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Garlic and Blood Pressure Discover how blood pressure just might be the most important health indicator!!

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There is a good chance that you already know that high blood pressure is bad but did you know that garlic can actually help? Just like its name says blood pressure is the measure of force that blood gets pushed up to the artery walls that carry blood. When blood pressure is high it makes the heart work harder because more force is required. A good example of this would be spitting a piece of paper out of a straw. The more paper you have in the straw the greater the effort that is required.

The technical name for this condition is hypertension and it’s a big contributor to heart disease. Besides the extra pressure on the heart, hypertension can harden the arteries that carry blood. In a nutshell in order for arteries to cope with high pressure it has to push back. The muscles in the arteries extend inward as a barrier to cope with this situation. By doing so the arteries get narrow this allows less blood to flow and increases the risk of blockage. What happens when there is blockage? Good question the heart stops pumping and therefore blood doesn’t reach areas that need it and someone usually dies. Do you know what the worst part about high blood pressure is besides the fact it causes heart disease? The answer is that it’s a silent killer meaning that someone can have this condition and not even know it. Another horrible thing about blood pressure is that besides the heart it can damage other organs as well. When it comes to reducing high blood pressure there are a wide range of options. For instance someone can take prescription medicine that of course has some negative side effects. Other great ideas would be to exercise more, eat healthy, lose weight, cut back on alcohol, and reduce stress. Now one idea that you will not hear a lot is taking the herb garlic. Garlic can work because it thins blood similar to aspirin. How exactly it thins blood is because it releases a chemical called hydrogen sulfide that transmits a signal to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. This might be one reason that health experts recommend patients to stop taking garlic a week before surgery. In one research study experts gave patients with very high hypertension 1 clove of garlic a day for 3 months. At the end of the study their levels were significantly reduced. Now besides improving the cardiovascular system garlic can do many other things that are helpful such as improve the immune system, helps with cancer and digestion. One of the bad news with garlic besides it stinking up someone’s breath it can interact negatively with many prescription drugs. Garlic can be combined with foods but the risk is it can make someone have bad breath. Another idea would be to take a supplement with garlic in it. Chances are that if you head to the grocery store you

will see all kinds of supplements. Garlic can be in a daily multi-vitamin or it can be by itself and there are a wide variety of brands. To make your search more fun and enjoyable I have created a guide that answers many of the questions you might be silently thinking such as, How to choose a good brand over a bad one. The guide is not only free but someone can get some of the most important details in a short amount of time. To view this free guide click on To learn more ideas on improving blood flow go to fish oil and omega three.

Click on the link below for a free report on exactly what to look for when buying supplements!!!

Garlic and Blood Flow  

Discover how blood pressure just might be the most important health indicator!!

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