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For ten years, Kevin Wayne Munn has been part of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce due to ownership of Kia of McComb. Kevin Wayne Munn co-owns McNatt-Munn Motors, a multi-franchise business which Kia of McComb is a part of. As part of the Chamber, Kevin Wayne Munn does his part at Kia of McComb to encourage economic growth and community connectivity. But beyond all else, Kevin Wayne Munn is man who is dedicated to his family.

Kevin Wayne Munn: Chamber of Commerce Member

Real Estate Specialist: Kevin Wayne Munn Kevin Wayne Munn has been in the real estate business of ten years, managing properties in McComb, MS and Canton, MS. As co-owner of McNatt-Munn Properties, Kevin Wayne Munn has seen the ups and downs of the real estate market recently, but has maintained a high standard for his business and has seen success through his commitment to buyer satisfaction. He also owns commercial real estate on the East Coast of Florida and is looking to further invest in that market.

Kevin Wayne Munn: Attention-grabbing Car Dealer Kevin Wayne Munn has been noticed by the greater Kia community. At the invitation of Kia Motors Corporation, Kevin Wayne Munn traveled to South Korea to view the plant facilities for Kia cars. Kevin Wayne Munn returned home to his dealership with new inspiration for selling these vehicles. Kevin Wayne Munn was a Kia dealer from 2000-2003 in Jackson, MS. It was also at that time he was a top 10 award winning dealer.

Real Estate Agent: Kevin Wayne Munn Kevin Wayne Munn's success at managing real estate is evident from the fact that McNatt-Munn Properties has survived for 10 years, through the worst of the real estate market bust. The recession had an effect, but Kevin Wayne Munn was able to pull his real estate office through. Kevin Wayne Munn is pleased to still be managing the selling and leasing of properties in McComb and Canton, MS. In East Coast Florida, he also owns commercial real estate and wants to invest in this market further.

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Kevin Wayne Munn  

For 10 years, Kevin Wayne Munn has played an active role in the development of McNatt-Munn Motors, the business he helped to cofound. Kevin...

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