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October, 2015



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“Do no Harm” Changing Perspective

I’VE just finished a wonderful book, “Do no Harm” which is an account of neurosurgeon Henry Marsh’s career. As with all great factual books, it reads like fiction: each chapter is named after a tumour and follows a particular patient, their surgery, their outcome. Mr Marsh grows in humility and wisdom through the story. One chapter recounts his work with NICE. This much maligned “Death Committee” receives negative press from tabloid, broadsheet, drug companies. some health care professionals, US politicians and even me in the past! Wisdom comes with age and I have learned, from watching the decisions made about subjects I know a little about, that NICE is usually right. A thoroughly recommended read. Myopia Control Myopia or short-sightedness, is the eye condition where near objects are clear, but objects

farther away are blurred. It is caused by the eye ball being slightly too long. Traditionally opticians have corrected myopia with glasses or contact lenses but current research suggests this may be making the problem worse! As Lynne and I are both myopic, we therefore have a good chance of having myopic children. We’ve always kept abreast of current research into myopia control spending the last 18 months creating a myopia control programme which reduces the rate of progression of myopia, based on current research evidence. Following a successful launch in August, we will be running clinics in every school holiday and on occasional Saturdays. If you are interested in this specialist service, please telephone for more information. Losing Vision when Reading? Presbyopia (needing reading glasses) is an inevitability of getting older. I become quite

introspective when considering the effects on my eyes. I’m here working happily on my 27’ screen, but at night my phone needs to drift a couple of cm further away. I have my first varifocals and have adjusted my contact lens prescription, but being an optometrist I’m continuously considering the next step. So far it’s working well for me. I followed my own advice and got into varifocals as soon as I noticed near vision symptoms, even though 99% of the time I’m OK. This means that I have been able to have a weak powered varifocal lens, allowing me to choose a Varilux Debut*. This is a high quality varifocal lens specifically designed for “young” first time wearers. I’ve found it so easy to use that I have to remind myself it’s a varifocal! Even better value it’s included in the Crizal UV lens

offer shown in our advert. It’s All About Eye Contact When you choose glasses, talk to us about styles you like and we will help you to achieve the look you’re after. If you’re not sure, we can demonstrate how different designs can accentuate or blend your features, how you can stand out or be subtle, or both. We’ve just topped up our Ray Bans, with the new seasons colours or try a pair of Ronit Furst for hand painted individuality.  Book an Eye Examination today. Book or browse at or call us on 0117 942 6843  *£99 including a Crizal Forte finish with lens club. Gerard Fernandes





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Healthier eyes Is one pair of lenses right for whatever you’re doing? With different activities you may find you benefit from different types of lenses, so you may need more than one pair of glasses.









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Bishopston Voice - October '15  
Bishopston Voice - October '15