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Define Chennai - May 2011 Keying Artistic Notes At 1 2 A petite young girl in a pattu pavadai who

from the Madras Telugu academy and a Young

greets me with a Namaste and her nimble

achiever awards from the

fingers play beautifully on the key board,

Sornammal Educational Trust.

K Mahathi is a child prodigy who has carved a niche for herself in the field of classical music in the city of Chennai. She is still a school student who has to first finish her home work before she clasps the key board to

practice and yet this

youngster has won several accolades and awards and is dedicated to her love for music.

Rotary Club and

"It is not difficult for me to balance studies and music. I come home from school, freshen up, study for two hours and practice key board for almost two and half hours every day. I am managing quite well and like it this way," smiles the Standard 8 DAV School student. This youngster wants to continue her music and yet become a doctor. Her family has neither any doctors nor any musicians but young Mahathi aspires big.

'When I was five, I noticed a boy playing the piano at a reception. My father then asked me if I would like to try my hand at it, and how I started learning Carnatic music until geetham," says Mahathi. She went on to learn Varnams and Keethanai's from Martin. She strengthened her basics in

Music isn't her only interest. She also enjoys writing poems,






painting. She watches a lot of movies on television and on CD's but does not find time to go to the theatres often. Ask her who her favourite actor is "Amitabh Bachchan is my favourite actor and I like only him," she says.

concepts from Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, and

All of 12, juggling music and studies, Mahathi is

currently under Sri T G BadriNaroyan

certainly an inspiration for many youngsters who

(Carnatic music). "I began performing in

aspire to achieve much at a young age!





temples, when I was eight and by the age of ten, I was performing in Sabhas," shares Mahathi. Her music has taken her to Singapore and Malaysia for shows and to Mumbai to perform at Chembur fine arts and Shanmughananda Sabha. The young girl just cannot recall the number of awards she has won. Yes, a long list of accolades and awards have come



performer award




in 2010 December

season by Parthasarathi Sabha, Bala Isai Thendral by Lions Club, Young achiever award from the, Child prodigy award

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