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Playing keyboard with nimble fingers


ou sing a lyric this minute, she names the raga the next minute. Such is the efficiency of K. Mahathi, a keyboard child prodigy. Revathi, Panthuvarali, Hindolam, Kaapi, Naatai and many more are easily recognised by this nine-year-old. Her imagination is amazing when it comes to kalpana swaras. She is able to play the swaras and bring out the essence of the ragas effortlessly on the instrument. Krithis of Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Periyasamy Thooran or Annamacharya are all her favourites. She also excels in playing patriotic songs of Bharathiyar and devotional songs of Arunachala Kavi and thillanas by Lalgudi and Swathi Thirunal. Mahathi received the Samaikya Bharat Gaurav Satkar - 2008 Child Prodigies' Award presented by the Madras Telugu Academy in associa:ion with Bharath Cultural Integraion Committee, T. Nagar, on November 14. The award was given it Ayodhya Maidan, Vizinagaram, Vndhra Pradesh. K. Mahithi has many feathers in ler cap. She has won awards such as the Bala Swarna Jwala Award (2006), Young Achiever Award (2006) from the Sornammal Education Trust and the Young Achiever Award (2007) from the Rotary Club of Chennapatna, R.I. Disc. 3230. S. Kishore Kumar, her father, who s employed with the Southern Railvays says, "We never thought that he would reach this height till she vas five, for as a child she did not vince much interest in music. The

Poorna Chandirka. 'Krishna Mukunda Murare', 'Oyali' and few of Papanasam Sivan songs followed it. Two years later, she mastered 'Siddhi Vinayakam' (Shanmugha Priya), 'Sabhabapathiku' (Abogi) and 'Sobhillu Sapthaswara' (Jagan Mohini). She is also learning vocal music from Gana Bhushanam Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, a B-High artist of the AIR. She is being trained in formatting kalpana swaras and niraval. She painstakingly practises for nearly two hours a day and is an ardent fan of Ranjani-Gayathri.


turning point came when she saw a few classes of Western music. She young performer on the keyboard at was slowly introduced to basics of a marriage. She suddenly expressed Carnatic music by a self-taught keyher desired to play the instrument, board master who taught her up to Since we did not want to discourage Geetham. the child, we engaged a master for Later, her parents put her under her." the tutorship of Isaimamani M.S. Mahathi grasped the basics in no Martin, who is one of the best teachtime. She could reproduce small En- ers of Carnatic music in Keyboard. glish rhymes on her own just after a Under his tutelage the child pro-

This year Mahathi will be giving concerts at the Nungambakkam Cultural Academy, Kapali Fine Arts, Brahma Gana Sabha and the Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. She is ably accompanied by prime disciple of Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman, Madurai B. Sundar, on the mridangam and Ammangudi S. Ramnarayanan on the ghatam. Pakalla Jaiprakash effectively bows the violin for her. She is a student of Class V, DAV School, Gopalapuram. She is interested in drawing, painting and craft work. Her mother K. Revathi, who gressed steadily and took a greater works in Apollo Hospitals says, "Inplunge into the field. With leaps and stead of allowing her to watch TV all bounds she sailed through her var- the time, we exposed her to the melnams and mastered more than 15 of lifluous notes of Carnatic music and them. Nattakurinji and Valaji and may be this has helped her to impada varnams are her favourites. As prove and hone her latent talent." far as the Ada thalams are con- Her parents can be contacted at Mani Narayana Apartments, Mylapore. cerned, she says she loves Kanada. Proceeding to the keerthanams, Ph: 9382176288. LALITHASAI she started with 'Thelisi Rama' in

Write up in "The Hindu Downtown"  

Write up of Mahathi in "The Hindu" Downtown

Write up in "The Hindu Downtown"  

Write up of Mahathi in "The Hindu" Downtown