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How to Stop Masturbating: Brought to you by

How to stop masturbating is a dilemma that many people encounter. Masturbation addiction is one of the biggest problems in the 21st century when it comes to dealing with compulsive behaviors.

Pornography has the third economic value in the online businesses arena nowadays, only secondary to online shopping & online gambling. Recent studies suggest that well over 20 million people, men or women, are addicted to pornography and masturbation in the United States and the number constantly increases. So is it possible to stop masturbating? And if so, how to do it?

There are several approaches to overcoming this behavior. First, understand that there is nothing wrong with masturbation; it is a natural, safe way to relief tension that is generated in your body during the day-to-day life. If you do want to learn how to stop masturbating, you must first understand that usually you are dealing with an addiction; and as in all addictions - a change in your behavior approach need to take place.

Second, get yourself busy. Busy people usually do not have to time to spend on masturbation or any other time wasting activities. When you do feel you would like to masturbate, get something done. We all know what procrastination is & we all do it sometimes. Stop today; Get your business, homework, cleaning, or anything else done. Studies show that a new habit is implemented in 21 days. If you can go without masturbating for 21 days, and you do replace masturbation with another productive activity then you are on the right way.

What if you cannot get it done? Guidance: There are books, E-books, training programs, coaching, and consultants you can engage. Much like people escape smoking using certain training programs, there are programs that can deal with masturbation as-well. Use the internet to find these products; some are expensive, some are less. But the first step is taking action. Find these resources, use them & learn how to stop masturbating.

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How To Stop Masturbating