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Respected broker and philanthropist John Ferraro has brought the same strong commitment to his business, community and family over the years After deciding to leave university before graduation, Ferraro entered into a variety of business ventures. Although his first attempts at entrepreneurship failed, his drive remained “After speaking with family and friends who worked in the insurance industry, I realized that my strengths were in sales and my desire to help others, and that my interest in business would be a great fit for insurance”




ORACLE RMS IS BORN After working for other brokerages for 17 years, Ferraro launched his own brokerage with his best friend and business partner, Michael Di Nardo, in 2011. The company, Oracle RMS, has since grown from four employees to 40, which Ferraro attributes to the pair’s unique management style

This management style is simple – don’t lead behind the desk, and create a working culture that offers flexibility and encourages innovation 2014 GARNERS MEDIA ATTENTION Ferraro’s success in the insurance space was soon recognized by the media “I was featured in an editorial in Advantage Magazine’s January 2014 edition, which talked about emerging influential leaders in the insurance business community”

2016 IS NAMED A TOP BROKERAGE Earlier this year, Oracle RMS was named one of the country’s top brokerages by Insurance Business Canada “It is a true representation of how hard work, passion and a positive character can create and maintain outstanding success, regardless of personal and professional hurdles”


1998 MEETS HIS WIFE Insurance introduced Ferraro not only to a satisfying career, but also to his wife, Fidalma. They got married on October 17, 1998, and went on to have three children, all of whom have been diagnosed with a form of autism “Nurturing both my business and family simultaneously, I managed to conquer many hurdles thanks to the support of my wife, my passion for my family, and my desire to give back to the community”

2012 VOLUNTEERS FOR AUTISM SPEAKS CANADA Outside of work, Ferraro and his wife have become heavily involved with the nonprofit organization Autism Speaks Canada “Making a difference and creating better awareness of a disability that affects one in 88 children is extremely important to us. We want to help in every way we can, and we started hosting an annual fundraiser in 2012 to support Autism Speaks Canada”


MOVES INTO NEW DIGS Sometimes striving to be better can lead to being different. Such was the case with Oracle RMS – and that was reflected in the company’s decision to upgrade its office space “We purchased and moved into a new 16,000-square-foot retrofitted warehouse facility, complete with state-of-the-art modern furnishings and technology, which was a big step forward from our previous 1,800-square-foot office”

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