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English Composition II

Collaborators Kevin Walter José Colocho Reyes Dinora Guadalupe Granados Arias Rodolfo Alexander Miranda López Tatiana Elizabeth Ramos Castillo Marlon Nahúm Renderos Castillo

great meals in the different restaurants. There are a few hotels in the shore where tourist could spend the night and enjoy more time in there. Next to the lake you can visit the National park of COATEPEQUE LAKE

Cerro Verde which is a natural area surrounded of coffee plantations in the

One of the most beautiful places to visit in El Salvador is the Coatepeque lake. It

top of the mountain that it was a volcano too.

is located in Santa Ana and it is very To visit this amazing destination we popular in the country and among suggest to hire a guide to have tourist. This amazing volcanic huge lake was formed many time ago after the coatepeque volcano eruption explode. You can do different activities in the place like kayaking, boat trips, dive, jetsky and enjoy at the shore of the

availability to move around. Photogallery of Coatepeque lake and the area:

In Coatepeque Lake you could enjoy

is frequently visit for tourist who had

your day also by swimming. You have to

said that it is un unforgettable

know how to swim because in the lake


you cannot touch the bottom. The lake


THE TUNCO BEACH Characterized by its black sand, its magnificent waves and varied nightlife, The Tunco beach is one of the most visited by those who love surfing and nightlife destinations.

A 37 km from San Salvador, the beach offers superb waves for the practice of surf, sport professionals and beginners eager to "tame" his first waves approach the beach for their first surfing lessons. It also offers after sunset, an opportunity to enjoy live music, especially "batucada", not to mention restaurants, bars and hotels, which are in the area. (Carlos, 2012) And if it seeks greater harmony with nature there are also areas where you can camp. is beach is known for its black sand and a giant rock where the river flows in the mouth there are variety of small shops

Season waves on the tunco beach The best time to surf professionals is between April and August with waves reaching 6 meters high. (Victor, 2014)

specializing in cheap drinks and dishes for tourists.

Surfing lessons in the Tunco beach

In the tunco beach you can find a variety of accommodation offering professional surf lessons fairly cheap prices from $ 15 class, that way you should not worry about getting a place to learn surfing. The best time to learn this wonderful sport is between September and early March for its waves that reach 2 meters.

Only 42 miles from San Salvador, El Tunco Beach has become a favorite of the Sun and Beach Road, especially those who enjoy the nightlife and the best waves for surfing destinations. His

The beach is well known for its parties every weekend with live music of different genres, from rock concerts, reggae and salsa. As for its bars and restaurants, among them La Guitarra, a

image feature, an impressive rock formation in front of a mouth surrounded by surfers from all over the world, is increasingly popular.

bohemian and relaxed atmosphere ; D' Rocks , where the party is guaranteed , with music and drinks until dawn ; and La Bocana, the favorite place for surfers . Many tourists also choose campfires on the beaches and spend the night under the stars.

Apart from its beauty, the Tunco has also become an important destination for surfers from around the world. For $ 15 an hour, teach local surfers take the first waves novice; while professional impress tourists with their surfing skills on waves that reach up to 6 meters high. (Estrada, 2010) The best season

for surfing is between April and August, when the swell is right.

No need to carry or have table. On site there are several rental options, usually $ 20 a day.


Herbarium “La Laguna”, founded 1984



Urbanization Antiguo

located Plan


de la








Salvador. Jardin Botanico La Laguna is a national park of 46 blocks in area, of which 4.5 blocks are intended for public use. Located at the bottom of a volcanic crater in the municipality of Antiguo Cuzcatlan. The park maintains a cold climate about 20 degrees of temperature daily. It does not receive any subside or government assistance or donations from entities outside of El Salvador; keeping with contributions by Access to the park, memberships, courses, gardening, and maintenance of garden and plants for sale as well.







Association La Laguna, legally constituted in 1976.

No profit, religious private, and

being apolitical institution. Currently the site known as Jardin Botanico “La Laguna� was opened to the public on December 22nd, 1978, with a total area of 30 hectares. The whole area is divided into 32 zones

plants, cactus and forested areas of

with diversity plant collections, labeled

native vegetation. It also has a library

by plant type, common name, scientific

and playground for children. Having

name, family, and distribution; among

more than 3,500 species of plants this




medicinal orchids,



desert home









attraction for tourists every year.


El Puerto De La Libertad.

It is one of the beautiful places in El salvador. it is a place known by people who likes to enjoyed the beach, sand and sun. El puerto de la Liberta is recognized as the first touristic place in El salvador. We used to see foreign people in that place that comes to practiced surf because it is one of the best places in America to found good waves.

El Puerto De La Libertad has many

. In the afternoons you can found fried

attractions for touristic people not just

cassava, Nuegados, Enchiladas and

waves, in there you can observe

cocktails. In the afternoons you can also

restaurants, handicrafts, refreshing

enjoyed the beautiful sunsets with colors

drinks and cocktails. If you comes

gold, red and yellow in the clouds.

specifically in dock in the morning you can found people selling fresh fish also shrimp, lobster, clams, mussels, crabs, also dried fish that is a traditions eat in that place in Easter; some traditional beverages in that place are coconuts, Chilate: ( a beverage made of corn), and Minutas (it is a kind of frozen beverage)

In El Malecon you can found many restaurants to enjoy the sea food or if you prefer you can eat other dish. They have sea food, meat and chicken in different ways. Here is a photogallery of Puerto de la Libertad and the special meals you might find there:

 History of Apaneca is a town located in Ahuachapán, EL SALVADOR. It has a population around of 8,350 habitants according of year 2013. The first references of population were in 1550, it has around 500 habitants. A inform wrote by DIEGO GARCIA DE PALACIO, he described a place with a cool weather special for cultivated good harvest of apples, peaches, and wheat. Apaneca means in Spanish Lugar de los vientos.

Currently, Apaneca is consider in our and foreign countries around the world as a magnifence place for to practices tourism. Apaneca has several tourism attractions such as laguna verde, laguna de las ninfas and chorros de la calera. Archeological attraction like Santa Leticia and cultural attraction like Iglesias san Andre’s apostol.

I have had the opportunity to visited Apaneca three times it’s stupendous and chill out place. His gastronomy is delight and inexpensive; people who cooking there aren’t vocational cooks, but they have techniques and good recipes. I visited los “chorros de la Calera” terrific place but is arduous to get there because of rugged path, you have to make a hiking at least for thirteen minute but worth it. When I saw in the fall it’s incredible you felt the water so cool to the bones. It is important to know cause there are three small laggons each one is connecting by tunnels it’s a wonderful adventure.

Tourist attraction        

Chorros de la Calera Laguna de las ninfas Laguna Verde Iglesia san adres apostol Gastromic festival ( all Sundays) Ecotourism Landscapes Restaurants

Practices sport like:  Camping  Hiking  Jumping  Summing  Boat ride on the laggons  Ride on horse


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