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bishopstonvoice December, 2013 Issue 12

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Inspiring Christmas gifts, Page 42 | Business of the month, Page 38 Photo courtesy of Ian Chittick

Chairman urges campaigners to see bigger picture Objectors say that a new supermarket will be unfair to the community.

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Dolphin School plans unveiled Proposals for an extension to Dolphin School in Cheltenham Road have been submitted to Bristol City Council.

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Giving lives a new direction

Driving home rules of the road EDUCATING cyclists and motorists on road safety has become a top priority for police. Focusing on busy traffic routes, officers aim to ease tension between drivers and cyclists on the city’s streets, particularly Gloucester Road. The scheme is to help road users understand what is

acceptable when it comes to riding and driving around the streets of Bristol, police say. According to Sergeant Sean Underwood, feedback has so far been “very positive”. Cycle safety campaigners have welcomed the initiative and hope that the council’s plans to improve cycling provision

will lead to a reduction in the number of accidents. Bristol City Council will be launching a new cycling strategy early next year. They say that Gloucester Road is an “important strategic route”, with more than 1,200 cyclists using the road daily.

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Kevin Neal has set up the Compass Project to help people recovering from drug addiction.

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How Pudsey is making us smile Cha cha cha and funny faces were two ways people found to support Children in Need this year.

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December, 2013


Stadium campaigners chairman, Nick Higgs

Campaigners say that the community is strongly against the supermarket Rovers chairman Nick Higgs has dismissed claims by campaigners that they are in support of Rovers but not a new supermarket at the Memorial Ground. TRASH (Traders and Residents Against Sainsbury’s Horfield) says it wants to back the football club’s drive for a new stadium, but not at the expense of Gloucester Road. Rovers want to sell the Horfield stadium to the supermarket chain to fund a move to a £40 million new stadium at the UWE campus in Frenchay. But the club’s plans have been delayed now that the High Court has granted TRASH’s application for a judicial review of Bristol City Council’s decision to give planning permission for a Sainsbury’s at the Horfield ground. Mr Higgs told BishopstonVoice: “It’s difficult to see how they’re in support of Bristol Rovers when they campaigned against the previous scheme to redevelop the ground. “What do they want on this site? What are they trying to achieve, other than costing people a lot of money? “There appears of be naivety in TRASH’s approach - they want to support Rovers getting a new stadium, but they’re disconnected from the fact we need a certain amount of money to dispose of the site to achieve this aim. There needs to be a reality check.” It was another protest group, Horfield ROSE, that opposed the proposed re-development of the Memorial ground in 2009 because of its “adverse impact on local amenity including an increase of congestion and pollution”. Mr Higgs is urging TRASH to look at the wider benefits that could be had from Sainsbury’s purchasing the ground.

He said: “I don’t think they’re taking on board all of the plus points of the stadium development [at Frenchay] and the greater benefits it could have for Bristol and the surrounding area. “Also, what will be replacing the Memorial Stadium is a mixed-use development, providing housing, a memorial garden, green open space, and car parking for Gloucester Road.” The decision to conduct a judicial review of the new supermarket was granted by the High Court on November 15. Green Party councillor, Daniella Radice, who has been involved in the campaign, said: “I am pleased to see that the judicial review has been granted. This is a critical issue for Bishopston - we all know that our local shops cannot be taken for granted.” Diana Scrafton, of TRASH, said: “We have already raised over £16,000 towards legal costs, including the £10k protective costs order which we will be required to pay Bristol City Council should the review not be found in our favour. “The fact that so many people have donated from their own pockets demonstrates how strongly opposed the local community is to having a Goliath supermarket on this historic World War Memorial site. “The judicial review is an important part of our democratic system that can help to ensure that important decisions are taken properly and we are grateful to have this decision scrutinised.” Tom Kennedy, of TRASH, added: “We want to support Rovers’ drive for a stadium but not at the expense of the local high street and the disastrous traffic impact. “The present application is so far from fair to the community that it seems it has broken the

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December, 2013




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need to take a reality check, says Rovers law. The community is already starting to put together more appropriate developments, including alternative sporting facilities, much needed schools and housing that could assist Rovers with their new stadium - Rovers should talk to the local community and together we can find a proposal with which Bristol can move forward.” Charlotte Leslie, MP for Bristol North West who has spoken out against TRASH’s campaign, said: “It is worth saying that this decision means we do not have the threat of TRASH lodging an appeal which would have meant further long delays. “Supporters of the project can now concentrate on making the best case to allow the Sainsbury’s development and, in turn, Rovers’ new stadium.” She added: “We will continue to demonstrate that TRASH does not speak for Bristol by

gathering petition signatures, and will make sure that all the information about the

development is disseminated.” The petition set up by Ms Leslie has now gathered over

7,000 signatures. The judicial review hearing is expected to be conducted early in the new year.


A Very

Merry Christmas from all at Lunar Optical Come in and see us to share a bit of festive cheer

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December, 2013

News Police aim to ease tension with new road safety campaign A SCHEME which aims to educate cyclists and motorists on road safety has been launched by police. Officers have been out in force on Gloucester Road in recent weeks, and the Bristol West neighbourhood team hopes it will be able to improve relations between cyclists and drivers who often fail to see eyeto-eye on the city’s roads. Officers on foot and on bikes will be out during rush hour, three times a week, mainly operating around some of Bristol’s main traffic routes, including Gloucester Road and Whiteladies Road. The scheme comes after a recent spate of deaths involving cyclists in Bristol and London. It will concentrate on traffic junctions where most offences occur. On November 21, officers

It’s been well documented that there are tensions between bike users and motorists - Sergeant Sean Underwood, Cotham and Clifton Neighbourhood team

Photo courtesy of Ian Chittick

by the police to educate both motorists and cyclists in the safe use of the road. We hope that, combined with action by the council to improve provision for cycling in the area, it will lead to a reduction in the number of such incidents.”

Gloucester Road is one of the busiest routes for cyclists with more than 1200 using the road daily - Bristol City Council spokesperson

recorded 65 motor vehicles stopping in cycle boxes, eight cyclists riding on the pavement and five cyclists stopping in yellow hatched boxes. A total of 25 cyclists were caught jumping traffic lights. Sergeant Sean Underwood said: “The idea of the scheme is to help cyclists and motorists understand what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to riding and driving around the

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streets of Bristol.  “It’s been well documented that there are tensions between the two groups and it may just be down to genuine lack of understanding about the law in this area.” He added: “We’ll be highly visible at key junctions. If we spot someone committing an offence then we’ll give out a warning and offer advice. “Depending on the seriousness of the offence we may also enforce the law which can result in a ticket, fine or three points on your licence. “The feedback we’ve had has been very positive. Most of the motorists we spoke to didn’t know about the cycle box offence, which just goes to show there is a lack of awareness about proper use of the road.”

We welcome efforts by the police to educate motorists and cyclists in safe road use - Rob Harding, Bristol Cycling Campaign

Rob Harding, on behalf of Bristol Cycling Campaign - a group which aims to make Bristol a better place for cycling and encourages more people to cycle - said: “Gloucester Road has been identified as one of the six worst roads in Bristol for traffic incidents, resulting in injuries to cyclists. “We welcome current efforts

It was announced in the October issue of Bishopston Voice that the council will be investing around £400,000 in Gloucester Road to make the area safer for cyclists. The money will be invested in “filtered permeability”, whereby cyclists can be exempt from access restrictions to some residential streets, in a bid to provide cycle routes which are free from “rat-running” traffic. A council spokesperson said: “Gloucester Road is one of the busiest routes for cyclists in Bristol with more than 1200 cyclists using the road during the daytime on Pigsty Hill.” According to the council, since 2010 there has been 125 cyclist casualties on Gloucester Road, six of which were serious. The council is also encouraging road users to watch out for each other since mornings and evenings have become darker. Road casualties peak in October and November after the clocks change and both cyclist and pedestrian casualties go up at this time of year, the council said.  According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) cycle accidents in the dark are more likely to be fatal. Mark Bradshaw, Assistant Mayor for Transport, said: “Cyclists and pedestrians need to make sure they are visible in the dark and drivers should take extra care to watch out for them and give themselves more time to look and react. ”Now is a good time for cyclists to ensure that lights work and that you have as much reflective gear as possible.”

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December, 2013




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Expert calls on restaurants to go green with food waste A LOCAL sustainability expert hopes to expand a recycling scheme, which helps local businesses manage their food waste, to the Gloucester Road area. The Food Waste and Recycling Scheme, which launched this April in Stokes Croft, was set up by Martin Fodor, to ensure all commercial food waste is recycled in the area. The scheme was a result of local cafés and restaurants wanting to manage their waste responsibly. Mr Fodor said: “I recognised that disposing of unavoidable food was an issue with small traders, as there is no council service available to collect business waste - arrangements are up to businesses not the council. “I found that staff, as well as restaurant owners on Stokes Croft, had an awareness about food waste, but we needed something practical in place.” Stokes Croft’s tapas

restaurant, Poco, was one of the first businesses to join the scheme. Since Mr Fodor has worked with the team, they have also gone on to win two national awards for their commitment to sustainability. According to Mr Fodor, keeping food waste out of landfills greatly reduces methane emissions - a very powerful greenhouse gas. Food waste is stored in small caddies, then collected by a contractor and taken to a nearby site. Through anaerobic digestion, which is similar to enclosed composting, energy can also be generated from the methane produced by the food waste, thus benefiting the environment significantly. The material created is then used for farms and agriculture. According to recent statistics, the UK throws away over 16 million tonnes of food waste every year. Each tonne of food waste generates around 4.5 tonnes of CO2.

Mr Fodor confirms that there has been “plenty of interest” from local traders on Gloucester Road, who have raised concerns about food waste storage. He did secure some funding from Bristol Green Capital - a partnership whose aim is to make Bristol a low carbon city - in order to introduce the scheme to Gloucester Road and the Harbourside, but Mr Fodor confirms that more work is needed. Local business CollectEco are the recommended contractors who retrieve waste from local traders in Stokes Croft. However, conversations are currently being had with Viridor - a larger, Filton-based waste recycling service, who could be potentially taking over CollectEco. Mr Fodor stated: “I do hope any changes still ensure a service that suits smaller local businesses who are otherwise on their own, unlike larger chains. “With landfill tax becoming more expensive, this scheme

Caddies ready for collection at Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft

will be a good incentive to make people recycle.” However, he does recognise that the process of recycling food waste can be expensive. He added: “If I can help people reduce their food waste, through smart buying ideas that reduce packaging, for instance, then I can save them a lot of money.”

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December, 2013

Daniel vows to keep up the pressure over bus services

with Nicky Bromhall, BVSc, MRCVS

Winter tips! Winter is now upon us and it is time for some top tips to keep our pets safe and healthy. With the winter evenings we are often walking our dogs in the dark. Consider buying a fluorescent collar or a flashing light for your dog’s collar so they can be seen by you to ensure they are close by and by road users to avoid traffic accidents. Cats should be home by dark to keep them safe. Dogs can suffer from the cold especially when also wet so make sure your dog is towel dried when he gets home and has a warm bed to snuggle into. Coats are a good idea for elderly pets and those with short or sparse hair. Arthritic conditions are often worse in the cold for us as well as our pets. A soft warm bed out of draughts can help and extra heat can be supplied with a pet safe heat mat or pad. You may need to increase the dose of prescription antinflammatories so do ask your vet for advice if your pet is struggling with their mobility. Clipping the fur between the pads of dogs and on their underside can prevent ice balls forming when walking in snow. These can be very painful and spoil the fun for a dog playing in snow with their family. Antifreeze is very toxic to our pets and is especially attractive to cats who like the sweet taste. It causes a rapidly fatal kidney failure. If you are topping up your car





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with antifreeze be careful to mop up any spills and dispose of the container safely. This is also a time of year for increased hazards in the home with Christmas, common poisonings are caused by chocolate, grapes, raisins, and sultanas, onions, lilies and alcohol so be particularly careful to keep all of these out of reach of pets. And not forgetting our smaller pets kept outside in hutches. Extra bedding should be provided for warmth and if possible the hutch moved to a more sheltered position or inside into a shed or garage. If they must remain outside then cover the front with blankets or tarpaulin to protect from the worst of the weather but do ensure adequate ventilation. The water bowl should be checked at least twice daily to make sure it has not frozen over. Extra food should be fed in the winter so the small pets have enough energy to keep warm. Animal Health Centre has a range of reflective collars and lights and can supply heated mats and pads for your pets, please do call in for more advice. Wishing all a very Happy Christmas and a safe and warm winter.

Animal Health Centre Gloucester Road’s Independent Veterinary Practice 358 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8TP 0117 9247832

WORK is not yet over for a campaigner who has recently been successful in lobbying First buses to reduce their fares. Daniel Farr, founder of the Make Fares Fair campaign, believes that there is “still work to be done” to improve public transport in Bristol. He said: “We need to introduce smart cards across the board, which would help make bus travel quicker and easier for both passengers and bus drivers.” Mr Farr, 33, would also like to see better disabled access, lower bus fares for those living outside the city and more transparency with costs. He added: “We believe these measures would give Bristol the decent and affordable bus services it deserves.” Mr Farr’s petition to reduce bus fares received over 4,000 signatures. First Bus announced their decision to reduce fares early October, and was implemented on November 3. Three-stop hops are now £1 and single tickets within a 3-mile radius are £1.50. First have also replaced the three original zones, with an inner and outer zone.

The Pushbike PA Local to Bristol

Business support for sole proprietors, arsts, writers, musicians, magicians and small businesses

However, the bus company has scrapped return fares, therefore making it more expensive for some. Mr Farr said: “I am very pleased with the fare changes First have made thanks to pressure from the Make Fares Fair campaign, and the savings they will make to children, students and bus users living inside the new inner zone. “We feel the fare reductions are a big step in the right direction by the bus operator, and I would like to thank First’s management for listening to what customers said in the public consultation.” He added: “But we will continue to campaign to get the further changes we want made to improve Bristol’s bus services.” To keep up to date with the Make Fares Fair campaign, visit: www.

“I have known Laura for many years and have always found her totally reliable, loyal and honest and capable.” Frances Federer,

Laura Dobb

0753 235 7789

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December, 2013



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Don’t miss out on our Christmas sale December is usually a quieter month for Opticians. At Lynne Fernandes Optometrists however, you’ll be used to us saying we’re a little different. December is different at Lynne Fernandes Optometrists for three reasons Firstly we have a strong cohort of regular customers for whom stylish, comfortable, easy eyewear is a desire purchase. We service this desire with a strong style bias to our frame collections and our unique Style Design service. Secondly, although Lynne and I are optometrists and clinically trained, we are very conscious our retail offering needs to be competitive and attractive. This is why in December we hold our frame sale. If you; like me are a touch cynical about sales, have a good look at ours. It’s up to 50% off, we’re not “shipping in” sale stock, there will be genuine bargains and when they are gone, they are gone Lastly, December is the traditional time for our Year 1 school visits. Believe me, these visits are not quiet! Last year, Sefton Park, Bishop Road and St Bonaventure’s visited. These mornings have to be highly organised with 30

children at a time in groups of 7-8 alternating between “ask the optometrist”, try on frames, photograph your eyes and other stations. We’ve been given awards for school visits. We believe they are part of our remit as your community opticians to educate and interest the children (plus teachers and carers) about eye care. It’s wonderful when a child visits for the first time for an eye examination full of confidence, explaining to their parent or carer that they know what’s going to happen because they have been with their school. If you would like your school to visit contact Becky Weston, manager at the Gloucester Road practice via e-mail or telephone 0117 942 6843 If don’t want to miss out on our sale, it starts on December 9th

Lynne with a rapt year 1 audience

75 Gloucester Road 0117 924 6843





Nailsea: Ivy Court 63 High Street Tel: 01275 854946 Bristol: 75 Gloucester Road Tel: 0117 942 6843 182A Wells Road Tel: 0117 977 6330 On presentation of this voucher | Cannot be used with any other offer

Seeing the lenses being cut to size

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December, 2013

Advertising Feature Sophie opens new Kumon Centre in Horfield SOPHIE Taylor, a local Bishopston resident, opened the new Horfield Kumon Centre at Horfield Leisure Centre on October 22 2013. Kumon is an after school Maths and English programme which builds concentration, confidence as well as academic ability. Students are given a piece of work to do for every day of the year and attend a class twice a week. Sophie said: “I used to work for Kumon 10 years ago and my job involved training Instructors in the South West. As I travelled round the West Country visiting the Kumon centres I saw students who had previously struggled with Maths and who had rock bottom confidence, now thriving and actually enjoying their studies. “I saw students who had been studying Kumon

for several years who were studying material far beyond their school level, who clearly loved the challenge. What parent after parent told me was that it worked.” After having a baby two years ago, Sophie has returned to work as a Kumon instructor because she believes in the Kumon programme. She added: “There is nothing better than working with students and watching them as they realise their potential and grow in confidence.” Looking back on her education, Sophie says that the reason she enjoyed learning and was academically successful was because she was taught the foundation skills in Maths and English really well. The Kumon programme recognises the importance of strong foundations as well

as going at each individual child’s pace. After Kumon, Sophie worked at The City Academy, a secondary school in Bristol, where she ran projects designed to help students get grade C or above in Maths and English GCSE. For students who had large gaps in their basic Maths skills or English grammar, they often failed to get the grades they were capable of. I feel really passionately about students realising their potential and I feel Kumon is one way to make this happen. Please get in touch and I can arrange a meeting to show you the materials, explain the Kumon philosophy and do an assessment with your child. Tel: 0117 377 5310 Sophie Taylor

Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to build your child’s confidence and inspire a passion for learning. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment. Horfield Study Centre Sophie Taylor 0117 377 5310

New centre now open

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December, 2013




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Christmas through the keyhole AN INTERACTIVE trail for school pupils is giving a ‘fresh take’ on the story behind Christmas. Christmas Through the Keyhole - run by Redland Education Centre at Redland Parish Church - is an interactive, multi-sensory trail for primary school pupils across Bristol. Now in its fourth year, the Christmas trail will be attracting more than 500 local pupils during the first week of December. Liz Ogborne at REC said: “We wanted to make Christmas live by getting pupils to investigate the extraordinary events of the first Christmas. They do this by looking ‘through the keyhole’ into the recreated homes of the nativity characters.” Pupils visit a variety of different rooms, including Mary’s house, the shepherd’s field, Magi’s star-gazing observatory and Joseph’s carpentry workshop. The children discover that the characters are missing and

therefore have to look for clues. The clues eventually lead the children to a setting depicting Bethlehem, and they find themselves faced with a grumpy innkeeper, who sends them to his stable. On the way, the children discover a real-life donkey which carried the pregnant Mary. Inside the stable, they meet the nativity characters, gathered around baby Jesus. Liz believes that this fresh take on the Christmas story will raise questions to help develop children’s learning on the Christian festival. Pupils are also given the opportunity to decorate a keyhole-shaped cookie. She added: “It’s fantastic to see the excitement on the children’s faces. The trail gives them a chance to immerse themselves in this well-loved story but also to explore its meaning in a fun and interactive way. We’ve had wonderful feedback from local teachers and pupils.” Redland Education Centre

Redland High An Independent School for girls aged 3-18

also runs an Easter Trail, as well as contributing to the RE curriculum and spiritual development of around 18 local schools. For more details visit: www. email or call 01179464695.

Ambitions Unlimited Examination for Years 7 & 9 Saturday 18 January


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Education Students at Fairfield High School in Bristol, will be number crunching on 3 December 2013 to celebrate the NSPCC’s annual sponsored maths challenge – Number Day. Pupils and teachers at the school will be taking part in activities such as ‘Dress Up For Digits Day’ where pupils make a small donation to wear an item of clothing with a number on it, or take part in quizzes such as ‘Who Wants to be a Mathionnaire?’. Schools taking part in Number Day, which is sponsored by Vosene Kids, will receive downloadable teaching and fundraising materials, including comprehensive, curriculumbased resources. Materials have been created with Oxford University Press to help teachers deliver fun, interactive and engaging maths lessons, while raising money for vulnerable children and young people. Pierre Gerrard, head of mathematical and scientific concepts at Fairfield High School, said: “We are always looking to inspire our learners and this seems another opportunity to do so.”

December, 2013

Students find a number of ways to support NSPCC Karen Robinson, NSPCC schools fundraising manager, said: “By being part of Number Day 2013, Fairfield High School is helping the NSPCC to protect children all year round through its projects and services including ChildLine – the UK’s free, confidential 24-hour helpline and online service for children and young people in

distress or danger. “There’s still time to sign up if other schools want to get involved. It’s a fantastic, fun way to get children of all ages engaged in maths.” Angela Buglass, VP Marketing for LF Beauty, owner of Vosene Kids, said: “We’re delighted to be part of this fantastic event again. Families remain close to

our hearts at Vosene Kids and we know that the funds raised by Number Day enable the NSPCC to deliver more services to vulnerable children in the UK.” To register your school, visit where all curriculum based maths resources will be available to download from mid-October.

Cooks to benefit from exchange visits IT’S usually pupils and teachers who take part in exchange visits but one Bristol school is extending the idea to kitchen staff. The cooks from Fairfield High School will visit Georges Lapierre school in France thanks to a grant that has been won by the foreign languages department. The partner schools will each receive £5,000 to develop cross curricular projects linked to healthy eating.

These will involve the PE, design technology and science departments as well as the canteens. Fairfield students will have the opportunity to learn handball, try out French recipes and go behind the scenes in a French boulangerie. The school will host a group of students from Bordeaux in April and will go to France in the summer term to continue the work, funded by the Lefèvre Trust.

Head of languages and internationalism, Neil Humphrey, said: “I am extremely happy to get the backing from the Lefèvre Trust. The money will enable Fairfield students and staff to get involved in some amazing cross curricular projects.” The exchange is part of a programme of increased opportunities to prepare Fairfield students for adult life in an increasingly global society.

Independent Co-educational All age Lower School 3 -11 Upper School 11-18

Taster Days An invitation to Year 6 pupils

Join a Year 7 class for a full day, and experience Colston’s for real

Further information from Denise Sollis 0117 965 5207 or email Colston’s School, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1BJ

Scholarships and Bursaries available Registered Charity No 1079552

07795 490 834 / 0800 840 7127

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December, 2013




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Playground on the roof for Dolphin school expansion INNOVATIVE proposals to make the best use of an inner-city site for a primary academy have been submitted to Bristol City Council. The £6m scheme for the Dolphin Primary School in Bath Buildings includes play areas and spaces for outdoor learning on the roof of the school, as well as a central courtyard playground. Children will also use a woodland walk that links the primary to Colston’s Girls’ School and will share the grass pitches and multi-use games area at the secondary site. The proposed buildings, three storeys high in places, are brick at the lower level and rendered above, and their design has strong green credentials. The co-educational Dolphin Primary School opened last year in converted offices, and currently has 90 pupils. The council is purchasing the adjoining site used by engineering firm Fowlers – which is relocating – to allow the school to expand to provide

much-needed places for 420 children aged four to 11. It is hoped work on clearing the site can start early next year so that the completed school can be open in September 2015. Both academies, along with Kingfisher Primary School in St Anne’s Park, are run by the Colston’s Girls’ School Trust. Seven sites in the area, including Cheltenham Road library, were considered by the

trust, but it was decided that Fowlers was the most suitable for the Dolphin School expansion because of its proximity to CGS. The trust has adapted its plans for the development after listening to the concerns raised by neighbours and parents. As well as increasing the amount of outdoor play space, it is addressing worries about school drop-off traffic causing congestion by working with

council highways officers to create more access from Station Road. Once the school is open, parents will not be allowed to drop off children along Bath Buildings. The trust has commissioned a detailed transport assessment, which has found that the school, like others in the inner city, will have a high proportion of pupils who walk to school. Parents, staff and children will have to sign up to ‘green travel’ measures: car sharing, cycling or public transport for staff and walking buses and ‘park and stride’ schemes for pupils. The trust is also looking at the existing catchment area for the Dolphin School. Any changes agreed would come into force for children starting at the school from September 2015. The Dolphin School had more than three applicants for each of the 60 places on offer for this academic year.

Soap and bath bomb making parties

Tel: 0117 932 5538 Bitton Railway Station, Bath Road, Bitton, Bristol BS30 6HD

Creative and fun, hands on parties making bubble bath, bath bombs, lip balm and soap. Mobile party leader comes to you and runs a session making beautiful practical gifts to take home. Ages 5 to adult

No mess, no fuss, just lovely smells 07595 350764

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December, 2013

Thousands raised through baking workshops baked Gromit next to the giant Youngsters who learnt to model outside on Gloucester bake raised thousands of pounds Road. for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Giles said: “It was a lovely Appeal with Nailsea Electrical’s souvenir from an initiative which 102 Cookery School. not only put Bristol on the map Nailsea Electrical, on but raised money to help other Gloucester Road, sponsored one children in the future. We were of the 80 Gromits placed around delighted to play our part.” Bristol as part of the public art The Grand Appeal is trail to raise cash for the appeal currently raising £3.5 million which supports Bristol Children’s to support the expansion of Hospital. Bristol Children’s Hospital, one A giant 5ft Gromit was of the leading, multi-disciplinary outside the Gloucester Road children’s hospitals in the UK. independent retailer for 10 weeks Helen Haskell, Corporate and as part of the campaign the and Events Fundraiser at The Cookery School offered special Ben, Helen and Giles outside Bristol Royal Hospital for Children Grand Appeal said: “We are baking classes for youngsters. delighted that the 102 Cookery Giles Pushman, who runs School cookery classes proved so 102 Cookery School by Nailsea popular over the summer and so Electrical, said: “We asked for many children got involved and a minimum donation of £10 Bristol School Campaign, ‘It’s A LOCAL cookery school has learnt some new baking skills per baking workshop and were Cool to Cook’, which aims to get been named as one of the best in whilst raising money for Bristol delighted to be able to give more young people cooking.” the country. Children’s Hospital.  £2,233 to the appeal.” Nick Wyke, from Looking to 102 Cookery School on “Nailsea Electrical are a Each child was able to shape, Cook which ran the awards, told Gloucester Road was runner up fantastic supporter of The Grand bake and decorate their own 102 Cookery School: “It was a in the Best Day Course and Food Appeal 1and we are so grateful Gromit with a prize for the best11 13:Layout really tough field and we were Lashings Bish Quarter page 22/11/2013 14:08 to Page 1 Learning Experience Award 2013 them for their support of Gromit decorated and each could have impressed with your submission in the UK Cookery School of the Unleashed”. a photograph taken with their - it sounded like a rich and Year Awards. rewarding experience for the The school, which is part of school children and a great mix Nailsea Electrical, won the award of indoors, outdoors and handsfor its foraging sessions with city on fun. Hopefully you’ll be able chef Toby Gritten, who owns to run more of these courses.” the Pump House and Bird in the It is the third award this year Hand. for Nailsea Electrical. Owner Ben Giles Pushman, manager at Gilks was named entrepreneur of 102 Cookery School, said: “To the year in the Bristol Business be named as runner up in this Awards and the company was prestigious competition was a named best independent store in fabulous way to end our first year the country in the Independent in business. Business Awards 2013. He explains that the foraging The company opened classes for school children are a Kitchens with Nailsea Electrical “nature walk with a difference” this year to complement the as they find safe, natural cookery store and the sales of ingredients before learning how appliances. to cook. For more information visit: Mr Pushman added: “The trips have been run as part of our

Award for cookery school


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December, 2013



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MUM Welcome to my Bishopston Mum column and a happy December to you! My family and I have now adjusted to a brand new world of having a child at primary school. Despite a few occasions of my son crying at school drop-off, we have settled into a regular routine. Even leaving the house for school drop-off is easier and we are now generally leaving the house on time rather than the last minute scramble of getting coats and shoes on to get the three of us to school along with the required books bag, lunch box - and on certain days of the week - PE kit. I am even starting to keep up with the numerous letters from school, dress-up days and the

particular odds and ends to be found or made to be brought into school for projects! And despite a wobbly start, school has proved to be a positive influence on my son and his progress has been fantastic. Recent months have been happy ones for my daughter, she has taken to pre-school like a duck to water. She absolutely loves it, can’t wait to go on preschool mornings and wants to go on non-pre-school mornings! She is still loving ballet and her progress has been immense, made all the more special since

at the beginning of last year she had her hip operation. At half term my children went Trick-or-Treating for the first time and loved it. We enjoyed creating Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins. I am enjoying this time now that my children can understand about different festivals and take part in them. My little boy also loved the fireworks and many an evening recently we have sat at our loft window watching the beautiful fireworks across Bristol. There are exciting activities


going on around Bishopston this December, including a Christmas KudaCamp at KudaCan; a workshop for children aged 4 – 7 years on Saturday 7th December, giving parents a chance to do some uninterrupted Christmas shopping! Christmas KudaCamp will be from 10am – 1pm and includes crafts, puppetry, games, lunch and a snack. Contact 0117 9422877 for more information. If you are a interested in doing adult ballet classes, Elise Bird Ballet now offers drop-in classes on Thursday evenings 7.30 – 8.30pm at Church of the Good Shepherd, Bishop Road for £5 per session. For more information, call 07774091794. Lastly, if you have twins, you may be interested in a new Twin Group set up by a local mum. This is held at 9.30am every Wednesday at Horfield United Reformed Church, Muller Road and costs £2.50 per family. For more information, contact Amy 07411377007. Hope that you have a great December! Bishopston Mum

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Campaigners’ arguments are flawed I am no legal expert, but as a local resident, I find the Memorial Ground judicial review decision strange. I also find the arguments against the Sainsbury’s development flawed. I was involved in the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club planning applications and the previous on-site Rover’s planning application. I feel the Sainsbury’s consultation was much better managed. Sainsbury’s application also seems to be giving more back to the community than other


stadium applications. These benefits include 65 new homes and three hours free parking. This parking can be used by people who shop on Gloucester Road. During the Sainsbury’s planning application, the large majority who commented directly to the council supported the application. Skim reading these comments, the majority seem local. This was in the face of leaflets against the campaign which were very selective with their facts. Not all official assessments were negative about the impact of Sainsbury’s. Campaigners jumped on a few of the most pessimistic figures, using a picture that was presumably a fish monger as a key picture on the flyer. Hardly any shops on upper Gloucester Road compete with Sainsbury’s. It will be Eastville and Golden Hill Tesco which will be the main competitors. I believe the proposed Sainsbury’s has given more consideration to its carbon impact than both of these supermarkets. Food shops that do exist on Gloucester Road should be more concerned about late night minisupermarkets which do compete for the “top-up” shopping

market. Will traffic really be a major problem, especially in the age of ever increasing on-line shopping and ever-improving vehicle emissions? I appreciate Tesco at Golden Hill is smaller than the proposed Sainsbury’s, but people are happy for children to play in a park right next to the traffic from Golden Hill. Also, Sainsbury’s would not be a very astute competitor against Tesco if it really felt traffic was going to be as bad as campaigners suggest. Maybe traffic between local supermarkets will become more dispersed... If Sainsbury’s does take local jobs (and that’s a big if), it will probably create as many. A whole host of jobs will also be created by the new stadium at UWE. The alternative to the proposed Sainsbury’s could be a return to on-site stadium expansion plans. The last cleared application included a hotel and over 500 student accommodation (planning reference 11/04047/R) with no parking provision, whatsoever. The TRASH campaigners seem to keep very quiet about this possibility. Local councillors did not campaign vociferously when that on-site application

December, 2013

came up for renewal. Perhaps this is because they find it hard to see how any attack on residential, family car ownership could be excessive and counterproductive. Finally, I believe TRASH has quote Cotham and Redland in its campaign, but less so Lockleaze or Filton. Why? Is it because they are ‘local residents’ who do not say what they want to hear? G Roberts, Ashley Down resident

Finding space after 6pm ‘impossible’

I read R Wiltsher’s letter with interest, but think that this person is missing the point. I have no doubt that the family needs two cars, but where are those additional cars going to go? I live in a typical Bishopston street, lined with Victorian terraced houses. Each house has a parking space for roughly one car in front. Doing a quick straw poll of my immediate neighbours, 3 out of 8 have two cars (one had 3 cars at

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December, 2013


one point), which is probably representative of the whole street. Finding a space after 6 pm can be almost impossible, and inevitably one is forced into nearby streets to park in front of other people’s houses. This problem is getting worse as more houses are being bought by car owners. In the past, at least some of the houses were let to tenants e,g. students without transport, which allowed for some additional parking. Perhaps R Wiltsher can suggest a solution? P M - resident

Parking zone can’t come soon enough I can’t wait for the new residents’ parking scheme to be introduced into Redland -- and that’s to stop commuters from outer parts of Bristol dumping their cars on my road and then walking into town or taking the train from Redland station to Temple Meads. They’re a pest. I live near Redland station on the northern side of the Severn Beach Line and ever since a


parking scheme was introduced in Cotham, these drivers have swapped that area as their glorified car park for the streets of Redland. I see them every day, circling round like flies waiting for a resident to move their car before snapping the spot and hogging the space for the rest of the day. Although I do have a car myself, I rarely use it, almost always walking my children to school or cycling with them together. But on the very rare occasions we choose to drive them, invariably our space has been snaffled by the time we get back, even though we’re sometimes gone for barely 10 minutes. To me, the residents’ scheme in Redland can’t come soon enough. Martin Durrani

Traders have been made aware of bid I wish to correct the many inaccuracies in the letter appearing on this page last month.

out you

It’s all ab

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The date of the BID vote (February 2013) has been communicated extensively by the Gloucester Road Traders Association (GRTA) to all affected businesses. This was done via: - a 6 page BID brochure delivered to all businesses in October, by hand by committee members to c450 businesses who wherever possible ran through the details with the staff member present - a digital newsletter - an online forum promoted to all members of the association and to over 240 business email addresses - a new website set up specifically for communication between traders and in particular this project. The website may be viewed at www.gloucester-road., where there is a 50 page feasibility study for this BID, a video on BIDs and numerous links to other examples of BIDs in the UK and generic BID organisations. This information has been supplemented by 11 advertised, open consultation meetings in the past 3 months for direct discussions and feedback by traders. Volunteer business owners have joined GRTA board members up and down the street, putting their names forward to act as BID ‘champions’ as a further means to get the word out and have been talking to business owners in their patch. The GRTA has retained the services of a specialist in this area to support us with this very challenging project. Namely George Grace. In my view enthusiastic and passionate volunteers work best when able to rely on professional expertise - ideally at a low cost which is what George has provided and he is willing to take a substantial part of his remuneration at risk of a successful outcome (ballot of the businesses). This is no small concession to him and an expression of the passion he holds for traditional high streets generally and this one in particular given he is a local resident himself. I note that whilst last month’s letter was anonymous it was signed as a trader - presumably this person does not offer their services for free and understands the need to make a living? The vote process, not something the GRTA has control over but set by government, is far from insidious as suggested and runs in exactly the same way as other referenda that people are asked to vote on. We encourage all eligible traders to vote as those that do not will not


be counted. We have done everything we possibly can to ensure all businesses are aware of the BID. We have numerous further publications being distributed over the coming months in the lead up to the February vote plus the city council will write to all businesses twice as part of their own process. Nobody can fairly complain that they were unaware of this process and everyone will have a say on whether it should go ahead in an independently run ballot in the spring. James Ayliffe

Cycle safety scheme is a ‘con’ I am able to reveal that the £400,000 Cycling safety scheme for Gloucester Road, reported in your October issue, is a complete con. I contacted John Richfield the council officer responsible for this proposal and asked for details of the accidents that had prompted it. None were forthcoming. So I decided to do my own research. I obtained details of all accidents where someone was killed or seriously in Bristol in 2012. I read through them and found there were only two that occurred on Gloucester Road. Neither involved a cyclist, child, OAP or pedestrian. So what accidents is the scheme going to prevent? Even more interesting is the proposal for “filtered permeability”, an absurd euphemism for closing roads to motor traffic but allowing cycling. Of the 33 accidents that involved cyclists 11 involved turns - 33.3%. However of the 144 accidents that didn’t involve cyclists 31 involved turns - 21.5%. Surely this means that it would be better to stop cyclists turning into side roads not motorists? I have asked John Richfield for his explanation but none has been forthcoming. There was a fatal accident last week on Gloucester Road. But this involved only the cyclist - no other person or vehicle was involved, so this scheme could not have prevented it. However, there was some good news on safety. Today the police were on Gloucester Road making cyclists stop at the traffic lights. It’s looks like those of us with a genuine interest in road safety are beginning to have an effect. Barry Cash Local resident To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:



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A CHIP shop in Gloucester Road is now officially one of the best in the region. The Bishopston Fish Bar, opposite the Nevil Road junction, already named Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year for the Wiltshire, Dorset and Avon region, was runner-up in the regional contest for the South and West of England. Nick Lomvardos, owner of the Bishopston Fish Bar, was mystery shopped by an adjudicator from organisers Seafish, and underwent a three hour-inspection of the shop. The inspector judged the appearance of the store, staff’s interaction with customers and whether food was freshly produced and cooked. Every morning, fish is cut and boned. Batter is produced half

an hour before opening. Chips are also freshly cut each day. Mr Lomvardos said: “The judge was really impressed that a lot of things are produced and prepared fresh on the day. He liked that we served traditional dishes, such as faggots and spam fritters, and he really enjoyed the touch of lemon in with the chips and cod. He was also impressed that I was around at the shop.” He added: “It’s great to know that the best fish and chip shop in Bristol is right here on Gloucester Road.” Bishopston Fish Bar was also voted one of the South West’s top five shops in the National Fish and Chip Awards 2012. For more information on Bishopston Fish Bar, visit: www. 264 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8PB. Tele: 01173 079 390.


Fresh prize for Nick’s chippie




Monthly PC tips from goto iT Windows 8.1

Earlier this year we wrote an article about Windows 8, the new operating system for Windows. Now they have released a major update called Windows 8.1. There has been a lot of discussion about Windows 8. Some people love it and others find it too different to previous versions of Windows. The hope was that the first big update to Windows 8 would fix many of the issues and I am pleased to say that it has. What are the benefits? The start button is back. It was odd having Windows without a start button as that

December, 2013

was often the way we all took control of the system. If you click it, it takes you to the start screen but if you right click on it, you get a menu with lots of options such as the control panel. You can also bypass the start screen when you start up. Searching for items is also much improved with just one box to find all your apps or files. You can now have start screen apps side by side and there are also easier ways of managing the start screen. If you currently have Windows 7 or an earlier version of Windows you do not have to upgrade to Windows 8.1. However there would be a cost involved if you wanted to. The update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 is free from the Windows store and should see some welcome changes. Always make sure any critical updates are installed and you have a backup of all your files before you try to upgrade. If you would like to have a chat about this or need any help, contact us on 0117 969 8767 or visit us on the corner of Filton Ave and the A4174.

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December, 2013



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Have you spotted Gordon the Goblin yet? If so, vote for your favourite Christmas window display in which you’ve spied the little creature along Gloucester Road, and you could be in with a chance of winning some local goodies. Fill in the entry form, listing your top three displays, and return it to Room 212, Playfull Toys or Rimandos. Alternatively, visit Winners will be announced at Room 212 on December 19 at 6.30pm.Voting opens on December 1. Good luck!

Nominate your top three window displays Choice 1: . ............................................................................ Choice 2: . ............................................................................ Choice 3: . ............................................................................ Fill in your details below for your chance to win...

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News Late night shopping party Fox + Feather will be hosting a late-night Christmas shopping party on December 6. Attendees can enjoy a glass of bubbly, discounts, mince pies, music, a gift for those who make a purchase, games and a charity raffle. Tickets for the evening are £5, which entitles those in attendance to £5 off any purchase. Previous parties have proved popular, with the last two events selling out. Tickets can be purchased in store, or over the phone on: 0117 3292 575. Limited tickets are available available.


December, 2013

Fashion shop bags top award AN INDEPENDENT fashion store on Gloucester Road is celebrating after winning Best New Business at a prestigious awards event. Fox + Feather received the award at the Drapers Independents Awards 2013, in recognition of the work of entrepreneurial independent business owner, Clare Serjeant. The well-deserving winners were announced at a celebration reception and luncheon on November 7 at The Waldorf Hilton, London The Drapers Independents Awards recognises innovation and talent within the retail sector, and offers independents a chance to network with some of the most renowned and influential names in the UK’s fashion retail industry. With 15 categories, the awards cover a wide range of achievements in fashion retailing. After being reviewed by a

panel of judges - made up of influential figures and experts from the independent retail sector - Fox + Feather won the Best New Business award for their range of UK-designed fashion brands for men and women, and their commitment to providing the best possible shopping experience. Clare Serjeant, who graduated from the University of the West of England in 2000 and has worked for various fashion brands across the country - set up Fox + Feather in March 2012. Ms Serjeant commented: “We are completely thrilled and honoured to have been given this award. We have worked very hard to build our business and love being a part of the fantastic Gloucester Road community. “We hope that this award will help us to continue to expand our range and help promote the local and national designers that we love.” Research from the Local

Data Company (LDC) shows independents are leading change on the high streets. In 2013, across the top UK 500 town centres, there has been a net growth of 424 independent shops, growing 0.4%, while multiple stores showed a net decline of 209 units. Eric Musgrave, editorial director at Drapers, said: “The shape of the high-street is changing and although there are strong signs of growth in the independents retail sector, now more than ever we need to support existing independent retailers and encourage more to open. “I hope that the launch of the Drapers Independents Awards will support the growth of independent fashion retailers and in turn helps secure the future of the British high street. Congratulations to all our finalists and winners.”


Support the scouts with your Christmas tree this year Every year 1st Bishopston Scouts organise and run a Christmas Tree sale to raise valuable funds of the group. This event is the biggest fund raiser of the year for the group and raises money that is used throughout the year to keep the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer groups running smoothly and with the right kit and facilities. Its a big undertaking that is organised each year by the exec committee team and on the day by the parents and carers from the group. The support of the community

for events like this keeps the group going, this year the sales is on the 14th December from 9am at the Church of All Angels on Gloucester Road. The 1st Bishopston Scout Group was formed in 2005 with the official merger of the 61st and 104th Bristol Scout Groups and in 2012 Celebrated it centenary year. The group is supported by over 25 leaders across the various sections and many young leaders who help each of the sections and also by the parents and exec committee.

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December, 2013



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News Drama group tackles tough issue PUTTING the spotlight on dementia is local theatre group, Kelvin Players. A Month of Sundays is a performance which follows two elderly male residents - Cooper and Aylott - living out their days in an older people’s home, awaiting family visits, and dealing with their failing bodies and minds. Aylott, who is Cooper’s best friend, is coming to terms with Alzheimer’s. Written by Bob Larbey - the writer behind The Good Life, As Time Goes By and The Darling Buds of May - the play is a poignant look at the personal process of ageing. Director Susan Lawrence said: “The play offers so many layers of humanity to explore. Ageing affects us all, and the role relationships play in supporting a changing identity and lifestyle are central. “Through relationships between the characters this play tenderly looks at sexuality,

Phil Joyner as Cooper and Michael Jessup as Peter. Credit Mike Luckett - Kelvin Players

mental health, love and friendship.” The play focuses on the heroic friendship of the two residents, and their efforts to avoid joining ‘the zombies’ in the residential home. They spend endless hours

together, bantering about their ageing. A strained relationship is also conveyed between Cooper, and his daughter, Julia and her husband, Peter. Ms Lawrence added: “The

play is a joy to experience and leaves us with an honesty about the strength and value of friendship, transcending all else. “I welcome the opportunity to bring these universal themes to life through such a warm and enchanting play. “Although originally written in the 1980s, many of the themes and issues remain the same, with dementia being more widely recognised today.” A Month of Sundays will be running from Tuesday 3 December to Saturday 7 December at the Kelvin Studio on Gloucester Road. Doors open from 7.00pm every evening with the performance starting at 7.30pm. A licensed bar will also be available. Tickets are £12 (Wednesday-Saturday), and £8 (Tuesday). To book tickets please call 0117 9593636, email boxoffice@ or visit www.

Vaccinations for life for only

£99... *

*Terms & conditions apply, ask in practice.

Call 0117 942 4243

or visit Vets4Pets Bishopston 275-277 Gloucester Road, Bishopston Bristol, BS7 8NY

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December, 2013

Council seeks snow wardens ahead of the winter chaos BRISTOL City Council is appealing to members of the public to volunteer as snow wardens this winter. Residents are being asked to help ease the difficulties snow and ice can bring to local communities, should severe weather strike. Plans to lessen the impact on city life have been on the council’s agenda “for months”. The council currently has 1,500 tonnes of rock salt in store, 100 extra local grit bins are being installed and almost 100 community snow wardens have been recruited. Horfield snow warden, Nigel Currie, who recently attended a training session said: “Snow and ice were a real problem where I live last year. I did what I could to help clear pavements but I didn’t have the right equipment.

“A friend was already a snow warden so I went along to a training session where we were given health and safety training and proper equipment. I think it’s a good thing to be able to help out in your community and would encourage more people to volunteer as snow wardens.” Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson, said: “While winter weather, especially snow, is great fun for some, it can disrupt city life and be particularly difficult for some of our most vulnerable residents. “Council teams are more prepared than ever to keep Bristol moving and keep people safe during the winter but, as ever, it’s the little things that can make the most difference. He added: “If you can, help with snow clearance and keep an eye on any neighbours who

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might need help. Clear their pavement or even knock on their door, make them a cuppa, do their shopping or lend them blankets or clothes to keep warm.” Free information and

training sessions are taking place at City Hall from 6.30pm on December 18 and January 16. For more information email:

Foodbank use “likely to soar” THE North Bristol Foodbank is looking for volunteers this December to help sort food arriving from businesses, churches and schools. Trussell Trust, which runs the food banks nationwide, believes that this Christmas, the need for foodbanks is “likely to soar”. Last year, the national food provider gave emergency supplies to over 20,000 people during the two-week Christmas period. This year, Trussell Trust believe that this number will triple. A campaign has also been launched, calling on businesses

to dress festive for foodbanks. Local businesses are being asked to dress in red and green for a day to raise funds for the foodbank. There are three outlets operating throughout North Bristol: Ebenezer Church in Horfield, Revive charity shop in Filton and a new branch at Greenway Centre in Southmead. For those interested in volunteering this Christmas at the North Bristol Foodbank, contact: info@northbristol. or for more information, visit: www.



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December, 2013



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School finds room at the inn A LIFE-SIZED knitted nativity will be visiting a local school this December, as well as other venues across Bristol, to raise funds for St Peter’s Hospice. A group of six local women, known as the Knutty Knitters, created the ‘Knitivity’ last year in memory of close friend, Christine Walsh. The knitters decided to donate the money raised from the Knitivity to St Peter’s Hospice, as it’s where Christine spent her last days in December 2011. The women all met whilst working at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School in Horfield. The Knitivity will be arriving at St Bonaventure’s School on Egerton Road on December 9, where it will be spending two days. The characters include baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, two shepherds and their sheep, the Three Wise Men, a donkey and a camel. Last year, the Knutty Knitters raised almost £8,000 for St Peter’s, but are aiming to raise £10,000 this Christmas. Alison Spurrell, a member of the Knutty Knitters, said: “Our Christmas cards, which have a photo of the Knitivity in front of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the snow, have been extremely popular - they’ve been St Peter’s Hospice’s best selling cards. “We hope to raise as much money as possible

The knitted Knitivity collecting donations for St Peter's Hospice

this year for the hospice, in tribute to our friend Christine.” Knutty Knitivity e-cards are also available to purchase online at £2 each. To find out where the tour will be stopping, visit: To donate to St Peter’s Hospice, visit the Knutty Knitter’s Just Giving page: knitivity2013


Christmas comes to Golden Hill Golden Hill Community Garden is holding a Christmas wreathmaking workshop on Saturday December 7 from 10am-2pm. For £10, all materials will be included to create an ecofriendly wreath for the front door. The workshop, which will be taking place under cover, is run on a drop-in basis, and it is advised those wanting to create a wreath to arrive before 1pm. A free event to celebrate the ‘nearly darkest night’ on December 18 will also be held from 6-7pm at the community garden. Those in attendance can expect Christmas carols under the stars, a veg raffle, tasty soup, spicy drinks, a bonfire, marshmallow toasting and chestnut roasting. Torches and lanterns are recommended to bring along, as well as mugs for the soup.

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• Combi changes • Unvented cylinders installed • Systems Up-grades • Emergency gas and water repairs • Cookers / Hobs installed • Full heating installed Also available are System Power Flushes which clean your radiators and the pipe work of your heating system, making your heating more efficient and saving you £’s off your heating bills! ou C rL There are 3 types of packages. i f e Valves M o r efitted 1 - Power Flush 2 - Power Flush with new Thermostic Radiator 3 - Power Flush with new Thermostic Radiator Valves & Magna Clean fitted


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• Range of premium cupcakes • Prune & almond tarts • Peacn tarts • Chocolate cherry tarts • Pear helene tarts


• Rise & Recline Chair Specialists • Made To Measure • Standard sizes • Secondhand in stock • 100s fabric/leather • Demonstrations In Your M if a Own Home M k i n g Yo u r L l e Making Your Life o re b C o m fo rta More Comfortable



Joe’s Bakery

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professional background. Currently my range includes Christmas cards and gift accessories, bags, tea towels and prints. My latest project is a piece of work on commission, after a gentleman approached me to request three bespoke prints to give to his family for Christmas. My work is on sale at my website www. and in ‘The Print Shop’ in Quakers Friars. I’m offering readers a festive free delivery and 10% discount on website purchases until the end of December just type ‘bishopston’ into the voucher code section. Jill Spence








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2013 is the year I decided to dedicate some time and energy into a secret passion of mine: screen printing. A graphic designer by trade, I was made redundant in June, shortly after moving to Bishopston. I became aware of a pop-up shop starting up for local artists to sell their products. The timing seemed perfect for me to move into a more creative direction. My designs include stylised images of animals, birds and fish. They are influenced by the repeat patterns of Moorish art, a style I fell in love with during a recent visit to Andalucia. I also draw on the bold, geometric shapes of the art deco period and add a contemporary twist from my








December, 2013


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December, 2013

Helen provides final piece of the jigsaw A REDLAND designer has helped a businessman create thousand-piece jigsaws of British landscapes for charity. Helen Davies, from For Effect – a graphic design business based on Ravenswood Road, Redland – joined up with John Taylor, director of Just-So Balloons, to launch the Great British Jigsaws. Mr Taylor runs Just-So Balloons alongside his wife, Kate, and daughter, Amy. Ms Davies helped put the final pieces of the campaign together by designing the logo and packaging. The jigsaws will be supporting 12 charities in total, including Bristol Oscar, Children’s Hospice South West, Rainbow Trust, Refuge, Missing people, British Institute for Brain Injured Children, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Dogs for the Disabled, Rapid Response, Dementia UK, Emmaus UK and St Dunstan’s. Mr Taylor said: “This had been an ambition of mine for at least ten years. I was finally able

From left to right - Amy Taylor, co-director of Just-So Balloons with Helen Davies, from For Effect, with one of the Great British Jigsaws

to do it after finding the right people for the right job, and Helen was one of those people. “She’s excellent at her work and I was really pleased with the outcome. I could depend on her to get on with the job, while I got on with the running of the business.” He added: “We wanted to support a cross section of

charities. Some charities were suggested by family members because we had involvement with them in the past, such as Dementia UK, as my mother-inlaw suffered from dementia.” Mr Taylor, a member of Bristol Brunel Lions Club, has worked alongside Ms Davies on several charitable ventures. Ms Davies is a member of

Soroptimist International, a worldwide service organisation for women. Ms Davies, who has had over 20 years’ experience in creative design and branding, said: “I knew this was something he really wanted to do, so it was exciting to come up with ideas to help him realise his vision. “He wanted something British, hence the Union Jack, and it is really satisfying work when the person is really happy with the end result. The design had to work with the landscape photos and the portrait style of Brandon Hill.” She added: “The Great British Jigsaws are really lovely and it’s great that proceeds will be going to worthy causes.” The jigsaw pictures were taken by Bristol photographer Graham Coleman and include the settings of Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill. For more information on For Effect, visit: or Just-So Balloons, visit: www.

Massive new county show planned for South Gloucestershire

Organisers hope to attract 20,000 visitors to event next year

The South Gloucestershire Show wishes you a Merry Christmas and gives you all something to look forward to in the new year

We’re calling now for

Trade Exhibitors and Sponsors If you are in a club group or society and need exposure or recruits please contact us now to book a space Web: Twitter: @SouthGlosShow | Facebook: /SouthGlosShow

The South Gloucestershire Show August 2nd & 3rd 2014

PLANS for a lifestyle and leisure show are underway on a huge site off the M4. The South Gloucestershire Show will take place on a 176 acre area between the Westerleigh Road and the M4 in Henfield, near Emersons Green. The show, on 2&3 August next year, has ambitious plans to rival other west country events such as the North Somerset Show. The main arena is planned to be as big as 10 football pitches, and there will be a large music stage to showcase local bands. Although other shows of this size are focused on agriculture, this event aims to highlight pastimes and leisure activities of local people. One arena has already been planned for classic cars, with fishing and clay pigeon shooting also at the event. The show is expected to have a big emphasis on cycling, with Sustrans (the sustainable transport charity) supporting the event and organisers are hoping large numbers of people will cycle to the show, with the site being close to Avon Cycleway routes that link to the Bristol and Bath cycle track.

Darren Hawkins, the event manager, is keen to underline that a large part of the show will be devoted to voluntary groups clubs and societies and many of these will be offered a stand at the show at no cost to them. “If you’ve got a business, you’re not going to get a better place to showcase your business. The nice thing is that by exhibitors paying to be on site this in turn gives us the ability to give away free space for community groups wanting to show what they have to offer. So by exhibiting you are giving a bit back as well” Mr Hawkins says although the event is nine months away, local people need to get in touch soon. “Voluntary groups need to get in touch as soon as possible. We’ve had a huge uptake already”. “If you are in a Morris Dancing group, a rock band, a Judo club for example and you want an audience; we’ve got the audience if you’ve got the talent”. You can contact the show organisers by emailing: hello@, or call 01454 222959.

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December, 2013



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News A taste of San Francisco comes to Gloucester Road A NEW San Francisco-inspired restaurant is to open its door early next year. Bakers & Co will be Season & Taste Limited’s second restaurant to open in Bristol, following the success of Bravas, a tapas restaurant on Cotham Hill. The new restaurant is to open in January 2014 and will be in place of the Bishopston Trading Company, which closed in July. Owners, Kieran and Imogen Waite, both 29, believe that growth is an important part of their business and aim to provide more opportunities for their staff. Kieran Waite said: “Since opening Bravas last April we have taken every opportunity to promote staff. We try to involve our team in everything, taking them away on annual trips to London and Spain to visit vineyards and dine in top restaurants.” He added: “You cannot underestimate the value of showing them the roots of

inspiration for our tapas bar.” Bravas, which has been trading for 18 months, was awarded ‘best tapas’ and ‘best newcomer’ at the Bristol Good Food awards and has been listed in the 2014 Good Food Guide. Kieran and Imogen have sent chef, Hayley Hastings, to San Francisco to dine in restaurants producing fresh brunch menus. Staging has also been arranged at Bar Tartine - sister restaurant of the famous Tartine Bakery - allowing her to learn new techniques and pick up recipe ideas for Bakers & Co. The idea for the San Francisco brunch menu began when Kieran and Imogen were living in Australia. He said: “They have a fantastic coffee culture, and eating out for brunch is more common. People seem to get together and make more of an occasion out of going out for brunch in the same way we go out for dinner here. “I have chef friends still living

in Melbourne who even go out for brunch dates!” Research led the husband and wife to discover a similar culture existing in San Francisco. He added: “We booked a trip in September and spent time visiting the best brunch joints in and around the city, as well as farmers markets and vineyards. They have amazing artisan produce and really fly the flag for farm-to-table dinning. “We really liked the restaurant scene in San Francisco. Most of the good places have open kitchens with unreserved seats around the bar - people can drop in for really good food without reservations. “There was a great atmosphere and joining the line was part of the fun. Some places even gave free coffee whilst you waited.” The menu at Bakers & Co will have five choices for breakfast, brunch, lunch and drinks, as it challenges the team to find the five best dishes, ensuring the

Imogen Waite, executive chef at Bakers & Co, tile cutting at the new restaurant food is always fresh. Bakers & Co will encompass a daytime space, an open kitchen, counter dining and vibrant food displays.

Gordon the Goblin joins Threesixty Services for the Christmas Season Jingle our bell if you need help with your heating or plumbing in preparation for Christmas

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December, 2013

School hopes to raise funds for new books Westbury Park Primary School has joined forces with new social network, Neighbourly, in hope of securing funding towards improving its library. is a free online social network, designed to help community projects connect with companies which can be of assistance. The site operates by giving community projects and small charities, who are struggling for funds, a space where they can tell their story and ask for help. Westbury Park Primary School, which holds 420 pupils aged 4-11, is passionate about encouraging a love of reading but only have a narrow choice of reading material. According to the school, the books available in the library are in poor condition and do not reflect the growing

ethnic diversity of the school. Jane Halstead, Community Manager for Neighbourly said: “With a strain on local government funding, community groups and charities are increasingly turning to companies for help.” Mandy Webb, chair of the Parent-Teacher Association, said: “Funding for schools, particularly in Bristol, is very tight and schools like Westbury Park are underfunded and unable to buy basic resources such as books.” To show support for the library project, visit www. and search ‘Westbury Park’. Other local community or charity projects in the area can start a project for free at Follow Neighbourly on Twitter: @nbrlyuk.

Probus looking for like minded individuals

New Members welcome to join us

We have an extensive programme of social events throughout the year for liked minded retired, semi-retired and business men. Meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at the Pavillion Suite, BAWA Leisure Centre, Southmead Rd, Filton For more information on the club or if you would like to come along to one of our lunches, please contact Brian Freeguard on:


T: 0117 9695198


(search for the Bristol Cabot Probus Club)

Bristol Cabot Probus Club are seeking to increase their membership, welcoming retired and semi-retired professional business men to join them. The club’s objective is to provide a meeting place where attendees can maintain contact and fellowship with people of similar interests. On the third Wednesday of each month, the club meets for lunch in the Pavilion suite at BAWA Leisure Centre on Southmead Road, Filton. The meeting is then followed by a speaker, covering a wide range of subjects. In June and December women are able to join the group. The Probus Club, which is principally a social meeting place, has an extensive programme of social events including holidays, day trips, Sunday lunches and skittles to which women and friends are welcome. The incumbent chairman, Colin Fender, has designated his own favourite charity, which is the Great Western Air

Nicole Beebee of Great Western Air Ambulance receiving cheque for £500 from Colin Fender

Ambulance Charity, and aims to assist the initiative in replacing their current aircraft. Mr Fender has recently donated £500 to the charity. There are currently a small number of vacancies, so for those interested in joining, contact: or call 0117 9695198. To find out more information about the club, visit:

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December, 2013




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Help is just a bike ride away A BISHOPSTON resident is gearing up to offer a service with a difference to support small businesses in the area. Laura Dobb has collaborated with her Dawes Kingpin to form The Pushbike PA - an eco-friendly, bespoke personal assistant, business support service which involves travelling to her clients by bike. She aims to help small businesses, not-for-profits, and artists grow and prosper. Laura said: “They’re often so overwhelmed with work, they don’t even have time to pick up the phone. “Organisation comes second when they’re focusing on the end result.” From running a synagogue, to helping a teacher arrange his sock draw, the Pushbike PA has a wealth of experience up her sleeve. Other jobs Laura has done for her clients include Feng Shui,

helping them research building society investment opportunities and re-organising their office space. She says horizontal filing systems are her “bug-bear”. “It’s nice to have a lot of experience to drawn upon,” she said. Originally from Canada, Laura moved to England in 80s and again in 2009, after working and living in San Francisco. One of Laura’s clients, Frances Federer, is a gilder and illustrator in London. Laura says that Ms Federer was the inspiration behind Pushbike PA. Laura and her family moved to Bishopston in October. “I love that it’s such a cultural, creative and innovative city,” she explained. “It’s very entrepreneurial like San Francisco, and I find the people are really friendly and encouraging.” People can either request Laura’s services for a day, or on

Laura Dobb with her Dawes Kingpin on Gloucester Road a continuing basis. She says she is flexible and “ready to muck in” straight away. “What’s wonderful about my job is meeting different people and feeling so inspired by what they do. I often find that the people who hire me are very

passionate about what they do.” She added: “When I’m not working with clients, I’m thinking about what I can do to help them.” For more information about Pushbike PA, visit: www.

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Advertising Feature

December, 2013

New team at Central Estate Agents Following the successful relaunch of Central Estate Agents, branch manager Kody Allen has undertaken the task of building his team to one that he feels will offer a unique service in buying, selling and renting. Kody has recruited two new members to his team, Thomas Ware and Sarah Webb. Thomas is a recent First graduate from Kings College London where he studied for three years in business and property management. Sarah has moved from a local estate agents where she has worked as an assistant manager for the past six years. Kody explained: “The recruitment process was very thorough and lengthy with over 40 candidates, first and second interviewed, but I knew what I was looking for in my staff and both Thomas and Sarah deliver on that front. He added: “I wanted staff with a good solid background, passion for properties and the ability to offer excellence to our customers. Staff is the biggest

aspect to any business and I now feel I have the right team to succeed.” Away from Central Estate Agents, Kody lives with his fiancé and their 2-year-old son, Teddie. Thomas’s father is a director of Bristol Rovers Football Club.

Kody jokingly stated: “If I knew this before Tom started, I wouldn’t have offered him the job!” Sarah is local and loves to spend time with friends and family, and also enjoys horse riding in her spare time.

CEA covers the local surrounding area, including Bishopston, Redland, Montpelier, Cotham, Clifton, St Werburghs and Easton. Properties are currently advertised through CEA’s website, Zoopla and Right Move.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:

December, 2013



AN inspiring scheme to support people recovering from drug addiction is turning lives around. Kevin Neal - who has abstained from drugs for 19 years - combined his entrepreneurial background with his experience in rehabilitation to set up the Compass Project. The initiative launched as a self-funded charity shop on Gloucester Road around 18 months ago and for the first year Kevin ran an pilot to test how the project would work. Since its inception, a warehouse has also opened in Staple Hill, providing in-house restoration workshops and a wide selection of furniture. The project is sustained by the income generated through donations and people shopping at the stores. The purpose of the Compass Project is to provide support for people who have come out of rehabilitation, and to help them learn new skills and experience, as well as integrate back into the community. Kevin explained: “A lot of money is thrown in to institutions like drug rehabilitation units, and when people are discharged, they go on to live in supported housing - or ‘dry houses’ - where financial support is dropped. It’s immense having to move back into the community, especially when you’re moved to a city you’re not familiar with.” He added: “A lot of people become clean for six to nine months and because they can’t adjust to being back in the real world without any substances, they end up turning to drugs again.” Research has found that a lot of anxiety is built up during this period, leading to fearfulness and anger. “We try to break this feeling of anxiety by nurturing and


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Compass Project is helping give lives a new direction

encouragement. It’s about giving staff responsibility and supporting them along their journey. As a self-funded project, I want them to feel in a place where there is no authority. Every single person within the structure of the project is in recovery.” He disclosed: “I’ve watched people come out of a spiral of addiction, and have come here to learn skills and experience, and work through their anxieties. It’s incredible what working means to people.” Kevin explains that people’s talents, which they developed in previous careers, are discovered in the project, giving them the opportunity to re-build and enhance their skills and experience. It’s about recognising staff with skills who can make the project work, he says. The project puts on regular parties, away days and other events to encourage social cohesion amongst staff. He added: “There’s been a lot of hard work from individuals to becoming drug free. I’ve seen people who have gone back to college and into full-time work.” Paul, who has been a part of the project since the beginning, has been abstinent from drink and drugs for three years. “The project has really worked for me,” he said. “It’s given me the opportunity to get back into work again after having not worked for a long time.” Before Paul became addicted to crack cocaine, he worked for a large pharmaceutical company in London. After spending time at a rehabilitation centre in Bristol,

JPK Plumbing

Reliable, qualified, fully insured For all plumbing jobs from a dripping tap upwards, call Bishopston’s local plumber.

he was moved to a dry house, where he soon discovered the Compass Project. Paul said: “I’m was lucky to have the previous work experience, whereas others in the dry house didn’t really have any. “It’s an amazing project that is well-needed in the community - Bristol needs more projects like this.” Del - a full-time, senior volunteer at the Compass Project - has also been in recovery for three years. He said: “I was at a crossroads and didn’t know what direction to take, so I started driving for the project.” His job involves delivering furniture, collecting donations and helping out occasionally in the shop. Del added: “It’s something to get me up and moving - if it wasn’t for the project, I’d be sat in my flat, feeling depressed, which could take me back to drinking.” Another volunteer, Billy, was made aware of the Compass Project through Western Counselling - a treatment centre

in Weston-super-Mare. He was residing in a dry house in Bristol for a year, but now has his own flat and independence. He said: “I found drugs were a way of coping with life, but I have now found the inner-me.” Alongside restoring furniture in Staple Hill, Billy is also studying English at college, where he has learned to read. “The environment is safe at the project. I’m here to learn how to help others. I believe if you make someone else feel better, you feel better about yourself.” He added: “Kevin is one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. If I wasn’t here, I’d be back on the streets taking drugs. I know I’m a better person now.”

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John Keegan,125 Bishop Road Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8LX E:

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Christmas is fast approaching and it’s traditionally a time for families to come together. But for parents that have separated, Christmas can be tough and contact with children is often a difficult issue. Agreeing who the children will spend Christmas Day with isn’t always easy. Family courts are busier than normal before Christmas so if you’re in a dispute, the best option is for you to come to an agreement together. If that’s not possible, you could consider mediation as a means of resolving matters. With mediation you communicate with one another directly, rather than through a solicitor. With the help of an impartial mediator, you’ll discuss matters concerning your children and specifically the arrangements for Christmas. Your mediator will

December, 2013



Contact with your children at Christmas





help you towards a solution that not only suits your circumstances, but is also in the best interests of your family. Many parents prefer this option as it enables you to the pace on at a rate that suits you both. Mediation is often quicker and cheaper than going to court too. Of course, Christmas is all about the children and it’s normal for parents to split their care between them. But if you do have concerns about access over the festive period, it’s time to think about your options. That way Christmas can be spent enjoying time with both parents, rather than be overshadowed by disputes. For further information about mediation, call Barcan Woodward Family Mediation on 0117 963 6202.

Give the gift of choice Mustering up Christmas gift ideas is not an easy task. But customers are able to give the gift of choice this season with a gift card, supporting local, independent shops. Created by two Horfield residents - Imogen McIntosh and Anne-Louise Perez YourStreet gift cards can be purchased online and redeemed in stores across Bristol, including Gloucester Road.

The gift card is also available to purchase at OddSox - a children’s shoe store located on the popular high street. The card is currently accepted at more than 100 shops and services across the city, reaching out as far as North Street in Bedminster. To check out the directory of shops, and to purchase a YourStreet gift card, visit: www.




Linwood Ambleside - 100% cotton jacquard weave fabric. Available in 10 colours. Machine washable at 40c. Suitable for loose covers, curtains and upholstery


Our fabrics are sourced from quality manufacturers and consist mainly of withdrawn ranges and overstocks. We also have accounts with most major suppliers, but our roll stock represents some of the best value money can buy. Full workroom service available. 255 Hotwells Road ( next to Hotwells Pine), Hotwells, BS8 4SF

0117 922 0599


Linwood Bohemia Provence - Linen and Velvet jacquard fabric. Suitable for loose covers, curtains and upholstery.

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December, 2013



Expert legal advice, right on your doorstep With two offices on Gloucester Road, we’re perfectly placed to provide legal advice at a location convenient for you. We’re experts in family law, wills and trusts, probate, residential conveyancing and commercial property. We’re also specialists in personal injury and medical negligence. Our emphasis is on personal service. We provide clear, practical advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances. We can help you get the solution you’re looking for. To talk about your options, call us or drop into one of our offices.

Barcan Woodward


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with interior designer Zoe Hewett

a great atmosphere in a room. Try lining your tea-light holders with fresh leaf herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary (whatever you like!) so that as the candle warms the up, they gently, and naturally, scent the space. The garland was made from brown parcel paper offcuts, leftover wrapping paper and sparkly sweeties, made into

millions of circles using an oversized hole punch, and then whizzed through the sewing machine to make long strings. Try this at home with friends and family, perhaps over a festive tipple, or try another of my group-friendly Christmas craft activity guides, available from my web-shop. Zoë Hewett is an independent Interior Designer

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Crooms of Bristol Est 25 years

A fresh approach to legal advice

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sanctuary, when the hustle and bustle gets too much). Tradition dictates that we bring evergreens into the house, and what could be more unique than organic sprigs individually made by mother nature herself? As an alternative to the ubiquitous Christmas tree, for those who find it too messy, too much hassle or expensive, one of my seasonal suggestions is to use festive fronds. I adore this super simple display of wintry eucalyptus and thistle (I got mine from The Flower Shop on Gloucester Road) in a red enamel pot. It can easily be moved up onto the table when the fire is raging or children and pets get too inquisitive, will last for weeks and doesn’t involve any extra hoovering! Smell is an important part of Yule with all those lovely mulling spices, mince pies and so on, and is vital for creating



The pleasure of Christmas Decorating the home for Christmas is one of the season’s greatest pleasures, especially when shared with loved ones. Despite the current vogue for uniqueness, crafting and making-it-yourself, we are still surrounded by charmless, mass-produced decorations. So, it is a joy to see more unusual ideas that surprise and delight (and create a jolly


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Christmas is coming take advantage of our studio photography Open every Thursday until 8pm up to Christmas Collages of family, special occasions, pets – wonderful present ideas ready for Christmas.

Let us make the perfect souvenir to keep

Professional bespoke photo creation for all customers Visit us in store or online for: Passport photographs & Visa’s • Film processing • Photo copying • Canvas wraps • Frames & Albums • Photo art & Restoration • Photo gifts • Photo Books • Student/OAP Discounts Digital photographs are available via: Instant • 1 hour • 4 hour • 24 hour

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As the queue for Screen 11, the largest in Cabot Circus’ Cinema de Lux, wound around the concourse, I pondered the new-found passion of Bristolians for the works of the Bard. Or were so many of them waiting to see this inaugural live broadcast from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford simply because David Tennant was playing the titular role? Yet there wasn’t as much as a glimpse of a sonic screwdriver to be seen the length of the line. The evening’s entertainment began with a quaint 1950s




Richard II at Showcase Cinema de Lux, Bristol

only grows in authority as his authority wanes. Only when he has lost his kingship does Richard appear to value it, only then does the ‘hollow crown’, which earlier slipped almost over Tennant’s eyes, finally seem to fit. ‘You can’t feel sorry for him!’ hissed my partner as we left the cinema. ‘Remember the Peasant’s Revolt!’ But I was eavesdropping on the comments of the audience, in particular those who might have attended in the hope of seeing a reprise of ‘The Shakespeare Code’, when Doctor Who encounters a Bard in the process of writing his play, Love’s Labours Won. The mood was enthusiastic, surprised even that the language had been a lot easier to understand than they had expected, and with the news that the screening had played to over 60,000 people and generated over £1 million in box office receipts in the UK alone, with more than 34,000 schoolchildren due to see it two days later, this has to be a cause for celebration.





FE with Bristol poet and author Deborah S DE T Harvey

December, 2013

ST of this fey, OP The paradox H self-defeating ruler is that he

scenes peek at the current production. In between were shots of the stage with a set which looked holographic but actually comprised curtains of hanging chain onto which was projected the image of a soaring nave. Into these regal surroundings sweeps the fickle, unconscionable Richard, who, having sanctioned the murder of his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, banishes his loyal agent, Mowbray and Mowbray’s accuser, Bolingbroke, even as his victim’s coffin stands centre stage, before seizing Bolingbroke’s inheritance on the death of his father, John of Gaunt. It is hard to sympathise with the narcissistic, tyrannical King, but with Queen Elizabeth regarding the usurper Bolingbroke as a threat to the divine right of monarchy, that is what Shakespeare (wisely) asks us to do. Thus, as his allies desert him and power shifts to the brusque and brutal Bolingbroke, newly returned from exile, the increasingly vulnerable Richard becomes – well, pitiable.




HOTO introduction to Stratford, P followed by a behind-the-



FUNDING has been made available to make improvements on Ashley Hill, Bristol City Council has revealed. The money, available from the Active Neighbourhood Transport Grant, will be put towards calming traffic, and improving pedestrian and cyclist facilities along the road. By reducing the carriageway width between Hurlingham Road and Chesterfield Road, the council’s highway services team aims to reduce the speed of traffic. Furthermore, by removing the narrow pedestrian island and introducing a traffic signal crossing, officers hope to improve the pedestrian and cycling experience. Consultation is being held for residents and businesses in the neighbourhood to comment on the proposals before further detailed work is undertaken. Results of the consultation are expected by mid-January, with feedback from the council expected at the beginning of February.



Ashley Hill set for traffic calming measures



T: 0117 908 2121




December, 2013







with image consultant and personal stylist Karen Lowe


their inner sequinned goddess is as normal as putting on a pair of shoes, but for others it can feel a little overwhelming and also frustrating as the age-old question of “what to wear for the office party?” comes around once again. So I thought I’d show you a few alternative ways you can still shine but without the fear of dazzling!

Vero Moda top at Pink Lemons, £30 Hello, my name is Karen Lowe and I’m a Personal Stylist. Welcome to my new monthly fashion column where I’ll be talking to you about all the things that have caught my eye locally, as well as lots of insider tips on how to always look and feel your absolute best. If you have any questions or styling issues that you would like me to discuss here, please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you. December is a great month for me to introduce myself, as Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to shake your style up a little, have some fun with fashion and embrace all the sparkly and glittery loveliness that has started to embellish everything from shoes, bags, scarves and of course party wear. For some women, embracing

Pink Lemons on Gloucester Road has lots of lovely pieces with subtle hints of sparkle that can be either dressed up or down, depending on your mood or occasion. This gorgeous top from Vero Moda (£30) would look great with a pair of black tailored ankle grazers, a blazer and some heels for a smarter event, or for a more edgy look, wear it with a black leather pencil skirt and ankle boots. Pink Lemons, 41 Gloucester

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Road, Bishopston, www. Vero Moda dress at Pink Lemons, £45 (below left) Dresses are a great choice for party wear as you don’t have to worry about how to wear them. It might be that all it needs is a gorgeous piece of jewellery and a clutch and you’re done. I’ve chosen this particular dress (£45) again from Pink Lemons, as it’s a really easy shape to wear. The detailing on the skirt stops it from being too simple and adds a bit of glamour but in a sexy and understated way. Pink Lemons, 41 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, www. Sugarhill trousers at Fox + Feather, £55 Statement trousers are a great piece to have in your wardrobe and if you’ve got a good set of pins – this is the perfect way to show them off. This pair from Sugarhill (£55) at Fox and Feather will be doing all the talking so keep your top half simple and nod to the lingerie trend by wearing with a camisole and leather biker jacket. If the thought of wearing only a vest at this time of year gives you goose bumps, wear them with a cashmere jumper and statement necklace instead. Fox and Feather, 43 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, www. To find out more about Karen Lowe, visit:

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December November 30

Charborough Road School Christmas Fair. 10.30am - 1pm. 50p entry. Games, Shopping, Refreshments and Father Christmas. Christmas gift and craft fair, 12.00 -5.00pm at St Peters Church Hall, Henleaze, Bristol BS9 4LD. Quality stalls, clothing, scarves, bags, accessories, jewellery, arts and handmade crafts, christmas cards and giftware plus more Tearoom selling homemade cakes. £1 Entry (under 16s free)

December 7 Redland Wind Band will be hosting a Christmas concert at Filton Community Centre.

For more details contact redlandwindband@googlemail. com or call Andy Brown on 07594240269. Visit: www.

December 13 Christmas Quiz and Raffle, followed by Christmas Buffet and Music. Come and enjoy meeting a group of friendly people with an interest in Spanish and Hispanic culture. Practice your Spanish! Beginners welcome. Check our website to see the year’s programme of events or phone Sue Smailes (01179856458) or Ann Blight (01179777116) for information on membership and fees. Join now! Gift Frippery. A demonstration and hands on gift-wrapping workshop by Amanda White. 10.30am-1.30pm. Tyntesfield. Limited numbers so please book early. 01275 461900. www.

December 14 Out There Chamber Choir Christmas Concert at Redland Parish Church, Redland Green Road BS6 7HE. Begins 7.30pm. Programme to include: Bruckner, Leonard Cohen, Tavener, Whitacre, Bob Dylan






Ever wondered how 2 billion presents get delivered all in one night?

ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Friday 6 December at Bishop Road Primary School

Open to all families All children must be accompanied by an adult Doors open at 6:00 - Film begins at 6:30 Bar open until 9:30 All profits go to the FREE ADMISSION -- CASH BAR Bishop Road PTFA.

and a selection of classic and Christmas music. In aid of Redland Green Church Hall. £7 (£5 under 18s) tickets available from: admin@outtheremusic. net, 07754 518254. www.

December 21

Bristol Choral Society’s renowned performance of Handel’s Messiah - performed entirely from memory - at Colston Hall, 7.30pm. Mini Messiah family concert - a shortened version of Messiah for Children (kids go FREE) - at Colston Hall, 4.30pm. Tickets and information for both concerts from www. or Colston Hall (0844 887 1500) Bristol Choral Society stages a major performance of Britten’s War Requiem at Colston Hall with well over 400 performers including the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and very fine soloists, all conducted by Adrian Partington. 7.30pm. Tickets and information from or Colston Hall (0844 887 1500)

What’s on a regular basis Mondays

Playful Café, Chandos Road, Redland, Hokey Cokey, from 9.30am – 10.30am all year round and drop in sessions so no need to book. £4 per family/ childminder and includes squash and biscuits. There is also a free sensory play time from 10am until 10.30am for carers and their children to come along and have a look at what we will be doing. Redland Wind Band rehearses at the Quakers Meeting Room on Gloucester Road at 7.30pm. We sometimes have vacancies, currently mainly for bass instruments, horns and percussionists. Contact Andy Brown at redlandwindband@ or on 07594240269 or via our website Also get in touch if you would like to be put on our mailing list or would like to book us for events or fundraisers. Morris for fitness and fun, 7.15pm – 8.15pm at Horfield URC, Muller Road, Horfield, BS7 9RE during term time only, no performance element, small groups. Sticks and hankies provided. Tel/text: 07813 346819 / 0117 940-1566, www.


KudaCan, 7 Dongola Avenue,

December, 2013

Bishopston, BS7 9HG. Join the Bishopston Mum for an NCT Cafe every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 10.15 11.30, you can drop in any time during this slot. Ashley’s Rise Junior Morris - performing Morris side for boys and girls aged 8-16yrs. We practice at Horfield URC, Muller Road, Horfield, BS7 9RE on Tuesdays 6.15-7.15pm during term time. We take part in local and national Morris and community events. We have a waiting list for 6/7yr olds who are invited to our open events so that they can get to know us before they join. New juniors (Bristol) get the first week free. Tel/text: 07813 346819 / 0117 940-1566. www.thegreatcaper. Morris for fitness and fun, 7.30pm – 8.30pm at Horfield URC, Muller Road, Horfield, BS7 9RE during term time only. www. Scottish Country Dancing Get fit and have fun with Westbury Scottish Club. Classes for beginners at Leonard Hall, Trinity-Henleaze URC, Waterford Road, Henleaze, (Tel: Tina 0117 9075462). Classes for more advanced dancers at St Peter’s Church Hall, Henleaze, (Tel: Cheryl 0117 9590970). 7.30pm to 9.30pm for details.


Knit & Stitch Club 9.30 – 11.30am at Heart Space Studios textile workshop, 4 Harcourt Rd (just off Coldharbour Rd) Tel: 0117 9232391. A friendly group offering a chance to swap creative ideas and inspiration. The cost is £35 per term including tea and coffee. The Golden Hill Community Garden. 10.00am – 4.00pm. Come and get involved in your local community garden! No experience necessary and kids welcome. Learn about growing and relax in our beautiful space with a cup of tea. No need to come every week or stay all day. Our site is wheelchair accessible including our toilet. For more information contact Lucy or 07506 905 394. We’re just through the gates at the end of Monk Rd BS7 8NE www. thegoldenhillcommunitygarden. com Avon Slings Meet at Kiddicare Cribbs Causeways, Centaurus Retail Park, Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5TS. 11am to1pm. We are a community not for profitorganisation set up to

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December, 2013


support parents with the art and parenting choice of carrying their infants; otherwise known as Babywearing. At our regular and friendly meet ups you can have the chance to look at the full range of carriers we have to hire and try out, meet like minded parents and get support and advice from qualified peer supporters, consultants and other parents full of knowledge. Contact Katie on hello@ or telephone 07846 280720 for more information go to our website Bristol Voices Community Choir are welcoming new members, £5 a week (£3 concs) payable at the start of each term. We meet during the school term from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in St Werburgh’s Primary School, James St, BS2 9US. The school is fully accessible and has free parking. No experience is necessary and there are no auditions. You don’t have to read music either as all the songs are taught by ear. Our repertoire includes pop, folk, gospel, jazz, show tunes and world music. Find out more about the choir, at New Harmony Ladies Choir Bristol an established choir of 19 years and are looking for ladies to come and join us. We have a very varied repertoire, something for everyone. We rehearse 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Horfield URC Church Hall, everyone welcome. For more


information contact Margaret on 01179 698619 or Joan on 01275 791566. Lazy Dog Film Club. A free, small, but perfectly formed community film club based at the Lazy Dog pub on Ashley Down Road. We run the club every other week (Wednesday) in the upstairs of the Pub on Ashley Hill. We screen from Oct - April every year. All showings start at 8pm but we do advise people to book free places via LazyDogFilmClub@, as we only have 35 seats per showing. For more information on the upcoming films, visit: LazyDogFilmClub Horfield Townswomen’s Guild This friendly Townswomen’s Guild meets on the second Wednesday of each month at St Gregory the Great Church Hall, Filton Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0PD at 2.30pm. Why not come along and meet us? Just turn up, or ring Edna on 949 5413, and she will look out for you.


Bishop Road Community Choir. We are a mixed community choir, meeting at Bishop Road School at 7.45 to 9pm. Everyone welcome to join, regardless of singing experience. There is no audition and the choir is open to anyone, not just parents of children at the school. We sing a variety of songs and perform locally. Looking forward to

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welcoming some new faces! Bristol Ladies Choir sings a wide range of music from classical to light. The choir rehearses weekly and gives two main concerts each year. The choir also participates in approximately 9 to 10 other concerts in the Bristol area each year. Meet at 2.15pm - 3.45pm at Church of the Good Shepherd, Bishop Road, Bishopston, BS7 8NA. New members welcome. For more information contact Hazel on 0117 9246587 or visit www. The Stepford Singers. Come and try Bishopston’s all-female community choir. No need to read music and no auditions! We meet 1pm - 3pm so you can still be in time to pick up kids from school. For more info, email Knit & Stitch Club 7.30 – 9.30pm at Heart Space Studios textile workshop, 4 Harcourt Rd (just off Coldharbour Rd) Tel: 0117 9232391. A friendly group offering a chance to swap creative ideas and inspiration. The cost is £35 per term including tea and coffee. Avon Harmony Ladies Acappella Chorus meets for rehearsals


every Thursday 7.30 - 10pm at Fairfield High School, Allfoxton Road BS7 9 NL. Visitors are always made welcome, and we are actively recruiting new members. There is no need to be able to read music; we provide teaching tracks for learning by ear. See out website for more details or contact Mandy on 0117 652693 or Barbara on 07717 424421 or email enquiries@ www.

Saturdays Gloucester Road Market runs every Saturday from 10am-5pm on Pigsty Hill. Stalls include Herbert’s Bakery, The Spotless Leopard, Lee’s Teaks and Sam’s Jams. Whiteladies Farmers and Fair Trading Market organised by Sustainable Redland and runs first and 3rd Saturday each month from 8.30 - 2.00 It takes place at the junction of Whiteladies/Apsley/Burlington Roads. Stalls covering bread, cheese, local lamb and chicken, fish, preserves, cakes, sushi, local fruit and veg, wild food larder, and recycled tools, wooden items and much more.

Horfield Baptist Church,

Bishopston (entrance at back via Brynland Av.) Mondays 9.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Sue - 0117 9243556

The Pavilion, Filton Leisure Centre, Elm Park, Filton, BS34 7PS. Mondays 5.00 p.m. & 7 p.m. Contact: Carolyn - 01454 898494

Horfield Leisure Centre,

Dorian Road, Horfield, BS7 0XW. Wednesdays 3.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. Contact: Carolyn - 01454 898494

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The cold spell at the beginning of the month brought the birds back to the garden. They have been missing most of the summer, presumably plenty of food in the hedgerows out in the fields. I put some sunflower seeds at the feeding station, and a flock of blue and great tits appeared in quite a flurry. They spent about half an hour feeding and then swooped off. A walk around the woods showed plenty of berries available, hawthorn, holly and pyracantha, cotoneaster and elderberries seem to have been taken. Something we know the slightly bigger birds like are the crab apples. As soon as there is a frost the apples soften and the blackbirds go

December, 2013

A bit of brutality won’t hurt for them. What does annoy me is the jackdaws pecking at ripe fruit on the top of the trees. Of course they go for the ripe ones, give it a couple of pecks and the fruit falls. So they choose another one with the same result. The William pears seem to be different. With them, the jackdaws peck away and we finish up picking what appears to be a perfect fruit, only to find they have left us an empty shell. I have spent some time reducing two large pear trees to a more manageable size, although the winter pruning season is not yet upon us. They will get another, more accurate, trimming in December or January. I can now see the overall shape returning to normal. Unfortunately this produces considerable amounts of rubbish to be cleared. My little shredder is not up to the job and is at present

waiting for an overhaul. Some years ago I hired a comercial shredder which would take up to 35mm diameter branches. I saved everything from winter pruning and hired a shredder for a weekend. It was a bit brutal but dealt with everything and by Sunday I had 13 80-litre bags full. I understand fresh shreddings shouldn’t be used for mulching as it takes nitrogen from the soil. So the shreddings went into the compost bin. It took two years to be rid of those shreddings. Now I take it for composting at the amenity centre. Many years ago we felled a large conifer tree which was causing too much shade. Most of the timber was passed to neighbours with woodburning stoves. We kept about six pieces of the trunk which was 18 ins diameter. They lay in the garden for a year or two until it was decided to make a

rockery or perhaps a woodery of them. We piled them to leave spaces for soil and planted any small plants we had. It looked quite good and matured until they all had rotted away. So I had to make something else. Some old timber and chipboard was to hand and soon a box appeared and was filled with plants. The box has now rotted and fallen apart and I have to think of something else. A tractor tyre or two perhaps? We shall see and I will report back.

Jobs to do Collect fallen leaves and bin or heap for leaf mould next year. Any badly infested roses spray against black spot. Plant wallflowers while the soil is warm. Cut long shoots of roses to avoid rocking. Get winter dressing on grass. Clean any empty pots and do not forget the mower.

The Perfect Present Snow chains from £39


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- Fast, quiet & reliable - Built to order - 3 Year Warranty

16 Badminton Road, Downend Tel 01179 575038 94-96 Bedminster Parade, Bedminister Tel 0117 966 6142


- FREE Technical Support - FREE Setup & Installation

0117 922 0686 07759 151 066

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November, 2013



Gloucester Road Traders’ Association Christmas on Gloucester Road We want to make Gloucester Road a destination this Christmas, so we’re urging local traders to take part in staying open until late on Thursday 12 and 19 December and the Christmas window display competition, which features Gordon the Goblin; and to contribute to the prize hamper of Gloucester Road Goodies. People can vote for their top three window displays by filling out the form on page 17, or visiting www. The BID We have been very busy with the BID project over the past few months with two brochures/ flyers hand delivered to all businesses and eleven open consultation meetings. If traders haven’t returned the feedback form yet, please do try to get it back to us – we want as many as possible to contribute. Next steps are to collate all the feedback, circulate a draft business plan and BID ‘proposal’ for further feedback with a view to going to ballot in the spring (from February 20 for approximately one month). For more

information please visit our website: www.gloucester-road. Meetings The new board meets on the second Wednesday of every month. We are also organising a range of sub-committees to address key issues. Please contact us if you wish to get involved in Marketing (Sarah), Transport & Parking (Dawn), BID (Prue), TRASH (Michel), Finance & Economy (Jon) or if you wish to become a Member. An online forum is available for the public and traders to have discussions about Gloucester Road and the surrounding area; to keep up-to-date with any local events; to ask traders questions about products and services; and to find out about any jobs in the area. Visit: gloucesterroadtraders. Editor’s apology: The 80% figure published in the last issue was incorrect. This figure was only reflective of the first round of consultation. The results of the full consultation will be released shortly along with the full BID proposal..

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Abi amazed at response THE owner of a cake shop, which only opened in November, has been heartened by how busy it’s been. Owner, Abi Smith, said: “It’s been so busy, it’s been unbelievable. Everyone of Gloucester Road has been really welcoming.” Services that Cake offer are wedding cake consultations, cake decorating sessions for children, baby showers, and parties for hen-dos and under 16s. In the build-up to Christmas, cake decorating workshops will be held for all ages, starting from November 29. In the new year, Cake will be hosting an assortment of classes. The shop also sells party supplies, such as candles, and hand-made chocolates from Bath. But celebration cakes are the main focus, says Abi. All ingredients for her cakes are sourced from Gloucester Road. Growing up on Nevil Road, baking cakes largely featured throughout Abi’s childhood. Her mum owned a bakery on Whiteladies Road, as well as a patisserie in Westbury-on-Trym,

where Abi used to help decorate the cakes. Abi had set up a coffee shop in Bedminster, but after having a baby, an opportunity to move back to the Gloucester Road area came up and she couldn’t resist. “It’s good to be back in the area,” she said. “This part of Gloucester Road is my home.” Coming back to the Gloucester Road area inspired Abi to set up Cake.

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December, 2013

You can count on Joe’s for your daily bread






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Tell us about your company There has been a bakery on this site since the late 1800s and it has been known as Joe’s Bakery since the early 1970s. Martin and I arrived in 1990. We previously had a small bakery in Melrose Park, Brislington and this is where Martin learnt his baking skills from some very experienced bakers and followed up the technical knowledge with courses at City of Bristol College. We currently employ three full time bakers, one confectionery baker and two apprentices, who are studying bakery at South Bristol Academy. The shop has 18 full and part-time staff who are managed by Jenny, who is my right hand girl. Many off the staff have been with us for 10 years or more. The three bakers are responsible for baking all our bread and roll products every day so that the shop always looks full and attractive for customers. They start at 3am each morning to enable our customers to have the freshest bread possible.

What service do you provide to the people of Bishopston & Redland? We like to think we provide our customers, both local and those that travel to us, with good quality, fresh products. Our

extensive range covers both English style and continental breads. We also have a mouthwatering display of cakes and confectionery. Joe’s express also provides an extensive range of takeaways with sandwiches made each morning and Cornish pasties baked throughout the day. We are also offering a work place delivery service and looking to extend this in the new year to a home delivery service in the BS6 and BS7 postcodes.

What is the best part of running your business and working in Bishopston & Redland? Being part of such a lovely and thriving community is very rewarding, we know many of our customers by name and many travel from all over Bristol to come to Joe’s.

What makes your service different from other companies? Martin and I are hands on in the bakery and shop and therefore our knowledge and advice to customers on the products they are buying is a very important part of our service.

Anything planned for the future? As for the future, we will continue

to develop new lines, listen to our customers’ needs and requests and have a bakery shop that continues to adapt to changing trends.

Joe’s Bakery, 240 Gloucester Road, Bishopston Bristol BS7 8NZ. 0117 9755551. Twitter: @janejoesbakery

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Serves 4 Takes 45 minutes Ingredients 2 onions, peeled and finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 3 celery sticks, trimmed and cut into 1.5cm lengths 2 carrots, peeled and diced 400g can chopped tomatoes 900ml vegetable stock 60g dried soup pasta 4009 can mixed beans, drained and rinsed 4 tbsp chopped fresh Flat-leaf parsley Salt and freshly ground Black pepper

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Rustic bean and pasta soup with

carrots, tomatoes and stock in a large pan. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes. 2. Stir in the pasta and cook for a further 8-10 minutes or until just tender. 3. Add the beans and heat through. 4. Stir in the parsley, season to taste and serve. This soup is also delicious served cold on a hot summer’s day. The flavour improves if you make it a day or two ahead and store it in the fridge. This healthy, warming soup is courtesy of Slimming World. Local Slimming World consultants in Bishopston, Horfield and Filton are Carolyn & Sue. See our advertisement on page 35 for group details

FIELD GAR K A O Independent Ford specialist but any make or model welcome for Service, Repairs, Air Conditioning & MOTs




Method 1. Place the onions, garlic, celery,






December, 2013




B G n





140-144 Ashley Down Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 9JS


Fax: 0117 952 0420


Tel: 0117 951 2285


or get in touch with owners Pete Coles and Steve Hale

A38 Filton


Glo uc

Visit our website for more information

er R d

Graham Cook City Brunel centre site

Opening hours Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm Sat, 8.30am-12.30pm

Gardener and handyman

Grass cutting, hedge and shrub trimming, weeding, planting, felling small trees, clearing, small painting jobs including garden fences and other maintenance work. Please call for a no-obligation chat

Call 0117 377 0644 or 07415 658 205 To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:



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December, 2013

News Bike recycling at Bristol Prison showcased on arts trail A BENEFICIAL project opened its bike recycling workspace at Horfield Prison, as part of the North Bristol Arts Trail. Life Cycle UK gave those on the trail the opportunity to view and purchase bikes which have been refurbished by people from within the prison. The project showcased bicycle themed artwork from a number of local artists, photographers and craftsmen, from tattooed bikes and laser-etched bike parts, to upcycled products and furniture made from spent parts, such as tires. Visitors were also able to drop off any unwanted bikes to recycle. The bikes were priced between £60 and £130, with a few higher quality bikes available to purchase. Life Cycle UK’s Bike Back scheme has been running in partnership with HMP Bristol for three years. Bicycles, which would have been sent to landfill, are donated to the project, and then given

to the prisoners to strip down, clean and refit. Once the bikes have been given a new lease of life, they are then sold at an affordable price to families on low-income. “It’s amazing what a difference bikes can make to people’s lives,” said Tamar Thompson, training and development manager at Life Cycle UK. “The project is changing lives on the inside as well as the outside.” Poppy Brett, director of the project, added: “We aim to offer the prisoners something really positive and enjoyable to do whilst inside, as well as giving them a valuable opportunity to learn new skills.”  Through Bike Back prisoners gain practical skills, employability skills and increased confidence which can help them find employment after they are released. Bike Back has secured £300,000 from the Big Lottery Fund, enabling the scheme to continue.

Art trail success Your local independent Saab dealer for 26 years Sales - Service - Parts

Looking for a nearly new or used Saab?

ART enthusiasts flocked to the streets of North Bristol last month to discover creative talents in the area. Local artists opened up their homes for the public to view their unique collection of art work. Artists ranged from first-time exhibitors to gallery-pros, showcasing creative outputs from textiles and sculptures, to acrylic paintings and mosaics. The public were able to invest in pieces of work on exhibition, as well as purchase smaller items such as postcards and other gifts. The North Bristol Art Trail ran from 23 - 24 November, with several launch parties taking place on the Friday evening.

We have a wide selection of quality vehicles. Servicing. We follow precisely the same Saab service schedule as main dealers, only the price is different. All the latest Saab diagnostic equipment for all models including the new 9 – 3. Free loan cars provided. Need parts? The largest stock of new and used parts in the UK, fast mail order to all parts of the UK and Europe.

Simply Saab 9 Clothier Road Brislington BS4 5PS

W: E:

How to find us: We’re on Clothier Road, just off Broomhill Road behind St Brendans

Sales Services Parts

0117 907 4298 0117 940 6121 0117 940 6151

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December, 2013






E MO with staff from Cheltenham Road Library Adult Fiction - Librarian’s Choice for December: Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates BLURB: Joyce Carol Oates boldly re-imagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker – the child, the woman, the fated celebrity, and idolized


blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe. In a voice startlingly intimate and rich, Norma Jeane tells her own story of an emblematic American artist – intensely conflicted and driven – who had lost her way. A powerful portrait of Hollywood’s myth and an extraordinary woman’s heart-breaking reality, Blonde is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth-century American star. REVIEW FROM AMAZON: This is a stunning novel. Chronicling the life of Marilyn Monroe, Joyce Carol Oates goes far beyond biography to create something that is hugely involving and spectacularly well-written. The author’s use of detail is remarkable, capturing the different sides of Hollywood by showing us the glamour and excitement, the sinister patriarchal exploitation, and the life of the hangers-on desperate for their big break. The narrative allows the reader to watch and understand this version of Monroe. At times,

CareServ Independent LIvIng SpecIaLIStS

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it is heart-breaking to read as Norma Jeane struggles to control her identity and her destiny. Knowing that few people will be unaware of Monroe’s life, Oates foreshadows her fate from the very beginning; as you root for her success, you know where it is leading. Children’s Fiction - Read and enjoyed by Charlotte Parrott (9 years old) Demon Dentist by David Walliams BLURB: Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night. Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they would wake up to find… a dead slug, a live spider, hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow. Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it…?


CHARLOTTE’S REVIEW: I really enjoyed Demon Dentist because David wrote a horror story but in a funny way. I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t stop reading it so I ended up reading it in one day! Alfred (mostly known as Alfie), hated the dentist ever since he was six, all because the dentist pulled out a wrong tooth! Now he is twelve, he has revolting teeth (chocolate colour) and weird things start to happen. I can’t tell you any more, because it will spoil the surprise! I recommend this book to everyone. For these books and many, many more titles, come along to Cheltenham Road Library and let us point you in the right direction. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can reserve any item from over 2 million items across LibrariesWest, and collect from a library of your choice for only £1 per item.

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10–1 & 2-5pm Wednesday: 10-1 & 2-5pm Friday: 10-1 & 2-5pm Saturday: 10-1 & 2-5pm

Animal Health Centre

Gloucester Road’s Independent Veterinary Practice

Celebrating 20 years in Practice

• Baths • Beds • Toilets • Hoists • Servicing • Repairs • Installations • Maintenance For further information contact Tel: +44(0)1179602287 Mobile: +44(0)7877506421 Email: Web:

• A small expert team providing individual care for your pet • Free preventative healthcare clinics with qualified veterinary nurses • Modern surgical and x-ray facilities

• In-house laboratory and dentistry equipment

Happy Christmas & a healthy 2014 Nicky Bromhall BVSc MRCVS Principal Veterinary Surgeon since 2002

0117 9247832 Consultations by appointment 24 hour Emergency Service

358 Gloucester Road, Horfield, BS7 8TP

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bishopstonvoice December, 2013 Still searching for the Christmas gift for someone who already has everything? Never fear…we’re here to inspire you.

T: 0117 908 2121

1. Soap Collection Everyone loves pamper products. We found these gorgeous handmade soaps and bath bombs locally. In a variety of beautiful fragrances, including Christmas Spice topped with orange slices £3.00, and rose scented topped with rosebuds £3.95. Find these and oodles of great ideas for gifts at All Sorts Handmade, 1 Chandos Road, Redland.

2. Lily High Tea A Traditional English Afternoon Tea would make an unusual experience gift. At Cox and Baloney an independent vintage inspired tea room and boutique, there is a selection of Sandwiches, yummy Homemade Cakes, Cream Tea style Scones with locally sources Strawberry Jam and Cornish Clotted Cream, and pot of Tea (we have 15 home brewed speciality teas). Lilys Afternoon Tea Voucher is available at a range of prices – Tea for two £21, with mini Prosecco £33, with a tea pot cocktail £30 - £35. Sample their teas at 182 & 184 Cheltenham Road Cotham.


3. Mapheart At Room 212 we found these map pictures. Featuring local places, they would make a lovely personal gift. Small heart map £15, multi-hearts £35, by Lush Creations. Room 212 on Gloucester Road, is a gallery and shop packed with work from over 50 local artists. With space for creative clubs and workshops it is a hub for the North Bristol Art Trail.

4. Loveheart How about booking your loved on a course to learn something new? At Heart Space Studios they have lots of workshops and courses where you can learn a new craft. Get expert tuition from professional practitioners and tutors who are passionate about their subject. Events range from ½ or one day to a course.You can try crochet, patchwork, making a bead-woven pendant, batik, making lampshades or even corsets. Picture shows, Pin Cushion Heart you can make at the full day workshop on Thursday 6th February. Payment in advance. Be inspired at www.heartspacestudios. Find the studio at 4 Harcourt Road, Westbury Park.



5. Supper club



5 6

Bishopston Supper Club is an underground restaurant run by freelance chef, Danielle, in her Bishopston home. Regular events include 5 course suppers, Sunday lunches and afternoon tea as well as private bookings. The finest seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients are used to create simple classics with a twist. Guests sit together, like at a dinner party, but bring their own drinks, a passion for good food, and an open mind. Advance booking is required to secure places. Prices are from £15-£30, with gift vouchers available which would make a lovely unusual present. Email for info or see website www.restingchef.

6. Turquoise bracelet

Native American jewellery represents thousands of years of cultural evolution and would make a unique gift this Christmas. The distinctive

style of each jeweller is informed by the traditions of their tribes & their individual, contemporary life experiences. Uniquely formed from natural materials, imbued with meaning & symbolism, each piece becomes a cherished possession to pass down through generations, ever appreciat-

ing in value. Picture shows a Persian turquoise & sterling silver bracelet by Navajo silversmith Rodger Montoya, USA. For a changing selection of unique, handmade, American Indian jewellery visit Rainmaker Gallery at 123 Coldharbour Road, Westbury Park.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:



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Bishopston has been showing a very healthy burglary reduction over the last few months, however there has been a spate of non-dwelling type burglaries. This includes sheds and garages where often high value property is stored. Front garden storage sheds have been popular targets. Often bikes are not locked when inside the shed. I would urge all residents to properly secure bikes within, even if storage sheds/units are padlocked. Last week I had a walk around the beat with the local councillor Daniella Radice. We visited all the local primary schools in order to see how the parking at the drop off and pick up times could be improved. We will be looking

into how we can make the yellow zig/zag lines more effective. We have some new warning/advice type notices that we are using to promote safer cycling. Cyclist running red lights or using the pavement have been given the notices for the last fortnight, with some pleasing results. They explain the dangers of cycling in this manner and form part of our road safety campaign. I will be carrying out speed watches this week as part of a national road safety campaign. The first location will be Muller Road. We get many complaints about drivers speed and it will be interesting to see what the speed data shows. One of our

neighbourhood forum priorities was to look into this, so this speed watch will form part of this action.




Have your say at the Neighbourhood Forum


December, 2013

News from the local policing team with PCSO David Said

Finally, don’t forget the Bishopston Neighbourhood forum on the 10th December. This will start at 7pm and is being held at the County Ground Nevil Road BS7 9EJ. The forums are a way to meet your neighbourhood policing team and to discuss issues affecting you. Police and local priorities are set during the forums, so it really is a good way to have a say in what’s going on in your community. Wishing you a safe and crime free December.

Mercure Bristol North, The Grange Hotel Wedding Open Evening

Christmas Parties From £20.95

13th & 27th January 6pm - 9pm

29th November - 18th January 3 Course Meal, Ice White Theming, Disco, Drinks Offers and Bedrooms from only £69.00

The venue will be set up for a wedding to give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your sepcial day

24 Hour Rates from only £110 per delegate

Santa Sunday Lunches

Conferences for 2 -200 people in one of our 6 conference rooms, including unlimited tea and coffee, 2 course lunch, Stationery, LCD projector, screen and flipchart, dinner, accommodation and breakfast

£21.95 per Adult £11.00 Per Child

3 Course Lunch including a visit from Santa and gifts for the kids

New Year’s Eve Ice White Party

5 Course Meal, Disco and Glass of Champagne £64.95 or £119.00pp

including accommodation and breakfast

New Wedding Packages Launched Winter Weddings from £3995.00 All inclusive Packages from £5995.00

Mercure Bristol North The Grange Hotel Old Gloucester Road, Winterbourne, BS36 1RP Tel. 0844 815 9063

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:


T: 0117 908 2121



December, 2013

Making Sir look a bit silly Cha cha for STUDENTS at Fairfield High School got the chance to deface their teachers for Children in Need. Organiser Anna Wredenfors said: “Students have for generations drawn silly additions to pictures of people – especially their teachers! “We wanted to do more than just draw a bristly moustache on a picture by allowing students to deface an actual teacher’s face.” Another popular activity was throwing sponges at teachers. It was all part of a host of fundraising events at the Horfield school, where they raised £1,430. Wacky hairstyles, painted nails and makeovers, as well as music sessions, human slug races and marshmallow eating, helped bring in the cash. NB: No teachers were harmed during this event!


FITNESS enthusiasts stepped up for Children in Need last month, raising over £400. Donning bright tutus, headbands and leg warmers, people came together at Horfield Leisure Centre for a FitStepathon, led by fitness instructor and personal trainer Charlotte Lune. The session, which ran from 7.30-10pm on the night of BBC Children in Need, involved jive, cha cha and rumba, to the soundtrack of 80s tunes. The team raised £410 in total. Charlotte said: “We were really pleased with the generosity of local businesses who donated great raffle prizes and obviously the people who made the effort to come along.” FitSteps® - of which Charlotte is an instructor - is a brand new fitness class, founded by Strictly Come Dancing’s Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite, and former contestant, Mark Forster, combining ballroom, Latin and fitness.



A local building used by local businesses and organisations consisting of 8 letting suites. Suites 1, 2 and 3 will be available in December 2013. Parking, walking distance to Bishop Road Primary School and Gloucester Road. Long/short term occupation and sharing of space is possible. All the suites include an intranet installation covering computer and telephone networking. Office furniture available. Occupation is based upon a licence to occupy rather than formal leases – allowing for greater flexibility.

If you believe you have land with development potential please call us for a confidential discussion. We specialise in buying prime residential development sites. Call for further information.



Suite 1 383sqft made up of 2 connecting rooms at ground floor level £600/m (Minimum let 6 months plus 2 months notice) Suite 2 1262sqft made up of a large open plan space, meeting room, large kitchen at ground floor level £1334/m (Minimum let 12 months plus 3 months notice Suite 3 630sqft a funky new-build light and airy space with potential for rear access and garage/workshop (subject to certain conditions) at ground floor level £1000/m (Minimum let 12 months plus 3 months notice)

All prices quoted exclude business rates and Elec. Gas Central Heating, Water and Sewerage, Buildings Insurance, External Maintenance, Furniture (subject to requirements). Communal Cleaning, etc are fully inclusive.

Telephone Hughes Property on 07970 758351 We are the owners of the property and not agents.

with or without planning

0117 373 0077



We seek good condition house, modern or modernised, 4 beds or larger, guaranteed 3 year contract, Company let, excellent references.

Tel 0117 974 1459

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:



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December, 2013



Arundel Road Bishopston ÂŁ390,000 A detached house with southerly facing garden, garage and driveway situated in a popular part of Bishopston and sold with no onward chain. Comprising entrance hallway, Dual aspect lounge / diner with patio doors to the enclosed walled garden, kitchen, downstairs cloakroom. Upstairs are newly laid carpets in the three double bedrooms, hall stairs and landing. There is also the family bathroom. The property benefits from gas central heating, garage to the side and driveway parking in front. The enclosed rear garden has side access gate and is laid to lawn with a patio area and feature pond. Andrews Estate Agents, Bishopston Branch, 80/82 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, BS7 8BN. Telephone 0117 944 4400


more buyers are looking for a property with Andrews1

Buyer demand is outstripping supply. So your home might be worth more than you think!

Contact us to book your FREE valuation2 before Christmas Bishopston Sales 0117 944 4400 Bishopston Lettings 0117 923 2200 1 Andrews internal figures for April-June 2013 vs the same period in 2012. 2 Free valuation does not apply to valuations conducted for insurance or mortgage purposes.

To advertise, contact Emma on 0117 908 2121 Or 07715 770448. Got News? Call Rebecca On 07912 484405. Email:

T: 0117 908 2121





Philomena Directed by Stephen Frears Philomena stars Judy Dench as Philomena Lee and Steve Coogan as the journalist Martin Sixsmith. It is based on the true story on the book written by Martin Sixsmith about the adoption of Philomena’s infant son, Arthur, from a convent at Roscrea in Ireland and the quest to find her son 50 years later. The film opens at a party for media types in London. Martin Sixsmith has recently been made redundant and is getting fed up with being patronised by his former associates when a chance meeting with Philomena’s


daughter, who is a waitress at the party, gets him interested in telling her story. He travels to Ireland to meet Philomena where he offers to help with finding her son. They certainly make an odd couple. Martin Sixsmith is a sophisticated Cambridge educated journalist, Philomena is a plain speaking retired nurse with a liking for trashy novels, biscuits and cough sweets. First they visit the convent where Sister Claire dispenses tea, cake and sympathy and is charmingly evasive, saying that she cannot help because the adoption records had been lost in a fire. Later that night in the local pub they get closer to the truth when the honest landlord informs them that the records were deliberately destroyed in a bonfire and that young children had been adopted for a fee of £1000 by wealthy Americans. They decide to use Martin’s contacts in the USA and take a flight to Washington where Philomena cannot get over the luxurious ambience of a posh hotel and the all inclusive breakfast. However she

Filton Golf Club

Filton Golf Club is a well-established private members club situated in the north of Bristol. Although predominantly a private members club, Filton also offers a very welcoming and enjoyable experience to guests and visitors alike.

does make short work of the contents of the minibar. Then there are some really surprising revelations in this true story. Arthur (renamed Michael Hess) had been a senior legal counsel to the president but had died of AIDS. To piece together the story they track down his adoptive sister in a trailer park and his gay lover, another Washington insider. Through him they discover that Arthur had returned to Ireland shortly before his death and was buried in the graveyard at the convent. They return to the convent where Martin is seething with anger at the deception whereas Philomena tries to find it in her heart to forgive. The film is very funny in parts but it also deals with serious subjects. Martin Sixsmith is a lapsed catholic and there are several good scenes where Martin and Philomena discuss religious faith and the things that have been done in the name of religion including the appalling treatment of unmarried mothers in Ireland. The

Membership benefits

• Unlimited golf 7 days per week • No tee bookings • Use of practice facilities • Official CONGU handicap • Entry to club competitions • 15% discount over the Bar

December, 2013

undying love of a mother for her son is brilliantly portrayed by Judy Dench. For Steve Coogan the film marks another step in his career as a film actor following two other excellent performances during 2013 in “The Look of Love” and “What Maisie Knew”. He also produced the film and co-wrote the script. Chris Worthington chrisworthington32@

• Social events • Reciprocal playing rights at other Bristol clubs • Discounted rates at the Windmill Driving range • County Card • Access to 4 Professional on-site Coaching staff

There are limited memberships available so anyone wishing to join this vibrant club is encouraged to call the Managing Secretary on 0117 969 4169 or email on to reserve a place.

• April 2014-March 2015 membership just


(Less than £14 per week!) • January 2014-April 2015 membership for just


(Less than £13 per week!)

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December, 2013






Do something different today Become a

• Plastering • rendering • patios • painting & decorating • general maintenance • brick laying • stonework • landscaping • extensions • loft conversions

Contact Paul Jones Tel: 07815038821

10% OFF all works when this advert mentioned


COFFIN’S CLOCKS Clock repairs and servicing

Lays Farm Trading Estate, Charlton Rd Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2SE Tel: 07745 410 620 All types of clocks from: domestic carriage, bracket, wall & longcase clocks to public tower clock, church clocks & more


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Freemason! Freemasonry for Men & Women It’s the only way forward for the Spiritually-minded in the 21st Century.



Electrical & Plumbing All electrical work from complete rewire to additional sockets

Domestic plumbing & tiling Showers, undertile heating etc. City & Guilds and NVQ Part P compliant Free estimates Call to discuss your requirements

Matt Pederick 0117 9246886 or 07958 753588 SITUATION VACANT




T: 07833 308194 0117 9600856

Tel: 01179 082 121or email PLASTERING



G Benson Plastering A specialist in:

Internal & External Plastering Rendering & Dry-lining Fully insured. Contact George Benson

Tel: 0117 3293199 Mob: 07970 767 606

Tel: 07565 797646 DRIVEWAYS PLUMBING

• Restoration of new & period properties • Stonewalling • Carving • Paint removal from stone • Bay window repair specialists

City & Guilds qualified - 25 years experience

T: 0117 986 7376 / 07866 757 543 WINDOWS & DOORS

AGL DRIVEWAYS Reliable Plumber

Tarmac & Block Paving specialist • Family run business for 50 years • All work guaranteed • Free estimates Telephone: Keynsham

0117 9860485 or 07831 453821

Leaking taps • Blocked wastes • WC • Ball valves • Overflows • Showers • Basins • Taps • Heating & Plumbing

Complete bathroom installations

Tel: 0117 979 3842 or 07791 786 820

Our Window & Door online quotation service couldn’t be easier

• No high-pressure salesman • Easy to use • Trade or DIY • Fitting service available or supply only • All the advice you need to buy windows & doors online today! Unit 22e Durley Lane, Keynsham, BS31 2AJ

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Have you visited our new website? Have you visited our new website?

The NEW Kendall Harper website offers our clients an unparalleled level of online imagery to promote their house sale andwebsite maximise interest. NEW Kendall Harper offers our

The clients an unparalleled level of online imagery to promote their house sale and maximise interest. 129 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8AX | Sales: t: 0117 909 4400 | e: | w: Lettings: t: 0117 944 0030 | e: | w:

Kendall Harper is a limited company registered office as above. Company registration number 04180147

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