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Black Cumin and Asthma Discover how to slaughter asthma with black cumin!!!

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Black cumin seeds can indeed alleviate asthma symptoms in various patients. In a nutshell asthma is a medical condition that negatively affects someone’s breathing. To truly understand how asthma is damaging it helps to understand the process in which someone breaths. When someone breaths, oxygen enters through the mouth or nose and goes through the bronchial tubes so that it can enter the lungs. Once in the lungs it gets attached to little sacs called alveoli in which the average adult has about 600 million. These sacs then transport the air into the blood stream in which they travel to various cells and tissues that need it. Where asthma comes in is that it makes the bronchial tubes swell, muscles tighten and mucus blocks the airway. This doesn’t happen all the time only if the person experiences something known as a trigger. This trigger can vary from weather, experiencing emotions, breathing in something or a whole bunch of other reasons. As I mentioned one of the causes that a persons’ airways get restricted with asthma is due to something known as inflammation. Basically inflammation is when someone’s immune system attacks itself. It’s the main cause of arthritis pain and why pimples are red. One of the ways that black cumin seeds can be of help is because it reduces inflammation. Less inflammation means less swelling in those tubes that help with breathing. Another way that black cumin seeds can be of support to better breathing is due to something known as histamines. When someone has an allergic reaction this histamines stuff gets released by the body. One of the many nutrients in black cumin seeds is known for stopping histamine release and therefore reducing allergic reactions. One point I would like to make is that not all asthma is caused by allergies but it’s one trigger and again many different factors can cause it. A third way that this all natural herb can be of assistance is by reducing free radicals. Free radicals are cells that don’t have an even number of electrons so they look to steal one from another cell. Then the cell that experienced the theft wants to steal from another cell and it just spreads. So as you can probably imagine all of this is not healthy and contributes to asthma. One ingredient in black cumin seeds called thymoquinone reduces free radicals and may even reverse the damage done by them. Keep in mind this herb has hundreds of helpful components which is why Muhammad the prophet said that it can cure everything except death. This may seem farfetched but there is some truth to that saying. Black cumin seeds can help with heart disease, energy levels, cancer, boosting the immune system, skin care, brain health and the list just keeps going.

I take black cumin seeds in a supplement form just because it’s convenient and easy. There are a lot of good supplements on the marketplace that sell this nutrient and there are some not good products. To help you with the process of choosing a good product I have written a guide. This guide explains how to identify a bad overpriced supplement and of course how to choose a good one. I talk about herbs, dosage amounts how to get the most benefits from a supplement and the role of the FDA in the U.S. This guide is completely free and to view it click on

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Click on the link below for a free guide to avoiding overpriced or dangerous supplements!!!

Black Cumin and Asthma  

Discover how to slaughter asthma with black cumin!!!