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Issue #55 February 2017

Lifelong learning with education and workforce development was the theme for this month’s experience. With strategic leadership at its core, the skills promoted and developed during the session included etiquette and change. With an emphasis on education during the early morning talks and activities the Leadership Keweenaw (LK) cohort enjoyed listening to representatives from the local K – 12 system in addition to our local higher education leaders from Michigan Tech University and Finlandia University. With additional informational sessions about being courageous in leadership, the local School-To-Work (Certified Technical Education (CTE)), workforce and talent development and the ongoing search for talent locally engaged the LK participants as an interactive crowd. Finally, our session ended with a lesson in business etiquette in public speaking and an excellent presentation by former Houghton City Manager, Scott MacInnes, on strategic leadership skills. As this is just one of our many sessions as a cohort, our networking with local leaders has enhanced our perception into what it takes to be a leader.

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Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter


Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Spark Plug Award Winners! The Keweenaw Community Spark Plug Awards is a celebration that recognizes local businesses, community projects, and individuals for their efforts in the 2016 calendar year. The event is organized and hosted by the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance (KEDA), MTEC SmartZone and Keweenaw Young Professionals (KYP). The dinner took place at the Bonfire Grill, with awards handed out in six categories. The WINNERS in each category are as follows:

Growth - Vollwerth's. Customer Service - Mark Pittillo Innovation / Transformation - ProNav Marine Community Development - Leah Polzien

Project of the Year - Leadership Keweenaw Young Person of the Year - Devin Leonarduzzi For additional information, please contact the Chamber office. Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate with us! 4

Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

RENEWED! Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is pleased to recognize the dedication of our renewed members!

                        

Baraga Telephone Bill Siler Contracting, Inc. Center Ice Skate & Sport, Inc. Credit Services, Inc. Compudyne D And L Janitorial Dapple Gray B & B and Antiques Dial Help, Inc. Dollar Bay Linoleum & Tile Company Down Wind Sports DP Construction, Inc. Farmer’s & Merchants Mutual Finlandia University Hancock, City of Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association Keweenaw Gem & Gift, Inc. Keweenaw Park Transport Company King Copper Motel Loading Zone II Bar & Grill McGrath, Inc. Mine Shaft and Rock House Grill & Tavern North Star BP Portage Quilt House, LLC Ramada WaterfrontSociety of St. John / The Jampot

Brian Donnelly, President Market Manager River Valley Bank, Houghton

Jan Cole, Vice-President Managing Partner Edochi, LLC

Matt Thyer, Treasurer Owner Up and Running Technology Solutions

Karin Van Dyke, Secretary Vice President for University Relations Finlandia University

Richard Leivdal Director Sales & Marketing Gardenview Assisted Living & Memory

Marilyn Clark Chief Executive Officer

MTEC SmartZone Beth Hoy

Thank you for your continued support! As always, we are continuing to strengthen the core programs of the Chamber of Commerce and have some great committees in place. I would like to encourage all of our Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce members to reach out to other businesses to join and support the areas business community. We welcome Chamber members to be actively engaged in recently identified volunteer opportunities. We would love to engage some retired business people in the community as well. The more involvement and engagement, the more exciting opportunities “Your Chamber” can provide. Please contact the Chamber office at 482-5240.


Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Assistant Director, Business & Program Development Great Lakes Research Center Michigan Technological University

Carrie Richards Dual Career Program Coordinator Michigan Technological University

RENEWED! Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce is pleased to recognize the dedication of our renewed members!

                

Copper Country Habitat for Humanity Edochi, LLC. Ferrellgas Frank A. Douglas Agency Houghton Community Broadcasting Leveque Agency, Inc. Pettibone/Traverse Lift LLC Portage Lake Cabins Portage Lake District Library Mercy EMS, Inc. Osceola Township The Light House ( AKA Cypress Manor) Vic Pietila Insurance Agency Village of South Range Quincy Restaurant U.P. Engineers & Architect, Inc. UPWARD Talent Council

Thank you for your continued support!

As always, we are continuing to strengthen the core programs of the Chamber of Commerce and have some great committees in place. I would like to encourage all of our Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce members to reach out to other businesses to join and support the areas business community. We welcome Chamber members to be actively engaged in recently identified volunteer opportunities. We would love to engage some retired business people in the community as well. The more involvement and engagement, the more exciting opportunities “Your Chamber” can provide. Please contact the Chamber office at 482-5240.


Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

The Mosquito Inn is a popular bar/restaurant located in Toivola, Michigan offering good food, spirits, and friends. They feature a full menu with a wide variety of drinks, table games, and a good time. The Mosquito Inn Shelie Imbrunnone - Owner 39959 N. Hwy M26 Toivola, MI 49965 906-288-3696 |

Kettering University Online offers industryrelevant graduate education that meets the needs of today’s busy adult. Master’s degree programs include Science Engineering Management, Science Lean Manufacturing, and Science Operations Management.

Kettering University Online 855-418-0198

Joining online is easy… visit, fill out the form and submit payment. If you have any questions, please call the Chamber office at 906.482.5240. Keweenaw .org


Keweenaw .org


Our local K – 12 system is filled with excellent districts with schools that graduate virtually all of their students. With limited funding and many kids to educate and provide community services to, our Copper Country educational leaders are able to work within their budgets to provide high quality service. George Stockero, Superintendent of the Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD), presented to the LK leaders in training about how he has to grapple with state government and federal policy that effects the size of his districts budget. George is a dedicated leader in the community and continues to represent the copper country with integrity and confidence. Doreen Klingbeil, Superintendent of the Houghton – Portage Township Schools brought a firm conversation about how her district has been succeeding throughout her tenure. Her leadership in education has allowed for schools in her district to exceed expectations with a strapped budget. Last but not least, Tim Keteri, Superintendent of the Adams Township School district also gave his expertise in leadership in education to the table in a thoughtful synopsis of his work and responsibilities. Our local K – 12 education facilities are above average in performance with stagnant or decreasing budgets to work with. Our local leaders have shown that caring about educating our youth is of the upmost importance. Higher education is the gateway into the new employment paradigm. Settling with a high school diploma these days can be costly in the long run. Most salaried jobs require some kind of higher education along with specified work experience. Having the option to attend a college course gives people with a high school level education a chance to attain more. Our local higher education institutions include Michigan Tech University (MTU), Finlandia University, and Gogebic Community College (GCC). During our session on education, the LK participants were able to talk to and engage with Glenn Mroz, President at MTU in addition to Philip Johnson, President at Finlandia University. Jim Lorenson, Director at GCC could not make it due to illness but we hope to hear what he has to say about GCC. President Mroz briefed our group on his leadership style and how he developed and used his leadership skills to turn MTU into an internationally recognized top school in STEM fields. President Johnson gave his presentation on interaction between higher education administration and the community it operates in and the regulatory agencies it has to report to. Finlandia University is a private university which is subject to different regulations that MTU which is public. Brian Donnelly, Market Manager at River Valley Bank, gave us a courageous speech that inspired us to think about what we would do if faced with a very tough decision. Can we as leaders make decisions that are unpopular? Yes, and the fact is that sometimes these hard decisions are unavoidable. The ability to take your leadership skills and lead people into the unknown is a skill developed through courage. Brian exemplifies leadership in the local communities with his involvement in many economic development organizations in the Keweenaw to bring a robust business friendly environment to our neighborhoods. Brian showed his courageous leadership skills to the session attendees which was met with wide enthusiasm. As a reflection into the skills learned from this talk, Brian showed us that to fear less is truly counterproductive. Not knowing is ok. Leading your followers into the unknown is ok. The more experience you gain in making complex or complicated decisions, the more likely you will decide to do the most productive option for the situation.


Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Later in the day our group heard from George Stockero (for a second appearance) and Mark Massicotte, L’Anse Manufacturing to teach us how CTE works here in the Keweenaw. Darryl Pierce, Calumet High School and Superintendent of CLK Schools was unable to attend due to the inclement weather. We learned that there are CTE classes formulated to prepare local students for careers in fields like nursing, manufacturing, auto mechanics, and other hands on valuable skills training. Although there is a lack of funding to fit perfectly the classes students want to take with their school, George is fine tuning the options so more students take advantage of the skills training. Mr. Massicotte loves young able bodied workers coming from local schools trained to be able to handle the equipment and machines in his plants. With the opportunity to be choosing to receive skills training and then get a manufacturing or nursing job after completing high school our local youth have options in the real world. Although these high school graduates will need additional training to become professionals in their respective fields, the local CTE programs available make then valuable applicants. Representatives from MichiganWorks!, MTU’s Summer Youth Program, and Upward Bound Talent search joined the session after the CTE crowd parted. Our skills in workforce development and talent recognition were about to get a primer. Cherilynn Lampinen from MIWorks!, one of our LK participants (Sally Osentoski) boss, told us what their responsibilities were to the community. Both for people in search of a job and businesses looking for people to work within their jurisdiction. Both Cherilynn and Sally manage the upper peninsula of Michigan. Sally is a talent acquisition specialist and Cherilynn is a consummate professional in all areas that revolve around job creation. They both have an excellent opportunity to enrich our community with professional employees. Joe Zerbst of Upward Bound discussed his ability to find talent in the local k – 12 school system and then finding them federal aid to give them access to higher education. Although Joe’s job encompasses more travel than most jobs, his love for matching k – 12 students with a higher education opportunity makes the driving a bit easier. Quick mention for Amanda McConnon, another LK participant, she gave a presentation in place of Cody Kangas representing MTY Summer Youth Programs (SYP). Amanda is a representative of SYP and helps run the summer camp. She briefed us on all of the opportunity for youth to get to know about MTU. MTU provides access to their campus for many pre-college teens during the summers to expose them to the higher education environment. Strategic leadership skills are inherent and also can be learned. Some people are thrust into positions where it takes a strategy to succeed. Scott MacInnes, former City Manager of Houghton, gave our LK group a great presentation on his experience and his take on how to lead strategically. After accepting the job as City Manager, Scott used his intuition and knowledge from his mentor to start incorporating strategy into each fiscal year. Priorities changes over time and so did the master plan. Incrementally, Scott used the funds to develop the Houghton area into a nice place to live. From getting the plans for “Chutes and Ladders” from another state free of charge to taking a gamble on the waterfront, Scott used his leadership skill to not only make a difference for the community of Houghton but also other struggling communities that hadn’t figured out how to implement the master plan with tax incremental financing. Scott is an embodiment of strategic leadership as he now works as a consultant for the public and private sectors after retiring from public office. With education and workforce development in mind, we as leaders in training will assimilate the skills presented to us and begin to practice them in life. This program has allowed all of us to become something more. Keweenaw .org


Founding Partners

Sponsors (If interested in sponsoring a month that is available, please call the Chamber office at 482.5240.) • January 12, 2017: Education & Workforce Development • February 9, 2017: Economic Development & Infrastructure • March 9, 2017: Environment & Stewardship • April 13, 2017: Health Wellness & Community services - Sponsored by: UP Health System - Portage

• May 11, 2017: Closing Retreat & Graduation – Sponsored in part by UPPCO.

Sponsorships available! 1 for each session 2 additional for Graduation Day


Steering Committee Ruth Archer, Michigan Technological University Marilyn Clark, MTEC SmartZone Kathy Flagstadt, Michigan Rehabilitation Services Mary Jane Hatton, Finlandia University Dana Johnson, Michigan Technological University

Devin Leonarduzzi, MTEC SmartZone Cathy Luchessi–Gedda, Superior National Bank Robbyn Lucier, UP Health System – Portage Scott MacInnes, City of Houghton

Participants Amanda McConnon, Michigan Technological University Angela Hoffman, Michigan Technological University Brennan Wade, GS Engineering Cassy Tefft de Munoz, Michigan Technological University Christopher Hatton, Individual Devin Leonarduzzi, MTEC SmartZone Don Bigelow, GS Engineering

Morgan Impola, UPPCO Robert Tarvis, Jr., Village of Calumet Ryan Clark, Individual Sally Osentoski, Michigan Works! Steven Walter, GS Engineering Tina Tesluk, UP Health System - Portage

Keweenaw .org


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Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

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Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

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Safe & Reliable Electricity Customer Service Proud Community Supporter

Learn more about us and how to reduce your energy bills at Our roots run deep in the Keweenaw, going back to 1884, just five years after Edison’s incandescent bulb put electricity at the fingertips of people. That year, Peninsula Electric Light and Power Company was organized in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Because Peninsula Electric Light and Power was our original predecessor, you might say UPPCO grew up with the electric utility industry. From the Edison bulb to high-tech electronics, our company has been providing energy to the area and U.P. for more than 100 years.

Residential Customer Service 800-562-7680 Business Solutions 800-337-8445 Superior Partner ad.

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February 2017 Newsletter  

Keweenaw Chamber's February Newsletter.

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