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No. 90 Friday 9th March 2012 With this newsletter you will receive  1B blog letter  Wickedly Wonderful Holiday Camp leaflet Years 2-6

Dear Parents, As I mentioned last week, we are now planning the election process for our new school charity, which will follow on from our very successful fund-raising for Just a Drop. The first house meeting at which charities can be proposed by the children will be on Wednesday 14th March, so if you have a charity in mind please send your child in with any materials and a short presentation for that day. There will be a further house meeting later in the week and the final whole-school election will take place on Monday 26th March. On the last day of term, Wednesday 28th March, we will have an Easter Bonnet parade, as usual. Please be aware that this is not a competition – no prizes will be awarded – but rather an opportunity to celebrate Spring and Easter with a splash of colour. Very simple arrangements will be perfectly acceptable. We had a wonderful Music Concert this Monday and have learned from the experience so that next Monday’s will be shorter and finish promptly. We are very much looking forward to it. Anne Dobell

Headteacher’s Commendation Congratulations to the following children, who received the award this week: Rosa F in 3B for excellent improvement in Handwriting Olivia M in 3B for excellent attention to detail in her Writing Well done children!

DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES Junior Citizen Year 6 - 9.30am – 11.00am

Monday 12th March

Tuesday 13th March

Please note that there is no Junior Choral Club today or for the rest of the term. All other clubs will run as normal. Years 5 and 6 Spring Concert at St Luke’s Church Hall, The Avenue, Kew. Children arrive at the Hall at 5.45pm and the concert begins promptly at 7.00pm Years 3—4 in late today Year 5 Hockey v Kensington Prep at Home Year 4 outing to Butser Village

Wednesday 14th March Year 3 outing to St Paul’s Cathedral Late return to school Thursday 15th March

Friday 16th March

Saturday 17th March

Scooter Training Years 1 and 2 Year 6 Netball v Ravenscourt Park at Home Year 1 Cake Sale 5L Outing to National Archives and Hampton Court. Children accompanied by members of staff are walking to National Archives at 9.00am and then a coach will take them from there at 10.45am to Hampton Court Palace. They will be returning to school at 4.30pm. Perform in Form 2M and Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow KCF Cake Sale Second hand uniform sale Held outside the school from 2.00pm Year 5 Rugby Tournament v St James’s Away At Barn Elms

On Monday 19th March Kew College will have an Olympic athlete in school! This is an amazing opportunity. Deirdre Ryan is an Irish High Jumper who intends to demonstrate her sport and talk to the children about her success. We are very much looking forward to welcoming her. There is a possibility of a photographer also coming in to take some photos of this event. Thank you to Mrs Dowding for organising this.

Coach leaves at 9.00am


10.10am 2.00pm Coach leaves at 8.45am Coach leaves at 12.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am – 4.30pm




SPRING CONCERT Monday 12th March 7pm – 8.30pm Please collect your child from school at the usual pick up time. There will be no Junior Choral Club, other clubs will run as normal. Children who are performing at the Concert are asked to arrive at 5.45pm to St Luke’s, The Avenue, Kew. The Concert will then begin promptly at 7.00pm. There will be an interval where refreshments will be served for children and parents. Year 2 are not performing. Collection of children after Spring Concert at St Luke’s Hall-Monday 12th March In order to ease congestion at the doors at the end of the evening, we would be grateful if you would please observe the following arrangements: Years 3 & 4: Collection from the main entrance door to St Luke’s Hall. Years 5 & 6: Collection from the rear door to St Luke’s Hall through the patio garden to the left of the main entrance door as you approach the hall. If you have children to be collected from both doors, we would advise you to collect your younger child first. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

THE HUNT FOR THE MASCOTS CONTINUES Well done to those of you who found us. We have now hidden again so please look for us and put your name and our locations in the box by the front door. The winners this week were: Freddie B (3B) William G (1M)

YEAR 2 Amelie 2B

YEAR 3 Kiera Uma (3B) Georgia (3B)

YEAR 5 Flo (5S) Olivia (5S) Jade (5S) Victoria (5L) George (5L)

On 5th March, the Debating Club explored a rather contentious issue! The motion for the debate was: “This house believes that the Olympic Games should be cancelled as they are a gross waste of public money and exacerbate the terrorist threat.� This proved to be an extremely entertaining debate and was very well researched by both teams. On behalf of the motion were the following points: The balloting system for tickets was extremely unfair, with many Londoners missing out entirely. Moreover, applicants had to be in possession of a Visa card, with a large amount of credit available to secure tickets; a system which favours the rich and wealthy. Hotel prices, basic facilities and transport prices will increase during the games. In addition to the cost issue, many ordinary Londoners will be inconvenienced due to the inevitable increase in traffic congestion. The focus on the Olympics will potentially leave the police less well equipped to handle security threats such as protest and riots as their presence will be needed at the games. This may increase the opportunities for potential terrorist strikes. The following points were made in opposition to the motion: The Olympic Games will unite the Nation and encourage millions of visitors to visit our great city. As the games are in London, they provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to see worldclass athletes, such as Usain Bolt, in action. Olympic athletes inspire and motivate children around the world to aspire towards success. The motion was narrowly carried by 9 votes to 8. This reflected the true quality of the proposers’ arguments, as indeed many children admitted that because they like the Olympics, they would be naturally inclined to vote in favour of the games. We also held the final of our Balloon Debate, where our two finalists argued eloquently as to why they should remain in the balloon. Although closely contested, the eventual winner was Alexander Fleming (Luke, Year 6), who expertly countered the arguments of his opponent, Bill Gates (Ned 5L). Well done to both our finalists!

Year 1 had an outing to St Anne's on Tuesday. We were welcomed by Father Nigel who told us all about the church. He helped us identify the pulpit, the pews, the lectern, the font and the stained glass windows. We were a bit worried about Father Nigel's candle; it was labelled 2011 which seemed out of date. However, he reassured us that he will get a new candle for Easter. Looking closely at the stained glass windows we could see St George with his dragon and Windsor Castle. Father Nigel helped us read some of the other images and told us that stained glass windows were used to tell stories in the olden days when people didn't have televisions!

It is illegal and dangerous to park on yellow lines or across driveways!! We have a list of number plates that will be listed in next Friday’s Kew News.


On Tuesday 6th March, Year 5 travelled to Neasden Mandir. It was a gorgeous and delicate building, carved carefully from limestone shipped in from Bulgaria. As a sign of respect to the Hindu Gods, we were told to take our shoes off. All of a sudden, Mrs Lovell was slowly leading us up the marble steps into the worshipped temple itself. We sauntered behind her and gasped as we took in the surroundings. Bolting around the temple, very excited, Miss Storrar whispered to us that we must remain silent, as Hindus were praying; all the same we were glued to the glass, eyeing statues of Ganesh and Lakshmi, carved delicately and decorated intricately with gold leaf. Curiously, my friends and I were fingering the marble posts which held the temple up, and reported that it felt more like wax than marble, and could easily be melted in very toasty heat. Behind metal bars were the most beautiful and realistic statues of gods and goddesses. They were so ornate and intricate, smooth and encrusted with elaborate jewels, and clad in silk clothes. Mrs Lovell signalled for us to silently tip-toe down the stairs. A type of community hall was where she led us, and inside was a man who answered any additional questions we had to ask about Hinduism. One extremely interesting fact was that he had one hundred and seventy five mini carvings of Ganesh in his house! Before we knew it everyone was gathered in the Temple of Awe, plonked down on the marble floor, boys proudly sitting shoulders up in front. As the temple was so silent, the great contrast of the sound that followed made us jump in delighted surprise. The music was some kind of repetitive chanting to the divine lord, praising him whilst chanting ‘Aum’ over and over. The incense of the candle made me feel queasy. However it was over in seconds. Sock sliding along the slippery floors, we traipsed back to the shoe rack, and forced our sweaty feet back into our comfortable shoes. I learnt that Hindus are very strict about religion. I particularly enjoyed the marble temple and the Hindu worship ceremony. Edie, 5L

On Tuesday 6th March year 4B team played a match against Ravenscourt Park. We got the first centre pass and got off to a good start. In the first seven minutes we scored three goals and in the second half we scored two. Throughout the match we managed to keep the ball in our third but Ravenscourt Park managed to finally get it into their third. They attempted to shoot but missed. The final score was 5 - 0 to Kew College. Well done to Celia, Tanishya, Alice, Heather, Ella Rose, Bella and Francine. Alice 4F Year 5 Tournament at Kew Green On Thursday 8th March, Year 5 played an enthralling tournament at Kew Green. Our first match was against Kew Green Prep with great tackling from Charles, George and Calum. Kew College came out 4 - 0 winners! Filled with confidence, we jogged onto the pitch to play Ravenscourt Park. We all knew it was going to be a tough game but we did extremely well considering we lost 2 - 0. The Falcons were our next fixture and we did some great counter-rucking and earned ourselves a well-earned draw. St James were a good team throughout the afternoon, as they proved by winning a tight 1 - 0 victory. Lastly, our biggest test yet, was Latymer. Lots of us had friends on the other team so we were determined to win. Brilliant running by Soli and Ben who helped us to pull out a massive victory with an amazing run from Calum, who ripped the defence apart to sneak a 1 - 0 victory. As the Kew Green Prep Headmaster announced the places, we all shook in excitement hoping me might just

Kindergarten Blue have had an extremely busy week. The week started with Scooter training in the playground. We learnt a little song to remind us how to keep safe when we are on our scooters. Then on Thursday, Kindergarten Blue hosted the Infant Assembly, which was all about our Chicks. The children had written independently about why they had liked having the chicks and drew beautiful illustrations to accompany their writing. The children spoke clearly and confidently, they should be very proud of themselves. We finished off our week with a visit from Perform. We all had great fun during the work shop they held for us. Well done Kindergarten Blue for all your hard work this week and have a lovely restful weekend.

KEW COLLEGE CAKE SALE Friday 16 March @ 2pm Calling all Bakers! Please help us by baking cakes and biscuits for the sale . Absolutely no nuts of any kind. New for this sale : Large cakes sell best and are lovely for the whole family to eat. Please label your creation describing the type/flavour of cake and whether it is a special family recipe or family favourite. There will be a children's Friday cake sale as usual, so we will collect cakes on Friday 16th at morning drop off on two separate tables. Please label any tins so that you can collect at pick up . Volunteers to wrap cakes at 9 am on Friday 16th in the school hall would be welcomed (the more the merrier and the quicker the process). We should be finished by 9.45 am. Let me know if there are any questions, queries or thoughts . Thanks Sim , on behalf of KCF Sim Scavazza Mob: 077100 99061

N0 90 Friday 9th March  
N0 90 Friday 9th March  

N0 90 Friday 9th March