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Kyle Ewert Falk 2:30 The first conversation is between two of my frat brothers in the morning eating breakfast. Both are very hung over. I was sitting over at another table in our kitchen listening and trying not to laugh. 1. Dude, what the hell happened last night? 2. Haha we had a wild ass night that’s for sure. 1. Yeah I know. I don’t remember anything, like nothing. 2. You dipshit haha. You remember Steph’s house right? 1. Well I remember taking shots with her and her roommates. They were fine as hell I remember. 2. Yeah and they probably hate us haha. You remember puking in their kitchen? 1. Oh fuck, that’s right. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. 2. Haha they asked me to help clean it up and I was like fuck that. 1. God damnit I should text her. Ah maybe I won’t. 2. Yeah give it a couple of days. Especially because right after you yacked we dipped out of there. They definitely hate us haha 1. Ah fuck it. Sorry for partying, right? 2. Exactly, fuck it. 1. We just came back here after that right? 2. No you dumbass. You don’t remember the bars? 1. Jesus Christ. How was I? 2. Surprisingly not too retarded. You didn’t get kicked out like you usually do. 1. Alright then, fuck yeah. Hey you want to get a game of NHL in? 2. No dude I got class, sorry. 1. You fag. Alright more heavy drinking tonight?

2. Of course. This second conversation took place in the library on the 4th floor. (1) is a guy who was wearing fraternity letters and (2) is a girl who was wearing sorority letters. I was unable to tell if they were a couple or not. They were working on a project together. 1. Oh my god, this stuff sucks. 2. Yeah I have no idea what he wants us to do. 1. Yeah because he mumbles half of the time he talks. 2. Should we email him? 1. I don’t know. Let’s see if anyone else is here from our class. 2. No let’s just email him. 1. Haha what are you afraid of strangers? 2. Haha oh shut up. I just want to get this done. Ugh. 1. Yeah so do I. You going to go out tonight? 2. No I don’t think so. I’m got a quiz tomorrow. 1. What time? 2. 2:30 1. Oh come on, you can go out if it’s that late. 2. Haha yeah I probably could. We’ll see what happens I guess. Where you guys going? 1. Roys probably. 2. Ok well ill talk to my girls and see what they’re doing. 1. Nice alright, let’s try to get this done. 2. Yeah I’m emailing him now.

Assignment 3- Eavesdropping  

Assignment 3 for T206