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HELLO AND WELCOME KEW C the potentiOLLEG al of 3 to 11 year olE d



Dear pa rents

and pro spective pupils,

24-26 C umberla nd Road Kew, Sur rey TW9 3HQ Telepho ne: 020 8940 2 Facsimile 039 : 020 8 332 99 Email: en 45 quiries@ kewcolle Website : www.k ewcolle Headtea cher: M rs Anne D MA (Oxo obell

Thank yo u for you r interes t in our s chool. We are re ally prou d of Kew school w College. here pup It is a lo ng-estab ils are m lished, h otivated dedicate appy, liv to d staff p le a rn . Our tea ely and ride them exciting m of enth selves on in the ba usiastic a ensuring sics, whil nd profe that all p e suppo ssionally rting and upils hav standard e an exc challeng s across ellent gro ing them the curric unding to reach ulum. O the high ur style is Kew Coll est poss tr a d it io ible ege pup nal, our ils, staff view ima and pare ginative. there are n ts plenty o are very f opport much in unities fo volved in who in tu r o the life o rn learn ur older f our sch from the pupils to m. ool, and help and encoura I hope y ge the y ou will e ounger, njoy rea ding abo question ut Kew C s you ma ollege. W y have, e are alw and we Morning look forw ays hap s. py to an ard to m swer any eeting y ou at on e of our With my Open best wis hes,

Anne Do bell Headtea cher

Registere d charity No: 28 6059 Incorpor ated in England with lim ited liabi lity. Regi stered N o:1678 837

n) PGC E

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THE SCHOOL Kew College is a family-oriented, independent school for boys and girls aged from three to eleven. It is situated close to Richmond, Chiswick, Acton, Brentford, East Sheen and Twickenham, and our pupils attend the school from these areas, as well as from Kew itself. Founded in 1953, by Mrs Hamilton-Spry, the school became a charitable trust in 1983. Today a Board of Governors act as trustees, with Mrs Anne Dobell as Headteacher. Kew College pupils enjoy learning because they are happy and relaxed. We aim to unlock the potential of every child, encouraging them to develop their intellectual and social skills in a warm and creative environment. The importance of English, Maths, Science and ICT is emphasized at the school, but within a broad curriculum, which includes Art, Design Technology, Drama, French, Latin, History, Geography, Music and Sport. We have an excellent academic record: children consistently gain entry to good London day schools at secondary level, and we are proud of the many scholarships they have obtained.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Kew College seeks to be a centre of excellence by providing a rich, relevant and varied curriculum for our children from Nursery to Year Six. We aim: to encourage the development of all children so that they will learn to take their place in society; to instil in our children a sense of commitment, responsibility, respect for others and healthy self-esteem; to create an atmosphere that is relaxed but purposeful by forming the best possible relationship between teachers, children and parents; for our children to go on to the next stage of their education with confidence and a built-in desire for further work and experience.

“I can’t wait to go to my next school, but I will also miss Kew College a lot. It has been great fun. I will miss all of the lovely teachers and all of my friends.” Grace, Year Six

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The school has been able to expand in recent years, and our new

We have a highly-dedicated and experienced team of male and

Parental involvement and communication are key to the relationship

buildings include a superb performance hall, a library, the Science

female staff, which is supported by excellent administrative

that the school builds with pupils. There are two annual Parents’

and ICT laboratories, and three music rooms. At the centre of the

personnel and a large team of classroom assistants.

Evenings, formal reports are sent home twice a year and there are

school is the large playground, which is the heart of much

plenty of opportunities to meet form teachers. The Headteacher is


always happy to talk to parents on appointment. The Infant

Outdoor sports take place at the well-equipped Westminster Sports Grounds, which are very close to the school.

Department holds twice-termly Open Mornings for parents to see their children’s work. A ‘buddy’ system pairs families new to the school with parents who already have children here, to offer useful information and advice. In addition, Kew College Friends organize many social activities throughout the year. The Pupils’ Council has two representatives from every year who discuss ideas and issues with senior staff every week. ‘Kew News’ is a weekly bulletin providing information, notices and details of forthcoming events. ‘Kew College Knowledge’ comes out twice a term, recording school events with photographs and articles. Both these publications are also available on parents’ log-in section of our website.

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THE FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL The first day at Nursery is a big step for your child. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you choose the right school, a place where you can relax in the knowledge that your child will be happy discovering, learning and playing. The friendly environment at Kew College allows children to grow and develop at their own pace. We provide the right levels of stimulation, care and nurturing combined with plenty of time to play, listen to stories, create and paint. Our adult to pupil ratios are high, creating a family atmosphere where every child’s needs are understood and fulfilled. Our Nursery provides either morning or afternoon places, and once you have a Nursery place your child is guaranteed entry into our Kindergarten. “As first-time parents, selecting the right school for our son was really important, and Kew College has been a great success. It has made the transition into school hugely enjoyable for the whole family. It is a delight to see how happy our son is to go to school each day and to observe his growing confidence.” Parents of George, Nursery pupil

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FORMATIVE YEARS (Kindergarten and Years One and Two) As the transition from a nursery environment to the more formal school routine is a major one, we ensure that the change is as gentle as possible. In Kindergarten, children enjoy many of the activities and fun of the Nursery, but with the gradual introduction of more structured learning. In Years One and Two, we provide a solid foundation for the development of skills in reading, writing and numeracy. ICT is introduced in Nursery, Science and French in Year One. There is still plenty of time for singing, art and games.

“Our children have been at Kew College since Nursery and have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the school. They are happy, confident and enjoy learning. This is due, in no small part, to the school, which encourages children to achieve their potential.� Parents of Eleanor, Year Four and James, Year Six

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GROWING UP (Years Three to Six) Teaching throughout the school extends beyond the National Curriculum, and outings to museums, galleries, exhibitions and theatres support learning. In Year Six, pupils are formally prepared for entrance exams into secondary

After the exam period, they enjoy a wonderful final term which includes a week-long trip to a chateau in France. Throughout the school, younger and older children are encouraged to work and play together and visitors often comment on the responsible approach taken by older pupils towards our younger boys and girls.

schools, and are given responsibilities to help develop their confidence and their appreciation of others. In the Autumn term, Year Six pupils go on a team-building weekend in the countryside.

“My most memorable moment is when we took a trip to France. We were there for a week and each day was packed with exciting activities.� Daniel, Year Six

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“I will miss everything which makes Kew College special, from the friendly atmosphere to the wonderful students and teachers.� James, Year Six

AN ACTIVE EDUCATION Our Sports programme encourages teamwork and the development of coordination skills and

Pupils regularly play Football, Netball and Rugby against other local independent schools, and have

confidence, in addition to raising awareness of health and physical fitness.

proven to be very competitive on the sports field, as can be seen by our excellent games results.

In their early years, children are taught by a specialist P.E. teacher in the playground. From Year Two

Years Three, Four and Five swim once a week at Pools on the Park in Richmond. Year Six pupils swim in

upwards, the focus is on organised team sports. In the Autumn term, boys play Football and the girls play

the Spring and Summer Terms, and Year Two children begin swimming lessons in the Summer Term.

Netball. In the Spring term boys play Rugby (using national guidelines) and the girls play Netball and Hockey. In the Summer girls play Rounders and the boys play Cricket, and all the pupils do Athletics.

All lessons are taught by qualified swimming staff.

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IN TOUCH WITH TECHNOLOGY At Kew College, we recognise the importance of Information and

computers connected to high-speed broadband internet. Pupils from

look back at the year from each class’s

Communication Technology (ICT) in the everyday lives of our pupils

Kindergarten to Year Six gain a solid foundation in computing skills

own perspective – is a publishing

and staff. Our goal is to embed the use of technology across our

and are encouraged to be innovative in their application of these

collaboration between pupil and staff

curriculum, so that technology is ‘one of the tools' used for teaching

skills to the world around them.

from every year. Children leave Kew

and learning. Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Smart Boards, and have access to broadband internet and practical software resources. Our state-of-the-art ICT Laboratory contains a network of

We believe ICT is much more than computers, and pupils enjoy a wide range of ICT experiences including controlled technology (Lego robotics and programmable robots), digital photography and video editing. The much-loved Kew Review – a photographic and creative

College with an excellent understanding of ICT and a wide range of experiences to carry into their secondary schooling and beyond.

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Our Nursery and Kindergarten classes produce wonderful Christmas and Summer


production. This is a challenging and memorable event, in which many staff and

The Art room at Kew College is a creative environment, where the physical space

parents help backstage.

creates an inviting and motivating atmosphere, and children are immersed in a wide


variety of artistic endeavours.

plays, and every pupil from Year One upwards participates in the regular Summer

Music is very important at Kew College. In the Early Years, there is a great deal of

With generous time devoted to art each week, pupils truly develop their potential,

singing and music-making throughout the day, and all classes have a music lesson

producing exciting work. Kew College has been invited to display some of its artwork in

every week. There is an annual school concert and a Christmas carol concert. Many

the National Gallery.

children also learn piano, violin, flute, recorder and trumpet.

DRAMA Drama is taught throughout the school and is challenging, thought-provoking and daring. The school has a close relationship with the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, and a project in Year Six enables pupils to act with professionals from the theatre.

“Our children are having a wonderful time at Kew College. The school has superb teachers, who encourage them to be happy and confident, and to enjoy all aspects of learning. The amazing music, art and drama, and the enthusiasm for sports is a real joy� Parents of Frank, Year Two, and Edmund, Kindergarten

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After-school clubs run on several days of the week, to enable children

KCF is an enthusiastic group of parents who organize many key

to stay on and develop their interests in such activities as Games,

social events over the year, including our Summer Fair, Christmas

Computing, Chess, Jazz Dance, Debating and Art and Crafts.

events and Quiz by Candlelight. Money raised from these events is used for the purchase of new equipment and contributions to charity.

SCHOOL VISITS Well-organised and supervised trips take place for all classes


throughout the year to enrich the learning experience. These have

All pupils leaving Kew College have the confidence to face the

included visits to farms and museums for the younger pupils, and

challenges of life after primary school. We have an extremely

trips to see the Mary Rose, Verulamium and the National Gallery, for

successful track record of entrances and scholarships to West London

the older children. Year Six pupils enjoy their residential field trip, and

Day Schools, including Francis Holland, Godolphin and Latymer,

also a visit to a French chateau where they can fully exercise their

Hampton, Halliford, Ibstock Place, Kingston Grammar, King’s

language skills and take part in some wonderful sporting activities.

College Wimbledon, Lady Eleanor Holles, Latymer School, Notting Hill and Ealing, Putney High, St David’s, St. James’, St Paul’s Girls’


School and Tiffin School. Some of our pupils move on to boarding schools, such as Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Malvern College and

We encourage children to adopt a responsible attitude to everybody

Wycombe Abbey.

and everything around them.

ADMISSION The school’s House system encourages children in their achievements by gaining points for their House, and Year Six children are voted

Children are registered from birth and there is a non-returnable

‘House Captains’ by House members. Our Head Girl and Boy, and

registration fee. There are two Nursery classes: one in the morning

their Deputies, help the Headteacher in many respects, and Year Six

and the other in the afternoon. Priority is given to siblings of children

pupils are all given positions of responsibility - roles they appreciate

already in the school.

and enjoy.


Open Mornings for prospective parents are held throughout the year. Places for the Nursery are offered in October for the following September. Once an offer is made, a deposit of 50% of the current

The Governors act as trustees of the school. Their remit is to ensure

Junior House fees will be required to secure the place. This deposit

that the best interests of the parents and children are served. They

will be reimbursed when the child leaves, having given the

meet twice each term, and oversee everything from the setting of fees

appropriate one term’s notice. On our school website you will find

to Health and Safety provision.

key school policies including our Admissions policy


Kew college prospectus

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