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Alfalfa and Heart Disease How does alfalfa influence heart disease?

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Alfalfa is a plant that could help with heart disease as well as a number of other deadly ailments. Heart disease is a condition in which someone experiences problems with their heart. Since this muscle pumps blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to vital organs well it’s very important. Also known as cardiovascular disease this ailment usually has to do with a person’s arteries that become clogged up. Then a heart attack occurs in which someone’s whole circulatory system grinds to a halt. So what causes someone’s arteries to become clogged up? Great question and I’m glad you asked a big culprit to a persons’ arteries getting clogged up has to do with LDL cholesterol. Now there are two kinds of cholesterol HDL, which is the good kind that unclogs arteries and then there is LDL, which adds to blockage. Can you guess how someone gets this bad stuff in their system? If you said that it has to do with food than congratulations. Yep, eating unhealthy can do this and a perfect example would be consuming Tran’s fats. This kind of fat is man-made and is horrible for health. There is evidence that Tran’s fats raise LDL cholesterol, lower HDL cholesterol and even damages cells because it’s weaker and gets used as the outer wall of cells. Saturated fat is another culprit that scientists believe contribute to heart disease. It’s not as bad as Trans-fats and doesn’t have the concrete evidence to say it’s unhealthy, but many experts would recommend staying away from it. Sugar is another enemy that some people may overlook. Studies show that people that consume more sugar had worse cholesterol than people that didn’t consume as much. Ok, so we know that a good diet can play a role in preventing heart disease what else can we do? I’m sure you could probably name a few other great ideas such as exercising, not smoking, not doing drugs meditating and all that good stuff. Another interesting idea that can be of help is by consuming alfalfa. Alfalfa also known as father of plants is an fascinating shrub that has a root system that can stretch more than 50 feet. The plant itself usually only grows up to 3 feet high and experts believe that it’s root system is a big reason it can give someone so many advantages. Alfalfa is usually fed to livestock but humans can eat it for benefits as well and I’m sure you might have seen it in grocery stores. It’s important to note that alfalfa sprouts don’t last very long so eat them quickly. This all natural herb has something known as saponins and medical professionals believe that this substance restricts unhealthy plaque to build up in someone’s arteries.

Another way that alfalfa can be of help is due to its antioxidants. Antioxidants are good because they neutralize free radicals that damage cells and organs. It’s also believed that these substances prevent damage to artery walls, which prevent hardening of the arteries. Artery walls harden when it receives too much damage and pressure. This hardening affect restricts blood flow. There really are just tons and tons of benefits to alfalfa and to give you just a few more ideas on how good this stuff is it can help with digestion, improve the immune system, slow aging, fight diabetes and help someone live for eternity. Ok, someone can’t live for eternity with alfalfa but it can extend life. Besides eating the shrub someone can take it with a supplement. The benefit of a supplement is that it doesn’t spoil as quickly and someone can get a much higher dose and may not have to worry about the contaminations that some plants go through. The bad news with supplements is that they are usually confusing and some can be way overpriced and even harmful. To make your life a little easier because I’m sure you’re extremely busy I can point you in the direction of a free guide that can make shopping for supplements simpler, easier and maybe even more enjoyable. To view this free guide click on free guide.

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Alfalfa in Supplement