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FLIGHT TRAINING METHODS The curriculum for our Flight Training, including ground schooling classes, is geared towards imparting quality instructions driven by advanced technology. Our course materials are the same as JAA (Joint Aviation Authority) syllabus and obviously in line with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Administration) and CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh) standards.

Fitness Requirements Prior to your acceptance in any of the programs at AFS, you

• Review of your medical history

must possess a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate for PPL and a

• Hearing and vision tests

valid Class 1 Medical Certificate for CPL. All pilots are required

• Lung function and heart tests

to have this certificate throughout their entire flying careers. The

• Blood and urine analysis

certificates are issued by CAAB and medical examinations are

• General physical examination

done only by CAAB authorized medical facilities. As a guideline, a typical medical examination would include:

Language Proficiency Proficiency in the English Language is mandatory for the above courses.

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