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Key Management Systems It provides full accountability of key transactions in a facility. It is powered with Radio frequency identification technology that that sends communicates between keytags and key cabinet through signals. It helps in controlling multiple keys giving access rights to the users and thereby preventing any unauthorized access. read more‌.. Phone: 1-800-331-2882

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Electronic Asset Lockers They come with electronic locking system for contactless issue and return of valuable assets and other storage devices. The compartments unlock automatically when users provide access codes. These lockers offer enterprise level solution with its web based software security system. read more‌ Phone: 1-800-331-2882

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Key Location Systems This system helps in letting you know who has accessed which keys providing real-time SMS alerts should someone tries to take a key outside the facility. It helps in setting up security zones or integrating it with the existing security zones. read more‌. Phone: 1-800-331-2882

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Key Exit Systems This system uses RFID technology and enables contactless data transfer. It helps in preventing a facility from any unauthorized access, theft and unintentional removal of a key. Audible door exit alarms are set to secure an area from any external threat. read more‌. Phone: 1-800-331-2882

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Guard Tour Systems This system helps in tracking security personnel and guards and monitors their locations. The guardiX data collector and easy patrol software enables to know the whereabouts of the patrolling officers. If a guard fails to reach a check point, automatic notifications are triggered. read more‌. Phone: 1-800-331-2882

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Key Tracer Asset Management Solutions  

Key Tracer is one of the reputed names offering key management and asset management solutions. It has been offering ideal solutions for mana...