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No 132 Friday 17th May 2013 In your child’s book bag this week:  Outing Permission Slips for Year 2 and Kindergarten  The Academies Holiday Camps Leaflet  Leaflet for Years 4, 5 & 6 from Kew Music Academy  Letter regarding Sports Day Arrangements Dear Parents, Year 6 have settled back well into school after a sensational week in Normandy - the staff have just about caught up on their sleep too! It was one of our most successful visits to the Château de la Baudonnière, made so by the enthusiasm of all involved – the Château staff, our own Kew College intrepid teachers and most of all the children, whose readiness to ‘have a go’ at everything on offer was a delight to behold. Normandy looks truly beautiful at this time of year (apple blossom, creamy mottled cows, half-timbered farmhouses) and the setting for the Château, surrounded by sloping green fields, streams and a peaceful lake, stays in the mind long after one has left. The children’s memories, of course, focus more on the joy of getting covered in mud from head to foot! Many thanks to Mr Schmidt (Trip Leader), Miss Townsend, Mr Flood and Mme Barry for giving their time and energy to make this a very memorable week. This week, Year 6 have experienced the drama and tragedy of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ first as a workshop in school and then at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond. This is an excellent way of engaging the children with the work of the Bard. Year 1 made their way to Bethnal Green to visit the Museum of Childhood and returned full of tales about their favourite toys. Today our Hall has become a boatyard hosting a Viking longship, put together by the children in Year 4 plank by plank. They have also learned how to weave a woollen sail and put together a Viking shield. Michael Gove might not approve, but for children of this age there are few better ways of gaining a feeling of what life in those times might have been like. (We still believe in time-lines, nevertheless!) We are looking forward very much to our Sports Day next Thursday and hope to see you all there. Who knows what the weather has in store for us. In case of downpours, our alternative day is Thursday 6th June. The children are working hard and there are many Headteachers’ Commendations to be given out on Monday. Watch this space next week for their names. MUFTI DAY FRIDAY 24th MAY On Friday 24th May we will have a mufti day to mark the Half Term break. On that day the children should bring in chocolate or a bottle, as directed by the Kew College Friends for the Summer Fête. The theme will be ‘CIRCUS’. CLASS MIXING FOR NEXT YEAR As you know, in the past we have asked you and your children to name certain others that they would like to be with in their next class. For September 2013 and thereafter we have decided to remove that source of angst from you. The teachers will draw up the new class lists together, after very careful consideration and consultation. The aim of the class mix is to create in each year two truly balanced classes in terms of personality, gender, learning style and ability. The teachers know your children very well and will of course take into consideration friendship issues. The key issue for us is to produce two ‘equal’ classes so that they both progress through the year in parallel. You will be informed of your child’s class for next year shortly after the end of this term. I wish you a pleasant weekend. Anne Dobell Headteacher

DIARY DATES SUMMER TERM 2013 Monday 20th May

Year 6 outing to The Bank of England

Coach 8.45am

Tuesday 21st May

Year 3 Rounders and Cricket v Kew Green Prep Away Sports Day at the University of Westminster Sports Ground Please collect your child from school at 11.30am . If you are unable to collect until 12.00 noon please inform the office. Parents are invited to picnic at the sports field beforehand. No pack lunch needed today Year 6 Photographic Evening


Year 5 Cake Sale


Thursday 23rd May


Friday 24 May Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May inclusive Monday 3rd June Tuesday 4th June

1.00pm prompt


HALF TERM Parent Evening Slot Sheets outside the main office Kindergarten outing to Birdworld

Coach 8.45am

Swimming Thank you for all the forms that have been returned for the Kew College swimming gala on Friday 7th June. Just a few are still outstanding. Look out for spectator tickets which will go into book bags before half term. Due to unforeseen circumstances the parents' race has had to be cancelled . Mrs Buckle

READATHON I am delighted to report that we raised more than £500 following our Readathon, which is currently winging its way to help hundreds of sick children sponsored by this fantastic cause! A huge thank you to ALL the children who participated. Your efforts are very much appreciated! Mrs Belshaw

Mr Fell’s talk to Years 4 & 6 Mr Fell, who is a parent at the school and renowned for the animated films that he has produced, gave very generously of his time on two separate occasions to talk to both Years 4 and 6. The children listened avidly as Mr Fell took them through the life of an animated film from its inception to the final product in the cinemas. They were fascinated to see the detailed drawings required of characters and of sets before constructing the real thing and to learn that the puppets used in ParaNorman (in particular Norman) took 3 months to build - and had hundreds of faces made to enable him to change expression. Maddy M (6L) was particularly awestruck by the entire process involved in animated film-making and now has huge respect for film directors. Calum (6L) loved seeing the people who do the voice-overs in action and was intrigued to see their facial expressions as the actors totally immersed themselves in the characters. Rory (6B) loved seeing the actual puppets used in the film and was amazed at how small they were in reality. Overall, it was a truly inspirational talk and as Emilia (6L): said “It amazed me that a man who is known world-wide and is so talented can be so down to earth, gentle and humble. I absolutely loved his visit and learnt so much�. We would like to say a tremendous thank you to Mr Fell and his wife for the wonderful learning experience.

Yesterday, Year 1 visited the V&A Museum of Childhood. We explored and handled toys, clothes and games from the past. Listening to a Wurlitzer and taking turns in the Punch and Judy tent proved very entertaining. We investigated mechanisms and forces in moving toys and looked at toys from around the world. We enjoyed our teaching session about ‘Toys from the Past’ and rose to the challenge of making old fashioned wooden toys work. Finally, we made our own peg dollies. It was an action packed day and, despite the long journey, the children were very well behaved.

Over the past week Year 6 travelled to a traditional French chateau in Normandy. Once there, we were faced with a wide range of activities and challenges which we had to overcome, from the treacherous mud assault course to bread making. The Mud Assault Course was one of the best activities which every person threw themselves into with extreme enthusiasm. Everyone seemed glad at the rare opportunity of rolling in the mud and was eager to participate in the different obstacles that the course consisted of. I think the obstacle that most of us liked best was swinging on the rope swing, which was suspended above a lake of murky, freezing water. By the end we were all filthy and shivering but the fun that we had on the activity made up for it. Another activity that put huge grins on our faces was canoeing. Canoeing, like the mud assault course, was an activity which appealed to most of us as it guaranteed us getting wet and cold yet again! During canoeing we were playing a series of different games like who could collect the most floating balls and follow the leader in canoes. It was enormous fun and everyone came out freezing and drenched due to the amount of collisions and capsizing that took place during the session. We also did other activities such as fencing, archery, aeroball, bread making, rock climbing as well as a scavenger hunt, sports tournament and many more. However, the activities were not the only things we got up to. We went on several trips too. One of the places that we visited was a French market in a nearby village, where most of us purchased souvenirs and gifts for our families. There was an array of various items such as scarfs, caps, sunglasses, wooden animals, key rings and sweets, which proved extremely popular amongst us. On another occasion we visited the 360 Theatre to watch a clip about the Second World War. We were all extremely enthralled by the battle and defence of the beaches: Sword Beach, Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Juno Beach and Gold Beach. Then we visited the actual batteries. It was an amazing experience and a special privilege to see the real, life-size batteries which were used all those years ago. After that we visited the American Cemetery and Museum. We were drawn to the interesting artefacts and were shocked and amazed at the number of brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves for freedom, justice and for us to live. It was an amazing experience to be taken abroad and we are very lucky and fortunate to have been able to do this. We are very grateful to all of the staff who gave up a week to ensure our safety. It was a fantastic way to end our experience at Kew College and I am sure that there will never be another like it. Olivia 6B

This week Nursery arranged a very special Assembly for the Infant House who all enjoyed a very unusual morning with the arrival of Tim Maynard and his Magic Rucksack. Out from the rucksack he took a snake, a frog, a chameleon and a tarantula. The children had a wonderful hands on experience of touching a snake and some brave volunteers had the chance to touch the other animals. It was so amazing to think that all these creatures fitted snuggly into Tim’s Rucksack!

Kindergarten Blue have had a very busy few days this week. We started off the week by joining the rest of the school for our biennial school photograph, followed later on in the week with our two Open Mornings. The children were very excited to show their parents all the things that they have been doing this term. On Thursday morning, the sun shone for our scooter training session and the children learned the Four C’s Careful, Concentrate, Considerate and Controlled. Over the year we have been developing our garden at the back of Kindergarten Green. The bulbs we planted back in the Autumn grew to make a beautiful and colourful display in time for Spring. Mrs Phillips has kindly helped the children to plant potatoes, which we hope will be ready to harvest before we break up for the Summer holidays. The children have also planted individual sunflowers in pots which they will be bringing home with them at half term. Kindergarten Blue hosted the Infant Assembly this week on growing and looking after plants. The children stood up in their groups and explained how they had planted their sunflower seeds and what they now needed to do to help them to grow. During the assembly the children spoke clearly and with great confidence. Looking back over the year on all our other Assemblies it is clear how much the children’s confidence and ability has grown and it’s lovely to see them all developing into such accomplished public speakers. Well done children! Mrs Rizzo Head of Early Years

Safe Scooting at Kew College This week the Early Years were lucky enough to practise safe scooting here at Kew College. Instructors from the London Borough of Richmond came to Kew College to teach our children the golden rules of safe scooting. The children were excited to bring their scooters and colourful helmets to school, and luckily the weather was on our side. Each class in the Early Years had a turn with their scooters in the playground and practised stopping safely, scooting sensibly and watching out for other children close by. The children were presented with a certificate on completion of their training and will be sure to remember the “Four C’s”: Careful Concentrate Considerate Controlled Happy scooting, everyone! Miss Rosenthal

3B Sophia M Joel R

5S Joseph S Ella-Rose C Molly R

5L Isabella B Oscar B Benjamin R

On Thursday 16th May, Year 6 were fortunate to visit the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond for a quite fantastic performance of ‘Julius Caesar.’ Set in modern times, this hour- long, condensed version kept the children on the edge of their seats covering the timeless themes of power, revenge, control, combat and guilt in an engaging and original fashion. The modern street dance and war scenes, where characters engaged in a brutal combat, were particularly popular with our audience! As the only school attending, this lent the whole production a more intimate air and, following on from our workshop in school the day before, fully involved the children who played crowd members, firstly cheering on the great Caesar and after his untimely death at the hands of his treacherous ‘friends’ , baying for their blood. Some lucky volunteers played individual characters alongside the actors themselves, stabbing Caesar in the back in a shocking and dramatic assassination scene. Here are some of the childrens’ thoughts: “I enjoyed the way Julius Caesar was set in modern times; the street dance at the beginning was hilarious and really drew me in.” Jessica L 6B “I really liked the dramatic elements and the way the play covered the theme of betrayal. However, it was sad that all the main characters ended up committing suicide as a result of their guilt.” Olivia P 6B PUZZLE OF THE WEEK THE HATS Last week’s puzzle was as follows: On a table there were three black hats and two white hats. There were three gentlemen in a line who had to pick one random hat each without seeing it or knowing its colour. We asked the third man in the line, who could see the colour of the first and second man’s hat, “Do you know the colour of your hat?” he replied that he did not know the colour of his hat. We asked the same question of the second man, who could see the first man’s hat and he also replied that he did not know the colour of his own hat. We then asked the same question of the first man, who could not see anyone’s hat. He responded that he knew the colour of his hat. How did he know the colour of his hat? Answer The last man in the line can see the colour of the hats worn by both of the other men. If he does not know the colour of his own hat it is because the other two hats are not both white, they are either both black hats or one of each colour. If they were both white, then he would know for sure that his hat is black by process of elimination. The second man has the benefit of knowing what the last man said, and that's the key to this problem. The second man knows that it is impossible for both himself and the first man to have white hats on. Thus, if the last man has a white hat on, the second man knows he is wearing a black one. When the second man truthfully declares that he does not know what colour hat he is wearing, it is because the first man is wearing a black hat. The first man follows the same deduction and knows that his hat is black. There is no mystery to it. He was merely paying attention. Results Lucy in Year 4 and Charlie in Year 5 got the right answer for which they got two house points. They each received a further two house points for a very good attempt at an explanation. Well done to both. We look forward to next week’s puzzle winners!

KEY DATES: Cake and Second Hand Uniform Sale in the forecourt at 2.45pm - today Summer Fair – Saturday 8th June Recycling Day – Friday 21st June (this falls in National Recycling Week!)

Summer Fair Updates – dates below to add to your diaries! A big thank you to all the parents who have offered to help on the day and most of all to the reps who are pulling the rotas together and giving their time to help organise each stall. We couldn’t do it without you, so a big thank you. We have received some fantastic raffle prizes. Thank you for your generosity. We would like to raise as much money as possible, so if you have any vouchers, experiences, cases of wine, anything that would make a good raffle or auction prize, please let us know! Kew College is supporting a fantastic charity, The Autism Trust. Help us raise money for them! Raffle Prizes/Auction Prizes If you haven’t already given a raffle prize for your class, please contact Imogen Baines ( who is coordinating this for us and who can give some guidance if required. Sponsorship There is still time if you want to make a valuable contribution to our fundraising by sponsoring a stall. You could support our efforts by subsidising the forecourt attractions, face painting, arts and crafts stall or some jugglers! Please contact Carole ( or Ali ( if you’d like to help. Chocolate and Bottle Day! Following on from the success of last year’s stall, the chocolate and bottle tombola is back! Friday 24th May will be a 'Chocolate and Bottle Day'! Children should bring in a chocolate bar or box of chocolates and/or a bottle (soft drink or alcoholic). Please remember NO NUTS. Here are some ideas – chocolate bars, boxes of Maltesers, Aeros, hot chocolate, chocolate coins, Heroes etc Pint Pots There are some spare Pint Pots next to the collection boxes in the forecourt, in case you haven’t received two pint pots per child by now or you would like to fill more pots. Help yourselves! Please could you fill each pot with items suitable for children of any age. We are looking for anything that you think a child would like to win. This could be toys, small games, pens, pencils, hair accessories or football cards; the more variety the better. Ideally no sweets please unless they are wrapped as they might melt (NO NUTS PLEASE). The selection can be unisex or especially for boys or girls. Please leave your filled pots secured with their lids in the collection boxes at the front of the school. Could we please ask that you ensure that everything put into the pots is in an excellent condition – thank you! Collection for Pre-loved Stalls Thank you for your donations. We are still collecting second hand football, rugby, ballet, cricket kits including boots etc. in excellent condition. Dressing up, bikes, scooters are popular and so are toys, games, puzzles etc. We are also collecting second hand children’s books and DVDs. DVDs should be suitable for children (U & PG ratings only). Please leave your contributions to the front of the school in the boxes provided. Thank you!

Circus theme skills or decorations This year, the fair will have a circus theme. If you have any skills that you wish to demonstrate during the fair, do contact us! We are hoping to find jugglers, stilt walkers, unicyclists …. If you have any unwanted bunting, fabric, large pieces of coloured card or anything that could be incorporated into a circus theme we would be very grateful. Contact Kathy Martin ( or Alexis Blackborn ( Strike a Pose--Circus Style! We will be having a Circus-themed photo booth at this year's summer fair. We would appreciate any loans/donations of circus-inspired accessories to add to the fun on the day for their pictures. Please contact Stacy on or 07887-995-421 with any contributions. Cake Stall We would be very grateful if all the wonderful Kew College bakers could bring in a cake or two on Friday 7th June at drop off. We are looking for the usual popular cakes that will be put on sale at the stall, but also for some smaller treats for the children to buy to consume on the day. These can be cookies, brownies, biscuits, flapjacks etc. If your cake contains cream or butter cream, please bring them to the stall on the morning of the fair. There will be no cake sale on the 7th June. Please remember to give a snack to the children. Please bake and support us as we cannot run this stall without your contributions. Token Sale Tokens and Raffle Tickets will be on sale in the week running up to the Fair. Tuesday 4th June (drop off and pick up) Wednesday 5th (drop off and pick up) Thursday 6th (drop off only) Friday 7th (drop off only) Tokens will be priced at £2 for 5 tokens. They will also be available to buy on the day at £2 for 4 tokens. Raffle tickets will be priced at £2 for a strip of 5. As always, there are some fantastic prizes this year so be sure not to miss out. If you’d like to get involved in the preparations for the fair, or just help out on the day, please let us know. Thank you for your support. Your KCF Committee For fair enquiries, please contact Carole Holland –, 07779124960 or Ali Palmer Second Hand Uniform – 1-3pm only on Fridays – (not Friday 17th May as we will be in the Octagon!) We still need larger size blazers, blue raincoats, cagoules - please hand them into the office so we can add them to the stock of items to sell. There are lots of smaller sized blazers in good condition if you need one! Please remember to call Shikha Mohanty before you go.

Penny Jars Lots of jars are coming in and so far we have raised almost £200! We are going to buy books for every classroom from the parents and children of Kew College. Keep them coming – pennies and silver (even pound coins are welcome!)

Hire our fabulous Beauty Salon for 2 hrs for your daughter’s birthday party! We are now offering the perfect girls birthday party for your daughter and her friends! (A maximum of 10 girls for one party from the age’s of 5-11 years old) £250.00 Price includes; - mini manicure with nail polish - mini make-over with glittering eye-shadow, lip gloss, clear mascara and face art - mini back massage - cup-cakes and orange/apple juice Gina Hemming Health & Beauty Ltd 4 Station Approach Kew Village Richmond TW9 3QB 0208 948 3616 Nanny Available Our wonderful Nanny Ewa Kwasnik will be leaving us at the end of August as my youngest will be starting at Kew College. Ewa has over 6 years experience of looking after children ( newborn +), is CRB checked and holds a paediatric first aid certificate. She is highly dependable and trustworthy. Ewa is looking for either a full or part time position from September 2013. For further information, please contact Danièle Bogolubov: or on 07801729286. CAR FOR SALE: CITROEN C4 GRAND PICASSO – ‘EXCLUSIVE EDITION’ - 7 SEATER – 2008 REG PLATE – 50,000 MILES ON THE CLOCK. METALLIC GREY. FULL SERVICE HISTORY, MOT IN MARCH. BOOK PRICE VALUATION: £5000. AVAILABLE FROM 8TH JULY. Please let me know if you are interested: Suzie O’Brien – 07545 700858 (mobile); 0208 9404237 (home). Fantastic Nanny Available Our wonderful Nanny, Nicola will be leaving us at the end of August, as our youngest child will be joining Kindergarten. Nicola has over 8 years' experience of looking after children (newborn through to teens), is CRB checked and holds a paediatric first aid certificate. Nicola is a fabulous nanny - very caring, fun, energetic plus highly dependable and trustworthy. She will be a great loss to our family. Nicola is looking for either a 4or 5-day position from September 2013. For further information, please contact Claire Hodge: tel: 07803 851371 or Nicola on 07814 525 708 Flat for rent in West Kensington

Spacious one bedroom ground floor flat in West Kensington becoming available for rental from approximately 23 July. Conveniently located 2 minutes from West Kensington and 5 minutes from Barons Court underground stations. Comprises 1 double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and large reception room with very high ceilings and a large storage area. Completely repainted 12 months ago. If interested, please contact Jane on 07785 278 180 or for more information and photos. Approximately £385 per week.

Personal Training Steve Haddleton is a personal trainer to many Kew College mums and gave up his time to make us all work hard on Kew Green for a sponsored bootcamp last term. He is available for personal training and may be contacted on – 07967 644847 Marbella country house available for holiday Lets Situated in stunning gardens only minutes from Puerto Banus it is ideally situated for getting away from it all yet very close to the beaches, shopping, restaurants and nightlife of Marbella and the Golden Mile. Sleeping upwards of 9 in large comfortable rooms with five bathrooms, this property is ideal for a large family holiday. Swimming pool, tennis court and lawns for play, a large dining table for all, and plenty of relaxing areas with two comfortable lounge areas make for the perfect holiday destination. visit

If you would like to advertise here next term please send the details to Ali Palmer – There is no charge for a one off ad, thereafter we charge £2.50 for every issue.

132 Issue Friday 17th May 2013.  

132 Issue Friday 17th May 2013.

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