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EXPERTS IN THE FIELD CMP caught up with five brokers who have developed specialties in various niches to find out how mortgage professionals can distinguish themselves by narrowing their focus IT CAN be at once lucrative, challenging, exhilarating and rewarding: the art of perfecting a niche as a mortgage broker and developing an area of expertise that diverges from the standard path. Alongside conventional brokers, a host of specialists have carved out their livelihoods by funding a specific type of mortgage, from commercial


and construction products to reverse mortgages and AAA options. CMP set out to locate some of the mortgage professionals who have found a home in a pocket of the broker channel, focusing their business and catering to the needs of a smaller clientele. We wanted to find out everything: how each broker had identified

their niche, moved into the space and made it their own – and what differentiates their day-to-day role from the traditional notion of mortgage brokering. As we discovered, each sector features its own unique set of advantages and complications – and it appears that none of these specialists would change that for the world.

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