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here Easter celebrations are concerned, few could accuse Seville of not making an effort – the Spanish city kicks off five days of events on 21 April. One of the main attractions is the intricately decorated pasos (floats) – some dating back to the 16th century – carrying wooden statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary. The pasos wind their way through the narrow streets to the cathedral with the procession on Thursday ushering in la madrugá, Good Friday. Be sure to try torrijas, fried bread soaked in wine and honey. Easter markets fill the old town of Prague during April. Sample trdelnik, a hot, sugar-coated pastry, or a warm slice of mazanec, spiced bread with raisins and almonds. Boys equip themselves with rehtacka, wooden rattles, which they shake vigorously as they march through town on Good Friday. As they go, they fill their baskets with kraslice, painted eggs traditionally decorated by girls and women.

Across Russia, locals celebrate by dyeing boiled eggs red and filling baskets with Easter treats including kulich (bread made with dried fruits and almonds) and paskha (a pyramid-shaped dessert made with cream cheese). The food is taken to church the night before Easter to be blessed. After the late-night Mass, the congregation heads outside to share their baskets of goodies and enjoy a communal picnic in the church grounds. For something completely different, head to Florence, Italy. On Easter morning, an antique, 30-foot-tall cart loaded with fireworks is hauled through the streets to the central square by white oxen clad in colourful garlands. After Mass, the bishop launches a rocket into the cart which sets off a spectacular pyrotechnic display known as the scoppio del carro, the ‘explosion of the cart’. A parade follows where locals dress as medieval knights and jesters.

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