and sometimes travel to other parts of the country to sing with other choirs. Our repertoire covers classical, choral, jazz, popular, folk, and show songs. Everyone is welcome to Horfield URC church hall, Muller Rd on Wednesdays 7.309. We’d love to meet you. For more information contact our website or our secretary, Angela n Lazy Dog Film Club. A free, small, but perfectly formed community film club based at the Lazy Dog pub on Ashley Down Road. We run the club every other week (Wednesday) in the upstairs of the Pub on Ashley Hill. We screen from Oct April every year. All showings start at 8pm but we do advise people to book free places via LazyDogFilmClub@gmail. com , as we only have 35 seats per showing. For more information on

the upcoming films, visit: www. n Horfield Townswomen’s Guild. This friendly Townswomen’s Guild meets on the second Wednesday of each month at St Gregory the Great Church Hall, Filton Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0PD at 2.30pm. Why not come along and meet us? Just turn up, or ring Edna on 949 5413, and she will look out for you. n St Bon’s playgroup. Fun, friendly drop-in group for babies and toddlers, up to school age. An informal playgroup in a lovely big space with great selection of toys. Just turn up and have fun! We run on term time Wednesdays 1.30 to 3.00pm upstairs in the church hall, BS7 8HR. Free car park (off Berkeley Road) next to St Bon’s church. £1.00 per adult and child, 20p for every extra child. Inc. refreshments. All welcome! Contact us at: ) n Squirrel Camp Forest School, Badock’s Wood, 9.45 11.15 (during term time). New afternoon group starting in autumn, 12.30, £6 per family. Contact: jennysanderson@ . n Reading group with a difference at Cheltenham Road Library, from 3pm. The group meets every fortnight to discuss short fiction, essays, memoirs and learn to look at these with a more critical eye. For the over 60's. No reading to do between meetings. People interested please speak to the Librarian at Cheltenham Road Library. n Mindfulness & Movement – Meditation and Qi Gong/Tai Chi for wellbeing. Gentle aerobic exercise and secular meditations for strength of body and mind. Dropin class, all equipment provided, 5.45-7.15pm £9 / £7 Bristol Buddhist Centre, 162

47 Gloucester Road BS7. Tel Tim Mason 07789 200685 for more info. See www.bristolbuddhistcentre. org/ otheractivities/yogaandqigong n Sing! with the Bristol Children’s Choir. Open to children aged 713 from any school in Bristol. If your child loves singing and would like to do more, Out There Music Children’s Choir could be what you are looking for. We meet every Wednesday in term time from 4.45-6pm in the performing arts studio at Cotham School. More info, contact Holly Shannon on 07866587424, admin@ . n New Fitness League (Exercise Movement and Dance class) for ladies. Low impact classes offer a fusion of dance, exercise and core strengthening, choreographed to music and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Strengthen muscles, raise energy levels, improve balance and mobilise joints. 10.40-11.40am at St Alban’s Church Hall, Westbury Park, Coldharbour Road, BS6 7NU. Contact Rachael on 07966 418 714 / . £7 per class (1st Class Free). n Clifton Women’s Institute, 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of the month at Alma Church, Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ES. Contact by email: or visit . Take advantage of our guest visits which are just £4. Better still why not join us and enjoy our fabulous Clifton WI 2016 programme for the whole year plus social clubs. Full membership details available. n Spiritual Healing at Westbury Park Spiritualist church BS6 7TH Every Wednesday, 2pm - 3.30pm every week. No appointment necessary, animals welcome. Come along and feel the benefit. Also healing after

Charity classic car event THE annual Charity Classic Car event, organised by the Clevedon Lions Club, takes place on Sunday 23 April. Car owners come from all over the West Country take part and Bishopston and Redland car enthusiasts are invited to sign up and join in the fun. The event started in the Mendip area nine years ago and has grown substantially since then. A total of 160 vehicles took part last year and there is room for even

more this year. Presenter Alex Lovell from BBC Points West is going to wave the cars away from the start this year at Wyevale Cadbury Garden Centre, in Congresbury. Owners interested in taking part can contact for details and to register for an application form. Entry costs £12 - proceeds go to the Children Hospice and other charities supported by the Lions.

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February, 2017

n WHAT'S ON CONTINUED Sunday evening service@8pm. n Margaret Morris Movement dance/exercise. Bradbury Hall, Henleaze. All welcome 1.0-2.0 pm £4 per session, 1st free Tricia, 07896346486 n Wednesdays 10:00am. Baby & Me post-natal yoga class, 10:00 11:00am plus tea and chat after. Supportive, friendly class with babies made very welcome. Move, breathe, meet and chat with other new mums at YogaSpace Bishopston. Find out more at www. or contact Clara / 07530 053 543. Thursday n Bishop Road Community Choir. We are a mixed community choir, meeting at Bishop Road School from 7.45pm to 9pm. Everyone welcome to join, regardless of singing experience. There is no audition and the choir is open to anyone, not just parents of children at the school. We sing a variety of songs and perform locally. Looking forward to welcoming some new faces! n Bristol Ladies Choir sings a wide range of music from classical to light. The choir rehearses weekly and gives two main concerts each year. The choir also participates in approximately 9 to 10 other concerts in the Bristol area each year. Meet at 2.15pm - 3.45pm at Church of the Good Shepherd, Bishop Road, Bishopston, BS7 8NA. New members welcome. For more information contact Hazel on 0117 9246587 or visit www. n The Stepford Singers. Come and try Bishopston’s all female community choir. No need to read music and no auditions! We meet 1pm - 3pm so you can still be in

time to pick up kids from school. For more info, email fran@naturalvoice. net n West Bristol Orchestra meet at the United Reformed Church, Muller Road, from 7.15 - 9.15pm and play a wide range of classical music arranged for our small friendly orchestra. String players of Grade 5 and above are particularly welcome. For further information please ring 0117 968 3998. n Avon Harmony Ladies A Cappella Chorus meets for rehearsals every Thursday 7.30 -10pm at Fairfield High School, Allfoxton Road BS7 9NL. Visitors are always made welcome, and we are actively recruiting new members. There is no need to be able to read music; we provide teaching tracks for learning by ear. See our website for more details www.avonharmony. or contact Mandy on 0117 652693 or Barbara on 07717 424421. n Horfield Quakers hold a halfhour meeting for worship to be held every Thursday Evening from 6.307pm, at Horfield Quaker Meeting House, 300 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8PD. All are welcome. n Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation at Horfield Leisure Centre, 7.30-9.15pm. The classes offer you the time to celebrate your pregnancy, relax with your baby, ask questions and meet other mumstobe in a safe and welcoming environment. We cover breathing, relaxation, yoga and movement, active birth, hypnobirthing and physiology of labour and birth. For more information visit www., or contact Ly on 07843 377 718 / ly.malnick@gmail. com n Slimming World Bishopston. St Michael and All Angels Church (Pigsty Hill) Gloucester Road.

Groups at 9.30am and 7.30pm every Thursday. A friendly, supportive and vibrant weekly group. Full support, advice and a liberating eating plan. No calorie counting and eating to satisfy everyone’s appetite. £9.95 to join and £4.95 per week after that. 6 and 12 week countdowns available. Just turn up or Call Sue on 0117 924 3556 or 07702 578 298 for a chat. n Kings Lawn Tennis Club Rusty Rackets, 19:30-21: 00. Want to get back into tennis? Come along to our fun and welcoming Rusty Rackets session every Thursday evening at Kings Lawn Tennis Club, Maplemeade ( just off Kings Drive) BS7 8JG. Nonmembers (£8) and members (£6) welcome! Contact Head Coach Elly Shearman only tennis for more details! n Bridge for Beginners and Improvers West of England Bridge Club now welcomes new/novice bridge players for weekly sessions held every Thursday afternoon. Cost £3. Doors open at 1.45pm and play is from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. No partner needed and we have experienced players to help and advice. Beginners lessons also offered email bridgeclassbristol @ or ring 0117 2302694 for more info. Venue: Golden Hill Sports Club, Wimbledon Road, Bristol BS6 7YA. Full details at www.woebc. n Spiritualist church Westbury Park Cairns Road BS6 7TH Open development circle Thursday evening at 7.15 for 7.30 start All are welcome to come along and find the Spirit within you. You don’t have to be a church member. n Sporting Memories Group at the Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground most Thursdays from 11am to 12.30pm. A group suitable for people that are isolated or lonely

Furniture-making classes on offer in St Pauls THE Makershed team at St Pauls Learning Centre are offering the chance to learn a variety of practical skills in furniture making, DIY and decorating. The Makershed brings the underused St Pauls workshop facilities back into community use and is a new home for the Bristol Women’s Workshop upholstery classes. Woodwork teacher Jenny said: “We offer complete beginning and more seasoned makers the chance to learn a large range of skills in many areas including woodworking, joinery, upholstery, DIY, carpet fitting, tiling, and there’s even a workshop to upcycle your old furniture.” For those who lack the space at home, the warmth in their garage or the time to commit to a course, the Makershed offers ‘Rent-a-branch’

sessions for people with enough experience to work independently. See for further details.

We would love to publicise your event Send details of your events and activities in the following format:

WHAT IT IS WHERE IT IS WHEN IT IS in no more than 40 words: email us at:

and may have memory difficulties. The group is particularly for those that are interested in sport. Please contact John Collis on 07757527634 or come along to the ground from 11am. Saturday n Gloucester Road Market runs every Saturday from 10am-5pm on Pigsty Hill. Stalls include Herbert’s Bakery, The Spotless Leopard, Lee’s Teaks and Sam’s Jams. n Whiteladies Farmers’ and Fair Trading Market is now held EVERY Saturday, from 8.30am-2pm. Takes place at the junction of Whiteladies/ Apsley/Burlington Roads. Stalls cover bread, cheese, local lamb and chicken, fish, preserves, cakes, sushi, local fruit and veg, wild food larder, and recycled tools, wooden items and much more. n Coffee, Tea and Refreshments served every Saturday from 10.30am to noon at Bishopston Methodist Church, 245 Gloucester Road. Join us for a rest and a chat. n The Clifton Garden Society are eager to attract new members from all parts of Bristol. The Society offer monthly visits by coach to country houses and gardens, a quarterly newsletter. and an annual holiday. If you would like to join this friendly group please call 0117 9737296 for full details. n 10:00am and 11:30am. Pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes with Vivien Tallis at the beautiful YogaSpace Bishopston studio. Move, breathe, calm, chat and discover helpful, practical active birth support. Find out more at www. or contact Clara / 07530 053 543.

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February, 2017


n NATURE WATCH With Dawn Lawrence

This time last year I wrote about the crow family, but the magpie barely got a look-in because it soon became obvious that it needed a column of its own. Today, with my deadline looming, no fewer than eight magpies were lined up on a rooftop, insisting that it is time to do their piece. And so, since I got a wish for it, here it is. Magpies are loud and bold, both in plumage and behaviour. Some argue that it is their boldness that has marked the magpie out for a thief. They have adapted well to city life and appear shameless in taking advantage. Magpies do

have a habit of stashing food (and therefore being keen to collect items of potential use) and they have been known to steal milk (drinking straight from the bottle) and even eggs, from doorstep deliveries. But do they really steal valuable objects? Rossini’s opera The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) involves a magpie stealing a silver spoon and getting a servant girl into completely disproportionate trouble for this act (spoiler alert – she is only narrowly saved from the scaffold!) However, this reputation is not entirely undeserved and there are several reliable accounts of magpies stealing jewellery – their guilt being proved when the missing item is found in their nest, sometimes years later (magpies will return to the same nest year after year). Wedding rings occasionally disappear and can even be the cause of marital strife as a result – so check your local magpie nest if this ever happens to you. Let’s just clear up an urban myth. Magpies will eat eggs and nestlings, as part of their varied

live happy! with

Slimming World

live happy!

diet, and as a result have been blamed for the decrease in our songbird populations. But RSPB research over many years has found no link between magpie numbers and songbirds. The magpies act as an evolutionary pressure upon the less able parent songbird, a pressure which favours those birds that hide their nests most efficiently. Unfortunately, it is lack of breeding habitat and food that is causing the decrease in our songbirds. You can help songbirds by planting ivy, honeysuckle and hawthorn all of which provide them with dense nesting cover and food sources. In fact, in urban situations the domestic cat takes

far more songbirds than magpies ever could. This toll can be significantly reduced by putting a bell on the cat’s collar and keeping them in at night. Finally a puzzle: what is the link between magpies and the newspaper industry? One of the earliest newspapers (published in Venice in the early 1600’s) was called La Gazetta (The Little Magpie) because it cost one “gazetta” - a small coin which bore the symbol of a magpie. The name fitted the publication neatly because of the magpie’s reputation as a chatterer. And of course the word is still used today, especially for local newspapers in the UK.

Will Writing & Estate Planning

Trinity URC, Waterford Road, Henleaze Tuesdays 9.30 a.m & 11.30 a.m, 3.30 p.m, 5.30 p.mwith & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Selina - 07949 406079

Slimming World

Horfield Leisure Centre, Dorian Road

Wednesdays 3.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Carolyn - 07715 942226 0344 897 8000 and All Angels Church, St. Michael 160 Gloucester Road

Thursdays 9.30 a.m, 11.30 a.m & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Sue - 07702 578298 0344 897 8000

A Will lets you protect your family’s inheritance and decide how your assets are shared out –

if you don’t make a Will, the law says who gets what. We have a Bristol-based team of trained will writing consultants who provide a home visiting service and can take your instructions in the comfort of your own home.

Please feel free to call us during office hours on 0800 019 4557 or email us at info@elm-online.

Standard single or pair of mirrored Wills £99

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February, 2017


Scandi sheepskin and schnapps... If you are a fan of interiors, you have probably seen the unpronounceable word ‘hygge' or ‘hyggelig' mentioned everywhere over the last year, from Instagram to magazines and coffee table tomes. A Danish term for a concept we don’t quite have an equivalent of, it means approximately ‘cosy’. Normally, it is used to describe the warm fuzzy feeling you get when intimately spending quality time with friends, for example. Like any industry fickle enough to succumb to and be influenced by trends, the interiors world has wholeheartedly embraced this delightful image of stylish Scandinavians cosying up under beautiful blankets. The more cynical among us might say this is just another marketing bandwagon aimed at separating consumers from their disposable income, with hygge branded throws, sheepskins, vases and so on. A candle with the word hyggelig printed on it makes a room no more snug than a simple unbranded night-lite, tallow

or taper, after all! The best way to inject an authentic hygge atmosphere to your home, is to invite close friends around to pass the time together on the last long dark evenings before spring comes. By all means light the fire if you have one, add plenty of candlelight, textured throws, and a schnapps, bitters or hot chocolate. Or if you find solace in solitude, there is no better way to savour a few quiet moments than curling up with a good read. Transform a quiet corner of your home into an inviting book nook, with a comfortable chair, good reading light, nice warming drink, and a cosy cushion or throw. Use items you already own and cherish with each use, and simply imagine

with interior designer Zoe Hewett

our pre-television Scandinavian counterparts enjoying the Sagas or some other opus, at the cosiest of firesides during seemingly endless winters. You surely can’t get more hygge than that.

Trying to plan your next property move? Let’s talk. Our Property Consultations are a great way to get expert property advice. With no obligation whatsoever.

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February, 2017


n PROPERTY OF THE MONTH Effingham Road, St Andrews ÂŁ765,000 Kendall Harper are pleased to offer this beautifully presented four bedroom semi-detached home with off street parking. This spacious family home is situated on the highly desirable Effingham Road in the heart of St Andrews and is just one hundred yards from the popular St Andrews Park. The property offers a range of period and contemporary features and has a Westerly facing rear garden.

129 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AX Sales: 0117 909 4400 Lettings: 0117 944 0030 BPC 180 x 120 Mag Ad.pdf Email: enquiries@












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February, 2017


Beware 'fishing' thieves

News from the local policing team with Adam Dolling


S the winter goes on, please do keep an eye out for elderly neighbours who may be feeling particularly lonely and isolated at this time of year. I mentioned last month how sometimes all it takes is a simple ‘hello’ to make them feel more safe, less isolated and part of the community. Elderly people can be more

vulnerable to particular types of crimes such as rogue trading, as they are seen as easy targets. However, anybody can fall victim to such crimes. If you don’t know who is calling at your home and you didn't invite them there, remember - it's your doorstep and your decision, so be confident, and turn them away. Please be aware that we’ve had a number of burglaries recently in Westbury-on-Trym, close to the border with Redland, where offenders have ‘fished’ through cat flaps to reach handbags or reached through to unlock doors with keys. Please take steps to prevent being targeted in such a way. We’ve been working with the Streetwise team, a dedicated police officer and council representative, who specialise in reducing the anti-social behaviour caused by begging and street drinking.

Recently, we ran a small operation which included Gloucester Road to deal with persistent beggars and, crucially, signpost vulnerable people to the support services that can help. A speed survey will shortly be taking place on Springfield Avenue with a view to setting up a new Community Speedwatch. This is in response to several complaints about drivers’ speed and potential volunteers coming forward. If you’d like to get involved, do get in touch. February 2 is Time to Talk Day and aims to bring the nation together and talking, to break the silence around mental health problems. Just talking sounds easy, but the stigma surrounding mental health problems can be one of the worst parts of the illness for the one in four of us that are affected. We want to understand and

support in the most appropriate way. Last year, we joined forces with other emergency services to create a Mental Health Triage Team, ensuring that those with mental health problems get the care they need and ultimately don’t end up in a police cell. Throughout February, we’ll be encouraging people to open and up and talk about mental health issues and supporting wherever we can to break down the barriers , which can prevent people seeking the help they need. Remember, the road to recovery can start with a simple ‘hello’. For more crime prevention advice, visit our new website www. Until next time, Sergeant Adam Dolling


Friendly and Highly Knowledgeable Staff

Email: *subject to availability


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Time for a bright, new beginning

Stoke Gifford Village An ExtraCare Charitable Trust Village

Retirement living for the not-so-retiring Wouldn’t you like to make a bright new start at a brand new retirement village? To have lots of new ways to be active and enjoy your independence? Making great new friends and learning lots of new skills? Doing all the things you’ve always wanted to? Stoke Gifford Village will provide 261 comfortable new one and two bedroom homes for people over 55, with options for rental, shared ownership and outright purchase. The Village is built around a superb range of social, leisure and well-being facilities including: Fitness Suite and Well-being Suite Bistro and Bar Shop Hair and Beauty Salon Village Hall Hobby and Games Room IT suite and Library Greenhouse and Landscaped Piazza Here you can relax in the knowledge that if you or your partner need care, now or in the future, it can be provided by a dedicated 24/7 on-site team. The Village is being developed by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, a registered charity with an award-winning track record developing the UK’s most innovative retirement villages.

To register your interest in Stoke Gifford Village Keeping fit in

the gym

call Beautifully designed apartments

althy an Help to stay he

d well


01173 216639 or online at

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust is a registered Charity since 1988. Charges will apply. Details of any costs associated with your home, care and Village services will be provided as part of your application. The ExtraCare Charitable Trust, registered charity number 327816, is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales as company number 2205136. Its registered office is at 7 Harry Weston Road, Binley Business Park, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2SN. Copyright © 2016 - The ExtraCare Charitable Trust.




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Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Carpets dry in 30 minutes! SPECIAL OFFER

Whole house carpet clean plus 3 piece suite


inc Scotchguard

Nick / Alison at A Carpet Cleaning Service Ltd

07812 730346


To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715 770448 or email Got news? Email:

February, 2017 GARDENING

bishopstonvoice LOCKSMITHS


JPK PLUMBING Emergency Locksmith 24 Hour Service Replacements Locks Commercial & Residential Services

Call El on

07775 44 63 54 or 01225 68 36 37



LOGS FOR SALE Covered in leaves and in need of some love? Got some big plans for next year? We offer design, landscaping and maintenance with a difference.

STILL ONLY £65 per dumpy bag

(the big ones builders get sand in)


(Stock up NOW for Winter) Telephone Chris Allcock 07770 754 622 (mob)

01275 373562

(Please use the mobile) GARDENING SERVICES

Good Grounds & Gardens


From a dripping tap upwards Reliable, qualified, fully insured

Phone: John Keegan 125 Bishop Rd, Bishopston, BS7 8LX

07900 582 817 • 0117 924 7286 PLUMBING

Taps, Washers Toilets, Cisterns Leaks, Blockages Tanks, Overflows Lead Pipes, Stopcocks….etc… OAP DISCOUNTS and NO VAT


957 5092


Stephen Carter Painter & Decorator

Regular or one-off garden maintenance Specialists in wildlife gardening & wildlife ponds Private & commercial work

07923 447362


Professional Decorating Services

Painting & Decorating Association Accredited (with PDA guarantee) For a free competitive quotation:

• Restoration of new & period properties • Stonewalling • Carving • Paint removal from stone • Bay window repair specialists

07786 513788 or 0117 907 6997

City & Guilds qualified - 25 years experience



Cranside Avenue, Redland, BS6 7RA

T: 0117 986 7376 / 07866 757 543



Dog lovers wanted to care for friendly dogs whilst their owners are away. Contact John Johnson on T: 01173 258222 E:

Having problems with your Upvc windows and doors? Misted panes, broken handles, faulty hinges or locks! For all types of Upvc maintenance and repair, contact Malcolm on

01179 686486 / 07548 928251 for a free quote

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 9082121 or 07715 770448 or email Got news? Email:

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kendallharper 0117 909 4400 @KHBishopston

Selling homes of all shapes and sizes









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