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Bird Flu Symptoms – With Ideas to Prevent it! Bird flu can kill people. Learn how to protect yourself!

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Hello today I’m going to be speaking about the top bird influenza signs or symptoms, plus some truly interesting ideas on preventing it. Bird flu or avian influenza, H5N1 is really a scary virus due to the fact close to 60% of the people which were contaminated have died of it. The large problem with this particular virus is that mankind have a hard time conquering it as the Denver Broncos did against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 Super bowl. The Seahawks destroyed the Broncos team in that football game. Additional bad news would be that the virus is incredibly resistant to remedies and simply not easy to kill. This might be why a lot of people have passed away from getting it. The first warning signs are similar to the common flu and therefore are usually triggered 2 to 8 days soon after someone is infected. For instance a high temperature, hacking and coughing, a sore throat, diarrhea, loss of appetite and also feeling just like the Denver Broncos did after the game. Ok, ok enough with the Denver Broncos jokes. Then immediately after queasiness for around 8 to 10 days one's body shuts down and passes away. Oddly enough the virus is transported inside of the intestines of wild birds, however, many don't get ill. When it comes into contact with chickens, ducks as well as turkeys it makes them incredibly ill and destroys them. It sort of reminds me of the old film “outbreak,” where the monkey possessed the disease that murdered absolutely everyone, but he didn’t become ill. The good news is that as opposed to the traditional flu virus, which is incredibly irritating bird flu can’t be carried from human to human as of this time. What happens is that a wild bird which has the virus comes into contact with a bird or poultry that's farm raised. Due to them being in such close contact with each other the disease spreads similar to the flu virus does to us. Regretfully the only method to stop the virus would be to kill the birds and livestock. You’re most likely wondering how in the heck do humans get corrupted with H5N1. Well this is the place things get a little gray and unknown. With the human flu pathogen we know that folks get infected from breathing in it or even coming in contact with a surface with it and then touching their face. With H5N1 some individuals have caught it from touching contaminated birds. There has been reports of people receiving the pathogen from breathing and also bathing in contaminated water. More bad news is the fact that there have been cases where a person has caught the virus from another person. The good thing is that the human to human infection has been rare, however are you able to see what everyone is scared of. The flu virus is a challenging bugger and it adjusts. This is one of the reasons that it has

survived for such a long time. As the saying goes adjust or pass away right? It’s also a reasons why you might get the flu vaccine and 2 weeks later the vaccine may be totally useless since the disease has evolved. Oh and there is a 40% possibility that the vaccine would not work, and there are risks included. Anytime you put something unknown like a deceased flu virus in your body, you’re putting yourself at risk. The main fear with bird flu is that it can alter and cross over to being human to human infections. This would mean a whole lot more folks might get this pathogen much like the common flu. Seriously how many men and women actually encounter birds as it is? Yea nobody and that's why H5N1 while harmful, isn’t nearly as harmful as it can be if it were human to human contact. You’re possibly worried about getting the ailment through ingesting chicken. Well, if you cook the poultry it murders the virus. So, make sure you don’t eat uncooked eggs, uncooked poultry or encounter recently departed poultry. Another idea would be to enhance your body's immune system. H5N1 is still a virus and humans have been fighting this enemy since we carried solid wood clubs, grunted and drew stick pictures on cave walls. Now I’m sure you know some of the most common ways to boost the body's immune system including obtaining a lot of rest, sipping tons of water, managing emotional tension and not doing drugs in addition to using tobacco. What you probably don’t know is the fact that there are some natural herbs out there that may improve your immune system like Captain America. He was the comic book hero who was a thin kid and then got shot with a thing that made him super strong. One excellent plant is black cumin seeds that is a truly amazing material. In the African Journal of Traditional Complementary Medicine there was an HIV patient who was treated with this natural herb and it murdered the pathogen. Hey, I thought HIV was terminal? There was additionally a study where individuals who were given this all natural herb for 4 weeks had a 30 % rise in cells that battle viruses. Yet another all natural herb which ought to be on your radar would be garlic cloves. Aside from keeping away vampires this stuff harms unsafe viruses, fungi and bacteria just like Deanery’s Targaryen wipes out her opponents. She is the mother of dragons on the show “Game of Thrones” that not only conquers guys, however huge dragons at the same time. The organization Cochrane Database did some research on garlic cloves and they discovered that individuals who took this natural herb for 3 months received a lesser number of colds compared to those who took a placebo. If they did acquire a cold their immune system was able to fight it off more speedily too.

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