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Dear Parents, Last year the school voted in our new charity for the year, Just a Drop. It is a local charity, based in Richmond, which aims to reduce child mortality caused by unsafe water. On Monday this week Sarah Robbie from the charity came in to school to thank us for choosing them and to show the children in Years 3 – 6 why help is needed and how the money will be spent. It was a sobering experience to see film of young schoolchildren, in their uniforms, walking miles to the nearest muddy water hole to collect water before starting their day’s work. We are so fortunate to have clean water on tap at all times. Many thanks again to the Kew College Friends, who work so hard to collect money both for our school and for good causes. We are looking forward to spending Sunday in the splendid surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall with Years 5 and 6 as they take part in a massed-choir performance in aid of Barnardos. We hope for good weather to enjoy our lunch in Hyde Park! This year Remembrance Day falls during the week. Next Friday we will hold a special assembly in the Hall for the Juniors then go out into the playground to be joined by the Infants and all staff to observe the two-minute silence. This is always a moving moment for the school, as we reflect on conflicts past and present. Thank you all for your consideration in not parking on school markings or across our neighbours’ driveways. This continues to be an issue and it is important for us to maintain friendly relations with the community around school. The Infant children have been briefed in assembly about safe behaviour around fireworks, and the message is reiterated to the Juniors in class. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Guy Fawkes weekend, with commiseration to your pets! Anne Dobell

DIARY DATES Sunday 6th November Tuesday 8th November Wednesday 9th November

Years 5 and 6 Concert at the Royal Albert Hall . Children to be dropped off at Entrance Door 3 between 10.15 and 10.30am. At the end of the concert children will be collected by their parents from Door 6 Year 4 Football v Falcons Disco Tickets on sale at drop off and pick up Disco Tickets on sale at drop off and pick up

Thursday 10th November

Year 3 Football A and B teams v Kew Green Prep Year 6 Football A and B teams v Broomfield Disco Tickets on sale at drop off and pick up

Friday 11th November

10.15am Away 2.00pm 8.25am 3.10pm 8.25am 3.10pm Away 2.00pm Home 2.00pm 8.25am 3.10pm

Year 4 Cake Sale Remembrance Day Assembly

NOTICES ERRATUM Please note that we made a mistake last week concerning the authorship of the report on Year 5’s trip to the Tower of London on October 19th. It was wrongly accredited to Olivia in 5S but was actually written, very beautifully, by Olivia K in 5L. Thanks for a brilliant report, Olivia. ACCESS TO PARENT’S AREA OF SCHOOL WEBSITE Mr Reid is currently receiving about 30 requests a day via the school website, to access the parents’ area. The vast majority of these are “spammers” and Mr Reid does not have sufficient time to check each one to establish which are requests from genuine parents. If you are waiting for access to the school website, or wish to apply, please can you email Mr Reid using the following email address and stating the name of your child(ren)

In aid of The Stroke Association Santa’s Little Helpers 2K Fun Run and Santa Run 5K in Richmond Park, on Saturday 3rd December 2011. Both events are family-friendly with the 2K Fun run being especially great for younger children to take part in—promising a fun challenge for everyone. Please check the website for details at Thank you

Christmas card winners The children were thinking well ahead to Christmas this year, and many wonderful designs were submitted for our Christmas card competition. It was wonderful to see the variety of subjects, designs and media used. After long consideration by Mr Schmidt, the winners in each year group were judged to be: Nursery Kindergarten Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

Mathilda L Amelia J Daniella D’O Eve A Freddie W Jessica M Ned P and Victoria T

The overall winner was Georgina H in 3S, who wins a Book Token. Well done, Georgina!

SUMMER READING CHALLENGE This week we received certificates for the following children, who completed the Summer Reading Challenge from the Reading Agency and were presented with them in Assembly: Joshua B in 1M, Ella B in 3S, Sophie B in 1B, Isobel B in 4F, Lucy C in 2B, Emma C in 4L, Edward F in 3B, Emily F in 2B, Georgina H in 3S, Theo H in KGB, Harry H in KGG, Oliver H in 2M, Joseph J in KGB, Amelie J in 2B, Jean Luc J in 4F, Stanzi L in KGB, William O’B in KGG, James O’B 2B, Heather O’B in 4L, William P in 2M, Camilla S-N in 4F, Lachlan S in 4F, Arrian T in 3S, Alice T in 4F, Siobhan T in 1M, Saoirse T in 3S and Emilia Z in 5S. It is great to know that so many children enjoyed their summer holiday reading. Keep it up, children!

Headteacher’s Commendation Congratulations to the following children, who received the award this week: Oisin O’C in Year 6 for excellent focus on his work and targets. Ivan K in Year 6 for excellent focus on his work and targets. Emilia Z in 5S for an excellent reading habit. Well Done!

The Tower of London After a long and tiring coach journey, we eventually arrived at the car park. Slowly, we got out of the coach and lined up, we walked up some steps and crossed the road to the Tower of London. We all got our stickers, which said ‘Educational Visitor’. Like a crocodile we walked two by two to the park, where we sat and had our snack and waited for the guide to start our tour. After about 30 minutes, the guide arrived dressed in a costume. He asked us if we could help him stop Catherine of Aragon being beheaded because he was related to her. We walked down some steps and sat on some other steps and he started to talk about all the wives and where they came from and why they were beheaded. We discovered that they were mostly beheaded because they could not give birth to a boy and therefore there would not be a male heir to the throne. Some of them he just didn’t like and one, Anne of Cleeves, because Henry compared her to a horse. We went to see a Beefeater near the Ravens, he told us facts about the Ravens. If all the Ravens flew away from the Tower of London, legend said that the White Tower would crumble down to a pile of rubble. After a long and inspirational morning, we went to have lunch back in the park. Everyone had a chance to talk and catch up. After everyone had finished their lunch, we went to go and see the Crown Jewels. A very nice gentleman let us through so we didn’t have to wait long in the queue! We saw lots of jewels on swords, sword cases, spoons and dresses then went into a different room and went onto a moving pavement and saw all the crowns. Some were big, some were small, especially Queen Victoria’s, which was tiny because her bigger one had too many jewels on it and it was too heavy to carry on her head! After we had seen all the jewels and crowns, we went to the White Tower. The White Tower had all the suits of armour. In the first room we saw a dragon which was made out of armour and guns, he was very big, had red lights in his eyes and looked magnificent! In the second room there were lots of interactive games. The first game was answering questions with swords and axes, which was very confusing. The second game was not really a game, but a video, you put your head in a knight helmet and through the eye holes you could see a video. Unfortunately I could not see it because he was too tall and the small knight had a big queue! The third game was really hard, it involved pulling back on a rope as if you were trying to shoot an arrow and aiming for the best score. My result was “not far from target” so I nearly got it! On the last game there was a knob you had to turn and a button you had to press. On the screen there was a canon which, with the knob, you could change if it was shooting high or low. An army on the screen moved back and forth, and you had to try and hit them with the canon, which was very hard, but I did it! After all of that, everyone was very excited! We climbed some stairs and we at onto the next floor. At the top were lots of suits of armour of varying sizes. We all had to get a piece of paper and a pencil and draw our favourite piece of armour. I drew the horses head armour. After climbing down the stairs, we slowly went towards the exit. We all got out of the White Tower and went to the Dungeons where if you shut the big gate, it would be airtight and nobody would be able to breathe so they would die – we didn’t want to stay for very long! After our fun packed day we all got on the coach feeling very tired and came back to school. I’ve been to the Tower of London before, but I learnt more things today, and we had a really great time! Thank you for taking us Kew College! By Olivia K 5L

On Thursday 20th October year 5 B team played Kew Green Prep. Matthew and Shachar kicked off. The first promising move of the game was when from a goal kick I passed it to Shachar, he passed to Matthew and he smashed it past the goalie to make it 1 In the second half the other team got off to a -0.Unfortunately Kew Green Prep went on good start but we managed to get the ball back and score another thrilling goal. We then scored the break and their shot ricoched off Rory another four goals bringing the final result to 7-0 into the net. After half time Shachar scored a to Kew College. screamer after an awesome run to make it 2 1. But Kew Green Prep finally equalized on This was with great help from Olivia, Georgia the break. It was a long, hard game and well and Jasmine from Year 3. We need to improve done to all the B team. our shoulder passes for our next game. Kew College had the first centre pass and got off to a flying start. As Millie passed to Molly, she then passed to me and I passed to Jessica, we scored a goal . Before half time we managed to score two goals against Heathfield.

Well done to the girls who played in the match.

Noah 5S

Isabella 4L On October 20th 2011 Year 5, B team played against Kew Green Prep. We were anticipating a winning match for Kew College. Mr. Barlow gave some encouraging words and we were set to battle! Matthew scored a magnificent first goal to Kew College! There was some fancy footwork between Matthew, Shachar, Ed and Graham before the next goal was scored for Kew Green. Finally it was half time and we had a group huddle with Mr. Barlow and water before it was half time over. We were waiting for the whistle then the battle part two had begun! Lots of excellent passes to and from Matthew and Graham including more fancy footwork. Then we scored like a sonic tornado only once. After more shunting the ball, tackles and fantastic dives from Noah [who was goalie], sadly they scored and soon after that the whistle went and it was the end of the game. We cheered for them and shook their hands as they did the same back. We went home knowing that we drew and even better we had Kit Kats, my favourite! Well done all Year 5 boys! Sebastian 5L Congratulations to our Golden Sentence winners this week! Year 2: Lilla 2M

Year 5: Olivia K 5L Flo 5S Sarah 5L Jemma 5S Calum 5L Noah 5S

Please come and join us to celebrate the launch of Andrew Wilson’s new photographic book

TICKETS FOR SLAVA SNOW SHOW AT THE ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL I have 3 x Front Stalls tickets (row H) for the critically acclaimed Slava Snowshow on January 2nd at 2.30pm at Royal Festival Hall. Tickets (sat together) are £65 each. If anyone would like them then please contact Stuart Collingwood on

21st November 2011 Kew Bookshop, 1-2 Station Appraoch 6.00 - 8.00 PM Wine & Canapes RSVP SOFTWARE FOR STUDENTS AT A DISCOUNT

Dear Parents, If you are considering upgrading your computer in the near future you might like to know that there is a much cheaper software option available to you as you have children of school age. The web site is and a typical example of discounts available is the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus at £37.99. The packages are available as downloads (often for installation on two computers) or can be posted to you. The company is a registered Microsoft reseller of the product. You will need to give your child’s name, age and school as proof of evidence.

Year 1 at London Zoo Year 1 had a stimulating day at London Zoo on Thursday. After our hands on session where we examined and categorised animal artefacts ranging from kangaroo, cheetah and zebra pelts to python and crocodile skins, we were able to identify ourselves as hairy mammals. Famished after all our hard work, we had an early lunch overlooking the Snowdon Aviary and then set off in groups to explore the rest of the zoo. Standing on an elevated walkway we were fortunate to watch the giraffes being fed while at eye level with them. The meerkats were entrancing; did you know they like to eat scorpions? However, the highlight of the day, without a doubt, was the new penguin pool. The penguins were hungry and followed the children’s every move in eager anticipation of feeding time. All too soon, we were back on the coach wending our way home.

NO 76 Friday 4th November  
NO 76 Friday 4th November  

This year Remembrance Day falls during the week. Next Friday we will hold a special assembly in the Hall for the Juniors then go out into th...