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Please mention " Kew Guild Journal" when ordering


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Let your labels be attractive, readable and resistant to all weather conditions. Whatever your need we have a label ideally suitable for the job you have in mind, whether it be for Rockeries, Borders, Flower or Vegetable Beds or Shrubberies, etc. Pinner Plant Labels have " stood the test of time" and are approved by professionals and amateurs alike. L A B E L S T H A T L A S T are essential to .— Horticulturists, Nurserymen and Seedsmen, Parks, Schools and Gardeners. Send for fully descriptive leaflet

E. J . WOODMAN & SONS (PINNER) LTD (Dept. KBJ) 19/25, HIGH STREET, PENNER, MDDX. Telephone: Pinner 0262 (7 lines)