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Ohana Official Newsletter of Pacific Northwest Key Club Division 74

Summer time is here at last! What’s inside? Page 2-3: Division update Page 4-5: District project Page 6-7: A word from the board Page 8: DCM Preview Page 9: SERVE-ivor Page 10: Fundraiser Ideas Page 11: Club Spotlight Page 12-13: Rallies Page 14: Contact info 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 1-800-KIWANIS FAX 1-317-879-0204

Issue 3


Hello from LtG HQ! Ahh once again we come to that time I prefer to call the end of everything that consumes time, otherwise known as school. Although it may be the end of the school year, this year in totality is not over. Key Clubbers are still out there every day striving to make a difference in the world no matter how slight it is. I saw a post that brought light to my eyes just the other day. “A kid was getting bullied at our school today, he always does simply because he struggles to speak English properly and stutters quite a bit, but someone stepped out in front of the oncoming bully and told him, ‘if you were to stutter, would you want this every day?’ the bully shrugged his shoulders, and walked away. The boy who told him off was the head of the Panther swim team, one of the most popular kids in school. That kid GMH” This simple act of kindness exemplifies everything Key Club stands for, it was later found out that he was also the treasurer for their local Key Club. As the year goes on we might also be thinking that there is no more to continue on to, especially seniors often times come to this conclusion, but it is simply not true! For all the seniors out there, Circle K will love to have you as a new member and more and more colleges are chartering Circle K’s every day! Continue to serve like I know you can, and DFTBA! In love and caring service Ben Scranage

Ben Scranage

June 2013 Sun















Club Report Due!














22 Portland Rally!






June DCM!




Rally! 30

I LEAVE FOR ICON :( June 22nd: Learn more about the Portland Rally on page 22 June 26th : Learn about the June DCM on page 8 June 27th: Learn more about the Tacoma Rally on page 13

July 1st: Once I leave for ICON I will still be able to take calls but I will not be able to visit. So in case of emergency call Tom Stocks, division 74 Kiwanis LTG!

District One baby dies every 9 minutes from neonatal tetanus

160 babies die each day from neonatal

38 countries remain at high risk for MNT

If a baby gets MNT, it will lose its mothers touch No baby should lose their mothers touch $1.80 can stop this.

Kiwanis will help save or protect more than 61 million mothers and their future babies

On average, health education and a series of three doses of tetanus vaccine cost $1.80

Project The Two Dollar Plan: If each person In the district brings in two dollars, we will raise a total of $24,600  That is:  13,667 vaccinations  Estimated 13,667 lives saved  For the price of a cup of coffee What we need to do as key clubbers, is to change this. As part of the largest student led organizations in the world, we can ELIMINATE this deadly infection. With just 3 does of a 60 cent immunization, we can protect mothers who will in turn protect their future offspring. That’s just $1.80, about the price of a small coffee from Starbucks, or a small burger. Together with our Kiwanis counterpart and UNICEF, we can end something that can be prevented so easily.

Why The Eliminate Project? The answer to this is, every 9 minutes, one child or mother dies from What is known as MNT (Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus). This painful disease steals the lives of 60,000 babies from their families. In 30 countries around the world, MNT takes on a large toll because of deliveries taking place in unhygienic circumstances and because no vaccination for the deadly infection is available. The effects of this infection is excruciating. Tiny new born babies suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch, turning the joy of childbirth into a tragedy.

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A Word From... Ernie Tao

Hello Division 74! It is finally that time of year again: time to turn in books, clean out your locker, and bid the seniors farewell as they take off. With high school winding down, Key Club is just starting up! Look for summer events and activities planned for our Division, and be sure to attend all the DCMs to keep yourselves informed. It is because of your dedication and hard work that your division could be so successful, and you all should be extremely proud. The energy that you all possess is contagious, and it has shaped our lives and communities. I know for a fact that next year is going to be even better! Keep on serving and have a fantastic summer! Ernie Tao Lieutenant Governor of Div. 44

Chester Pham Hello, Division 74! I’m Chester Pham, the Lieutenant Governor of Division 21. This year, I am also serving as the committee chair of the district’s Club Building, Membership, and Reactivation Committee. In this role, I hope to work with my committee to improve all divisions and clubs in the district. We have many goals planned for this year and hope that our impact will extend to you and your clubs. Remember to stay in contact with your lovely Lieutenant Governor, Ben Scranage. He’s working hard to make sure your club has a good year!

With love, passion, and service, Chester Pham

Other divisions! Daniel Barocio Hello, I know that you are all worried about the end of the school year and are stressing out, but don’t worry because summer is on the way! So keep on looking at the bright side and remember that if you need help others are here to help you. And along with the sun come chances to help out with things so don’t forget to keep serving the community(s) Daniel Barocio Lieutenant Governor Divison 70 Alan yeh Greeting Division 74,

Shalom! My name is Alan Yeh and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 32. In addition to being LTG, I'm also the chair of the District Convention Registration Committee. As chair, I hope to help improve the organization of both the registration process but also the distribution of materials in the days leading up to DCON and the Friday of. I want you all to have the best experience as possible! Sayonara! Stay fergalicious. Best regards, Alan Yeh Division 32 Lieutenant Governor

This month!


What: A BBQ in Harrisburg, to celebrate all you have done this year so far Where: Youthspiration in Harrisburg Oregon. 430 Smith St. Harrisburg, OR. 97446 When: June 26th, 12 noon! Why: Because you are amazing, and this is an amazingly beautiful time of year.

This month takes place in the north most clubs! Harrisburg Oregon is really easy to find and once you get there it will be a party. Also at this division we will be discussing a new mascot and color scheme, so get your thinking caps on! Bring your friends and then make them Key Clubbers! Food will be provided and all are invited!


...Rally in the Valley! Serve-Ivor Join in the Survival Games this July 19th through the 20th at Camp Wilani! While there you will get the chance to: —————————————————————————————————————————————————

I. Experience leadership on a whole new level II. Meet district executives and learn unique skills from them III. Meet lots of new Key Clubbers IV. Go to unique forums about fundraising, The Eliminate project, and many other things! V. Have fun under the summer sun riding a zip line, swimming, watching the stars around a campfire, playing icebreakers, and battling it out to find which division*** is the best! —————————————————————————————————————————————————

*Stay tuned for more details soon to come! **Price is TBA within a week or two ***Divisions 76 and 82 shall lose these games, because we amazing.

Fundraiser ideas

CLUB SPOTLIGHT! Harrisburg High School

Not only are they like family to me personally, this group has fostered the last two Lieutenant Governors along with raising nearly 1,680 dollars for the Eliminate Project. The acts of service committed have always been a personal inspiration to me, most being led by their valiant president, Carol Lynch who wouldn't admit it, but puts her life and soul into making this club what it is! Congrats to Harrisburg High School, you truly deserve to be the KCI Club Spotlight, because you’re just that awesome. :)

This Month Register at:

h’s Rallies!

District Administrator John Jay Governor Trang Tran District Treasurer Eric Grewal Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas Convention Chair Denny Lim District Secretary Hakikat Bains International VP Caitlin Stroup

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders Your LtG #me ;) 541-409-0615

Issue three of ohana  

The official publication of Div. 74 PNW District Key Club!

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