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No 136 Friday 21st June 2013

In your child’s book bag this week:  Chiswick Summer Camp leaflets Years 1—6  Letter from Mrs Dobell to all parents  The Academies Leaflet for Nursery—Year 2  Parent Questionnaire from Mrs Brackenbury Dear Parents, As you will see from the list of Commendations below, Year 5 had a thrilling time at Hooke Court last weekend. As well as spending lots of time out of doors round a camp fire singing funny songs, they spent a day as Tudors and learned a great deal more about this period of History. They have returned full of enthusiasm and certainly sold the idea of the trip to our present Year 4. Nursery, too, went on an outing this week, to Bocketts Farm. I really enjoyed seeing their excited faces as they arrived in the morning clutching their snacks. They returned wideeyed and clearly very happy with all the animals they had seen. How they have grown, in all respects, since they started with us in September! This week we have been delighted to welcome to Kew College for a week’s work experience Susannah Brown, an ex-pupil. It is always good to keep these links going. Susannah is interested in a career in teaching and so far we have not put her off. On Monday we had one of our Open Mornings for prospective parents. As usual, we let the Year 6 children show them round the school and let them ask the children any questions they like. This potentially risky strategy invariably results in the parents returning to the Hall for coffee overwhelmed by our school and in particular by the pupils. They comment on the children’s confidence, openness, enthusiasm and lack of arrogance. What more could one want? It is a testament to you and us together that the school produces such admirable children. Thank you, Year 6. I wish you a dry and sunny weekend. Anne Dobell

HEADTEACHER’S COMMENDATIONS Congratulations to the following children, who received the award this week: FRENCH




Eve A in 3B for effort and achievement.

Camilla S-N for ‘getting stuck in’

Rosemarie E in 3B for effort and achievement.

Emaan A for ‘looking on the bright side of life’

Lucy C in 3B for excellent work.

Jessica M for strong leadership skills

Sophie R in 3B for excellent work.

Joseph D for ‘mud to his knees’ enthusiasm

Frankie G in 3B for excellent participation.

Oliver C for being a great team player Bella B for a super attitude to new challenges

Isla H in 3S for excellent effort.

Zimi R-S for amazing problem-solving skills

Eliza M in 3S for excellent effort and achievement.


Josh M in 3S for excellent effort.

Heather O’B for being kind a well organised

Jake D in 3S for excellent effort.

Isabella B for bravery

William P in 3S for excellent improvement.

Ted B for excellent leadership Suki M-G for determination



Ian D in 4F for outstanding work.

Tanyshia K in 5S for leadership in Dance

Katie B in 4F for outstanding work.

Rohan C in 5S for enthusiasm in Art

Lauren B in 4F for excellent improvement.

Molly R in 5S for super sewing

Kate H in 4F for excellent improvement.

Celia C in 5L for leadership in Dance

Olivia M in 4F for consistent effort.

Matthew C in 6A for excellent effort in maintaining the class Library

Olympia K in 4F for consistent effort.

Poppy M in 6A for a very positive attitude in class and influence on others

Bennett K in 4F for excellent improvement. Georgina H in 4F for excellent effort and improvement.

Charles M in 6A for immense enthusiasm in everything he does

Ella G in 4F for excellent effort and improvement.

Olivia P in 6B for exceptional kindness to others during the Swimming Gala

Georgina H in 4H for consistent effort. Rose B in 4H for consistent effort. Ayesha A in 4H for consistent effort. Olivia M in 4H for consistent effort. Edward F in 4H for consistent effort. Kiera Uma S-S in 4H for consistent effort. Oliver W in 4H for excellent improvement. Louis H in 4H for excellent improvement.

Well done, children!


Monday 24th June

Tuesday 25th June

Wednesday 26th June

Thursday 27th June

Friday 28th June

Monday 1st July Tuesday 2nd July

Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July

Friday 5th July Saturday 6th July Monday 8th July

Tuesday 9th July Wednesday 10th July

Last Clubs for Monday Junior Choral Club Years 3 & 4 Recorder Club Year 4 in the Sedum Debating Club in Form 6B Table Tennis Club in the Main Hall El Club Espanol – Showcase to Parents Pottery Club in the Sedum Last Clubs for Tuesday Jazz Dance Club Performance to Parents in the Main Hall Arts and Crafts in the Sedum Computer in the Sedum Drama Club Jewellery Years 1 & 2 Years 5 and 6 Investec International Hockey at University of Westminster Sports Ground

3.30 – 4.30pm 8.00 – 8.30am 1.00 – 1.30pm 3.30 – 4.30pm 4.15pm 3.40 – 4.40pm 4.15pm 3.30 – 4.30pm 3.40 – 4.40pm 3.40—4.40pm 3.30—4.30pm 12.30pm

Last Orchestra – Please take your child to the Sedum Last Clubs for Wednesday Little Golfers in the Main Hall Arts and Crafts in the Sedum Games Club in the playground Kew College Singers, Orchestra and New Kew Strings Parents Performance in the Sedum Last Clubs for Thursday Fencing Year 4 Performance to Parents in the Sedum Key Stage 1 Choir in 3B Jewellery Club – in the Sedum Keyboard Ensemble – in the Sedum Drama Club Cookery Years 1 - 3 in Nursery Fencing Years 5 & 6 Performance to Parents in the Sedum Year 1 Cake Sale Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow in school together for a dress rehearsal Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow are collected from school. No afternoon Nursery AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS SIGN UP FORM OUT TODAY Year 5S Performance in the Sedum Year 5L Performance in the Sedum AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS SIGN UP FORM DUE IN Nursery Summer Performance in the Marquee Kindergarten Summer Performance in the Marquee Year 1 Summer Performance in the Marquee Year 3 Summer Performance in the Marquee Last Swimming session Year 2 Summer Performance in the Marquee Year 2 Cake Sale Year 4 Summer Performance in the Marquee Year 6 Rehearsal in school

8.00 – 8.25am

Extra El Club Espanol session for Spring Term attendees Year 6 Summer Performance in the Marquee Nursery Yellow End of Term Year 6 Summer Performance in the Marquee Nursery Red End of Term End of Term

3.30 – 4.30pm 7.00pm

3.30 – 4.30pm 3.30 – 4.30pm 3.40 – 4.40pm 3.45pm 4.15pm 3.30 – 4.15pm 3.30 – 4.30pm 3.40 – 4.40pm 3.30 – 4.30pm 3.30 – 5.00pm 5.25pm 8.20am 8.25am 10.20am 3.30pm 3.30pm 4.30pm 8.20am 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 6.00pm 8.20am 3.00pm

6.00pm 10.00am—3.00pm

3.30pm 7.00pm 11.30am 12.15pm

SUMMER PERFORMANCES SUMMER TERM PERFORMANCE DATES REMINDER Friday 28th June Form 5S Performance—3.30pm in the Sedum Form 5L Performance —4.30pm in the Sedum Monday 1st July Nursery Performance —3.00pm in the Marquee Tuesday 2nd July Kindergarten Performance—3.00pm in the Marquee Wednesday 3rd July Year 1 Performance—3.00pm in the Marquee Year 3 Performance—6.00pm in the Marquee Thursday 4th July Year 2 Performance—3.00pm in the Marquee Friday 5th July Year 4 Performance—6.00pm in the Marquee Saturday 6th July Year 6 Rehearsal at school from 10.00am—3pm Monday 8th July Year 6 Performance—7.00pm in the Marquee Tuesday 9th July Year 6 Performance—7.00pm in the Marquee

INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY To all Year 5's and 6's Please bring a disposable lunch on Tuesday 25th June in a swimming bag to take to the Hockey. You will be watching USA v CHINA, so decide who you are supporting beforehand. Mrs Tabor Head of Games

Car Sharing Dear Parents, I know that we are all increasingly aware of environmental issues and the importance of not polluting our precious planet. School run journeys with only one or two children contribute significantly to pollution on our streets and could be reduced if more parents were prepared to share the school run with other families who live close by. If you usually drive to school, have you considered car sharing? If you would like to car share, but are unaware of other Kew College parents who live in your vicinity, you are very welcome to e-mail me your details at I will then match you up with a Kew College family close to you. Alternatively, you may want to consider making your own car sharing arrangements with Kew College families you know. I hope you will consider car sharing for the new academic year and look forward to your e-mails! Thank you, Michelle Warburton Registrar

HOW DO YOU TRAVEL TO SCHOOL? We would like to understand a little more about how parents travel to school, and what might encourage “greener� travel; what difficulties you face in walking or cycling to school, or in using public transport. Enclosed with this newsletter is a two page questionnaire about travel to school. It should take a few minutes to complete. Please can you complete a questionnaire and return it to school. Thank you all for your help Joanna Brackenbury Bursar

NURSERY’S PLAY DAY ARRANGEMENTS Monday 1st July - Nursery Red and Yellow Summer Performance at 3.00pm. Nursery Red to come to school at the usual time 8.25am. Nursery Yellow to come to school at 8.45am. Nursery Red and Yellow to be collected at 10.30am. Nursery Red and Yellow to return to school at 2.30pm in full costume. Please bring your child to the front entrance at 2.30pm as usual. Please would Parents then make their way to the rear gate of the school. The gate will be open from 2.45pm. MRS JAFFER


KINDERGARTEN’S PLAY DAY ARRANGEMENTS Tuesday 2nd July - Kindergarten Blue and Green concert at 3.00pm. On the day of the performance the children are to come to school in the morning as usual in their uniform and are then to be collected at 12.00 midday and brought back to school in their costumes at 2.30pm. MRS RIZZO


Caterpillars to Butterflies, Right Before Year 1’s Eyes! A few weeks ago 1B had some caterpillars delivered to 1B . At first, we watched the caterpillars eat food which enabled them to grow up to ten times their original size.

After a few days they hung upsidedown and shed their skins to form chrysalides.

Finally, they emerged into beautiful butterflies, completing their metamorphosis. Year 1 are enjoying watching them fly around the net, eating fruit and drinking the nectar. The children will enjoy releasing them back into their natural environment in a few days.

Nursery had a wonderful outing to Bocketts Farm yesterday and the weather was kind to us. The children enjoyed handling the animals and learning . They watched pig racing and were inspired by the little pig called ‘Boris Johnson’ who won the race. The tractor and scarecrow ride was very exciting for them and took them on a tour of the whole farm and all the animals. A very warm thank you to all the parents who joined us and helped to make the day a successful and happy one.

On Wednesday the author Karen Inglis visited Kew College. She read one of her books to the Infant House; it was called Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep. One day when she saw two beautiful foxes, she was leaving the Riverside Club and this gave her ideas for a fox story. She wrote the story after her friend told her about a fox that had visited his garden. She wrote the story in rhymes; she thought it was quite hard to do it. We thought it was a funny story. The pictures were bright and colourful. We would like to read some of her other books. It was very exciting to meet a real author. By the whole of 2B

The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis On Wednesday we had a very exciting assembly. A local author, Karen Inglis from Barnes came in to the school to talk about her book, “The Secret Lake”. We were lucky enough to have a taster of the book read to us by Karen herself. The book is about two children, Tom (8) and Stella (11) who moved from Hong Kong to a house in London and discover a deep hole that leads to a magnificent lake surrounded by beautiful rhododendron’s. During her reading we learnt many things; the two characters were based on Karen’s friends’ children, The Secret Lake was re-written 18 times and the final product was her 19th draft. This was her favourite of all her books. Karen is a successful author and had written two other books ‘Eek the Alien’ ‘Ferdinand Foxes ’. To add to her accomplishments she publishes her own books. I was so inspired by the book that I bought the Secret Lake myself and am currently reading it at home! By Alex M 4H

The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis On Wednesday 19 June Kew College were very lucky to have Karen Inglis come in to talk about her book The Secret Lake. She read us a little part of the book and it was very interesting and we all enjoyed it. We found out that The Secret Lake was based in the Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park. She was inspired by a secret pond her neighbour told her about. The characters and their personalities are based on a friend’s son and daughter. I hope you all enjoy it. th

By Olympia and Katie 4F

Year 4 Rounders match v St James On 18th June the Year 4 girls played a Rounders match against St. James. Kew College won the toss up and we chose to field first. In the first half of the game St. James scored 2 rounders and we scored 5 rounders. In the second half St. James got 3 rounders and we got 4 rounders. So in the end the score was 9 - 5 to Kew College. Well done to the girls who played! Olivia M

London Youth Games - Swimming Many congratulations to Jessica M for qualifying for the London Youth Games at Crystal Palace on 4th July. She will be representing the Richmond borough in the swimming events that day and we wish her the best of luck!


Our nursery outside play area is to be redesigned during the summer holidays and we no longer have space for our climbing frame and slide. The frame will need to be dismantled and removed. The four legs are currently fixed to the surface by large brackets. The front “prow” section, not currently in use, is also available with all the necessary fittings. The climbing frame will go to the highest bidder bids are invited of £500 or more! If you would like more information about the climbing frame, or wish to make a bid, please contact the bursar, Mrs Brackenbury. Joanna Brackenbury Bursar

KEY DATES: Second Hand Uniform Sale – Friday 5th July Farewell to Mrs Dobell – Friday 5th July – 3.10pm in the school forecourt Recycling Day – Friday 21st June (TODAY - this falls in National Recycling Week!)

Easy 2 Name We hope you found a form in bookbags last week that you can use to order labels – stick on, iron on, sew on etc There is a code on the form (Kew College Friends TW9), please quote this on your orders and KCF will receive 20% cashback. Excellent for getting organised for next term!! If you need another form please do let us know as we have plenty more! Second Hand Uniform – 1-3pm only on Friday 5th July We still need larger size blazers, blue raincoats, cagoules - please hand them into the office so we can add them to the stock of items to sell. There are lots of smaller sized blazers in good condition if you need one! Please remember to call Shikha Mohanty before you go. 30 Melliss Avenue Kew Riverside TW9 4BQ 07909144077

Penny Jars

Collection ends Monday 1st July

Please keep your penny jars coming in as we are only collecting for a few more days. We have so far received 75 jars and have raised £420! All the money raised will be used to buy books for every classroom. Please aim to get your jars in to the Office by Monday 1st July. A big thank you to everyone who has filled (or indeed, is still filling) their jar.

Hire our fabulous Beauty Salon for 2 hrs for your daughter’s birthday party! We are now offering the perfect girls birthday party for your daughter and her friends! (A maximum of 10 girls for one party from the age’s of 5-11 years old) £250.00 Price includes; - mini manicure with nail polish - mini make-over with glittering eye-shadow, lip gloss, clear mascara and face art - mini back massage - cup-cakes and orange/apple juice Gina Hemming Health & Beauty Ltd 4 Station Approach Kew Village Richmond TW9 3QB 0208 948 3616 Dance Class Caroline Lester School of Dance offers ballet classes for girls & boys from 3+ following the ISTD syllabus. Classes take place every Wednesday during term time at Dukes Meadow Community Hall, Chiswick, W4 2RX. For more information please contact Miss Caroline on: 02036739421 / 07961375606 or visit our website at: Childcare Our nanny of 4.5years is becoming available from middle of July. She has 16years of experience, Montessori trained, Ofsted registered and have an up to date Paediatric First Aid qualification and CRB check. She lives in Kew and looking for a sole charge, live out, Monday – Thursday (44-46hours per week) position with children aged 2.5years and above in the Kew/Chiswick/Richmond areas. Adrienn(Adie) can be contacted on or on 07796461011. Nanny Available Our wonderful Nanny Ewa Kwasnik will be leaving us at the end of August as my youngest will be starting at Kew College. Ewa has over 6 years experience of looking after children ( newborn +), is CRB checked and holds a paediatric first aid certificate. She is highly dependable and trustworthy. Ewa is looking for either a full or part time position from September 2013. For further information, please contact Danièle Bogolubov: or on 07801729286. Afternoon Children's Help/Nanny We are looking for a bright, enthusiastic individual to collect our two children (age 9 and 4 ) from school in the afternoon and take them to local activities plus help with homework. This would be three and a half to four hours per day Monday to Thursday. This would suit a teaching assistant, university or gap year student. Please contact Claire 07803 851371 Theatre Academies Musical Theatre workshops: Come have a week of fun dancing, singing, acting with a performance at the end of the week for family/friends to watch. No experience necessary! Monday 5th - Thursday 8th August (9am-12pm) Age 4-6 years £75 Monday 19th - Friday 23rd August (10am-3pm) Age 7-14 years £150 New Ballet workshop: 2 days of Ballet fun with a performance on the 2nd day for family/friends to watch. No experience necessary! Wednesday 14th - Thursday 15th August (9am-12pm) Age 5-8 years £40 Venue: King's House School, Richmond, TW10 6ES For more info/to book a place: Contact Mrs Leigh Valle on: 07964 554726 or email

Marbella country house available for holiday Lets Situated in stunning gardens only minutes from Puerto Banus it is ideally situated for getting away from it all yet very close to the beaches, shopping, restaurants and nightlife of Marbella and the Golden Mile. Sleeping upwards of 9 in large comfortable rooms with five bathrooms, this property is ideal for a large family holiday. Swimming pool, tennis court and lawns for play, a large dining table for all, and plenty of relaxing areas with two comfortable lounge areas make for the perfect holiday destination. Visit

If you would like to advertise here next term please send the details to Ali Palmer – There is no charge for a one off ad, thereafter we charge £2.50 for every issue.

136 issue friday 21st june 2013  
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