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Lincoln Center campus, Manhattan ​what's that the leave nation I started to mentor me series with the goal to try to hang around people a little bit longer who've done more than us and by staying with them and learning from them hopefully some of their strategies their wisdom their mindset seeps into us to help us become the best version of ourselves so today we're going to learn from Mark Cuban on his investing strategy mentor me mark also as always guys as you're watching if Mark said something that really resonates with you please leave it down the comments below put quotes around it as well to other people can be inspired and when you write it down it's more likely to lock in for yourself as well enjoy you what if I offered you 1.25 million dollars to sell the whole company Marc you're saying screw the other sharks yep I like what you guys are doing I want you to come back to me with a percentage I don't want you to even talk to these guys you're asking him to take that option with you right now and of Moreh you're not a very nice guy thought about being wonderful no no I have that title thing about making a business decision right hi I'm Mark Cuban I'm a bully look at me what's batted down like like I said guys you got to pay to play attention in this room I can feel it it's offensive you got a shot here right don't let these guys drag you down are you really interested in it I like the idea you really think cooking bacon bedside is a good idea I loved your passion I love your knowledge I'm waiting for the bite yeah there's a but coming you've got a 24-second shot clock $750,000 I've never seen weed like that that's unbelievable great you broke up with your potential partner without even looking at them you're a savage just a lean mean shark machine baby if I say yes to whatever your Conor is you have to tell me that you will say yes immediately and we have a deal $100,000 wait a minute for 20% equity gone Donna done you like that Barbara I don't like it what did Dan Soder that's a compliment to you Barbara I screwed you but it's a compliment in you this isn't a rose garden it's a shark tank and you know what sometimes you got to take the bite and sometimes you're the chump so what is it that you're really looking for mark when you choose to say I'm in I'm going to make you an offer I really don't have any one thing um I try to to be objective about each company but I guess I look for something that's differentiated I look for something that's timely I look for some somebody who I think can run the company that's committed to it I look for someone who does their homework and I look to see if I can add value to it is it something that works for me because if it's something you know the frozen-food business with big shifting you know because they're not your thing and what your your area in next-gen you know I don't you know it's not so much connections it's more okay it means I'm going to have to put in the time to work at this and because otherwise it's not fair to the entrepreneur and do I have the time and that that I mean you hear me say it over and over again time is my biggest constraint it's it's more valuable to me the money from one thing you can't get back and look I'm not here to tell you that times always been my most valuable asset when I was sleeping on the floor I plenty of time right on it and um it's just you know as you get older I think more than anything else and as you have a family time becomes your most valuable asset and that that as much as anything else impacting business that makes the markets have been going through these wild gyrations rights don't seem to have a clear sense of what direction is up how do you interpret that as somebody who's spent a lot of time put on my you know manage the portfolio trader hat and not too much a try but manage the portfolio it's great you know um anytime there's volatility and any type time there's change there's opportunity now I say it's great because I've taken a whole different approach to investing than most people you know I think buy holds a caucus I think you know the idea that you always have to invest your your cash is not far behind and so I've always been of the attitude that unless you really have a commitment to something just keep your money in cash knowing that at some point in time there's going to be a week or two like we've had but how much time I mean a lot going on in your life how much time you have to actively manage your portfolio through these 500-point markets which is that's the whole thing I don't have to spend much time until just until it hits the fan right so I mean I'm not hitting the family's ex exactly right and that's where the opportunity is like I won't look at my portfolio or you know I get I get a repay you know a one-line one-number statement every day from my bank and you know that tells me if anything weird happen and I won't even look at it but then when everything starts getting crazy I call it the world series of investing you know that's when you start digging in and it's because of the approach that I take so you know back in 2006 and 2007 I was writing blogs saying look the stock markets for suckers you're getting put you know when you sit down at the business table you always look for the sucker and if you don't see it it's you and you've got all these professional people on the other side of the trades I mean when I started trading stocks in the early 90s after I sold my first company you know you could understand different elements of the market

better than the professionals so I can understand you know new technology from Wellfleet and Synoptics and all these old technology companies better than the traders today there's so much money in these huge hedge funds and then they have such professional research and in-depth research there really aren't any advantages for the individual traders and so my approach has always been unless I know something specific put it in cash and so and so what are you investing in what are the areas that well what I do you know what I did when I in 2008-2009 I put everything into MLP s and M rate some mortgage-backed securities ones that I thought were the better companies um and I just piled it and I also piled into Australian bonds because I thought the economy was good next to China was my way playing China so you make one-way bet this isn't portfolio balancing your doll that asset management you know diversification that's for idiots right because you because you can't you can't diversify enough to know what you're doing what I did was I said self self there's going to be a lot of volatility so I bought put took a little bit of money and bought out of the money calls on this on the spider calls I bought on the S standard & poor's day SP 500 and I did the same thing on the diamonds which is the Dow Jones so I bought those long we're not when the stock prices cratered and then when we had the big not today but the big run-up before I bought a bunch of puts knowing that even though I was paying for a lot of volatility that I thought there would be a lot of swings in the market and so I thought yours are spread non-volatile just that number how long is that going to last in your view no idea and that's the whole thing right people aren't buying intrinsic value in companies anymore the whole Warren Buffett approach works great for Warren because he can put a three billion dollars into an investment and take a whole different approach than John or Sally doe investor who can't do yep so you say buy and hold as a crock of something right I can't remember exactly I NOLA yeah and and you said that portfolio balancing is a waste of time so what are John and Sally goes supposed to depends how much money you have right so the best way to get a return let's just say you have $50,000 in cash it could be 10 it could be a hundred but you know let's use fifty first thing I would do is pay off all your credit cards because that's costing you eighteen percent that's what John and Sally should do first most don't write there's more credit card and student loan debt relative to personal income than has ever been in the history of the United States second thing you do is you use the transactional value of cash a lot of people say you know you're losing money to inflation when you just have cash in the bank completely disagree I can you know I know I'm going buying a bunch of suit toothpaste for my family I know toilet paper I know all the consumables that I have I can take my cash and go get a better value I can take my cash and go my store up yeah yeah why not I mean how much space is toothpaste take you know but you're going to say that but that's the whole thing the time it takes just to figure out your budget there's nobody does the time it takes just to analyze your spending habits you can get a better return and you'll end up with more cash than trying to fight the the John Paulson's of the world and these guys who who have hundreds of analysts who are working for them why would you try to do better than them you can't win you can't and now it's a hundred times worse because of all the the program trading but if you have enough money that you have to put some of it somewhere to park some of it somewhere and hope to make a return on it where do you put it you know what I do I don't I don't think you have to make a return on it because I'd rather sleep well at night you know I put it in cash literally now obviously I'm in a different position where I don't have to live off of the interest pay me one basis point off a glass right but at the same time that having that dry powder if you will available when weeks like today or the weeks like this week hit and days like yesterday and today and happy an opportunity and you see an opportunity then you're ready to take it as opposed to saying I can't get out what am I going to do and I'll tell you the other part that's better you're going to cut your health costs because you're going to sleep a whole lot better at night sleep well oh I sleep like a baby don't use credit cards of all the investments you'll ever make pain pain nineteen percent or you know where eighteen percent on something is easily as easily the dumbest um that's money that you should be keeping you can be saving it's a different world now because you can be a smart consumer you know you you have the ability to price check anything on Amazon or Walmart calm and you know what you need to say for put it on layaway with them now and ended up I had so many credit cards cut up I actually I was cleaning up some stuff and some my old credit report Sears Amex Visa Kaufman's he's old I mean the situation I was in was like anybody who would give me a credit card I would use because I didn't have any money so I needed to use it and so I literally there someone flipping the old chunks of my old credit card somewhere so you know stay away from credit if you have a 401k match you don't do it for as much as you can possibly force yourself to do you're an idiot if you don't have a 401k then there's so many esoteric dumbass banking rules right where you can't just put $10 or $20 into the bank because of all the service fees they're going to crush you right and so there's a variety of new things and opportunities that are coming up where if you can get yourself to put in on $10 a week $20 a week $100 a month if you're 21 and you put in a hundred dollars a month and you put it into a vanguard index fund let's say hopefully you'll be able to increase those amounts and so literally if you can train yourself to save 100 bucks a month and grow it as

you earn more you're going to be a millionaire by the time you retire if you don't trigger to be in the same boat I was at 27 and broke or trying to figure it out or you know others at 50 or 60 will have nothing the opportunities exist and if you can invest in just a you know a stock index fund SPX bond Vanguard I mentioned because um it's the lowest cost do it do it do it do it do it do it two less beers know these days one less be one less fireball shot and you can be rich have those first five fireballs but those last two that's we sell the company and I don't remember the exact price of Yahoo stock goes like $250 and from my perspective this is this is April 2000 when it closed and you know I don't see the stock market just going up forever I mean literally the Nasdaq just passed 5,000 which is where it was back then in 2000 and I've you know like I said I traded stocks I had started and sold a hedge fund and so I understood what happens in the market and gravy trains don't last forever and so I'm like look this was crazy I mean it's always been a little crazy but it's getting even too heated and so I had to wait six months before I could hedge my stock meaning by an offset in case it went down so I literally took every penny I had 20 some million dollars in cash and I bought a put again on an index against the entire market and that foot was for six months knowing that it got me to the point where I can hedge all my Yahoo stock and in case you know but if the market crashed prior to that I was as good as I could be the market didn't crash I lost every penny but the minute I was allowed to I hit everything everything everything right everybody thought I was an idiot there's literally a CNBC interview where he said mark don't you feel stupid Yahoo stock is up another hundred dollars and this by this time I'd already sold the math and I remember sitting on the team bus talking to our Dan coach and one of our coaches um Joe Harris and he goes look at all that money he left on this table and like literally in one day the stocks were jumping so crazily one day I paid for the entire Mavericks in the stock move up one day and they're like but you left all this on the table and I'm like patience patient I did an interview on CNBC and he goes don't you feel horrible that you left you know billion plus dollars on the it's on tape because I said yeah I feel really bad driving or flying around in my g5 you know this is horrible because everybody thought I was an idiot even people who work for me I told everybody and Todd listen some people did some people did because every single person who had worked for us for more than a couple months was least on paper a millionaire and that was 300 plus people and so we had a lot of lot of smiley faces around the office I'm like look and they'll see you were wrong and stocks going up and then you know the bubble burst and I won and you know it's unfortunate a lot of people got crushed but you know I because I had hedged everything I actually benefited in some respects and came out further ahead thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed I'd love to know what did you think of the video what would your favorite clips what was the lesson that struck home most for you what are you going to immediately apply to your life or your business leave it down in the comments below I'm super curious to figure out what you guys thought and I'm going to join in the discussion I also want to give a quick shout at the froude a thank you so much for picking up a cup of my book your one word and doing that awesome review on your YouTube channel I really really really appreciate the love man today we have a great book your oneword by Evan Carmichael so thank you guys again for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is much love I'll see you soon Niagara University, Lewiston.