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The Chipmunk Tribune Official Newsletter of Pacific Northwest Key Club Division 74


Issue 12


The Key Update

This is the last month, the final Sirrah. My final newsletter. After twelve

Chipmunk Tribunes, and twelve months of being your lieutenant governor. This of course comes with a great grain of sugar! Daisy Marshall out of Elmira High School will serve as your 2014-2015 Lieutenant governor and you can read more about her reasons for running alongside her general consensus on Key Club on page 6. With District Convention just around the corner I am excited to announce that the shirts are currently being worked on and we have raised attendance to dcon this year by more than ten people! Now we are sitting at around 26 and that number is sure to grow in the years to come. You have all done amazing things this year not only as key clubbers bur as people in general. It was a true honor to work alongside each and every one of you. Get ready for another amazing year of service under the eye of Miss Daisy! Thank you all for taking me as your 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor. It was an honor and privilege. In love and caring service,

Ben Scranage

Ben Scranage

LtG Update

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District Check with me to buy your eliminate merchandise today!


28 countries remain at high risk for MNT

Shirts:$15.00 Tanks: $15.00 Lanyards: $5.00

One baby dies ev 9 minutes from neonatal tetanu

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160 babies die e day from neona

Kiwanis wil or protect 61 million m their futu

Project I have recently attained the position of Service Leadership Programs Subcommittee Member for The Eliminate Project. This means that I have the chance to communicate with the heads of the project every other Wednesday. After those meetings I send an Update to International. I will start putting those messages on this page to KEYp you all up to date!

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each atal

ll help save more than mothers and ure babies

Progress so far...

From your new LtG: Daisy Marshall! Hello there fellow key clubbers! My name is Daisy Marshall and I am your 20142015 lieutenant governor. I can't wait to meet all of you and to do whatever I can to make key club as awesome as ever! To be totally honest, though, I have no idea what I'm doing. I do, however, know that the next few months for me will be filled with conventions, training workshops, some research on my part, and the leadership of awesome LtGs like Ben! My goal as lieutenant governor is to strengthen the bonds between our individual clubs and to encourage our members to step up, be involved, and give their input in everything that we do this coming year. I believe that every voice should be heard and every idea should be represented, That is why I chose to be your LtG.

This meeting is required for every DCON attendee. If you have any input into what you want to see at DCON this year please talk to me before hand? I would love to get in contact with the officers from each club with members going and please, please tell me if you are going and are not on the final list that the advisors have.

What: DCON Preparation Session When: Saturday, Friday, March 21st Where: North Eugene High School Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Who: All DCON attendees Please remember that this is required for any person attending DCON 2014. We will be discussing the Tshirts, spirit gear, and a lot of other important information that isn’t in the packet

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President Treasurer Secretary VP Editor Advisor Kiwanis Advisor

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The #imrisingup Campaign was set out to raise social awareness with a sign that showed why people were standing up against slavery. When children are being taken by the thousands for sex we all have reason to fight back. This was a way to reach out to people on an emotional stance, because we all do have a reason to battle this horrible occurrence. If you would like to join the campaign simply #imrisingup and give a reason then tag @theredforce after it for a chance to be featured on Redlight Traffic’s Facebook page and Instagram.

There are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today.

The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14 -year-old.

Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year.

Over 71% of trafficked children show suicidal tendencies.

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that is fueled by poverty and gender discrimination.

Globally, the average cost of a slave is $90.

Human trafficking is the secondlargest organized crime in the world.

Portland is one of the largest centers for HT in the US

“Redlight Traffic� is now available for iPhone and iPod, and will be available for Android and Windows phone.

When big names are talking about something things start to happen. Hosted by the famous Matt Lemon from CNN News and featuring the beautiful Demi Lovato. Other famous names include Bruno Gunn from the new Catching fire and even the famous Britt Logan. All of these celebrities and rich people alike were there for the sole purpose of fighting what they believe to be a viable disaster. Now that they gave of their time the media has started to take notice. With Demi Lovato as RT’s main celebrity sponsor many have taken the same pledge that she did, to be a force against evil. You can also join The Force. Check out Redlight Traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and @theredforce on Instagram

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Issue 12 of The Chipmunk Tribune  

My final newsletter, enjoy! The official publication of Division 74 Key Club