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mr. kihak sung chairman & ceo youngone corporation

I am pleased that you are

Our aim is to provide opportunities that

considering Arirang Aviation

emphasize the skills, knowledge, and

Academy to obtain the

experience necessary for a fulfilling

training necessary to embark

career in. We work hard to provide the

upon a career in aviation.

student pilots with a background of

Arirang Aviation Academy’s

experience and job skills that will

“hands-on� approach

enhance their employability and our

provides the best training

extracurricular initiatives that will foster

environment for pilots of the

personal growth and leadership qualities

future. We invite you to visit

for our students.

our school, examine our aircraft and maintenance facility, and speak with our instructors, staff and students.

All of this is enhanced by our 15 years of experience as the leading business charter operator in Bangladesh. We are the only company to operate business class aircrafts in all segments. I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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