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by Deb Marriage,

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tell us about your company? Bristol Allergy Care is an independent clinic for the diagnosis and management of allergies in children and young people. I trained in allergy at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington with Professor Gideon Lack and am now the lead nurse for Paediatric Allergy at Bristol Children’s Hospital. I have an MSc in Allergy and am shortly to complete my doctorate. The clinic opened at Easter this year and although currently there is only myself working within the service, I also have a colleague who I am keen to recruit into the clinic.

What service do you provide to the people of Bishopston & Redland? Allergy, particularly food allergy, is an increasing problem and obtaining an accurate diagnosis is crucial for children to ensure their safety both at home and


October, 2015

Bristol Allergy Care in nursery or at school. Recent research has identified that it is important to introduce peanuts early (between 4 and 11 months of age) to infants at high-risk of developing peanut allergy. The clinic is able to provide skin prick testing to identify whether an infant has allergic antibodies to peanuts and identify whether this is likely to be safe to do at home. Once a child has a diagnosis, Bristol Allergy Care is also able to provide EpiPen training at home for nannies and childminders or in nursery if required.

What is the best part of running your business and working in Bishopston & Redland? Working in the community, such as EpiPen training, which was especially problematic for nannies and nurseries. Once I began to look into the situation it became obvious that there was also a need for a quick and simple diagnostic service. The clinic opened at Easter this year and currently runs monthly.

What makes your service different from other companies? I live in Bishopston and enjoy being in the privileged position of being able to offer a service to the local community. I also use Facebook and Twitter accounts to get key news and information

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about allergy out to the general public and improve everyone’s knowledge about allergy facts, myths and relevant research. The clinic offers a personalised and friendly service and is the only one of its kind in Bristol. Since I have started the service, I have had several allergy nurses from other parts of the UK contact me for further information on how to set up similar services in their areas which is very encouraging.

this year and although there is only myself working within the service, I also have a colleague who I am keen to get on board! However, the aim will always be to offer a friendly local service with close links with local health care services.

What are your plans for the future of the business?


The clinic opened at Easter

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Bishopston Voice - October '15