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Dear Parents, This week has felt disconcertingly like the Summer Term and we are looking forward to a glorious weekend. Year 6 headed off today on their weekend trip to Hooke Court in Dorset full of enthusiasm and expectation and we look forward to hearing how they got on when they return on Sunday afternoon. Work on the Infant Toilets is positively rushing along now and we hope very soon to be able to announce that the Nursery will be moving back into their own room, together with splendid new loos and a refurbished kitchen. Our new 8.20 start seems to be working well and it is good to see that most of you have found clever ways of dealing with the chaos caused by the road works. I would like to thank you for not parking across our neighbours’ driveways and urge you to continue to be considerate about this. Please remember our Harvest Festival Celebration on Wednesday 5th October and send in nonperishable foods on Tuesday 4th October, to be distributed by the Salvation Army. Thank you. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sunshine with your families at the weekend! Anne Dobell

DIARY DATES Please fill in a time slot for the Year 6 Parent Evening.. The forms will be outside the office for the week. Monday 10th October Girls’ Parents. Wednesday 12th October Boys’ Parents.

All week

Year 4 field trip to Crane Park

Coach leaves at 9.15am

Please bring your Harvest food donations for Harvest in today. Please remember to check that the items you donate are in date.


Years 4 and 5 Netball v St James’s A and B Teams

Home 2.00pm

Wednesday 5th October

Harvest Assembly

Junior House 8.40am Infant House 10.00am

Thursday 6th October

Year 6 Netball v Kew Green Prep

Away at 2.00pm

Friday 7th October

Year 1 Cake Sale

Monday 3rd October


Tuesday 4 October

NOTICES Rosa’s (3B) scooter has been missing for a week. Her silver micro scooter was left outside the office with her name clearly on it. If found, please return to the office. Thank you.

Five current and former Kew College mothers are running the London Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9th October in aid of Survivors UK. In order to help us raise money and have some fun we are holding a Fashion Night on Thursday 6th October at 17 Somerset Road starting at 8pm. There will be plenty of fun and games and all are welcome. A feature of the evening is our Fashion Swish, both a chance to find a good home for all those clothes you have in your wardrobe but never wear and a chance to pick up some great bargains. For more information contact

KCF Calling all pudding designs! The deadline for all entries for the Christmas Pudding Designs is Monday 3rd October. Please hand them into the school office. Thank you.

Tickets for the Albert Hall concert (Years 5 and 6) on Sunday 6th November. A reminder that parents need to book tickets from the Albert Hall for this event. It is advisable to do this soon as apparently they are selling well!

Half Marathon for Honeypot Children’s Charity I am delighted to say that I completed my first half marathon last Sunday 25 th September and can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done! Aching legs aside, it was a great day and the race was all the more worthwhile knowing it helped to raise money for children who act as carers from as young an age as 5 years old. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who so generously sponsored me. The total raised so far is £743.75, which will enable some children to enjoy the holiday camps and minibus visits that Honeypot charity organises. I am grateful to those of you who have been so kind and supportive and am thrilled to think some children will benefit from this. Miss Rosenthal

A Kew College Parent, Mr Lingane, has some tickets to sell for a showing of ‘The Snow Queen’ at the Rose Theatre Kingston on Sunday 18 December 2011 at 5pm. There are 3 tickets all at the same price of £26 . Seat numbers DD31 to D33, Pit Seated. Please email Mr Lingane at

Year 2 visit The National Archives

At the National Archives a very nice lady greeted us and showed us around. She first showed us to a BIG room and asked us some questions. I could answer a few of them but not all of them. The lady asked us about the Great Fire of London. She knew a lot about the fire. Finally, we came to our room. She showed us a few different maps and asked us some more questions. We were sorted into four groups. I was in the green team and our leader was Mr. Barlow. We had a great day out and we learned a lot about history. By Lilla 2M We went for a visit to the National Archives, we walked there. Mrs Bull was very proud of us. When we got there a lady showed us the way. Her name was Catherine. She was very nice. Then we went into a room and learned about the Great Fire of London. We had worksheets to write on. The Great Fire of London started at a bakers’, his name was Thomas. It started like this, a man left his oven open and it burned nearly the whole of London. The people rowed their children in boats to another bit on the side safe from the fire. By Tara 2B

On 26th September, the Debating Club held its first official debate of the year! The motion for the debate was: “This house believes that sharks are dangerous and an undeniable threat to human life that should be destroyed.” This proved to be an extremely entertaining debate and was very well researched by both teams. On behalf of the motion were the following points: There have been several high profile shark attacks over recent months, with the victims perishing in particularly gruesome circumstances. High profile shark attacks have resulted in a drop in tourist numbers to the affected region, damaging the local economy. Some sharks, most notably in the Ian Redmond case, have developed a taste for human blood and may conceivably strike again. The following points were made in opposition to the motion: Sharks generally only attack if provoked; indeed, not all sharks are dangerous to humans, but are hunted nevertheless. Sharks are often hunted for cosmetic reasons or for human food - for example, shark fin soup only requires the creature’s fin; hunters allowing the shark to die in agony on the ocean floor. The greatest threat to human civilisation comes not from sharks, but through the actions of other humans. The motion was narrowly defeated by 7 votes to 6; a reflection on the quality of the debate and the passionate arguments presented by both teams.

No 72 Friday 30th September  

Our new 8.20 start seems to be working well and it is good to see that most of you have found clever ways of dealing with the chaos caused b...