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SUPER MOWERS Introduce the

Simplees POWER MODEL among their

1965 range The J.P. SIMPLEES Model is of light yet robust construction. Sectional assembly design enables cutter unit, engine, rear and front roller assemblies t o be removed without dismantling the main chassis. Special quiet efficient Silencer fitted t o Villiers 4-stroke engine.

Beautifully balanced with delightful ease of manipulation; the transmission is so arranged, W I T H VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL, which gives ample power for the slower speeds around garden beds and borders. There is a full range of J.P. High Quality Hand & Power Lawnmowers which includes

M I N I - M O W E R 10"-12" MAXEES 12"-14" SUPER MK. 5 Power Mower 15",

17" & 20" and special SPORTS GREEN Models, Hand & Power 16