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Saucy teeth

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October, 2015

with Dr Nicola White

MAZINGLY, some sauces can have an even higher level of sugar than soft drinks, for example BBQ Heinz sauce (28.9g*), Tomato Ketchup (22.8g*), Blue Dragon Chilli (43.8g*) and HP Sauce (23.1g*). Sauces have an added impact as they are sticky and cling to our teeth. Furthermore, they are acidic and can contribute to erosion if you do not look after your teeth properly. Tooth decay happens when sugar reacts with bacteria in plaque. This forms the acid that attacks tooth enamel. Regular visits to your dentist means we can spot a cavity in its early stages, which is easier to treat. Remember, it is how often we have sugary drinks and foods that can contribute to the problem. Therefore, try and reduce the amount and frequency of sugar consumption. Simply by drinking some water after eating can help neutralise the effect of acid and help wash away particles between your teeth. Or chew sugar free gum. This does not replace twice daily brushing! Enjoy your sauces but be careful! *Sugar per 100g.

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Bishopston Voice - October '15  

Bishopston Voice - October '15