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Knudsen Extrusion ApS is an orderproducing subcontractor located in Præstø, Denmark, who specializes in extrusion of hoses, tubes, profiles and flat tapes in a variety of thermoplastic materials.

Our value proposition is focused on supplying solutions to our customers:

• To be a flexible supplier of tailor made products in extruded plastic • Our knowledge equals customer advantage • To supply customer adapted products, which creates value for our customer and focus on unique solutions

The products are supplied to various types of industries, such as oil & gas, medico, food, conveyor, construction, automotive and wind turbine factories among others.

Our tailor made solution proposition coves: • Consulting • Tests • Production • Packaging • Logistics

The key focus is to be a flexible and reliable partner, who offers ideal solutions to standard and special requests. The total business area is more than 4000 m2 and covers 28 extrusion lines and approx. 50 employees working in 3 shifts. The company exports to more than 30 countries worldwide and are constantly striving to increase the level of export even further.

VALUES • • • • •


VISION • Develop existing processes • Improve our material knowledge • Bring new material solutions to the market • Develop mutually knowledge and partnership • Create value for our customers




In order to ensure that we can always provide our customers with the best possible solutions in terms of both functionality and economics we have focused on developing a wide knowhow about traditional and special plastic materials since the company was founded.

To achieve flexibility in our daily production we have established a well-equipped tool shop, which aim is:

High quality of our products and procedures are essential to us and our customers.

Our focus is on specific properties, the materials' possibilities and limits and the special requirements our customers have for exactly their application. The entire organisation's focus is set on ensuring a high quality level, great customer satisfaction and innovation in all aspects in order to be able to offer the best solution to any problem. Offering advice to customers Our products have been used in all industrial areas, be it pneumatics, foods, toys, chemicals, medicine, sanitation, audio and conveyors. These applications form our background for offering advice to customers concerning choice of the optimal material and design.

• day-to-day maintenance of extruders and attachments • design and manufacturing of tools for the production • production of drawings for tools by means of CAD-equipment, production drawings and Tool shop and production under the same roof gives us quick and efficient maintenance of equipment avoiding unnecessary and long operational breakdowns. In addition tools are produced much quicker and we have the possibility to adjust new and existing tools immediately. Furthermore, a majority of our extruders are designed and built in our tool shop, which supports our philosophy of quick and flexible maintenance of our equipment.

Our quality management system is certified by DNV according to the quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Quality policy: • To supply total solutions and to ensure high customer satisfaction • Communicate knowledge and knowhow • Uphold our resources • Create lasting improvements





We offer hoses in a wide variety of materials and dimensions.

PA 12 is a very suitable material for rigid and semi-rigid hoses.

The objective is to find a product which meets the customer's requirements concerning functionality, properties and price.

The excellent mechanical properties offers very good resistance to pressure combined with good chemical resistance to oils, grease and different types of fuels.

Bio-polyamide 11 is based on a renewable vegetable source that originates from castor oil and as PA 12 is a very suitable material for rigid and semi-rigid hoses.

Before finally choosing the material it is vital to have a thorough knowledge of the surroundings and conditions in which the hose will be functioning. Wrong choice can cause difficulties during installation, lack of functionality and in worst case collapse of the hose. It is important to know about the following conditions: • Temperatures (minimum and maximum) • Service pressure • Chemical environment • Work environment (impact blows, wear, flexibility, sunlight, etc) Other requirements like colour, food approvals, burnability etc. might also influence the choice.

It is an ideal candidate for pneumatic hoses and break hoses for the automotive industry. Several PA 12 grades fulfils the DIN -norm 74324 and 73378. Our product range covers: • PA 12 PHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 PHLY (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 HIPHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 H (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 AN (Antistatic) • PA 12 SF (Superflex) • PA 12 FR (Railway EN45545)

The excellent mechanical properties offers very good resistance to pressure combined with good chemical resistance to oils, grease and different types of fuels. It is an ideal candidate for pneumatic hoses and break hoses for the automotive industry. PA 11 has excellent resistance to low temperatures, and has a better performance on this particular point compared to PA 12. Several PA 12 grades fulfils the DINnorm 74324 and 73378. Our product range covers: • PA 11 PHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 11 H (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 11 SF (Superflex) • PA 11 OF (Off-shore API 17J) • PA 11 FDA (Food)




PUR is suitable material for flexible hoses.

PVDF is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, which is the best of all fluoropolymers. Chemical resistance is better than that of PA 11 and PA 12, but not at the same level as PFA or PTFE. This is also the case for the thermal resistance.

Polyolefins are characterized by mechanical and thermal properties in the low end, but at the same time quite good chemical resistance.

PUR has excellent flexibility and bendability and is very resistant to "kink". Resistance to pressure and chemicals are considerable lower than that of PA 11 and PA 12. PUR is mainly used, when minimal bending radius is a requirement. PUR has a glossy surface and several grades are transparent. The product range include a grade approved for food contact according to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and drinking water according to DVGW W270. Our product range covers: • PUR S98 (Ester 98A) • PUR S88 (Ester 88A) • PUR T85 (Ether 85A) • PUR T85 WATER (Ether 85A) • PUR T88 (Ether 88A) • PUR T95 (Ether 95A) • PUR T98 FOOD (Ether 98A) • PUR T D54FR (Flame retardant)

PVDF is suitable for medical and food contact application due to the high cleanness of the polymer. PVDF is classified as V0 according to UL94 and is approved for food contact applications (FDA / EU) and drinking water application (NSF). PVDF is mainly use for applications demanding a combination of high chemical resistance, mechanical strength and thermal resistance. In many cases PVDF can be used instead of PTFE or PFA, as the mechanical properties are often enough and price and weight is lower. Our product range covers: • PVDF HA • PVDF FX

Recommended service temperature depends on grade, but is in the range of -50°C to +60°C (depending on grade). Polyolefins is mainly used for applications with limited requirements for low pressure and temperature. Several grades are approved for food contact according to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some European norms. Our product range covers: • LDPE • HDPE • HDPE AN (Antistatic) • HMW-PE • EVA • PP-C • PP-H





Today the applications for profiles in thermoplastic materials are almost endless.

PA ALLOYS aka TCP is an alloy of PA 6 and HDPE, and by means of a special additive two incompatible materials are united This provides a completely homogenous structure complying the best properties from each material.

Polyolefines are comparatively low cost materials, combining a number of good mechanical and chemical properties in a temperature range from -50°C to +70°C (dependent on type).

The property range in the thermoplastic materials means that most requirements can be met and often with considerable advantages as for weight and environment, compared to alternative materials such as metal, aluminium and wood. We have carefully picked materials especially well suited for a number of applications in conveyor, medical and food industries as well as for shop fittings. In addition to the group of polyolefines (LDPE, HDPE and PP) the materials also include polymers such as fluor polymers, polyamides and thermoplastic elastomers. We produce profiles in a dimensional range from approx. 1 mm up to 80 mm.

The advantages are numerous and offers a perfect match for wear profiles in the conveyor industry. • melting point at 220°C • continuous work temperature at +100°C • high rate of rigidity and surface hardness • high durability • low friction(< UHMW-PE) • low thermical expansion • good dimensional stability • outstanding chemical resistance • approved for contact to foods according to European regulations • resistant to hydrolysis • low water absorption

Most of the types have been approved for foods by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and according to a number of European regulations. Our product range covers: • HDPE • HDPE (250) • HMW-PE (500) • HDPE AN (Antistatic)




In the group of fluor polymers, the best possible product for profiles is PVDF.

In applications where flexibility is required we offer several elastomers with various hardness and thermal properties.

Apart from our standard product range we are able to offer several other materials.

As standard we recommend an unmodified PVDF-type, which has been approved for e.g.: Food contact according to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), medical use according to USP Class VI and drinking water according to NSF 51. Our product range covers: • PVDF HA • PVDF LF (PTFE)

Our product range covers: • TPE • TPV • TPU • PVC

Additional range: • PC • POM • PA 6 • PA 6.6





Spiral hoses can be supplied in various materials and dimensions to meet the demands for flexibility and functionality.

As an alternative to the range of hoses we offer cut-to-sized products.

The multi-hose provides the possibility of combining hoses, wires, cables, robe other others in a bundle with a protective jacketing outside.

The spirals can be supplied in most of our standard range of hoses as well as special materials. Shore hardness ranges from flexible shore A 85 to stiffer Shore D 72. Spirals can be made in dimensions from Ø 4 to 16 mm with working length from 2 up to 8 meters for PUR spirals and 15 meters for PA spirals. The spirals can also be supplied with or with free ends. Our range covers: • PA 11 • PA 12 • PUR • PVDF We also offer specialities such as multi-spirals with several hoses inside and external jacketing.

Our range covers more than 25 polymers, which includes both flexible, rigid and transparent grades. Tolerances is based on item specifications, the limitations of the cutting device and the shrinkage properties of the grade. Tubes can be cut in various angles. Our range covers: All materials in our hose product range as well as: • PC • PSU • TCP • POM • PA 6 • PA 6.6

The multi-hose is easy to use and install and you avoid the problem of hose, cables and wires are tangled in one another during use and installation. Hoses and other units in the multi-hose can differentiated by using different colours or print to ensure easy installation and reduce the risk of wrongfully installation. Our standard range covers 4 different materials for the protective jacketing (TPE, LDPE, EVA og PVC). Each material offers unique properties with regards to hardness, flexibility and friction. Possible applications: • Control units • Medical units • Process equipment




We offer a wide range of flat massive tapes produced by the calander method.

As an addition to our range of hoses, tubes, spirals, profiles and tapes, we are able to produce special items specified by your requirements and demands.

Apart from our standard product range we are able to offer several special materials.

We are able to produce tapes in thickness from 0,5 to 3,0 mm and width up to 250 mm depending on type of material. The tapes are typically used in industrial and off shore applications as anti wear or insulation layer. For the cable label we supply flame retardant PUR. Our range covers: • PA 12 • PA 11 • PA 6 • PP • PVDF • PUR T54D FR • PETG As an addition to the product range of tapes we offer conical tapes (taper edge belts) used in the production of plasterboards. The conical tapes are produced in LDPE and PA 11 in various lengths and with a conical profiles from 0,5 to 2,25 mm.

Possible range: • Welding project hose • Wire fix (protection spiral) • Massive rods

Additional range: • PFA • ETFE • FEP • MFA • PSU • TEEE • PC • POM • PA 6 • PA 6.6 • PEBA • PA ALLOYS





For more than 50 years we have supplied the pneumatic market with our extensive range of hoses for almost any application in the pneumatic field.

We offer a number of grades, which fulfils the most important norms and standards in the automotive and transport industry.

The off shore industry requests specific properties to meet market requirements. We offer a carefully selected range of grades with optimum thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.

Our range covers: • PA 11 • PA 12 • PUR • PVDF • LDPE • Multi spirals

Automotive: • DIN 73378 • DIN 74324 • DIN 74323 • SAE J2260 • SAE J844 • BS5409 • ISO 7628 Train: • EN45545 Our range covers: • PA 12 PHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 PHLY (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 HIPHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 H (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 11 PHL (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 11 H (DIN 73378/74324) • PA 12 HA RW (Railway EN45545) • PUR T95 RW

Several grades meets specific market norms for example API 17J. Our range covers: • PA 11 OF (API 17J) • PA 11 H • PA 12 H • PVDF OF • PUR T98




According to the EU regulation EC10/2011 we are registered and approved for the production of food contact materials.

For environments with a risk of explosions also known as ATAX environments, we offer hoses produced in antistatic or conductive grades

The requirements to hoses, tubes and spirals in a chemical environment is very demanding, but we have a carefully selected product range with excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

Our production process and procedures are according to GMP (EC2023/2006). The carefully selected range of grades offered for food contact fulfils the demands specified in EC1935/2004. The products are supplied with a certificate according to article 15 in the EC 10/2011. Our range covers: • HDPE • PVDF FX • PA 11 FDA • PUR T98 FOOD We are able to expand the product range with materials such as LDPE, PA 12 and others if the specific demand justify the investment in the analysis of the material by an external consultant.

Our range covers: • PA 12 AN • PA 12 AN DIS • HDPE AN • PP AN

UL94 We can offer flame retardant non halogen grades for hoses, tubes and tapes.

Our range covers: • PVDF FX • PVDF HA • ETFE • FEP • MFA • PFA • PP • PE (LDPE/HDPE)

UV Our range covers: • PUR T54D FR (V0 3,2 mm) • PA 12 FR (V2 0,8 mm) • TEEE (V0 1,5 mm) • TPE (V0 1,5 mm)

We can also offer a range of grades with excellent UV resistance, if coloration with black masterbatch is not sufficient. Our range covers: • PVDF FX • PVDF HA


HSE POLICY We are aware of our responsibility for our employees as well as for the environment. The establishment of an environmental and operational safety management (AMO), the obligation to comply with related laws and regulations as well as cooperation with authorities and the public all reflect our acknowledged and committed awareness of the need for environmental protection and operational safety and health.

HEALTH • Solutions ensuring a good work environment • AMO (Work Environment Organization) organization to ensure best in class work environment • Raw materials in line with National and EU regulations

CONTACT ENVIRONMENT • Focus on local and global environmental − Evaluating suppliers and their environmental policy − Ensure that all methods and products are produced with a minimum environmental impact and consumption of resources. − Optimization of packaging solutions to reduce waste − Prevent of pollution and minimize energy consumption • Products in compliance with, and preferably ahead of, current legislation on environment and health • Reuse waste from production – Remains sorted and collected for external reuse • Recycling

Address: Knudsen Extrusion ApS Ny Esbjergvej 5 DK-4720 Præstø Phone: +45 55 99 15 30 Fax: +45 55 99 15 44 E-mail: Website:

SAFETY • Risk assessment • Tracking and evaluation of all accidents and Near-By-Accidents