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Don’t let the credit crunch affect the quality or quantity of your teaching resources. Our CDs come with a FREE site licence and are loaded with...

• Huge Photopacks! • Interactive Whiteboard Wall Charts & Quizzes! • Printable & Photocopiable Worksheets PC &



Stunning collections of printable, photographic and whiteboard resources needed to teach these QCA Primary History topics. RRP £19.99 inc VAT. Ancient Egypt • now only £9.87 The Romans • now only £9.87 The Vikings • now only £9.87

40 colour photographs, interactive whiteboard quizzes and wall charts plus all the printable resources needed to teach this topic. RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

Rescources covering evacuation, air raid shelters, rationing, Anne Frank, the Blitz, Victory parties and much more! RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

Ancient Greece • now only £9.87

Children in WWII • now only £9.87

Ebay feedback “Fantastic resources everything you need to teach a topic on Ancient Greece!” 28-Mar-08

Class teacher remarked “The best history resources I have ever bought. Many thanks!” 14-Mar-08


Interactive whiteboard wall charts, photocopiable worksheets, spelling lists and drill pages which cover all the spelling requirements of the Primary Framework for Literacy for Year 3, 4 and 5. RRP £19.99 inc VAT. Year 3 Spelling Year 4 Spelling Year 5 Spelling

• now only £9.87 • now only £9.87 • now only £9.87

Ebay feedback “Superb teaching aid! Well-packed and quickly sent.” 14-Jun-07 Teaching resources required to teach the QCA Primary History Scheme Units 11 and 12 about the Victorians and much more! RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

All the materials needed to teach QCA History Units 7, 8 and 9 as well as giving a fascinating insight into Tudor life in general. RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

The Victorians • now only £9.87

The Tudors • now only £9.87

Ebay customer remarked “Better than described - my class are really inspired!” 06-May-08

KS2 teacher said “I have successfully used these resources as the ‘backbone’ to topic planning.” 05-Oct-08

m Please invoice my school at the address below. Our Purchase Order Number is: _________________________ m I enclose a cheque for £ ________________ made payable to KEYNOTES EDUCATION RESOURCES LTD. m To pay by card please call our sales team on 01566 776932 or visit our website and enter the ORDER FORM - We accept orders from both schools and individuals. promotional code KS2 at the checkout to get your huge discount. The CDs at £9.87 inc VAT each that I would like to order are... _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________ UK postage and packing is £1.26 per CD.

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Invaluable photographic and written photocopiable resources which cover all the major world religions, their places of worship and festivals. RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

Tudor and Victorian music in a nutshell! Each CD includes audio tracks. Plus, our Music Theory CD covers all the basic elements of music theory. RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

PSHE & Citizenship lessons linked to the new Primary Framework for Literacy. Includes full teacher’s notes, worksheets, drama activities and an interactive whiteboard photographic big book. RRP £19.99 inc VAT.

Places of Worship • now only £9.87 World Festivals • now only £9.87 Islam • now only £9.87 Year 3 RE • now only £9.87

Tudor Music • now only £9.87 Victorian Music • now only £9.87 Music Theory 1 • now only £9.87

Year 3 PSHE • now only £9.87 Year 4 PSHE • now only £9.87

Headteacher remarked “Exceptional photographs. Ideal for any Religious Education lesson!” 14-Mar-08

Ebay customer said “Superb item. Great classroom tool for teachers.” 01-Jun-07

Class teacher remarked “Looks really good on the whiteboard and the worksheets are excellent.” 15-Sep-08


A great introduction to either the French, Spanish or German language which is ideal for both class use and language clubs! RRP £19.99 inc VAT. French Fun • now only £9.87 Spanish Fun • now only £9.87 German Fun • now only £9.87 Non-specialist teacher said of French Fun “Worth every penny, an excellent resource.” 01-May-08

Science Questions contains interactive whiteboard quizzes and printable resources for every KS2 QCA Science Unit. Can You Remember Science is perfect for Year 6 SATS revision. Both CDs come with answer sheets. RRP £19.99 inc VAT. Science Questions • £9.87 Can You Remember Science? • £9.87 Ebay customer remarked “We used the worksheets on the Smart Board and students loved it!” 12-Mar-08

Two wonderful collections of stunning images, whiteboard wall charts and printable resources to help you teach the topics Llandudno and Weather to Primary students. QCA Units 13 and 7. RRP £19.99 inc VAT. Llandudno Weather

• now only £9.87 • now only £9.87

Class teacher said “Lots of excellent photos and resources. Everyone at school is very envious!” 05-Sep-07

Over 100 royalty free photographs for both you and your students to use when studying Chembakolli, India. City life in India is also covered as a contrast to rural life. This invaluable CD has an interactive whiteboard big book and photocopiable worksheets to complement the stunning photographs. QCA Unit 10. RRP £19.99 inc VAT. India

• now only £9.87

Year 4 teacher said “This is what a photopack should be!” 17-Oct-08

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