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IMPORTANT NOTICE. In May, 1925, an appeal was launched which had as its objective the raising of £1,000, as a fund to be known as the " Kew Guild Educational Fund." The initial response resulted in about £120 being raised, and at the Annual General Meeting in 1927, this sum was augmented by transferring the balance of the Watson Memorial Fund to the Educational Fund, and it was further resolved that the Fund should be known as the Watson Memorial Educational Fund " as a fitting memorial to the memory of the late Mr. William Watson, A.L.S., V.M.H." From time to time small grants have been made from the accrued interest to Student Gardeners at Kew, but this assistance has so far been confined solely to the refund of entrance fees to those who had been successful entrants for the R.H.S. National Diploma in Horticulture. The tctal fund now stands at about £150, of which some two-thirds are invested in a trustee stock. It will be appreciated that the Guild's assistance has of- necessity to be very limited. During recent years, Students at Kew have had increasing opportunities of taking part in exchange arrangements, not only with continental botanic gardens, etc., but also latterly with Colonial institutions. In spite of these opportunities Students are often prevented, from financial reasons, from taking advantage of these facilities. Here, then, is an opportunity for Members of the Guild to do something for the Present and the Future generations of Kewites. It is proposed once more to invite subscriptions from all Members of the Guild to be devoted to the Watson Memorial Educational Fund. In this connexion it is worth noting that the Guild Committee have already agreed to advance a sum of up to Fifteen Pounds towards the expenses of a Student proceeding to Canada in the near future. Our aim is to raise £1,000, and the formation of our Fund on a secure basis we are sure will appeal to all Kewites, and especially to those who have seen service overseas and know the value of personal contact between Kew and the Empire. Subscriptions and donations should be forwarded to the Hon. Treasurer, The Kew Guild, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey. J. S. L. GILMOUR, Chairman of Committee. 3. COUTTS, Curator of the Gardens. E. G. DUNK, Hon. Secretary, Kew Guild. May 1st, 1935.