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Niacin for Depression Niacin may be the very best medicine for the blues and this article explains why!

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Niacin can be a great medicine for depression. Do you know what niacin truly is and how it can be helpful? By the end of this article you’re going to learn a few things that will probably shock you. Everyone feels sadness occasionally going through the trials of life, unless you’re a machine. Now, if this sadness lasts for many days, weeks and keeps you from doing the activities you love then you could have clinical depression. Other warning signs of this health problem could include changes to weight, sleep changes, loss of energy, anger, having much more aches or pains. The biggest warning sign is losing interest in activities that someone used to really enjoy. When it comes to exactly what causes this ailment the smartest minds in the health community still are not 100% sure. They do know that if there is depression in a person’s family a person’s chance of getting the same disease is increased. There is also some evidence that the brain of a depressed person is different than a normal brain, so it can do with neurotransmitters. These are the guys that send signals back and forth. When it comes to overcoming depression something called niacin may be of help. Niacin or vitamin B3 is one of the most important vitamins, and is water soluble. Water soluble means that it leaves the body when you urinate, so you can’t store it and you should continue to take it. This vitamin really got famous for treating chronic sadness by someone named Bill Wilson, who created Alcoholic Anonymous. Mr. Wilson battled with this disease through his life, and participated in an experiment with niacin. He fell in love with the therapy and tried to promote it to AA, which failed. He did write several articles about it, spoke frequently and this put some spotlight on it. There was also a story in the documentary “Food Matters” about a woman that was so deeply depressed that she sat in a corner and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Well the family decided to put her on niacin treatment and her depression disappeared. If you do any type of research on this topic you will discover that most personal stories state the therapy is effective and really miraculous. There aren’t too many bad testimonials about niacin, and if you find any let me know. It is still a little unsure exactly how it helps, but the important thing is that studies show that it can help and that really is all that matters. Remember how I said earlier that niacin may just be one of the most important vitamins? The reason is because it does so many other wonderful things besides curing the blues. It can assist with reducing bad LDL cholesterol and thus eliminate the buildup of plaque in a person’s arteries. This plaque contributes to the number 1 cause of death in the U.S., which is heart disease.

Many other important systems like the nervous, digestive and the brain all use niacin. If that wasn’t enough it helps the body create insulin, which helps control sugar and even with the creation of DNA. DNA is the blueprint of life and since your cells are constantly dying and being re born it’s needed. So I bet you are probably sold on this stuff right? The best way to get niacin is by eating a balanced diet of meats, greens, fish and eggs. Even by avoiding the garbage processed foods and eating good stuff, it’s still highly recommended to take a supplement. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is that it just protects you. We both know that there are hundreds if not thousands of products for sale over the internet and grocery stores. The million dollar question is what product are you going to get? Not an easy question to answer is it? What if there was some sort of guide out there that made shopping for these products much easier and perhaps even fun? Do you think that would be valuable? Well, I actually did a bunch of research and created this guide that can walk someone through the process of choosing and buying dietary supplements. I go over how to spot a product that is high risk, what determines if a product is of high quality, various herbs, nutrients, dosage amounts and even the role of government agencies like the FDA in the U.S., which will probably shock you. Now I could easily sale this guide because there is a demand for it, but I decided to make it a free gift for enrolling in a video newsletter about the topic of supplements and alternative health. The next step for you to do, which is very important is to click on the link free supplement guide and view that free report. Have an awesome rest of your day. Additional links to learn about alternative medicine… Amazines article on niacin Article on depression U-Tube video on this topic Article Base post

Click on the link below for a free report on how to shop for and purchase dietary supplements!!

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