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Hypercalcemia Symptoms

How someone gets hypercalcemia and ways to treat it!

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In this article I’m going to share what the major hypercalcemia symptoms are, how someone gets this disease, as well as a few ideas on preventing it. Hypercalcemia is a condition in which someone has too much calcium in their system. As humans we need a certain amount of calcium in order to function. We can get this from either a dietary supplement or with food. The mineral then gets stored in our bones and teeth, where it supports their strength. Without calcium are bones would turn to jelly, and we would be big globs of goo rather than be standing and walking. Besides keeping bones strong this mineral helps control muscle contraction and this includes your heart, so you can use your muscles. If you ever get a cut or a wound on your skin your body makes blood harden around the area, which not only prevents blood loss, but keeps out germs. This blood clotting ability is created by vitamin k as well as calcium. With no calcium it will take much longer for blood to clot resulting in more blood loss, and more harmful substances to enter the body. If that wasn’t enough calcium has a role with creating hormones and enzymes. Enzymes are used for all kinds of chemical reactions, such as digesting food and sending messages. Think of them like the spark in a car engine, it’s needed so there can be a reaction. Hormones are like little messengers that tell your body to do stuff like grow hair. The most common way someone gets this health problem is by having an overactive parathyroid gland. This lies behind the thyroid gland, behind the neck close to where the jaw is. Not surprisingly it controls the amount of calcium in someone’s blood and bones. The way it does this is that it makes a hormone, which is a messenger called PTH. A major way someone gets an overactive parathyroid gland is when they get a tumor on it. This makes it so the gland creates more of this hormone, and it actually tells cells in the bone to eat the bone, and put it in the bloodstream. This weakens the bones leading to more fractures and falling down. What happens next is the calcium builds up in the bloodstream and this narrows the arteries, leading to high blood pressure and an increased risks of heart disease and strokes. Also the calcium builds up inside the kidneys leading to kidney stones and sometimes brings about kidney failure. Also high calcium build up leads to a slower nervous system bringing about someone feeling more tired. Lastly it increases the risk of many cancers, and treatment usually consists of surgical removal of the gland. Health experts are not exactly sure what causes this tumor on the gland, but it comes down to a damaged cell, similar to cancer. One way to prevent damaged cells is to take your vitamins and minerals. There are vitamins that play key roles in the health of cells, and if you’re deficient in these vitamins it could bring about some trouble. Next would be to eat healthy. Don’t eat Tran’s fats because instead of good fats being used in cell membranes this stuff is used, and it’s weaker resulting in damaged cells. Antioxidants also play a key role in the health of cells by eliminating free radicals.

Another way someone can get too much calcium in their blood stream is by being dehydrated. When someone has less fluid in their bloodstream the concentration of calcium increases. This isn’t going to result in major hypercalcemia like an overactive parathyroid gland, but will play a role. Certain types of cancer also raise the chance of hypercalcemia because the tumor can produce a protein that acts like a hormone that releases calcium from your blood. Also if the cancer spreads to your bones it will strip the calcium from them and release it in the blood stream. A few other causes could include taking too much calcium in a supplement form, a disease, as well as prescription drugs can bring about this health problem. The bad news with this disease is that sometimes there will be no symptoms especially if it’s mild. This is why it’s important for someone to get regular checkups to ensure all their body parts are running smoothly. If someone has way too much calcium in their blood stream they could experience frequent urination, excessive thirst and vomiting as the body tries to eliminate the calcium. Other symptoms could include stomach cramps, muscle weakness, joint pain, confusion and fatigue. Treatment of this disease can involve adding fluids to rehydrate the patient, and adding a hormone known as calcitonin, that slows bone loss. There are also prescription drugs that prevent bone breakdown. When it comes to preventing this health problem a good multi-vitamin can be of great help, since it supports cell health. Another option would be resveratrol. Resveratrol, which is found in red wine is a potent antioxidant and has anti-cancer abilities. In 1997 researchers found that topical resveratrol prevented skin cancer growth on mice. Besides fighting cancer growth and improving the health of cells it could extend life, which is what resveratrol is most famous for. A couple of scientists named Howitz and David Sinclair reported in 2003 that this substance significantly extended the life of yeasts, fruit flies and worms. In 2006 it was reported that resveratrol extended the life of a certain fish by 56%. Wow, 56% is a big number, but the bad news is that it hasn’t been proven in humans. One of the theories on why it can enable someone to live longer is by activating a certain gene known as the SIRT 1 gene. What this gene does is restrict calories so a person doesn’t create as much free radicals. Everything you do from exercise to eating creates these free radicals that damage cells and thus speed up the aging process. This aging process damages organs, creates wrinkles and sooner or later something breaks and a person dies of old age. This is all in theory of course. The great news with dietary supplements is that they can provide a ton of benefits, be inexpensive and fairly easy to take. Plus it can improve the health of cells, which could potentially reduce the chance of this illness. For starters they can be relatively inexpensive, easy to take and offer tons of advantages. The negative part about them is that in many countries the laws and regulations are very loose. This

means that nobody checks to ensure that the supplement your about to buy is safe and provides the ingredients listed. There are some third party organizations that help and if you’re interested in the world of dietary supplements, I highly recommend you view a guide about this. This guide can share what someone should be looking for when buying supplements, so they don’t get a crappy brand. It will go over various herbal remedies as well as how government agencies protect consumers. The best part is that it’s completely free and you can view this guide by clicking on the link guide to choosing dietary supplements.

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Click on the link below for a free guide to buying and choosing dietary supplements!

Hypercalcemia symptoms