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Director of marketing and communications St Paul’s School (Bald Hills, Qld)

In 2015, Dylan Malloch revolutionised the internal and external marketing functions of St Paul’s School by spearheading a charge into digital advertising and social media engagement. The school now has the highest number of Facebook followers of any independent school in Queensland, while Malloch’s social media advertising approaches have made all school print advertising redundant. His marketing approach is not only raising the profile of St Paul’s School but also highlighting inside the classroom and in the broader media how education in Australia needs to better prepare students for a world vastly different from the one we know today.

Principal Gymea Technology High School (NSW)

Peter Marsh has been in his current principal role for the last five years. Four years ago, he led the school community in an evaluation of classroom learning environments that ultimately led to the revitalisation of learning spaces as part of a Design2Learn program. All general learning spaces and the school’s technology centre have been transformed since that time, in keeping with 21st century learning research and the needs of the community. A key feature of the program was the significant role of both staff and students. Marsh also led the introduction of the Head Start to High School program, an initiative for students moving from Year 6 into high school, allowing those new students to connect with their high school through a range of after-school activities.



CEO and managing director LiteracyPlanet

E-learning teacher leader Ormiston College (Qld)

Adam McArthur heads up the team behind LiteracyPlanet, a digital resource to support literacy development from preschool and early reading to secondary school and competency in advanced literacy skills. Founded and headquartered in Australia, LiteracyPlanet is used by approximately 150,000 children in 40 countries and is one of the most comprehensive online-based English literacy programs for school students in the world. The company is constantly updating the program to incorporate changes to the curriculum, improve usability, and be at the forefront of trends in ICT use for education, such as the use of reporting data and mobile devices.


CEO Seven Steps to Writing Success

As a Churchill Fellow, Jen McVeity spent two months promoting Australian authors to American publishers. She has also authored over 20 books and been a keynote speaker at 50 conferences across Australia, Asia and the US. McVeity is the CEO of Seven Steps to Writing Success, a program she founded 14 years ago to share author techniques behind writing in an effort to enable educators to teach creativity and writing skills to young learners. Her goal is to inspire children to love writing by using the latest and best practices in education, and today the program is used by over 50,000 teachers in Australian schools.



Annette McArthur has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering training programs focused on STEM education in 21st century environments. In her current role, McArthur leads programs aimed at building capacity at a school level to support teachers in designing and developing authentic project-based learning experiences that advance student learning and innovation in and beyond the classroom. This year, she was awarded a grant project by Independent Schools Queensland to undertake action research in the area of innovative professional development to improve student learning in the 21st century.


Principal Melbourne Girls Grammar School (Vic)

Catherine Misson has always questioned the status quo of educational paradigms, and now she is leading the way by designing school programs, including new ways to imagine the use of time, new roles in schools, and new ways of young people taking control of their learning. She has developed an educational narrative that champions the development of an enterprising mindset, to ensure that children today are being equipped for a digital age in which their experiences of work and wellbeing will be vastly different to those of their parents. Through her establishment of the Centre for Educational Enterprise in 2015, Misson has taken this agenda internationally, and launched the Enterprising Schools Network in 2016 to connect like-minded educators.

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