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No 130 Friday 3rd May 2013

In your child’s book bag this week:   

Permission slips for Year 1 to V&A Museum of Childhood and Year 6 The Orange Tree Theatre Kew College Swimming Gala Letter Years 3—6 Tennis Leaflet Years 3—6

Dear Parents, Following our School Charity election last Friday, I am delighted to announce that this year’s winner is The Autism Trust, which was presented by George L 6B for Mercury House. All the presentations were thoroughly professional and persuasive so we congratulate all the children who took part. This charity is a worthy winner and we look forward to working to raise money for them over the coming year. Thank you to the Kew College Friends representatives who attended the assembly. On Monday morning the children in Year 4 came to school extra early with their bags and backpacks, ready for our first-ever Year 4 one-night residential trip. They went to Bowles Outdoor Centre on the Kent/Sussex borders and had a whale of a time! Their parents will already have been regaled with stories about bouldering, night lines and raft-building and we look forward to hearing about it in assembly this morning. The staff who accompanied them were really struck by how well the children behaved, day and night, and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Very impressive Year 4 – well done! This week the playground has been full of bikes whizzing around as the children have received training in safe cycling and It is good to see them taking this seriously and equipping themselves with useful safety tips for their daily lives. On Sunday morning at 4 a.m.(!) Year 6 are heading off on their week-long trip to Normandy, where they will stay at the Chateau de la Baudonnière, take part in exciting outdoor activities (while speaking French) and visit the D-Day landing beaches at Arromanches. Staff accompanying them will be Mr Schmidt, Mrs Dobell, Miss Townsend, Mr Flood and Mme Barry. This is always a very special rite of passage for the children and we wish them all the best. Bon voyage! While I am away next week the school will be in Mrs Austin’s very capable hands. Anne Dobell

HEADTEACHER’S COMMENDATION Congratulations to the following children, who received the award this week: James O’B in 3B for wonderful holiday book reviews. Rosie E in 3B for beautiful holiday work on Flower Fairies. Toby D in 5L for exceptional commitment and performance in swimming. Well done, children!


Sunday 5 May


Monday 6 May

Year 6 Residential Trip to France Children to arrive at Pools on the Park Car Park Coach leaves for the Ferry from Pools on the Park School Closed Bank Holiday Years 1 and 2 Scooter Training—Please bring Helmets if you wish your child to wear one

4.15am 4.30am


Tuesday 7th May


Wednesday 8 May

Thursday 9th May Friday 10th May Saturday 11th May

Year 4 Rounders and Cricket matches v Kew Green Prep away game Year 5 London Swimming Schools Finals at James Allen Prep in Dulwich (Finalists only) Mini Bus leaves school Mini Bus returns to school, but children whose parents are watching may take them straight from the Final Years 3, 4 and 5 Rounders v Orchard House at home Year 3 Cake Sale Year 6 return from France to Kew College

2.00pm 4.30pm 3.15pm 9.00pm

1.45pm 8.20am 4.30pm

Year 5 Luca J (5S) Bella B (5S) Lauren H (5S) Toby D (5L) Theo B (5L) Jonathan S (5L) CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS PUZZLES OF THE WEEK The last critical thinking skills Puzzle of the Week earned 5 House Points each for Charlie in 5L and Charles in 6A. Both children correctly solved the problem and gave a clear and concise explanation as to how they arrived at the answer. Very well done to both boys for their excellent work.

Swimming Forms for the Kew College gala on Friday 7th June 6-8pm at Pools on the Park have gone out today. All children from years 3-6 are expected to attend. Swimmers should choose two races and mums and dads can put their names forward for the parents' relay race! A huge well done to the swimmers who took part in last Friday's London Schools gala. The results were fantastic with the following making it through to the finals: Year 6: Frederick (our swimming captain), Soli, Jemma, Patrick, Year 5: Oliver, Molly, Suki, Oscar, Toby, Charlie, Ted, The finals take place next Wednesday and we wish all these swimmers, plus Thomas A, Jessica and Benedict, our subs for year 6 who will be in France, the best of luck. Clare Buckle

This week the Infant House had a Perform Drama workshop called ‘Around the World’. They travelled to Australia in their imaginary planes to look for a boomerang. When they arrived they had to travel through the swamp in search of Bruce the Crocodile who had hidden the boomerang. After their success they arrived home safe and sound. Phileas Fogg held the children's attention throughout and they enjoyed using their imagination on their adventurous journey together. By Nursery Red and Yellow

Over the course of last week, Year 6 took their cycling proficiency training. Both Year 6 classes were a deafening buzz of excitement that Monday! Everyone was restless with excitement as we jogged into the playground with our bikes for our first lesson of the course. Our instructors: Rod, Paul, Chris and Jim began imparting their wide range of knowledge to us concerning the basics of being safe when cycling on the ever-busy streets of London. We learnt how to perform a safe start, stop and how to do an ABCD check - A for air, B for brakes, C for the chain and D for dress. This is essential preparation before setting out on a bike. The next day we were taken out onto the roads of Kew on our bicycles for the first time ever. We rode down Ennerdale road and began rehearsing our safe start and stop, and also the U turn and many other tips to keep safe. As we travelled back to our school, we all felt excited; anticipating the forthcoming tips and the chance to practise tomorrow. The next day we rehearsed all the things we learnt yesterday, just practising it all over again. However, the next day we cycled somewhere different, as we were on The Avenue by the crossroads to practise turning there. The final and next day was the test as an instructor tested us and saw if we looked behind or signalled. Overall, this experience was extremely educational as well as fun, preparing us for life beyond Kew College and road safety. By Charles and George

On Monday the 29th of May, Year 4 set off on an exciting trip to the Bowles Outdoor Educational Centre. Upon arrival, we carried our cases and bags up a steep hill and were sent off to our dormitories to attempt our first challenge; making our beds! After this, we were put into four groups and began two days of fantastic activities. Here are some of the things we did: The Bog by Jasmin 4H This was a challenge to improve our listening skills with our class mates by carrying out a task in a bog. The bog was very shallow (or so you thought it was) and there were little posts of wood about two meters apart. Our instructor Claire put down three planks of wood from the ground and into the middle of the bog. We all filed out onto the planks of wood and then Claire took away the plank of wood that lead to the dry ground. So we were all stuck on thin planks of wood in the middle of the bog!!! We then had to arrange ourselves in shoe size order. A couple of people ended up with one foot in the bog and managed to get themselves out. But at the end one poor class mate ended up falling completely into the bog and got covered in mud!! Big Al’s Cavern by Ptolemy Wallace-Jones In teamwork we did an activity called Big Al’s Cavern. The cavern was made up of tubes underground and you had to crawl through these pipes until you came back to where you had started. When I went through the tunnel I felt scared because it was pitch black, so you could not see a thing! Rock Climbing by Vincent Fell 4F My group found rock climbing amusing and everybody was given a challenge. The teacher, in my opinion, was very skilled and knew exactly what he was talking about. At the beginning of the activity we had to walk over small rocks without using our hands. Later we tackled climbing with harnesses. I found putting on my harness was arduous but once it was on, I was ready to tackle the cliffs! Pool Rafting by Ella 4F Our group eagerly entered the pool. We saw all the equipment that we were going to use to make our rafts with. I felt really excited for the challenge. At first we planned what we were going to do with all the equipment and then set to building our raft, making sure to include everyone’s ideas. This meant that we had to have good listening skills. We finally finished and we heaved our raft into the water. We had a relay race against the other team but unfortunately we lost! We needed to improve on our knot tying skills to help keep our raft together. I really enjoyed it and hope to take part in an activity like this again soon.

All of the staff were delighted to have taken part on the trip with such enthusiastic and well behaved children, who rose to every challenge with maturity and good humour. Mrs. O’Shea and Mrs. Frost would like to thank Mrs. Tabor, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Flood.

Year 5 A Team Netball Tournament On Saturday 27th April the Year 5 Netball A Team were involved in a tournament with teams from St James A & B, Roche House and Orchard House. Our first heat was against St James B team, we won the center pass and got off to a flying start scoring within the first few minutes. We followed this with 6 more goals finishing 6-0. Feeling confident we started our second game against St James A team, very strongly scoring 2 goals one after the other. St James soon equaled our score and went on to score 2 more. We were not going to give up easily and we all put in our best efforts and managed to win 5—4. Next we played Roche House who we had never met before so we were excited to see what they could do. We were surprised how fast and accurate they were so the challenge was on! We made an impressive start scoring 2 goals and although we are very strong in defense they had a height advantage and managed to score 2 goals to equalize, ending on a 2 – 2 draw. Our final game in the heats was against Orchard House and we knew if we won this we would have a very good chance of being in the final. So everyone played their best and we beat them 6 - 1 putting us into the final and with a chance to win the whole tournament. Despite two injuries the A Team pulled together, focused and decided to fight our hardest to win the tournament for Kew College. Our determination paid off and we were up 3 goals within the first 5 minutes. Roach House would not give up and after a flurry of quick passes they were back in the game 3 -1. By half time the score was 5 - 4. It was getting extremely close with the lead switching back and forth. We could hear Mrs Tabor and all the parents cheering us on and within the last minute we managed to win the tournament 7-6. Well done to Amelia, Jessica, Molly, Georgia, Izzy, Millie, Lauren, Alice and Bella. Molly Y5 Year 5 Rounders Match v Fulham Prep On Thursday 2 May the Year 5 girls played a rounders match against Fulham Prep. We eagerly watched as Fulham Prep’s Captain chose a hand from behind my back. She was aiming to choose the hand with the ball but my hand was empty. Kew College decided to field first. We were full of determination that we would beat them whatever it took. Georgia bowled brilliantly and all of the fielders worked in a team. Finally, it was our turn to bat and Emma was first in line, running as fast as she could, unfortunately she was stumped out. Tanishya darted swiftly round the circle and scored a whole rounder for us! The rest of the team batted spectacularly and soon we scored several more rounders. Panting in the baking sun, aware that time was running out, we took up our places to field again. Fulham Prep batted some excellent balls and soon we were holding our bats and worrying about the score. All of the team played amazingly and finally Mrs Tabor announced the score as 8— 7 to Kew College! We were ecstatic. Well done to all the girls who played. Isobel 5S nd

KEY DATES: Cake and Second Hand Uniform Sale in the forecourt at 2.45pm – 17th May Summer Fair – Saturday 8th June Recycling Day – Friday 21st June (this falls in National Recycling Week!) Planning for this term is well underway and the fair committee are busy working hard to make sure that we have another successful fair on 8th June. Do get in touch if you can help in any way – sponsorship, raffle or auction prizes are needed or if you can lend a hand on the day to set up and decorate the school. Self Defence for Mums (and any dads or nannies and even grannies!) Friday 17th May on Kew Green in front of the Greyhound Pub starting after drop off at 8.45am to 9.45am We wanted to offer you something different this term and at the request of several of you we have found a teacher to come and give us a self defence class. This is a one off, one hour class and he will cover as much as he can. You will learn many useful tips which we hope will never be needed. Chase Morton teaches at the Combat Company in Richmond; his qualifications include 2nd Degree Black Belt WTF Tae Kwon Do; 1st Degree Black Belt in Lau Gar Kickboxing; Professional Kickboxer/MMA Fighter; Professional Singer/Songwriter The cost of the class is £10 per person with a portion going directly to our new charity. In order to gauge numbers and to tell you the alternative venue if the weather is wet please can you e-mail me and let me know if you intend to come – This should be an informative session but Chase will also make it fun so do come along and support it. Second Hand Uniform – 1-3pm only on Fridays We still need larger size blazers, blue raincoats, cagoules - please hand them into the office so we can add them to the stock of items to sell. There are lots of smaller sized blazers in good condition if you need one! Please remember to call Shikha Mohanty before you go. 30 Melliss Avenue Kew Riverside TW9 4BQ 07909144077

Penny Jars We have collected many jars already and the pennies are making pounds. Please keep filling your jars and hand them into the office when you have filled one (or more if you wish!). We are going to buy books for every classroom from the parents and children of Kew College. Poster Competition Last entries please hand into the office on Tuesday 7th May. These will all be displayed on the day of the School Fair as bunting along the front of the school.

Hire our fabulous Beauty Salon for 2 hrs for your daughter’s birthday party! We are now offering the perfect girls birthday party for your daughter and her friends! (A maximum of 10 girls for one party from the age’s of 5-11 years old) £250.00 Price includes; - mini manicure with nail polish - mini make-over with glittering eye-shadow, lip gloss, clear mascara and face art - mini back massage - cup-cakes and orange/apple juice Gina Hemming Health & Beauty Ltd 4 Station Approach Kew Village Richmond TW9 3QB 0208 948 3616 Nanny Available Our wonderful Nanny Ewa Kwasnik will be leaving us at the end of August as my youngest will be starting at Kew College. Ewa has over 6 years experience of looking after children ( newborn +), is CRB checked and holds a paediatric first aid certificate. She is highly dependable and trustworthy. Ewa is looking for either a full or part time position from September 2013. For further information, please contact Danièle Bogolubov: or on 07801729286. Personal Training Steve Haddleton is a personal trainer to many Kew College mums and gave up his time to make us all work hard on Kew Green for a sponsored bootcamp last term. He is available for personal training and be contacted on – 07967 644847 Speakeasy School of English Located in Chiswick, we are a small, friendly language school, teaching English to foreign students, au pairs and visitors. Accredited by the British Council, we offer flexible courses Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 9.30pm .Please contact Nick or Maggie (Kew College parents) on 0208 995 8772 or visit Kew Swing, 9th July Blondie Due to a clash with a year 6 performance, we have spare tickets to Kew swing for the 9th July: 2 adults, 2 children and 1 under 6 years old in the Unreserved General Picnic area. Face value £146 Contact Carole Holland or 07779124960 If you would like to advertise here next term please send the details to Ali Palmer – There is no charge for a one off ad, thereafter we charge £2.50 for every issue.

130 Issue Friday 3rd May 2013  

130 Issue Friday 3rd May 2013