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June 2010

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Take a Vacation from Ordinary Printing

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Brush Up Your Faceto-Face Skills

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Whole Ball of Wax

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Flyers: How to Make Your Flyers Successful

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In That Year

Golden Rules of the Office Make the Most of Your Business Plan

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Book in Review: The Story of Hope Guess Who I Am

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Frightfully Common Publicity Mistakes

 Strictly Business

Business Quotes “You cannot raise a man up by calling him down.” —William J. H. Boetcker “It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.” —Benjamin Disraeli

“It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.” —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow “Confront improper conduct, not by retaliation, but by example.” —John Foster

Take a vacation from ordinary printing—visit Wax Family Printing! Hundreds of businesses trust us with their most important print projects. Friendly and professional customer service, high-quality papers and inks, and fast turnaround time are what you’ll always get from us. We do printing right!

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2  Business Savvy

Brush Up Your Face-to-Face Skills While you may find yourself drawn to social-media sites for much of your networking, don’t overlook the power of the face-to-face conversation. There are so many things that can be gained from interacting with another person that don’t necessarily transpire through the computer.

So much networking is

happening online these days. But that doesn’t mean that the oldfashioned meet and greet is

completely extinct. For those that need a brushing-up on their face-

to-face networking skills, here are a few tips:

• Most people know a handshake can make or break a first

impression, yet many continue to

engage in lackluster handshakes. Demonstrate your self-confidence and genuine interest in meeting someone by executing a firm shake.

• Don’t be shy! If you find yourself being approached instead of doing the approaching, you may need to

change your tactics. If you’re at an event that is related to your

industry, you have something to add to the conversation.

Put yourself out there and see

what happens. One of the best

motivators for solid networking is knowing that there are people out

there interested in what you have to offer.

• While chatting it up with people

• Stop apologizing. Too often,

ing about things other than your

apologize to those they’re reaching

you’ve just met, spend time talk-

company and industry. The purpose of talking to people at a networking event is to form connections that

can be beneficial to you and your

company in the future. Sometimes these connections are made

because of a shared interest or hobby, and not just a shared product line.

• When attending events, don’t

forget to ask for a person’s business card or contact information at the

end of a conversation. People love

to know that others are interested in what they do, so chances are they

would love to continue talking with you, even if it’s just via email.

• That being said, be ready to hand out a business card of your

own! While you may think that

business cards are outdated, the

people you speak with will have a much easier time remembering to contact you if they have a

concrete reminder sitting in their coat pocket.

inexperienced networkers tend to out to. If you don’t think you’re worth their time, why would

they? Networking isn’t meant to

be a burden. It’s meant to build relationships—and everyone in

networking situations is trying to do the same thing.

• If you make a particularly solid

connection with someone, be sure

to send them a note. People receive tons of email each day, so it’s easy to miss one. Make a more lasting impression by sending a

handwritten note when saying

“thank you” for your conversation with them.

• And finally, take a risk. Many

people fear networking because

they’re afraid they’ll be rejected.

Networking simply means making the most of the opportunities you have to interact with and build

relationships with people. If your

interest in them isn’t reciprocated, at least you know you tried.

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June 2010  3

 Did You Know?

Whole Ball of Wax Vision

Kevin Wax General Manager

And what is vision? If you’re not sure, remember what Proverbs says. “Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18” Vision is the most important part of every leader’s responsibility. A vision less leader is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a vision less leader. If you have no vision, you are not a leader. With no vision, you are not fit to lead. Why would anyone want to follow you if you don’t know where you’re going? Vision is where we need to go. It is the ultimate destination. Tactics is doing; strategy is thinking; vision is being. In the quest for our final accomplishment, our vision, we become what we are pursuing. If you are pursuing nothing, that will become the essence of your being; nothing. Proverbs 29:18 It should be noted here that vision cannot be accomplished alone. It would be like a leader with no followers. As John Donne said, “no man is an island.” What’s the one thing every leader must have? Some would say followers; I say a leader must have vision. Without vision, you will have no followers…nor would you deserve them.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

 Robert Lincoln, son of President

Lincoln, was saved from a nasty railroad

accident by Edwin Booth. Edwin was the brother of Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

 The world’s largest exporter of beef is Australia.

 Pope John Paul II was the first papal

Harlem Globetrotter. The team made him

an honorary member in 2000 during a visit

Welcome to Wax Family!

On Monday, May 17, we welcomed 20 homeschoolers and four moms to Wax Family Printing. We gave them the ultimate “shop tour.”

to the Vatican.

 Worcestershire sauce was invented

With Angel & Fernando in the Design Department

accidentally by Brits trying to recreate the flavors in Indian food.

 An elephant’s trunk has up to 150,000 muscles.

 The University of Wyoming opened its doors before Wyoming became a state.

Learning how we mix ink with Steve Teresa teaching all about mailing requirements

More thoughts on vision-strategytactics next month. Until then, may the Lord bless you with Business Savvy.

Wax Family Printing, LLC

4  Business Savvy

Jeff explains the ins and outs of sales

Flyers: How to Make Your Flyers Successful You want your flyer to be unique and

creative. To catch the eye of its recipient

answer to this month’s guess who I am is

• Show, don’t tell. Don’t just list the

Michael J. Fox.

products and services you provide, use

company. But in order to make sure your

Your killer headline should be supported

products and services solve problems or

want to adhere to the following set of

will help you sell your products and

and cause them to take notice of your

flyers accomplish your goals, you also

guidelines, and turn an ordinary flyer into a successful part of your marketing campaign.

• A powerful headline. The purpose of

a headline is twofold: to draw attention

• High-quality images and graphics.

by high-resolution photos of things that

services. Be sure the images you select are designed for crisp, four-color printing, and that they represent what your company is all about.

• Enhance your reputation. Take a

and to motivate the reader to take action.

moment to consider your audience, and

More Time in the Day? Call Us!” A bad

cater it to the local crowd. For example, if

A good example of this would be, “Need example would be, “Cheryl’s Cleaning

Service.” Because you are working with a limited amount of space in which to get your message across, the headline is a crucial part of your flyer’s success. The

make an effort to personalize your ad or

you have been in business for a number of years, use a phrase like: “Proudly serving the Middle Tennessee area for 23 years,” as opposed to “Operating since 1987.”

your flyer to show people how your

meet a need. They will be more likely to consider you if you’ve already demonstrated how you can help them.

• Use the whole page. A piece of paper

has two sides—use them. Just don’t

overuse them. A balance of text, images,

and good branding with your full contact information on both sides will go a long way toward making a solid impression.

Stay away from too much text and blurry

images, and don’t forget the selling point.

• Professional printing. An experienced

printer will help you create the right flyer for your company. Call us today about

producing a flyer you can be proud of.

June 2010  5

 In That Year

1977  Jimmy Carter succeeds Gerald Ford as the 39th president of the United States.

 Tenor Luciano Pavarotti makes his American television debut.

 Star Wars opens in cinemas.

 The first oil through the TransAlaska Pipeline System reaches Valdez, Alaska.

Golden Rules of the Office There are a variety of things to consider

 Roots begins its phenomenally

when you work in an office setting, the

 The modern Food Stamp

coworkers. Here are some things to keep in

successful run on ABC. Program begins.

 Focus on the Family is founded

least of which is how you interact with your mind as you navigate your office:

• Sending and receiving text messages

by Dr. James Dobson.

and emails while in meetings or one-on-one

computer, the Commodore PET,

response can’t wait, simply excuse yourself

 The world’s first personal

is demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.

 Gummo and Groucho Marx die just four months apart.

 Fleetwood Mac’s Grammywinning album Rumours is


 The first Apple II computers go on sale.

conversations can be very offensive. If a

rather than tuning out the person who is speaking while you respond.

• Hallway meetings, some may like to call them drive-bys, seem like a great idea—

you’re already in the same place, why not

discuss that thing you need to discuss. But your coworkers may not appreciate being

forced to listen to your conversation while

trying to focus on their own work. Instead, use your chance encounter to remind yourself to schedule time to meet with that person.

• Give credit where credit is due. If your

coworker deserves a thank-you or a pat on the back, don’t be afraid to send a quick email to let them know you appreciate their work.

• Signing your emails with one initial is fine

when you’re writing to your husband or best friend, but definitely not OK when querying the CEO of your client.

• Perhaps you spend the majority of your day interacting with a screen. This doesn’t

necessarily mean it’s fine to wear leggings,

sweatshirts, or flip-flops to work. While it may seem like no big deal, when a meeting is

called, you don’t want to look like a frump.

Make the Most of Your Business Plan You’ve put a lot of time and effort into

your business plan. What happens when it’s

done? Think of your business plan as a living document, and refer to it and review it often. • Update. To ensure that your business plan serves you well, update it annually.

• Review. Because your business plan sets

forth marketing, operational, and financial milestones, you should carefully analyze

actual operating results against the goals and

Down to Business 6  Business Savvy

objectives established in your plan.

• Fine-tune. Parts of your business plan may

feel very tight, while others still may need

some work. Look for ways to improve what

you’ve done so far. Take appropriate action if goals outlined in your plan haven’t been met.

• Get Help. After you change and update your business plan, share it with an advisor. •

Operate According to Your Plan. Treating

your business plan as a dynamic document

that evolves over time proves to yourself and others that you understand your business and you know what is required to make it grow and prosper.

 Guess Who I Am

Books in Review

The Story of Hope Discovering the Provision in God’s Plan

Born in Edmonton, Alberta,

Ever wonder about all the stories in the Bible? Since there are well over 500 of them…it’s no wonder! The Story of Hope helps us understand that the Bible is really one big story. All the other stories connect and point to the one big story. Trevin Wax says, “This book was inspired by missionaries who have ministered in oral cultures where storying has been an effective means of evangelism. The Story of Hope is a booklet which takes the reader through 40 essential Bible scenes (20 Old Testament and 20 New Testament), while distilling eight propositional truths from the stories: * God * Man* Sin * Death * Christ * Cross * Faith * Life. In this way, the curriculum combines the biblical and systematic approach to theology. The pictures in The Story of Hope are beautifully done, and the story itself traces the theme of sacrifice from the Old Testament to Jesus – the dying Lamb.”

Canada on June 9, 1961, this man

If you would like to know more about the big story of the Bible, The Story of Hope is a great place to start! Highly recommended by Kevin Wax. Visit their website to find out how to order: then click on the “RESOURCES” link.

year run on that show coincided

was the youngest of five children. While his dream was to play ice

hockey, his short stature forced

him to settle for a different activity. He found his place in a drama

class, which proved to be the right fit for him.

At the age of 15, he made his

professional debut in a CBS series, Leo and Me, in which he played a 10-year-old boy.

Having struggled in high school,

he decided to drop out and drive to Los Angeles with his father.

He was fortunate to find work in the television series Palmertown,

U.S.A. Following that, he landed a role on one of the best-loved

sitcoms of the 1980s. His sevenwith roles in a variety of movies.

In 1996, he returned to television

with a role on the ABC sitcom

Spin City. In 1999, he voiced the

character of Stuart in the movie

Stuart Little. Later in that year, he made a startling announcement that he had been battling

Parkinson’s disease since 1991. Despite having won Emmys and

Golden Globes for his role on Spin City, he decided to leave the show in 2000 to spend more time with

his family, and to focus his efforts on raising money and awareness

for Parkinson’s disease. In 2002, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He’s been known as Alex P.

Keaton and Marty McFly, but you’ll Wax Family Printing, LLC

have to search this issue of Business Savvy to find his real name.

June 2010  7

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Sales Achievers

Jeff Carlton Sales

Frightfully Common Publicity Mistakes

The easiest way to sabotage your sales efforts is to make needless mistakes when it comes to publicity. Here are the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to working with publicity agents. 1. Trying too hard. You may be eager to get the word out about your company’s products or services, but filling a press release with advertising copy, lots of trademark symbols, or puffed-up claims will most likely assure your release ends up in the trash. You must think like an objective journalist and have a sense of perspective about who you are and what you sell, and communicate that in your materials. 2. Getting too close to your product. Yes, it is healthy to believe that your product is the best of its kind on the market, and to know the ins and outs of what makes it great. But maintaining an outsider’s perspective will get you much farther when it comes to making an impact on prospective customers. In deciding (a) what’s newsworthy and (b) how to present this news to the media, it’s vital that you take

many steps back and view your company as a marginally interested outsider might. 3. Getting too close to a journalist. The key here is to remember that a journalist may not have the same definition of “off the record” as you do. While they aren’t necessarily being underhanded, they will use your words to create the perfect story. Gossip, backbiting, and secrets really shouldn’t enter into your conversation, no matter how close you think your relationship is. In short, just as the journalist has his or her job to do, so too do you. Stay smart. 4. Losing touch with reality. Dreaming about a big-time release is one thing; relying on it as the way to pay your bills is another. Smart publicity seekers know that time spent getting actual press coverage is a better investment than chasing dreams. So go ahead and send that press kit to Oprah; but, in the meantime, work hard to get placement in weekly papers, syndicates, e-zines, local radio, and other less-glamorous places.

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