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No 112 Friday 9th November 2012

With this newsletter you will receive:  Permission slips for Gunnersbury Museum Year 2  Christmas Letters for Nursery, Kindergarten and Year 1  Happy Puzzle Voucher for Puzzle Day Dear Parents, We have just held a two-minute silence for Remembrance in the playground, with all the children and staff standing around the tree in total silence for two minutes. The children have again astounded me with the exemplary way in which they conduct themselves on this occasion – not a squeak from any of them. It was truly moving. We are most grateful to Miss Emma Pritchard, who started the Silence with The Last Post and ended it with Reveille. It was a privilege to hear this music so beautifully played. There has been no further news since our incident on the forecourt on Monday but I will of course keep you informed if there is anything. In the meantime, I would urge you to remember that once we hand the children over to you at the end of the day (and before we take them in at the beginning of the day) they are your responsibility on the forecourt. Thank you very much for your generous donations for the Romanian shoebox appeal. The boxes will be collected shortly and we know that they will brighten the lives of people over there living in very difficult conditions. Now that the weather is turning colder, could you please ensure that your children have warm clothes including hats and gloves, particularly on Games Days? Thank you. We wish good luck to the children in Year 5 who are attending the Landmark Festival of Music this afternoon in Teddington and hope they enjoy their afternoon there. Anne Dobell

HEADTEACHER’S COMMENDATION Congratulations to the following children, who received the award this week: Ian D in 4F for excellent listening in all subjects Anya C in 4F for greater confidence and improvement in Maths Arrian T in 4F for excellent listening and improvement in Comprehension Vincent F in 4F for wonderful illustrations in his work book Well done, children! These Commendations, together with later ones, will be handed out in Assembly next Monday morning.

Wednesday 14th November Thursday 15th November


Friday 16 November

DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES Year 1 outing to London Zoo Year 5 Netball v Fulham Prep A,B & C Teams at home Years 3 & 4 Football v Eridge House A & B Teams at home Year 4 Cake Sale Puzzle Day for Kindergarten—Year 6 Bute House Swimming Gala

Coach leaves at 8.45am 2.00pm 2.00pm

8.20am 9.00am 4.00pm

Notices Younger Siblings Awaiting Year 5 and Year 6 Dismissal Dear Year 5 and Year 6 Parents, If you normally pick up a Year 5 or Year 6 child at 3.40 p.m. please be aware that we offer to keep their younger siblings in school until that time. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays these children are kept in Kindergarten Blue and on Thursdays they are in the Hall. The children are supervised by a member of staff at all times. If you would like to use this facility please let your children’s form teachers know. Thank you. UNIFORM MATTERS May we remind you and the children that such things as nail varnish, tattoos and multicolored hairbands are not part of school uniform. Thank you. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS SHOW Some of you might be interested to know that the Independent Schools Show will be taking place this weekend in Battersea Park. Their website will give you an idea of the schools which will feature there. THE HAPPY PUZZLE COMPANY IS COMING TO KEW COLLEGE On Friday 16th November, the children of Kew College will enjoy a session in the Sedum with the Happy Puzzle Company. The Puzzle Challenge Day uses large 3D puzzles and challenges, which are solved by the children whilst working in teams. The puzzles at first all look incredibly easy… until the children start trying to solve them! Their task then becomes one of turning the apparently impossible into the possible. The aim of the day is to improve each child’s thinking skills and team skills, whilst boosting their confidence in the process and raising their own expectations of what they can achieve in the classroom. We are all very much looking forward to it. There will be an opportunity to purchase puzzles in The Hall between 3:10 and 4:00. There is a voucher attached for a free Thinkathon Book with any purchase over £5 (1 gift per family). CALLING ALL GIRLS Local community football club, Kew park Rangers, are currently recruiting girls aged 5—13, for their Saturday morning training sessions at North Sheen Recreation Ground, North Road in Kew. These sessions are fun and friendly and suitable for all abilities. They are a great way to make new friends from all the local primary schools, whilst improving your fitness. Sessions run on Saturdays from 11 = 12.30pm throughout the season. There is a fabulous new purpose– built clubhouse, from which parents can watch. Fees are payable by annual subscription, but these will be waived in financial hardship. Why not come along on Saturday morning fro a free taster session and find out more? Further details can be found on the club’s website -

Year 6 A Team Netball Match v Norland Place On Tuesday 30th October, Year 6 A team played a match against Norland Place. My team chose centre pass and Maddy powerfully passed to Jade and she passed to me and I had scored a goal for our team! The other team had the ball and passed it to their goalie. Bella, Lily and Flo managed to grab the ball and throw it a long way down the pitch so Poppy could score our second goal. The whistle blew and we ran to Mrs Colegate panting. She admired our footwork and passing but said we needed to space out more. We ran back onto court with Maddy ready to do a strong pass. She passed to me and I passed back. We then scored a third goal. The other team had a centre pass and threw the ball to their goal. Jade and Bella were breathless and unfortunately couldn't get the ball off their opponents. Norland Place scored a goal. The score was 3-1 to us. We ran to our positions and kept running for the ball. We were in the circle! I threw the ball into the hoop and our final score was 4-1. Excellent work to all of those girls. Jemma 6B Year 6 B Team Netball Match v Norland Place On Tuesday 30th October Year 6 B team played a netball match against Norland Place. Luckily we chose the correct hand and got first centre pass. As soon as the whistle had blown we managed to pass the ball all the way down to the semi circle and Victoria shot a goal. Next it was Norland’s ball and they managed to score. The whistle blew for half time and the score was 4-1 to Norland Place. After an encouraging talk from Mrs Colegate we were back on court with the centre pass. With our hopes held high we managed to score another goal thanks to Mia, Olivia, Annabel and Freya's brilliant passing. Sadly Norland scored 3 more and had won the game. The final score was 7-2 to Norland Place, I think we need to snatch the ball in and get in front of our marker. Jessica L 6B

Year 4 Netball Match v Ravenscourt Park On Tuesday 6th November, Year 4 A Team played netball against Ravenscourt Park. Luckily we won the first centre pass. With an amazing pass, Olivia H passed the ball to me and I passed it to Tilly who scored our first goal. It was Ravenscourt Park’s centre pass and with a great defence by Jasmin M we managed to get the ball up to our semi-circle and Tilly scored again. Our third goal was scored after good play from Kate, Ella G and Katie allowing Kew College to score again. After the break and an encouraging team talk by Mrs Frost we came on strongly and fiercely and managed to score another 3 goals before another short break. We all continued to play well and Katie and Tilly scored again taking the final score to 9-1 to us! I think we should concentrate on spreading out more but well done to all the girls who played. Jasmine 4F

Year 5 Netball match v Eridge House On 8th November Year 5 played a mixed match at home against Eridge House. Kew College won the coin toss and chose to start with a centre pass. We were playing in different teams but luckily we were still able to win! There were lots of tall people in the opposite team and they were good at intercepting. However, we were able to get the ball back and we were very excited when Bella shot our first goal. Although the other team tried to shoot too, the end score was 1 - 0 to Kew College. Next time we could jump for the ball a little more and at the rebounds. Well done to all the girls who played in the match! By Millie, 5S Year 6 A Team football match report v St. James After our latest defeat to Ravenscourt Park, Year 6 A team were buzzing with excitement and were determined to win! After watching the Bs and Cs play fantastic matches, we jogged onto the pitch and discussed our team tactics. Our starting line up consisted of Charlie in goal, Soli and I in defence, Calum and George in midfield and Ned striker! As the whistle was blown, we closely pressurised them and won the ball. We passed the ball around, overlapping down the wing and crossing in hopeful balls, we made a positive start and dominated possession with George and Calum bossing the midfield with Ned searching for promising forward runs. We had a vast amount of corners and shots but we were unable to hit the target. After Mr. Attenborough shouted ‘1 minute left ‘ we pushed forward and then I dribbled past 2 players, squared it into Calum and he powered the ball into the back of the net! 1 - 0 to Kew College! As the full-time whistle blew, we shook hands and chatted about our matches. I think we played very well, although we need to improve on communicating to each other. Well done to all the boys who played: Charles, Soli, George, Calum, Ned and Me! Patrick 6A Year 5 Netball Match v Eridge House On Thursday 8th November the Year 5 girls played three netball matches against Eridge House. They had brought only one team of girls with them, so firstly we were divided into three teams so that while one of our teams was facing Eridge, the other two could play each other. This was a brilliant way to warm up, and we all got a chance to do some dodging practice before our match. As the Red Team approached Eridge House, we all began to feel nervous. Soon it was the Green Team’s turn to walk onto the court. Then, at last, the Light Blues made their way towards Eridge House, bubbling with nerves but also confidently reassuring each other that we would win this match and make Kew College proud of us. The centres, a tall girl from Eridge and I, had to choose which way we were shooting or who took the first centre pass, flipped a coin. The opposing team won the flip, so my marker chose to take the Centre pass, and she sent the ball shooting down to her semi-circle. One of the girls attempted to shoot, but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately for us her friend snatched the rebound and sent in a goal, and soon after that, another goal for Eridge House flew through the net. We were determined not to give up though, and with a lot of brilliant interceptions from Isabella and Zimi, and great accuracy from Lauren and Francine, we shot two goals in, levelling the score to two all! The half-time whistle blew, and we listened eagerly to Mrs Mayer’s encouraging talk whilst waiting in anticipation for the second half of the match. In the next half we blocked all of Eridge House’s attempts to score, and the ball was passed down to our end. Lauren sent the ball spinning into the net, luckily only a few seconds before the whistle blew, signalling the end of the match. We were weary yet very pleased with ourselves, as the result of the match was 3 - 2 to Kew College! I think that we need to improve on methods of throwing the ball, such as using bounce passes if your marker is tall. Well done to all the girls who played in the match. By Isobel 5S

Year 5 B Team Football Match v St James On Thursday 8 November, Year 5 B Team played a match against St James School. St James won the toss and allowed us to kick off. I passed the ball to Thomas Y and he passed back to me and gave me the opportunity to run through their defence and drill a shot against the post. Thomas Y took the rebound and scored our first goal. We were euphoric and danced to celebrate our success. St James kicked off and passed the ball out to the wing and stretched our defence out wide. Fortunately Joseph H tackled magnificently and won the ball. He passed it to Daniel K who dribbled the ball, then passed it to me and I kicked another shot against the crossbar. After some brilliant passing, the ball was received by Daniel K who shot it into the back of the net. The whistle blew for half-time. It was 2 - 0 to Kew College. Mr Flood gave us an encouraging team talk and we headed back on to the pitch to ready ourselves for the second half. We made a substitution and Carl came on to replace Luca. St James flew passed our defence and tipped a goal passed Rohan. We were determined to keep our lead. With a minute to go, I got the ball and kicked my third shot against the post! Well done to Rohan in goal for his many saves, Daniel B and Joseph D in defence for their many tackles, and to Luca, Carl and Daniel K in midfield for their great passing and to Thomas Y as our striker. The final score was 2 - 1 to Kew College. Ted 5L

Year 5 A Team Netball Match v Orchard House On Thursday 18th October Year 5 A team played a match against Orchard House. We felt determined the moment we stepped on the pitch as we drew against them last time. As I was the captain I chose the right hand and we won the first center pass. Camilla was quick off the mark by passing to Jessica who passed to me and we were soon in our half of the pitch. Georgia and Jessica did some amazing dodges and attacking. They were on fire and quickly scored which meant Kew College were in the lead. We all did some amazing passing, shooting, interception and attacking. We moved at a fast pace and by half time the score was 2 - 0. When the second half began we got into our positions with our heads held high knowing we were ahead. Orchard House knew they were going to have to up their game. I felt Kew College had control. As the match came to an end Kew College had scored 3 more goals, which meant we had won the game 5 - 0. We were extremely proud of our play and I think the teachers were too. Thank you to Mrs Frost and Mrs Mayer for coming along to support us. I think all the cheering and words of encouragement helped us a lot as we played very well. Well done to all the Year 5 A Team. Molly 5S Year 5 B Team Netball Match v Orchard House On Thursday 18th October year 5 B Team played a netball match against Orchard House. We chose the correct hand and the whistle blew. We took the first centre pass. I quickly passed to Bella and before we knew what was happening, we had shot our first goal. Orchard House got the ball down to their end of the court but they were intercepted by a Kew College player, who sent if flying down to our end of the court. We tried our hardest to shoot, unfortunately we failed to do so. The whistle went for half-time. After some encouraging words from Mrs. Mayer, we were ready to go back onto the pitch for the second half. Orchard House were getting harder to defeat up and down the court. No one scored anymore goals. A the end of the game it was 1—0 to Kew College. Well done to all the Year 5 B Team. Ella Rose 5S

VIOLIN ASSEMBLY On Tuesday, 30th October 2012, our new violin teacher, Mrs. Nicole Stokes, played to us all, accompanied by her husband, Mr. Christopher Stokes. She began the assembly by playing beautifully as all the children came into the Hall, and they all listened with full attention. Mrs. Thompson then introduced her and her husband to the assembly. She talked to the children about the violin and bow and how they are made. Two of her pupils, Sanaya and Sophie played their pieces. One was called the Lazy Cowboy and the other The Old Castle. After that, Mrs Stokes played again, first of all explaining the story behind the music, which was about a princess who loved dancing and playing, and about a proud king, and at the end of the music, the princess falls asleep. The last note was extremely still and quiet, showing clearly that the princess had gone to sleep. After sharing some exciting achievements and celebrating the week’s birthdays, with the song played by Mr. Stokes, and saying our prayers, again Mrs. Stokes played her violin beautifully to finish off a lovely assembly.

DATES: Infant Disco – Friday 23rd November in the sedum 3-4.30pm (Nursery to Year 1) Junior Disco – Saturday 24th November in the Barn Church Hall – 5-7pm (Years 2-6) Secret Santa – Friday 30th November Recycling – Friday 18th January 2nd Hand Uniform Selling Dates – see below for details KEY

**Quiz Night by Candlelight – SAVE THE DATE – Thursday 28th February 2013** Disco and Secret Santa Tickets Please remember that tickets for the discos and Secret Santa will be on sale next week: 12th, 13th and 14th November – both drop off and pick up If you have any spare Christmas wrapping paper we would be very grateful for it as we need to wrap up all the Secret Santa gifts and there are over 600 of them!! Please give it to the school office and we will collect it from there. Uniform Sale A reminder re uniform going forward: We are going to trial a new system for selling 2nd hand uniform. Shikha Mohanty has kindly agreed to allow parents to come to her house and buy what they need between 1-3pm on set dates and times. Her contact details are as follows: 30 Melliss Avenue Kew Riverside TW9 4BQ 07909144077. PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU GO SO THAT YOU ARE EXPECTED The dates are 16, 30 November and 7 December and 18 January – all Fridays, between 1 and 3pm only. (There is plenty of parking at Kew Retail Park which is right next door) PLEASE DO NOT ask her if you can come to buy uniform in between these dates as she does not want to open the “shop” everyday!

Christmas Pack Northbrook orders have been sent off – we will let you know when they are ready for collection later in November along with the Christmas cards.

Babysitting I am an ex-Kew College pupil looking for babysitting in and around Kew, in the evenings, or during the day at weekends and in school holidays. I am 16, currently in the sixth form at the Lady Eleanor Holles School, and have previous experience of babysitting. Contact: Georgia 07972574915 Fantastic Nanny Available for Full Time Nanny Position (starting January 2013) – We have taken the big decision to emigrate to Australia at the end of 2012 and are devastated that we must leave our wonderful nanny, Drita Nunes. Drita has been with our family (Sophia 2yrs and Ryan 5.5yrs) for 5 years and has been an exemplary nanny. We cannot speak more highly of her or her commitment and work ethic. Before joining our family, Drita worked with other families for 5 years and has nursery experience. Please feel free to either contact me for more information/references, Simela Karasavidis ( 07960423524, or Drita directly ( 07861 897249. Babysitting/Cleaning Marta is looking for cleaning or babysitting on a regular basis. I have known her for 7 years and she has helped me with cleaning and childcare since my children were newborn. She is extremely trustworthy and hardworking and self-sufficient and has stepped in to help at a moments notice for me in the past. I'm very happy to provide a further reference if you require. Her number is 07984-250-879. If you would like to chat to me, please call 07740645-329 (Lynnette) Babysitting Sensible 16 year old boy. Son of Kew College Mum is looking for babysitting work. Able to cycle to Kew, Barnes, Putney, Richmond and Chiswick High Street area. £6 per hour. Please call Clare on 07767 871958. Elizabeth James Dance Academy - Kew Branch: St.Winefrides' Church Hall, Leyborne Park, Kew TW9 3HB We offer vibrant and imaginative dance classes designed to inspire whilst nurturing talent and confidence. Pupils can work towards Royal Academy of Dance exams or simply take part for pleasure. For more information please call Suze 020 8940 5993 or email at Timetable information can also be viewed at Now taking bookings for Spring Term 2013 for Kew and Richmond branches. If you would like to advertise here please send the details to Ali Palmer – There is no charge for a one off ad, thereafter we charge £2.50 for every issue.

112 Friday 9th November 2012  
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