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Leprosy History How people have fought Leprosy, and what we know today!

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Today I’m going to be talking about leprosy history, and what this condition really is. Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is a bacterial infection that grows very slowly. In fact it could take 2 to 10 years before any symptoms even develop. Can you guess why this disease is called Hansen’s disease? A Dr. from Norway called Armeuer Hansen was the first to see the germ under the microscope. This was a huge finding because prior to this many people felt that this ailment was caused from angry gods, it was hereditary or some other strange reason. Nobody really knows how long this bacterium has been plaguing mankind, but it has been a while. The earliest proven case was verified by DNA in a tomb next to Jerusalem dating back to around 1 to 50 CE. Now if you’re wondering what CE means it’s Common Era, the same thing as AD, which is after the death of Jesus. BC or before Christ means the same thing as BCE or before Common Era. The truth is that this disease probably occurred much earlier. If a person was diagnosed with this ailment they were often separated from the rest of their society and shunned. One of the worst parts of the disease was that it creates skin lesions, so it’s not easy to hide the fact you have the disease. After Dr. Hansen’s discovery from the early 1900’s to 1940’s many doctors would inject oil from the chaulmoogra nut into patients with this ailment. This remedy did work for some people, but over the long run nobody knew what the side effects were. So about this time the medical community is starting to experiment with various treatments trying to find the ideal one and a breakthrough occurred in the 1950’s. Around this time a drug called Promin did successfully treat the illness, but the bad news was that it required a ton of injections that were very painful. Next came something known as Dapsone pills that worked much better. However there was a big problem and it’s similar to what happens to some antibiotics, can you guess what it was. Yep, the nasty bacteria built up a resistance to it. Nowadays many people feel that something called MDT or a multi drug treatment, which is a combination of 3 drugs is the best approach to fighting this ailment off. Apart from these drugs it doesn’t hurt for someone to build up their immune system to fight off unwanted invaders. There are many ways to do this, but one great way is through using dietary supplements and herbal remedies. The problem with these products is that they are mystery to many people, and it’s unregulated in many countries. This really means that it’s easy for companies to make poor products that can actually harm people. Due to this I created a free video guide and report on shopping for supplements and herbal remedies. It talks about the main things someone should look for in a product, what to avoid as well as other additional alternative health ideas.

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Click on the link below for a free video guide to using dietary supplements and herbal remedies!

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How people have fought Leprosy, and what we know today!