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SES 209 - READY Rubric READY!

R- Respect

E- Expectations

A- Acceptance

D- Diligence

Y- Yes!

5 points

You showed respect for the learning environment with all your actions (behavior, attitude, verbal language, body language), which of course includes being on time and staying the whole period. You came to class with expectations for LEARNING. You showed this by being prepared (homework completed), dressed for activity (appropriate and safe attire), and by paying attention, following directions, and asking questions for clarification when needed. You showed acceptance of your classmates by helping to create a safe environment for learning. Whenever a classmate struggled you were encouraging rather than critical, and gave helpful suggestions if applicable. You demonstrated diligence in learning the skills and concepts in class. You participated in all activities and discussion, worked hard throughout class and were motivated and focused on self-improvement. You did not need to be reminded to move or engage in any activity. You demonstrated a positive “YES” attitude toward the class and its content. There was no “I can’t” attitude, only “yes, I’m willing to try”. Great Effort!

4 points

You nailed the R, A and Y, but didn’t quite hit the mark on E and D without being reminded. You may also have earned an “Almost READY” because you were unable to participate in the planned learning activities because of illness or injury, but all other READY criteria were met. Not quite… 2-3 points You tried, but were not quite READY to learn today. You showed at least basic Respect for the learning environment, but you were lacking in two or more of the other categories (-EADY), or you were not able to take part in some of the planned activities because you forgot to dress for safe participation. Maybe next class? 0 points You were asked to leave the class activities because you did not show Respect for the learning environment, and your attitude/behavior was affecting the instructors and/or classmates in a negative way.

Ready Rubric  

Ready Rubric

Ready Rubric  

Ready Rubric