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2011 Highlights

…explore the senses… (see page 8)

…warm, cosy and loved… (see page 9)

…sing along… (see page 15) 2

2011 Highlights

…uugghh! A slug…

Where have the stars gone?

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(see page 21)

…friendship and sharing…

…a well-meaning dog…

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…traditional stories…

…explore the ocean…

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Songs and Rhymes Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your baby and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech. Combining these with actions also stimulates the brain and helps muscle development and coordination. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes… Winner of Sainsbury’s Baby Book Award 2002

Ten Little Fingers Shortlisted for Booktrust Early Years Award 2004

Winners of Practical Pre-School Gold Award 2004

Baby Board Books Annie Kubler This award-winning series has been specifically designed for babies. A great introduction to books through well-known nursery songs and interactive text. 978-0-85953-728-5 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 978-1-84643-120-3 This Little Piggy 978-0-85953-610-3 Ten Little Fingers 978-1-84643-121-0 Hey Diddle Diddle 978-0-85953-846-6 If You’re Happy and You Know It 978-1-84643-122-7 I’m a Little Teapot 978-0-85953-626-4 Dingle Dangle Scarecrow 978-1-84643-338-2 Pat-a-Cake 978-0-85953-628-8 Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses 978-1-84643-339-9 Humpty Dumpty 978-0-85953-658-5 Row, Row, Row Your Boat 978-1-84643-340-5 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat 978-1-84643-119-7 Wee Willie Winkie 978-1-84643-341-2 Hop a Little, Jump a Little! 12 pages 210 x 210mm 0-2 years 4

£3.99 each

Songs and Rhymes

Nursery Time Annie Kubler Compilations of songs, rhymes and games for parents and children to enjoy together. The interactive text encourages movement, actions, noise and laughter, contributing to lasting memories of shared times. 978-1-904550-81-5 978-1-904550-82-2 978-1-904550-83-9 12 pages 268 x

See-Saw! Nursery Songs Pat-a-Cake! Nursery Rhymes Peek-a-Boo! Nursery Games 268mm 0-3 years £4.99 each

Peek-a-Boo Shortlisted for Booktrust Early Years Award 2006

Baby Gym Illustrated by Sanja Re˘˘ scek Touch is a baby’s first language… Designed to stimulate the senses, and based on research into the benefits of baby exercise and massage, these books encourage interaction between parent and baby. Featuring cuddling, exercise, movement and massage to strengthen the baby/parent bond, helping to build a sense of security and confidence. Whatever mood you want to create, be it calming or active, these books will provide inspiration. Winner of Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2008 978-1-84643-130-2 Touch & Tickle 978-1-84643-131-9 Bounce & Jiggle 978-1-84643-132-6 Wiggle & Move 978-1-84643-133-3 Calm & Soothe 12 pages 210 x 210mm from birth £3.99 each

Two Little Hands Illustrated by Kay Widdowson All babies love singing and clapping, and these novel, hand-shaped books are full of noisy clapping rhymes, ensuring lots of fun and laughter. Tap the ‘clackers’ together to make a clapping sound. 978-1-84643-185-2 Clap Your Hands 978-1-84643-186-9 Give a Little Clap 12 pages 160 x 160mm 0-2 years £4.99 each 5

Baby Signing Board Books By introducing babies to simple signs at an early age, we can enable them to communicate their emotions and their needs. Babies are able to coordinate and control their hand muscles much earlier than their speech muscles, meaning they can produce recognisable signs from as young as seven months. This ability to communicate not only reduces frustration for babies and their parents/carers, but it also helps their language development. Using standard British Sign Language signs means that your baby’s signs will be understood by other parents or carers who sign, as well as by you.

My First Signs

My First Animal Signs

Illustrated by Annie Kubler This first signing guide for hearing and hearing-impaired children contains over forty key signs. Designed for parents and carers to share with babies, with its simple and clear instructions and endearing illustrations, this book is an ideal introduction to signing. A helpful tip is given at the bottom of each page to help beginners get started. Makaton compatible. Winner of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2004 978-1-904550-04-4 My First Signs 12 pages 268 x 268mm 6-36 months £4.99

Illustrated by Anthony Lewis This signing guide contains forty-eight animal signs with clear instructions. Ideal for sharing. Babies and toddlers are illustrated using the signs for a range of domestic, wild and exotic animals, as well as mini-beasts and birds. A helpful signing tip is given at the bottom of each page. Winner of Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2006 978-1-904550-76-1 My First Animal Signs 14 pages 268 x 268mm 6-36 months £4.99

Benefits of Baby Signing •Reduces frustration •Strengthens the bond between baby and parent •Can help the child to speak earlier than usual •Helps to develop a wider vocabulary •Leads to a higher than average literacy level •Leads to better communication between hearing and hearing-impaired children

Sign About

Winners of Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2006 978-1-904550-77-8 Getting Ready 978-1-904550-78-5 Meal Time 978-1-904550-79-2 Play Time 978-1-904550-80-8 Going Out 12 pages 210 x 210mm 1-4 years

Illustrated by Anthony Lewis These signing guides introduce signs for a variety of everyday activities, from getting up in the morning to going to the park. Make signing a natural part of your everyday communication. 6

£3.99 each

Baby Signing Board Books

Sign & Singalong Illustrated by Annie Kubler Add to the fun of signing by singing well-known nursery rhymes and songs. Even proficient speakers will long enjoy signing to a favourite song or rhyme. Simple and clear signing instructions allow anyone to join in. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2004 978-1-904550-00-6 978-1-904550-01-3 12 pages

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Baa Baa, Black Sheep 190 x 190mm

978-1-904550-02-0 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 978-1-904550-03-7 Incey Wincey Spider 6-36 months

£3.99 each

“We are thrilled to welcome these delightful books in which signing is shown so naturally, we hope that babies and their families will enjoy them as much as we did.” The National Deaf Children’s Society “These essential books are excellent resources during a parent’s exciting journey through baby signing.” Joseph Garcia, Author, The Complete Guide to Baby Signing

Hands-On Songs Illustrated by Anthony Lewis More favourite nursery rhymes and songs, with babies signing and miming along. Developed with the support of Lancashire C. C. Early Years & Childcare Service, and SureStart Resources Ltd, as part of their ‘Sing, Sign & Rhyme’ series, these books encourage actions through mime and BSL signs. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2008 978-1-84643-170-8 Humpty Dumpty 978-1-84643-171-5 Old Macdonald 978-1-84643-172-2 Jack and Jill 978-1-84643-173-9 Wheels on the Bus 978-1-84643-174-6 Five Little Ducks 978-1-84643-175-3 Five Little Speckled Frogs 978-1-84643-176-0 Miss Polly had a Dolly 978-1-84643-177-7 Wind the Bobbin Up 12 pages 210 x 210mm 1-4 years See page 11 for signing resources for older children. 7

£3.99 each

Baby Board Books

Bath Books Squeaks & Squirts

Squeaks & Squirts

Squeaks & Squirts

Squeaks & Squirts


Squeaky Clean Pam Adams and Annie Kubler Colourful and ingenious washable books make reading fun and provide a delightful bath time experience. 978-0-85953 -720 -9 Tilly Turtle 978-0-85953 -616 -5 Dolly Dolphin 978-0-85953 -268 -6 Wally Whale 978-0-85953 -723 -0 Henry the Helpful Elephant 978-0-85953 -724 -7 Emily Elephant and her Friends 10 pages 152 x 152mm 0-3 years £4.99 each

Small Senses – Available May 2011 Illustrated by Annie Kubler Brilliant board books for toddlers based around the senses. Exploring the concept of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight, these titles feature familiar scenes and fun words to encourage lively chatter. 978-1-84643-374-0 Touch! 978-1-84643-375-7 Taste! 978-1-84643-376-4 Smell! 978-1-84643-377-1 Hear! 978-1-84643-378-8 Look! 12 pages 160 x 160mm 0-24 months £2.99 each

Tucking In Winner of Baby Book Award Booktrust Early Years Awards 2007

Just Like Me! Illustrated by Jess Stockham Babies will love lifting the flaps in these award-winning board books to find out all about themselves. Just Like Me! focuses on different aspects of babies’ feelings, features, abilities and tastes, while Just Like Us! looks at friendship, play, relaxation and cooperation. These fabulous books encourage interaction and discussion and are designed to support the Personal, Social and Emotional Development strand of the EYFS. Winners of Practical Pre-School Gold Award 2007 978-1-84643-046-6 Tucking In! 978-1-84643-047-3 Looking Good! 978-1-84643-048-0 Feeling Great! 978-1-84643-049-7 On the Go! 978-1-84643-178-4 Having Fun! 978-1-84643-179-1 Together! 978-1-84643-180-7 Making Friends! 978-1-84643-181-4 Taking It Easy! 12 pages 150 x 150mm 0-2 years £5.99 each 8

Card Books


Snug – Available February 2011 Carol Thompson Being snug is the best feeling in the whole world. What makes you feel snug? Is it being curled up in a blanket? Feeling safe in your cosy bed? Being at home? Or being given a hug? This delightful book celebrates the many ways we can enjoy feeling cosy, warm and loved, ending with the nicest way of all! 978-1-84643-373-3 Snug! 32 pages 265 x 265mm 0-2 years £5.99


Come to me, My Chickadee

Carol Thompson Tough card format, perfect for babies and toddlers. Every baby’s noo-noo is different, but they are all just as special! Find out what makes them unique, and why babies love them. With a high emotional content reflecting a child’s own life and experiences, this is perfect for sharing during a special quiet time. 978-1-84643-187-6 Noo-Noos 32 pages 265 x 265mm 0-2 years

Carol Thompson Tough card format, perfect for babies and toddlers. A beautifully illustrated collection of the special pet names we give to the little-ones we love. Gathered from many different languages and cultures around the world, both familiar and exotic, these charming terms of endearment have been woven into a tender text everyone will want to share! 978-1-84643-188-3 Come to me, My Chickadee! 32 pages 265 x 265mm 0-2 years £5.99


Baby Activity Books

Chatterboox Annie Kubler Babies love to chatter with their toys. In these books, the puppet can actually respond. Help baby re-enact everyday experiences pretending to be the parent, whilst the puppet plays the part of the child. 978-1-84643-288-0 Bib on, Bunny! 978-1-84643-289-7 Play Time, Puppy! 978-1-84643-290-3 Dive in, Ducky! 978-1-84643-291-0 Sleep Tight, Teddy! 12 pages 190 x 190mm 0-3 years £5.99 each 9

Baby Activity Books

Pick & Choose Illustrated by Anthony Lewis Bath or Bed? Wind or Rain? Teddy or Train? Carrots or Peas? Which do you prefer? You can pick and choose! Rotate the child’s head on each page to show if they are happy or sad. What about you? Open-ended questions mean that each reading of the book will be different. A fantastic tool for encouraging discussion between parent and child about feelings and choices. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2009 978-1-84643-239-2 Bath or Bed? 978-1-84643-241-5 Teddy or Train? 978-1-84643-240-8 Wind or Rain? 978-1-84643-242-2 Carrots or Peas? 12 pages 210 x 210mm 0-3 years £6.99 each

New Experiences

New Baby Illustrated by Rachel Fuller A new addition to the family is exciting, but the experience can also be worrying and confusing for siblings. Coping with the new situations and emotions that arise can be very challenging. This series of four board books deals with the anticipation of waiting for the new baby, the excitement of the arrival itself, and the beginnings of the special relationship between siblings. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage dialogue between reader and child and help to prepare them for the downfalls and delights of having a younger brother or sister. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2009 978-1-84643-275-0 Waiting for Baby 978-1-84643-277-4 You and Me 978-1-84643-276-7 My New Baby 978-1-84643-278-1 Look at Me! 14 pages 210 x 210mm 1-3 years £3.99 each

Helping Hands Illustrated by Georgie Birkett Children love to imitate adult behaviour. Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play, and is a crucial stage in a child’s development. Achieving a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility and develops many skills useful in later life. Encourage your child to help out and develop new skills as they share in the fun of more grown up activities. Simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to initiate dialogue between reader and child. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2009 978-1-84643-283-5 Clean It! 978-1-84643-285-9 Grow It! 978-1-84643-284-2 Cook It! 978-1-84643-286-6 Fix it! 24 pages 210 x 210mm 2-5 years £4.99 each 10

New Experiences



First Time Illustrated by Jess Stockham Young children’s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them enjoyable and rewarding. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to initiate further dialogue between reader and child. Use these books as a starting point to help your child understand, prepare for, and enjoy these events, and to share any worries they may have. Winners of Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2009 978-1-84643-279-8 Baby Sitter 978-1-84643-280-4 Sleepover 978-1-84643-281-1 Nursery 978-1-84643-282-8 Big Day Out 978-1-84643-334-4 Doctor 978-1-84643-335-1 Dentist 978-1-84643-336-8 Hospital 978-1-84643-337-5 Vet 24 pages 210 x 210mm 2-5 years £4.99 each

Set to Sign Illustrated by Jess Stockham Using sign language can help to develop communication skills and is also lots of fun. Expand signing vocabulary with these cards, which are designed to be used either independently or alongside the First Time books. 822162-00145-5 Set to Sign: Baby Sitter 822162-00147-9 Set to Sign: Nursery 822162-00146-2 Set to Sign: Sleepover 822162-00148-6 Set to Sign: Big Day Out 32 cards 135 x 90mm 2-5 years £5.99 each

First Time Books + Set to Sign Cards Illustrated by Jess Stockham 978-1-84643-296-5 Baby Sitter Book + Cards 978-1-84643-297-2 Sleepover Book + Cards 24 pages + 32 cards

978-1-84643-298-9 978-1-84643-299-6 2-5 years 11

Nursery Book + Cards Big Day Out Book + Cards £8.99 each

Early Activity Books

Little Explorers Illustrated by Anthony Lewis Let’s explore! Slip the double-sided figure into the acetate pocket to enjoy all manner of exciting activities. Trek in the jungle, explore snowy places, travel into space or investigate the ocean. These innovative board books help to develop motor skills, as well as promoting discussion and helping to combat gender stereotypes. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2007 978-1-84643-036-7 Little Jungle Explorers 978-1-84643-038-1 Little Space Explorers 978-1-84643-037-4 Little Snow Explorers 978-1-84643-039-8 Little Ocean Explorers 14 pages 190 x 190mm 1-4 years £5.99 each

Little Drivers Illustrated by Dan Crisp Everyone wants to be the driver! Slip the double-sided figure into the acetate pocket to give the boy or girl the chance to drive a variety of vehicles in these innovative board books. Choose to drive emergency, public transport, public service, or working vehicles. Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2006 978-1-904550-95-2 Here to Help! 978-1-904550-97-6 To the Rescue! 978-1-904550-96-9 Going Places! 978-1-904550-98-3 Working Hard! 12 pages 190 x 190mm 1-4 years £5.99 each

Pop-Up Books Roly Poly Box Books

Kees Moerbeek These Roly Poly Box books are a completely original design. They roll out and pop-up, to provide a whole host of tactile and visual surprises for children of any age! 978-1-84643-017-6 Goldilocks 978-1-84643-018-3 Three Little Pigs 978-1-84643-019-0 Cinderella 978-0-85953-649-3 Old Macdonald 978-0-85953-648-6 Numbers 978-0-85953-842-8 Little Box of Horrors 978-0-85953-844-2 Countdown to Christmas 978-0-85953-845-9 Nursery Rhymes 978-1-84643-243-9 Jungle 978-1-84643-244-6 Snow 978-1-84643-245-3 Ocean 978-1-84643-246-0 Space 24 pages 85 x 85 x 85mm 3-6 years £6.99 each


Activity Books The Lion’s Share Illustrated by Martha Lightfoot Lion always wants more than everyone else, and he thinks it’s only fair that he gets the most! But will he still want the Lion’s share when all the fun is over? 978-1-84643-248-4 The Lion’s Share 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years


Dinosaur Diner Annie Kubler Dinosaur’s unbalanced diet and lack of exercise make for an unhealthy lifestyle, and leave him with no energy. Will his healthy friend be able to encourage him to change his ways? 978-1-84643-183-8 Dinosaur Diner 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Quiet as a Mouse Illustrated by Martha Lightfoot Mouse keeps getting left out of all the party fun. His voice is so quiet that no one can hear him. How can he find his voice, and make his friends take notice of him? 978-1-84643-184-5 Quiet as a Mouse 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Finger Puppet Books

See you later, Alligator!

Don’t you dare, Dragon!

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

The Mixed-Up Caterpillar

Annie Kubler All Dragon wants to do is cool down and have a little fun, but every time she tries, she ruins it for everyone else! Thankfully, she finds some friends who need exactly what Dragon does best! 978-1-84643-045-9 Don’t you dare, Dragon! 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Annie Kubler Alligator is always too busy to help Crocodile to do the chores. When - and how - will he learn that there is a time for work and a time for play? A fun introduction to the idea of helping others. 978-1-904550-05-1 See you later, Alligator! 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Annie Kubler There’s a little mixed-up stranger in the forest, who doesn’t quite know what he is. Just as he finds out, everything changes and he must adjust to his new identity. Great for discussing identity and belonging. 978-1-84643-026-8 The Mixed-Up Caterpillar 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Annie Kubler A fabulous interpretation of this evergreen children’s game. Follow Mr. Wolf and Little Wolf through the hours in their day, from waking up to the all-important dinner time. Digital and analogue clocks on each page help us learn to tell the time. 978-0-85953-944-9 What’s the time, Mr Wolf? 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

Ten Little Ducks Illustrated by Airlie Anderson Turn the dial to make the ducks go over the hill and far away, then see if you can find them hidden on the next page. Perfect for introducing or reinforcing early subtraction and addition skills. 978-1-84643-182-1 Ten Little Ducks 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99

There were Ten in the Bed Annie Kubler Innovative interpretation of the classic nursery song. In this sing-and-count book the dial turns to make the children tumble out of bed, one by one. 978-0-85953-897-8 There Were Ten in the Bed 24 pages 235 x 215mm 3-6 years £7.99 Winners of Practical Pre-School Gold Award 2004

Winners of Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2007 13

Classic Books with Holes Bouncy illustrations, innovative die-cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child. Available in three formats, suitable for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and the nursery or classroom. Illustrated by Annie Kubler/Pam Adams/Tina Freeman/Jess Stockham/Penny Ives/ Michael Evans/Dan Crisp/Elke Zinsmeister/Elisa Squillace/Debra Potter/ Kate Edmunds/Sanja Re˘˘ scek/Airlie Anderson


Winners of Practical Pre-School Gold Award and Overall Books Category 2006 There was an Old Lady This Old Man Old Macdonald House that Jack Built The Mulberry Bush The Farmer in the Dell The Wheels on the Bus Ten Little Monkeys Down by the Station Five Little Ducks Twinkle, Twinkle Over in the Meadow Five Little Men Ten Fat Sausages Down in the Jungle The Music Man Old Lady Sea The Ants go Marching Cows in the Kitchen One Elephant Dry Bones 16 pages 2-6 years

Classic Books with Holes

soft cover 978-0-85953-018-7 978-0-85953-026-2 978-0-85953-053-8 978-0-85953-075-0 978-0-85953-885-5 978-0-85953-886-2 978-0-85953-887-9 978-0-85953-888-6 978-0-85953-942-5 978-0-85953-935-7 978-0-85953-941-8 978-0-85953-949-4 978-1-904550-30-3 978-1-904550-31- 0 978-1-904550-32-7 978-1-904550-34-1 978-1-84643-034-3 978-1-84643-105-0 978-1-84643-106-7 978-1-84643-107-4 978-1-84643-108 -1 290 x 290mm £5.99 each

board book 978-0-85953-727-8 978-0-85953-661-5 978-0-85953-662-2 978-0-85953-468-0 978-0-85953-795-7 978-0-85953-796-4 978-0-85953-797-1 978-0-85953-798-8 978-0-85953-140-5 978-0-85953-141-2 978-0-85953-142-9 978-0-85953-143-6 978 -1-904550-58-7 978-1-904550-59-4 978-1- 904550-61-7 978-1- 904550-60-0 978-1- 84643-073-2 978-1-84643-109-8 978-1-84643-110-4 978-1- 84643-111-1 978-1- 84643-112-8 160 x 160mm £4.99 each

big book 978-0-85953-635-6 978-0-85953-636-3 978-0-85953-637-0 978-0-85953-638-7 978-0-85953-893-0 978-0-85953-894-7 978-0-85953-895-4 978-0-85953-896-1 978-0-85953-123-8 978-0-85953-124-5 978-0-85953-125-2 978-0-85953-126-9 978-1-84643-007-7 978-1-84643-008-4 978-1-84643-009-1 978-1-84643-010-7 978-1-84643-084-8 978 -1-84643-207-1 978-1-84643-208-8 978-1-84643-209-5 978-1-84643-210-1 435 x 435mm £11.99 each

Old Lady Doll and Animals Fabulous Old Lady dolls and bean-filled animals to match each book. Children will love retelling the story using these props. 978-0-85953-836-7 Old Lady Fly Doll £16.99 978-0-85953-841-1 7 Bean-filled Animals £7.99 822162-00087-8 Old Lady Sea Doll £16.99 822162-00088-5 7 Bean-filled Sea Creatures £7.99 3 years+

Five Little Men Finger Puppets An excellent accompaniment to the Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer story. Children will love retelling the story using these lovable puppets. 822162-00074-8 Five Little Men Finger Puppets £16.99 3 years+

Duck Hand Puppet and Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets Beautifully made Mother Duck hand puppet and five duckling finger puppets. Help to bring the Five Little Ducks story to life and give children the opportunity to re-enact the events. 822162-00059-5 Mother Duck Hand Puppet £11.99 822162-00060-1 Little Ducks Finger Puppets £9.99 822162-00065-6 Duck and Ducklings set £19.98 3 years+

Old Macdonald Doll and Finger Puppets Bring the song to life using this doll and fabulous matching finger puppets. 822162-00049-6 Old Macdonald Soft Toy £16.99 822162-00048-9 6 Finger Puppet Animals £11.99 3 years+ 15

Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2008 soft cover + CD 978-1-904550-92-1 978-1-84643-051-0 978-1-84643-384-9 978-1-84643-383-2 978-1-84643-102-9 978-1-84643-386-3 978-1-84643-387-0 978-1-84643-388-7 978-1-84643-389-4 978-1-84643-382-5 978-1-84643-381-8 978-1-84643-134-0 978-1-84643-385-6 978-1-84643-035-0 978-1-84643-203-3 978-1-84643-205-7 290 x 290 mm £7.99 each


Storysacks enable parents to contribute in a major way to their children’s literacy and provide a valuable resource to teachers. A Storysack® is a large cloth bag containing a quality child’s picture book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. To bring the book to life, soft toys of the main characters, artefacts relating to items in the story, a non-fiction element relating to the fiction theme and a game based on the book are included. A guide and prompt suggest ways of developing listening, reading and writing skills using the contents of the Storysack®. Our Cat Cuddles Storysack® Lizzie and Dominic desperately want a kitten, but they get much more than they bargain for! The puppets and audio CD in this Storysack® bring the story to life, while the creative language development cards build on the exciting language used in the book. A non-fiction game helps to teach children how to care for pets. Many activities involving the use of language, adjectives and pet care can be explored using this sack. 822162-00068-7 Our Cat Cuddles Storysack £50.00 The following items can be purchased individually: 822162-00062-5 Pet Corner £8.99 822162-00067-0 Lion Hand Puppet £11.99 822162-00066-3 6 Cat Finger Puppets £14.99 822162-00071-7 Our Cat Cuddles audio CD £3.99 822162-00072-4 Creative Language Development Cards £5.99 3 years+

Old Macdonald Storysack® The classic Old Macdonald song is brought to life in this fun-filled Storysack®. Explore a farm using the novelty non-fiction book and retell the story using the puppets and CD. Reinforce animal names and counting with a game of Old Macdonald Snap. Winner of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2003 978-0-85953-083-5 Old Macdonald Storysack The following items may be purchased individually: 822162-00049-6 Old Macdonald Soft Toy 822162-00048-9 6 Finger Puppet Animals 822162-00042-7 Old Macdonald Snap 822162-00076-2 Old Macdonald audio CD 3 years+

The Princess and the Dragon Storysack® When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, who knows what will happen! The Princess and the Dragon story is accompanied by a language game, a character mask book and fabulous hand puppets. Everything to involve children in expression, performance and discussion of this quirky tale! Winner of NLA ‘WOW’ Award 2003 978-0-85953-199-3 Princess & Dragon Storysack £51.00 The following items may be purchased individually: 822162-00047-2 Princess & Dragon Game £9.99 822162-00052-6 Princess Hand Puppet £11.99 822162-00051-9 Dragon Hand Puppet £11.99 822162-00164-6 Princess & Dragon audio CD £3.99 3 years+ 16

£48.00 £16.99 £11.99 £5.99 £3.99


The Big Hungry Bear Storysack® Now the reader can be even more involved in this popular story. Scenery and puppets, along with the story and song CD allow for creative retelling, whilst the game works at different ability levels to develop sequencing skills. Find out more about mice using the non-fiction book. 978-0-85953-684-4 The Big Hungry Bear Storysack £40.00 The following items may be purchased individually: 6943 Plush Mouse £7.99 6998 Plush Strawberry and Knife £7.99 978-0-85953-693-6 Scenery £4.99 822162-00133-2 Little Mouse Game £5.99 822162-00080-9 The Big Hungry Bear audio CD £3.99 3 years+

There was an Old Lady Storysack® Irresistible matching Old Lady doll and bean-filled animals will provide hours of fun, retelling the story and singing along to the CD. Find out more about the animals the old lady swallows using the non-fiction books, and reinforce memory skills by playing the game. 822162-00170-7 Old Lady Storysack £48.00 The following items may be purchased individually: 978-0-85953-836-7 Old Lady Doll £16.99 978-0-85953-841-1 7 Bean-filled Animals £7.99 6196 My Grandmother went to Market £8.99 822162-00064-9 Old Lady audio CD £3.99 3 years+

Mrs Honey’s Hat Storysack® Reinforce the events in the story and learn the days of the week using the Mrs Honey doll and hat pieces. The themed sorting and matching game can be played at many different levels, and a fabulous pop-up non-fiction book provides information about the spiders. 822162-00171-4 Mrs Honey’s Hat Storysack £42.00 The following items may be purchased individually: 978-0 -85953 - 824 -4 Mrs Honey Doll £15.99 978 -0 -85953 -829-9 12 Felt Hat Pieces £7.99 822162-00169-1 Mrs Honey’s Hat Game £7.99 3 years+

Storysack.- A trademark of Storysack Ltd 17

Flip-Up Fairy Tales


Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2005

Flip-Up Fairy Tales

Winners of Practical Pre-School Silver Award 2006


Flip-Up Fairy Tales

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Illustrated by Estelle Corke/Barbara Vagnozzi/Richard Johnson/ Jack and the Beanstalk Jess Stockham/Alison Edgson/Andrea Petrlik/Masumi Furukawa/ Three Little Pigs Lesley Danson/Elisa Squillace/Claudia Venturini/Laura Barella/ Little Red Riding Hood Simona Sanfilippo/Roberta Angeletti/Francesca Assirelli/ The Billy Goats Gruff Cristiana Cerretti Hansel and Gretel Step into the magical world of Child’s Play Fairy Tales… Cinderella Traditional tales are a well-established and vital part of all The Little Red Hen cultures. Retold from the originals, these lively stories will The Emperor’s New Clothes captivate readers with their delightful illustrations and fun lift-up Stone Soup flaps which really add to the action. Well-known stories will give The Ugly Duckling young readers confidence The ‘flip-up’ flaps encourage Snow White prediction and discussion. Puss in Boots The Elves and the Shoemaker Hard covers available for some titles. See website for details. The Frog Prince The Gingerbread Man Aladdin Beauty and the Beast The Musicians of Bremen Tom Thumb Rapunzel Rumpelstiltskin Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Sleeping Beauty The Golden Goose The Little Mermaid The Princess and the Pea Chicken Licken The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Enormous Turnip The Magician’s Apprentice Donkey Skin 24 pages 19

soft cover 978-1-904550-19-8 978-1-904550-20-4 978-1-904550-21-1 978-1-904550-22-8 978-1-904550-72-3 978-1-904550-73-0 978-1-904550-74-7 978-1-904550-75-4 978-1-84643-020-6 978-1-84643-021-3 978-1-84643-022-0 978-1-84643-023-7 978-1-84643-075-6 978-1-84643-076-3 978-1-84643-077-0 978-1-84643-078-7 978-1-84643-113-5 978-1-84643-114-2 978-1-84643-115-9 978-1-84643-116-6 978-1-84643-249-1 978-1-84643-250-7 978-1-84643-251-4 978-1-84643-252-1 978-1-84643-324-5 978-1-84643-325-2 978-1-84643-326-9 978-1-84643-327-6 978-1-84643-368-9 978-1-84643-369-6 978-1-84643-370-2 978-1-84643-371-9 210 x 210 mm £5.99

soft cover + CD 978-1-84643-085-5 978-1-84643-086-2 978-1-84643-087-9 978-1-84643-088-6 978-1-84643-089-3 978-1-84643-090-9 978-1-84643-091-6 978-1-84643-092-3 978-1-84643-093-0 978-1-84643-094-7 978-1-84643-095-4 978-1-84643-096-1 978-1-84643-141-8 978-1-84643-142-5 978-1-84643-143-2 978-1-84643-144-9 978-1-84643-154-8 978-1-84643-155-5 978-1-84643-156-2 978-1-84643-157-9 978-1-84643-292-7 978-1-84643-293-4 978-1-84643-294-1 978-1-84643-295-8 978-1-84643-330-6 978-1-84643-331-3 978-1-84643-332-0 978-1-84643-333-7 978-1-84643-407-5 978-1-84643-408-2 978-1-84643-409-9 978-1-84643-410-5 3-7 years £7.99

Child’s Play Library


UUGGHH! – Available February 2011 Claudia Boldt Uugghh! A Slug! Slug feels completely unloved by the world, and can’t help feeling it may have something to do with appearances. Happily, new-found friend Spider is on hand to explain that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 978-1-84643-372-6 UUGGHH! 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-8 years


Star Gazers, Skyscrapers and Extraordinary Sausages Claudia Boldt Henrietta has all sorts of wild ambitions. She could be a star gazer, a mechanic or even Queen Bee… Unfortunately Frank, her dog, can only think about sausages. Will they be able to come to a compromise? What can they do that they’ll both enjoy? The reader’s imagination runs wild in this inspiring book from a new author/illustrator. 978-1-84643-344-3 Star Gazers, Skyscrapers and Extraordinary Sausages 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-8 years £5.99


Copy Cat Mark Birchall Cat was small and Dog was big, and whatever Dog did, Cat did too... Dog is fed up with Cat copying everything she does. But when Cat stays away, Dog realises that playing alone is not nearly as much fun. A charming story about friendship, sharing and play. 978-1-84643-367-2 Copy Cat 32 pages 250 x 250mm 3-7 years 20


Child’s Play Library


The Lost Stars – Available May 2011 Hannah Cumming Everyone has become so focused on bright lights and new technology that they have forgotten about the stars. Fed up with not being appreciated, the stars decide to leave their posts and go on holiday. But what will happen when the lights go out? A charming picture book warning us to appreciate and conserve the natural beauty of the world, before it is lost. 978-1-84643-416-7 The Lost Stars 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-8 years


The Cloud Hannah Cumming Everyone enjoys art class – apart from one girl, that is, who seems to have a black cloud hanging over her. Support from a classmate with a lot of imagination helps to brighten up everyone’s lives, and explores the therapeutic benefits of co-operation and creative activity.  Naive, atmospheric illustrations perfectly compliment the simple text. Thought-provoking, illuminating, often funny, this is an exceptional debut from an exciting new talent. 978-1-84643-343-6 The Cloud 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-8 years £5.99


No! – Available June 2011 Marta Altes Written and illustrated by a fresh new talent, this is the story of a likeable, well-meaning and irrepressible dog and the mystery surrounding his name. Simple, short and punchy, this is a picture book children (and adults) will want to read again and again. 978-1-84643-417-4 No! 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-8 years £5.99 21

Child’s Play Library

Rabbit Pie Penny Ives The perfect recipe for bedtime! Six adorable rabbits are just one ingredient needed for sweet Rabbit Pie! Combine with a sprinkling of kisses and some warm milk for the ideal bedtime story. Told like a recipe, with delightful illustrations showing the preparations for bedtime, this charming picture book will enchant parents and children alike. 978-1-84643-353-5 Rabbit Pie 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-6 years £5.99


Ugh! Eggs!

I Told You So!

Sarah Arnold Eggs are all that are on offer for this hungry porcupine – ugh! Dad makes eggs for breakfast, Aunty makes egg sandwiches and even her cake has eggs in it! Will he be able to overcome his aversion to enjoy the delicious cake that Dad has made? 978-1-84643-342-9 Ugh! Eggs! 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-8 years £5.99

Sarah Arnold Sometimes, adults just won’t listen. Ella tries to warn Nursey about all the odd characters that are filling up Tom’s pram. But Nursey won’t believe her…until she can see for herself. 978-1-84643-287-3 I Told You So 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-8 years £5.99

The Cambridgeshire Children's Picture Book Award

Max and the Doglins

The Flower

Amanda Montgomery-Higham When Max the dog steals an egg from his best friend Beryl, it leads to a midnight visit from the mysterious Doglins. Only when Max stands up to their bullying does he come to realise what he has to do to put things right. Winner of “Read it Again” Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award 2008 978-1-84643-043-5 Max and the Doglins 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years £5.99

John Light, illustrated by Lisa Evans Brigg lives in a small, grey room in a large, grey city. When he finds a book in the library labelled ‘Do Not Read’, he cannot resist borrowing it. In it, he comes upon pictures of bright, vibrant objects called flowers. A deceptively simple and haunting story, beautifully and mysteriously illustrated, set in a bleak future metropolis. 978-1-84643-016-9 The Flower (s.c.) 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-9 years

£5.99 22

Child’s Play Library

It’s Raining! It’s Pouring! We’re Exploring!

The Ding Dong Bag

Polly Peters, illustrated by Jess Stockham On a boring rainy day three children are stuck inside with nothing to do, until their imaginations take over… Join them on an explorer’s adventure as they navigate the caves in the living room, the mountainous stairs, and the wilds of the bedrooms. Shortlisted for Children’s Book Award 2008 nasen and TES Special Educational Needs Book Awards

Polly Peters, illustrated by Jess Stockham When two boys go out with a large bag to collect all the noises they can find, you can be sure that they will have an ear-splitting time! From the clank of a stick on railings to the thud of a baseball bat, this vibrant story celebrates the rich diversity of sounds they encounter and collect. Shortlisted for Children’s Book Award 2007 nasen and TES Special Educational Needs Book Awards 978-1-84643-015-2 The Ding Dong Bag 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

978-1-84643-117-3 It’s Raining! It’s Pouring! 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years


The Wim Wom from the Mustard Mill Our Cat Cuddles

Polly Peters, illustrated by Roberta Angeletti What is a Wim Wom? It will eat beans, steal socks and wipe its nose on coats, but what does it look like? Join the children as they try to imagine it from the clues their parents and grandparents give them. Eventually they decide that the Wim Wom doesn’t really exist…or does it? 978-1-84643-118-0 The Wim Wom 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

Gervase Phinn, illustrated by Amanda Montgomery-Higham Rich in language, humour and rhyme, this hilarious tale is perfectly complemented by Amanda Montgomery-Higham’s witty illustrations. Lizzie and Dominic desperately want a kitten, but they get much more than they bargain for. soft cover hard cover big book audio package

978-0-85953-864-0 978-0-85953-869-5 32 pages 268 x 245mm 978-0-85953-025-5 32 pages 435 x 400mm 978-1-84643-027-5

£5.99 £9.99 4-7 years £15.99 4-7 years

(s.c) + CD


What I Like! Poems for the Very Young Gervase Phinn, illustrated by Jane Eccles This entertaining volume of verse for the very young is the perfect introduction to poetry. It includes poems about everything that is important to children: animals, family, food – and some very good jokes. Jane Eccles’s humorous and wacky illustrations perfectly complement this lively and amusing collection. 978-1-904550-12-9 What I Like! £5.99 978-1-84643-028-2 What I Like! + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 2-6 years

Lion Hand Puppet and Cat Finger Puppets Retell the story using this great Lion hand puppet and fabulous finger puppets which match cats in the book. 822162-00067-0 Lion Hand Puppet 822162-00066-3 6 Cat Finger Puppets 3 years+ 23

£11.99 £14.99

Traditional Tales with a Twist Traditional tales from a variety of cultures, retold with a twist by storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters. Tales from around the world provide an insight into cultures other than our own.

Dingo Dog and the Billabong Storm

Rabbit Cooks up a Cunning Plan

Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Anna Wadham The bush animals are fed up with Dingo Dog’s bullying, so hatch a storming idea to teach him a lesson in this traditional Australian tale. 978-1-84643-247-7 Dingo Dog 978-1-84643-350-4 Dingo Dog + CD 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years

Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Bruno Robert Mountain Lion terrorises all the forest animals and preys on them for his supper in this North American folk tale. In spite of all their attempts to placate him, they are not safe until Rabbit cooks up a cunning plan which brings them lasting freedom. 978-1-84643-097-8 Rabbit’s Cunning Plan £5.99 978-1-84643-349-8 Rabbit’s Cunning Plan + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years

£5.99 £7.99

The Ant and the Big Bad Bully Goat Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Anna Wadham When Bully Goat takes over Badger’s house, Badger needs help to move him out. His biggest and bravest friends all make excuses. Finally help arrives from an unexpected quarter and Badger realizes that size isn’t everything in this traditional Iberian story. Shorlisted for Best Emerging Illustrator Booktrust Early Years Awards 2007 978-1-84643-079-4 Ant and Bully Goat £5.99 978-1-84643-348-1 Ant and Bully Goat + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years

Monkey’s Clever Tale

The Tiger and the Wise Man

Bear and Turtle and the Great Lake Race

Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Diana Mayo In this traditional Indian tale a tiger plays a trick on a Wise Man. How will he escape being eaten, especially when it seems that the animals are against him? Will the jackal help, or is it another trick? 978-1-904550-07-5 Tiger and the Wise Man £5.99 978-1-84643-346-7 Tiger and the Wise Man + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years

Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Alison Edgson When Turtle challenges bad-tempered Bear to a race along the lakeshore, Bear is confident about the outcome, but all is not as it seems in this traditional Native American trickster tale. 978-1-904550-91-4 Bear and Turtle £5.99 978-1-84643-347-4 Bear and Turtle + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years

Andrew Fusek Peters, illustrated by Amanda Montgomery-Higham When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river, she hatches a plot to trick Crocodile into helping her. But how will she escape being his next meal? And will Crocodile ever get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup? This traditional Afro-Caribbean story is full of humour. 978-0-85953-051-4 Monkey’s Clever Tale £5.99 978-1-84643-345-0 Monkey’s Clever Tale + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 4-7 years


Child’s Play Library

Scaredy Cats Audrey Wood 978-1-904550-48-8 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

Tooth Fairy

Twenty-Four Robbers

Audrey Wood

Audrey Wood

978-0-85953-293-8 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

978-1-904550-35-8 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

Magic Shoelaces

Presto Change-O


Audrey Wood

Audrey Wood

Audrey Wood

978-1-904550-51-8 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

978-1-904550-52-5 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

978-1-904550-49-5 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-7 years £5.99

Scaredy Cats Plush Kittens 822162-00063-2 3-7 years £10.99

Poems for the Young Animal Lullabies Mandy Ross, illustrated by Krisztina Kallai Nagy It’s night-time in the Animal Kingdom, and time for all the animal children to go to bed. But animal children are every bit as restless as their human counterparts. How do their parents help them to sleep? What animal lullabies do they sing?

Animal Exercises Mandy Ross, illustrated by Sanja Re˘˘ scek How do animals keep fit, strong and healthy? How do cheetahs run so fast? Why are they so strong? Discover the answers in this hilarious collection of animal exercises.

Wake up, Sleepy Head! Mandy Ross, illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic Time to wake up! When sleepy animal children want to stay snuggled up in bed, how do their parents get them up in the morning? 978-0-85953-116-0 Animal Lullabies 978-1-84643-044-2 Animal Exercises 978-1-904550-33-4 Wake up, Sleepy Head! 32 pages 268 x 245mm 6 months+ 978-1-84643-052-7 Animal Lullabies (s.c.) + CD 32 pages 268 x 245mm 6 months+ 822162-00055-7 Pyjama Case 3 years+ 25

£5.99 £7.99 £11.99

Child’s Play Library

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear Don and Audrey Wood It’s Christmas, and the Little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the Big, Hungry Bear who lives on top of the hill? The Little Mouse’s brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves. 978-1-904550-36-5 Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear 40 pages 268 x 245mm 3-6 years £5.99

Don and Audrey Wood The Little Mouse and the Big Hungry Bear are known and loved by millions of children around the world. Little Mouse loves strawberries, but so does the bear… How will Little Mouse stop the bear from eating his freshly picked, red, ripe strawberry? board book soft cover hard cover big book audio package

978-0-85953-659-2 24 pages 155 x 145mm 978-0-85953-012-5 978-0-85953-182-5 32 pages 268 x 245mm 978-0-85953-330-0 32 pages 435 x 397mm 978-1-84643-050-3

£4.99 1-3 years £5.99 £9.99 2-6 years £15.99 2-6 years

(s.c) + CD


Quick as a Cricket Don and Audrey Wood A celebration of a child’s growing self-awareness, and a prime example of how books can contribute to this. board book

Little Mouse, Strawberry and Knife Retell the story using these matching props. 978-0-85953-694-3 Plush Mouse 978-0-85953-699-8 Plush Strawberry and Knife

soft cover hard cover

£7.99 £7.99 3 years+

big book

978-0-85953-664-6 24 pages 155 x 145mm 978-0-85953-306-5 978-0-85953-151-1 32 pages 268 x 245mm 978-0-85953-331-7 32 pages 435 x 397mm

£4.99 1-3 years £5.99 £9.99 2-6 years £15.99 2-6 years

Mrs Honey’s Hat Pam Adams Why is everyone staring at Mrs Honey’s hat? This new edition of a well-established classic is sure to become a favourite with a whole new generation of children. With large, clear text, a repetitive refrain and a strong emphasis on days of the week, this book is ideal for early readers. soft cover 978-1-84643-126-5 Mrs Honey’s Hat £5.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 3-6 years big book 978-0-85953-814-5 Mrs Honey’s Hat £15.99 32 pages 438 x 400mm 3-6 years

Mrs Honey’s Doll and Hat Pieces Pam Adams Encourage involvement in the story by using the hat pieces and doll to act out the events. 978-0-85953-824-4 Mrs Honey Doll £15.99 978-0-85953-829-9 12 Felt Hat Pieces £7.99 3 years+ 26

Child’s Play Library

The Princess and the Dragon Audrey Wood When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, there are unexpected results. 978 -0-85953-716-2 Princess and the Dragon £5.99 978 -1-84643-356-6 Princess and the Dragon (s.c) + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 5-8 years

The Princess and the Dragon Mask Book Using the durable board masks and play script from this book, children can act out Audrey Wood’s quirky and amusing story The Princess and the Dragon. 978-0-85953-717-9 The Princess and the Dragon Mask Book 10 pages 298 x 298mm 5-8 years £6.99

Princess and Dragon Puppets Bring the story to life with these irresistible Dragon and Princess puppets. 822162-00051-9 Dragon Hand Puppet £11.99 822162-00052-6 Princess Hand Puppet £11.99 3 years+

The Musical Life of Gustav Mole The Lost Music Illustrated by Kathryn Meyrick The Musical Life of Gustav Mole introduces children to the delights of music, instruments and performing groups. In the sequel, Gustav and his family leave their noise-shattered home and travel the world in search of the lost music. The audio versions are narrated by Patrick Macnee. 978-0-85953-347-8 The Musical Life of Gustav Mole (s.c.) £5.99 978-0-85953-304-1 The Lost Music (h.c.) £5.99 978-0-85953-333-1 Musical Life (s.c) + CD £7.99 978-1-84643-402-0 The Lost Music (h.c) + CD £7.99 32 pages 268 x 245mm 5-10 years

Musical Families Illustrated by Kathryn Meyrick A superb new edition of this entertaining, educational quartet game, in which we learn to recognize ‘families’ of musical instruments. A great companion to The Musical Life of Gustav Mole and The Lost Music. 822162-00053-3 Musical Families 32 cards 160 x 115mm (box) 4-8 years £5.99 27

Citizenship, Life Skills and Responsibility

Relax Catherine O’Neill, illustrated by Toni Goffe This book helps us to recognize the causes and symptoms of stress in children’s lives, and teaches us how to deal with them, using simple and enjoyable exercises. 978-0-85953-790-2 Relax 40 pages 190 x 190mm 6-10 years £4.99

Salamatu and Kandoni go missing Steve Brace, illustrated by Annie Kubler Salamatu’s goat follows her to school, leading to a series of misadventures. Provides an insight into life in Ghana and allows comparisons to our own country. Published in conjunction with ActionAid 978-0-85953-784-1 Salamatu and Kandoni go missing 32 pages 204 x 204mm 5-8 years £4.99

From Beans to Batteries Steve Brace, illustrated by Annie Kubler Aldomaro’s radio is an important tool in his ambition to be a doctor. When the batteries run out it is not easy for him to get more. A positive insight into how life in other countries vastly differs from our own and a lesson on the value of money. Published in conjunction with ActionAid 978-0-85953-799-5 From Beans to Batteries 32 pages 204 x 204mm 5-8 years £4.99

Discovery Flaps Illustrated by Annie Kubler and Caroline Formby The way people live is different in many parts of the world. This series of colourful flap books, created with and for OXFAM, depict everyday situations and help us to discover what makes us different and what binds us together. 978-0-85953-791-9 Come home with us! 978-0-85953-792-6 Come and eat with us! 978-0-85953-793-3 Come and play with us! 978-0-85953-794-0 Come and ride with us! 16 pages 204 x 204mm 4-8 years £4.99 each

Information Books Ocean Deep – Available May 2011 Sue Baker, illustrated by Richard Hatfield From the sunlit surface to the darkness of the deep, this book explores the fascinating life forms that exist in our oceans. Peer in to the depths of this tunnel effect book and investigate each zone of the ocean. 978-0-85953-929-6 Ocean Deep 14 pages/12 panels 268 x 245mm 4-16 years £7.99



Information Books Children of the Sun Arthur John L’Hommedieu Packed with information, this book opens before us like a tunnel through space, enabling us to make a fascinating tour of the planets in our solar system. Available in three formats. standard pocket giant Children of the Sun 978-0-85953-931-9 978-0-85953-933-3 978-0-85953-937-1 24 pages/12 panels 216 x 194mm 108 x 97mm 420 x 380mm 6-10 years £5.99 £2.99 £16.99

Time Tunnel Arthur John L’Hommedieu Traces life on earth through the geological strata, from the arrival of man back to the first plants. Gives us a remarkable grasp of the fossil record. Available in two formats. standard pocket Time Tunnel 978-0-85953-940-1 978-0-85953-928-9 24 pages/12 panels 216 x 194mm 108 x 97mm 6-10 years £5.99 £2.99

Misunderstood Arthur John L’Hommedieu/Sue Baker/Richard Hatfield Unique information books, focusing on lesser-known and often misunderstood species. Full of amazing facts, the vibrant and detailed illustrations bring information to 3-D life. 978-0-85953-962-3 Bats 978-0-85953-960-9 Spiders 978-0-85953-564-9 Chameleons 978-0-85953-404-8 Snakes 16 panels 300 x 220mm 5-10 years £8.99 each

Metamorphoses Arthur John L’Hommedieu/Sue Baker/Nikolay Nemzer All living things change as they grow. Follow the fascinating life cycles in these beautifully engineered cardboard books. 978-1-84643-012-1 Egg, Tadpole, Frog 978-1-84643-013-8 Butterfly 978-0-85953-847-3 Dragonfly 16 panels 300 x 220mm 4-8 years £8.99 each 29

Child’s Play Games Numeracy

Arithmetic Lotto

Numbers Factory

Maria Newton An enjoyable and rewarding game of addition and subtraction, with many original features. 978-0-85953-881-7 Arithmetic Lotto 72 cards, 6 collecting boards 4-8 years

Maria Newton This multi-level game offers children plenty of experience and enjoyment of multiplication and division. 978-0-85953-876-3 Numbers Factory 72 cards, 6 collecting boards 5-10 years £8.99


Old Macdonald Counting Snap

Giant Dice

Pam Adams This noisy counting game is an irresistible invitation to learn to count. 822162-00042-7 Old Macdonald Counting Snap 48 cards 3-5 years £5.99

Pam Adams A fun and challenging game for children of varying age and ability, to match their skill at arithmetic. 822162-00054-0 Giant Dice £9.99 2 x 30mm dice, 60 counters, 4 collecting boards 5-10 years

Fruit Salad

Vegetable Soup

Annie Kubler This game is a painless introduction to fractions in concrete and abstract form. 822162-00077-9 Fruit Salad 15 shaped fruit fraction cards, 4 collecting plates, 1 fraction die 5-8 years £8.99

Annie Kubler Challenging game of observation, memory and judgement. Amongst other things, we learn that a whole can be made of many different combinations. 822162-00166-0 Vegetable Soup 48 shaped vegetable cards 6-10 years £8.99 30

Sorting and Matching

Pet Corner Illustrated by Dan Crisp A non-fiction game that encourages children to consider the needs of others and teaches them how to look after a variety of different animals. Collect all the items you need for your pet to lead a healthy and happy life. 822162-00062-5 Pet Corner 6 collecting boards, 54 matching cards, 4-7 years £8.99

Pass the Bag Pam Adams An hilarious game in which children use their sense of touch to distinguish pieces of different shapes and sizes. 9692 Pass the Bag 4 collecting boards, 1 bag, 40 colourful pieces 3-7 years £11.99

Literacy and Language

Little Mouse Game

The Princess and the Dragon

Illustrated by Don and Audrey Wood Play ‘Snap’ or sequence the story using pictures or words in this multi-level game. Based on the Big Hungry Bear story (page 26). 822162-00133-2 Little Mouse Game 48 cards 3-6 years £5.99

Based on the Audrey Wood story (page 27), this varied game challenges children’s reading and observation skills. They can also mime the expressions of their favourite characters and collect new vocabulary. 822162-00047-2 Princess & Dragon game 4 collecting boards, 36 cards 6-9 years £9.99

Our Cat Cuddles Creative Language Development Cards Illustrated by Amanda Montgomery-Higham Explore language using these picture cards which show a word describing a cat, along with four synonyms. A prompt card suggests activity and game ideas. Based on the Gervase Phinn story (page 23). 822162-00072-4 Creative Language Development Cards 31 cards 6-9 years £5.99



Musical Families Illustrated by Kathryn Meyrick A superb new edition of this entertaining, educational quartet game, in which we learn to recognize ‘families’ of musical instruments. A great companion to The Musical Life of Gustav Mole and The Lost Music (page 27). 822162-00053-3 Musical Families 32 cards 4-8 years £5.99

My Grandmother went to Market Pam Adams A fascinating memory game and a valuable aid for developing language skills. 6196 My Grandmother went to Market 117 different picture cards 3-6 years £8.99 31

A child’s early years are more important than any other. This is when children learn most about the world around them, and the language they need to survive and grow. For over thirty years, Child’s Play has put enormous thought and care into creating exactly the right sort of material for this all-important time. Respected and loved by parents and educationalists alike, the Child’s Play programme offers learning, fun and happiness to children from the very earliest age. It offers a wide and diverse range of formats and experiences, that will enrich and empower every child’s life.

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