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K Vu Design

Design works by Kevin Vu

Hello Kevin Vu is an industrial design student. educating his love for design at the institute of Humber.. Eager to learn, he is determined to reach his ambitions.


Car Sketches Skooty Brewline Pico Speed Form

Car Sketches In this section are variety of sketches and renders of transportation.

Scooty Skooty, a balance bike project to provide ergonomic comfort for childrens from the age from 2.5 to 5. The balance bike allows children to improve hand and movement dexterity without the use of training wheels

Brewline The Brewline development uses selected materials plywood and upholstered foam. The task was to assemble a chair using a maximum of eight fasteners. The design was to build a chair inspired by a Toronto area in a group of three.

Pico Pico is a speaker design used for portabilty convenience. The process was to learn the manufacturing capability of injection molding.

Speed Form The Speed Form project was a goal to achieve dynamic gesture and understand form through the process of sketching contour to sculpting the shape with automotive clay.

Thank You

Contact Kevin Vu: (905) 872 - 9355

Kevin vu mini portfolio  

Here are a sample of my work past work while studying at Humber College. I am currently seeking a design internship. Please enjoy.

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